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As he didn’t have a minute to spare, he didn’t stop to check the Marauders Map every two seconds as he used to when he was out of bed after curfew. The corridors were empty, which was lucky because anyone could have heard him if they weren’t sleeping. The night was bright and the air fresh, the moon was shaped like a C, but it still lit up the dark corridors and James didn’t need his wand for light.

As he reached the astronomy tower, James’ watch showed 11.58. He was right on time! As he opened the door to the room with the weird equipment-stuff, he hit something hard. He pulled the door back, and harshly slammed it open. He heard a scream on the other side of the door, and kicked his own butt mentally when he realized what he’d done.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he entered and went to help her get up. “I mean, I didn’t know it was you, and I’m really, really very extremely sorry!”
“I’m all right” Lily smiled at him. He returned the smile, and breathed in relief. There was a silence, but not an awkward one. They stood there for half a minute or so, before stepping over to one of the large windows showing the sky.

After both of them had pointed out stars that they recognized, James decided to tell her which one was her own. He looked up and tried to find it.
“It’s supposed to be north of that, yet south of that. And a little bit east but not that far because then you couldn’t see it, and…” he had to think really hard to find it, but he did eventually. It was shining brightly as ever.

“You see that star there?” he said, pointing at the Lily-star. James was sitting right behind her, and she turned to look at him while she said:
”Yes, why?” she looked curious.
“You know what it’s called?” he asked.
“No, should I”
“I don’t know. I think it’ll be easy to remember.”
“It’s called Lily. After you!” Lily’s mouth dropped open.

”How do you know that?” was her first reaction.
“I know because I named it. After you.” James said while trying to read her expression.
“That’s so sweet!” Lily smiled after having had James sweating for almost half a minute. James looked at her. The bruises were almost gone, or at least covered up with make-up. Lily shifted in her seat and looked out again. James only barely noticed, as he still looking at her, admiring her beauty.

“What did we really come here for again?” said Lily after a while. It seemed like everything took time, and the clock was ticking towards one am.
“Uhm, I don’t know.”
“Me neither. Can’t remember.”
“Probably nothing important.”
“Probably not.” They just sat there, like brainwashed because the other was in the room.

They didn’t leave before it was almost two am, and they were both so tired they didn’t talk much. Each other’s company was enough, and so no words needed to be said anyway. Sirius was the only one still up, writing a Defence Against the Dark Arts-essay which was due in the morning. When Sirius saw Lily coming in, he didn’t hesitate one minute.

“Lily!” he yelled at her. She looked at him tiredly.
“Can I look at your Dark Arts-essay?” Lily was tired, yes, but not that tired. Worth a shot, though. She sprung to life like she’d just been reincarnated.
“NO!” Lily said loudly, and then turned to James. “I had a great time, James.” He was surprised, as she usually didn’t call him by his first name. She gave him a little hug before whispering ‘good night’ and sprinting up the stairs.

James touched his face where hers had been just a couple of seconds ago.
“Come on, man!” he heard from Sirius. He dropped his hand and went over to help his friend.

It wasn’t until the next morning that he remembered what he’d come to the astronomy-tower to find out. How could he have forgotten? ‘Love makes you blind, deaf, mute and dumb’ said a voice inside his head. He agreed!

The list was in his bag, and during History of Magic he remembered and brought it out. Wish number six was crossed out, and instead it said: “5 – Be in a real life role-playing-game”. This left James wondering. ‘Why would anyone want that?’ Well, either way he was going to make it happen.

As the summer kept closing in on them, James decided it would be far easier arranging Lily to be in a role-playing-game over the summer. He went to the library in every single break, trying to find something. Maybe there was some sort of wizarding role-playing-game? But no, he didn’t find anything, anything at all. Just as he was giving up, he realized Lily was a muggle-born.

Yes, he already knew she was, it wasn’t that. He only just figured out that she could join a muggle role-playing-game. Brilliant! He had to get information elsewhere, though, and worked really hard to get his hands on some information about role-playing-games. He only found three that was going on this summer. Two were no good, but the last one he was sure Lily would like to be in. It was a role-playing-game called ‘Refugee’.

The exams didn’t go all that bad. There were people, like Lily, who had been reading for over two months. Then there were other people, like the Marauders, who studied the last night before the big test. James was a top student no matter how little or late he practised, but didn’t take it all for granted and actually studied more than the other Marauders. But they didn’t know that.

When the last day of school came, James was still waiting for the letter he was supposed to give Lily about ‘Refugee’. But at breakfast came an owl for him, and he quickly changed the envelope and wrote ‘Lily Potter’ on it. The owl flew out again, and in a minute later heading for Lily. She kept away from the owl, but opened the letter and read it out loud to her closest friends.

