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AN: You all are lucky that I decided to stick chapter 3 and 4 together...

Chapter 3

Day 2- Sunday

Lily was never one for sleeping in, so she found it quite odd just how much Sirius Black could sleep in a day. At school, he had always been up for breakfast on time. Perhaps looking a bit blurry from sleep... but awake none the less.

But then again, as she stepped past his room, down the stairs and heard James' voice drifting from the kitchen, she supposed that the earliness of Sirius' mornings in Hogwarts was probably due to him.

Carefully she pushed the kitchen door open to be greeted with the smell of fried eggs and toast, and a James Potter in an flowery apron leaning over the stove instead of Mrs. Potter.

Resisting the urge to laugh, she entered slowly and took a seat at the kitchen table, watching as he placed the scrambled eggs onto a plate.

"I never thought of you as much of a cooker."

He jumped, turning quickly to face her, his face, to her amusement, turning slightly red at being caught in such a feminine apron. He recovered quite quickly however, she had to give him that.

Placing the scrambled eggs on the table in front of her he grinned, and did a small absurd curtsy, holding out the apron at the sides as if a dress. "Do you like it?"

Snorting, she eyed the eggs hopefully, and seeming to catch on, he turned to the cabinet near their very old fashioned refrigerator, wand in hand, muttered accio plates and she soon found a decorated china plate sitting directly in front of her.

"I made some for you." He watched her for a moment as she began scooping some scrambled egg onto her plate with a fork that was already on the table, then he turned back to the stove, taking up the plate with a large pile of buttered toast on top. "Did you want toast?"

He sat down at the table next to her, apron and all, pulling the remaining eggs towards him and taking a bite of the toast he had in hand. "Sirius up yet?" He asked, though sounded as if he already knew the answer.

"No..." She eyed him carefully. "Where is your mum?"

"At work." He was now putting an insane amount of ketchup on his eggs that he had just accio'd out of the refrigerator to his hands. "She wanted to take the day off... take you shopping or something like that." He answered absentmindedly.

Lily looked down at his plate in disgust, wondering if she would have to be around with the eminent sugar high came into play from all that ketchup. "I would have liked that."

He looked up, smiling, then began digging into his eggs. Holding down a look of pure horror, she slowly tried to eat her way through her own.

Once he had swallowed a good amount of ketchup drowned eggs he turned to her again. "Did you sleep all right?" He seemed slightly concerned as he spoke and she found herself blushing slightly as his hazel eyes bore into her. The events of the other day coming back into play. She would not get trapped again.

Looking down at her plate she answered. "I stayed up a bit late reading... but ya it was good." She smirked suddenly, and this time met his eyes as she continued. "I read a bit more about animagi actually... did you know it's illegal to be one unless you register at the ministry? Quite serious consequences actually." Then, satisfied with the look of nervous apprehension on his face she turned away looking out the window into the front yard. "It's a nice day."

Smiling sweetly at his still nervous face, she picked up her empty plate, reached around James for a piece of buttered toast, and left the room after placing the plate on the counter.

James, now looking irritated gave his wand a little flick and turned around as the plate began to wash it self in the sink.


The sound of curtains being opened wasn't the only thing that awoke him from his comfortable slumber. There was also the sudden piercing light that insisted on penetrating his eyelids and the hard blow that was suddenly delivered to the top of his head.

Groaning and sitting up, glaring through he blaring light at the offensive object that came in contact with his head, he found James sitting at side of his bed, watching him with both a mixture of amusement and worry.

"Did