Ms. Lily Evans.
Congratulations, you have been accepted to join 120 other young teenagers for playing the role-playing-game ‘Refugee’.

Lily stopped reading. “What?” she said.

You will find a list over things you can bring on another paper also in the envelope. The game begins at exactly noon July 14th, at the old Kamelions Fort. If you need road descriptions, please call us. Number on the bottom of the page.

Lily looked in the envelope again, and found the other paper.

You can bring:
A sleeping-bag
Warm clothes

“What?” said Lily again. “That’s all?”
“Sounds like fun!” said Mary, who was sitting beside Lily.
“Yeah, a bit” agreed Lily. Then the group of girls got up and went out of the Great Hall. James mentally thanked Mary, because she had helped him more than she knew.

Later that same day they were all boarding the Hogwarts Express and going home for the summer. The girls were hysterically kissing and hugging everyone, and though some of the boys kept their distance most of them didn’t mind. The sixth year boys, among them the Marauders, sure didn’t.

As the Express slowed down and stopped at King’s Cross Platform 9 ¾, the Marauders said their good byes and went to find their families. James looked around for Lily at first, but she was nowhere to be seen. She had already left with her parents and sister.

Lily wasn’t friends with her sister, Petunia. Petunia had been horrible to Lily her whole life, but their parents only swept it away, saying they should love each other as sisters and be best friends. Yeah right.

That was the main reason why Lily was looking forward to this mysterious role-playing-game. She didn’t know who had signed her up for it, but she wanted to find out. She wanted to thank whoever it was. Her parents had nothing against it, and the 14th she had her bag, although it was very small, packed and ready to go.

The fort was very military-looking. There were several houses, and a large outside area with grass and fences, trees and a lake on one side. There were about 120 other teenagers there, and they all looked just as excited and curious as herself.

After ten minutes of waiting, a man called Kevin came and asked them to follow him. Lily and everyone else followed down a road to another house, which looked like a normal house where someone could live. They were lead inside, where they were to sit on the wooden floor.

Lily sat down between a girl with raven-black hair and a brown jacket and a boy with sandy-brown hair and a nervous expression on his face. Kevin ordered them to be quiet and started talking.

“Welcome to ‘Refugee’ everyone. Do you know what you’re here for?” No one answered. “You’re here to learn a little bit about how life as a Refugee is! We’re not going to hurt you or make you do something you don’t want to do, but I can guarantee you that this will be an experience to remember. We will give you new names and identities, new families and a new home country. You are all from Sudan!” Whispers went through the room, and Kevin put one finger in the air. “In Sudan, girls are not allowed to show their hair. You will all have to cover up your hair with something” he said to the girls. “Girls also aren’t allowed to talk in Sudan, and so you aren’t allowed to talk here. Only boys can talk to other people than the people in the family!”

Some girls were angry, others determined to break the rules. Lily only wondered what she had gotten herself into. Kevin started talking again. “If you want to quit for any reason, if you’re hurt or something happens that you can’t go on, you can say the magic word” Lily chuckled to herself. It was always funny when muggles used that expression. “Emergencystop.”
‘Is that even a word?’ thought Lily, but was soon distracted as a bag was passed to her. You were supposed to throw anything of value, any food or anything refugees wouldn’t have in that bag and you’d get it back after you were done.

Lily put her watch in, and followed the others out. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t hot. All the teenagers stood in a circle around Kevin, and he yelled out names to sort them into groups, or families.
“Lily Evans” called Kevin after a while.
“Yes!” she answered.
“Group seven!” Lily went over to the others. The black-haired girl called Amy, the one she had been sitting next to, was there. As was a boy named Matthew and a boy named Paul. After everyone had been sorted they were fourteen people in Lily’s family. Soon they were told to select a ‘Family father’. Matthew was chosen for team seven, and they became team Matthew.

Then it was time to get new names and identities. Lily’s family was the Rufa’a family. Some laughed at the name, but Lily found it quite nice. She also liked her own name, which was Lulu. As the families were done, they were to continue up to ‘The Norwegian Embassy’. They were trying to get into Norway!

The Embassy was poorly organized. Matthew and his two buddies also on team Matthew left their bags out in the hallway. They really shouldn’t have done that, because as they were in the first office two women came in carrying their bags.
“What’re you doing with our bags?” asked Matthew.
“No-no. These are our bags!” they spoke English, but very badly. “You want to buy them?” We had been given money before we left the first house, and we had already used some to bribe a guard. They decided to buy only one of the bags, and the other ones were gone.

After the first office was a second office. There they had to take pictures.
“This is a very important picture” the picture-lady said. “It will be in the paper if you’re dead.” Lily was shocked, but also amused. The clock ticked away, and waiting was terrible. They hadn’t eaten in hours, and the people who were supposed to be working at the embassy ate pancakes and waffles right in front of their faces.

The third office wasn’t actually an office. They were lead down to the basement, where there was an old bathroom with showers and toilets. Luckily there was no smell. Standing there was a chubby, but tall man in his mid twenties. He ordered them to stand in two lines, one for the girls and one for the boys.

“And your family name?” he asked, ready to take notes.
“Rufa’a” answered Matthew.
“And you are how many?” asked the man.
“Fourteen” said Matthew. Then came the two women who had stolen the bags, and they asked the man if he knew where there was more coffee. The man answered that he didn’t, before the women left and the man turned back to the teens.
”So, what did you say your name was again? Just so I can wri… Oh, I have written it down. Okay how many are you? I have to write it d… Oh, I have written that down, yes.” He was getting annoying now.

Then he told them this was a physical test. First on the list was jumping up and down. He inspected them as they jumped, fist the boys and then the girls. Suddenly they were interrupted again, this time by three guards coming through. They looked very strong and dangerous. Lily thought she was supposed to stop, and she did. But then one of the guards noticed and told her very loudly to start jumping again. Lily was so scared she didn’t even hesitate one moment. She jumped all she could. The guard went back to the other guards. After a minute or so they continued in through another door.

The man in charge of the physical test told them to stop, finally. Then they had to do sit-ups. Lily was so exhausted that she could barely even think it, but she got down and did it anyway. After half a minute they were instructed to stand up again. The man went over to his papers, and looked at them.
“Now you jump!” he said.
“We have jumped!” said Matthew.
“No… No I haven’t crossed that out. Jump now!” said the man. They were all so angry with him that they almost didn’t jump. But they did.

After doing far too much jumping and running, and far too many sit-ups, as he kept forgetting to cross it out, the guards came back and led them into another room. They were scared then, because although they knew the guards couldn’t harm them they were still scary. Amy and Lily stood side-by-side, waiting for their turn to go into yet another room and have the guards go through their bags.

A couple of minutes later one of the guards signalized for Lily to bring her bag and come. Her hands were shaking as she got nearer to the door. Inside there were three tables, one for each guard. Matthew was in there too, and she was glad because he was the only one besides Amy she felt she trusted a little bit. The guard asked her, as he was going through and throwing everything out of her bag, what her name was. She didn’t answer at first, because she thought it was a trick-question. The girls weren’t supposed to talk, as Kevin had instructed them. But as he asked again, she answered.
“Lulu Rufa’a”. She had remembered her new name, birthday, hometown and social status by heart. She came from the capital of Sudan, Khartoum.

The guard okay-ed her, and she took all of her stuff out into where Amy had been waiting to put it back into her bag. When they were all done they went upstairs again, and they were led into an empty room with only a couple of chairs. Lily got one of them, and those who didn’t get chairs sat down on the floor. They were all exhausted by now, as they hadn’t sat down for what felt like ages.

They hadn’t eaten anything either, and it was now four o’clock. That’s six hours without food. The smell of pancakes as someone passed the door with them made everyone even hungrier. The group decided to talk about how disgusting those pancakes must’ve tasted. It helped a bit.

Suddenly an alarm went off somewhere, and a guard came in and told them to get down. They did, and the followed everyone else down to the basement. All 120 teens were gathered in the small bathroom, and there would not have been space enough for any more people down there. Lily and Amy felt like they knew each other by now, and they had a good time talking to each other.

A good twenty minutes later a guard came in.
“SILENCE!” he yelled, and the chatter died quickly. “The military has been here, and you’re not safe. You have to get to the Egyptian border yourselves!” The Rufa’a family was the first one to get out, and so they were first to pick a guide.

The guide they picked to lead them to Egypt was crazy. That was the only word to describe it. He led them down a hill and then down a road. When other families passed, he instructed them to get down, and not to look at them or talk to them.
“If you do that, I will go. Just go!!” he said, like dead serious. So they did what they were told.

The guide had promised them they would be first to the border, and they were. Not that that necessarily was a good thing.

As they came to the border, the military there ordered them to take out their passports. Only problem was, one was missing! The military yelled and yelled. They screamed so near their ears that the Rufa’a family thought they would be deaf when it was over. Luckily the soldiers didn’t take it that far. They only made the family jump, run, take sit-ups and push-ups. As a special punishment for not bringing all passports, they had to take their bags and hold them over their heads for quite a long time.

Lily was now cursing whoever had signed her up.

James, on the other hand, was enjoying life at the beach with the Marauders. They played all sorts of muggle sports. Volleyball and badminton were favourites. Just as they were buying ice-creams, James came to think of Lily.
‘She must be having a great time!’ he thought, satisfied.

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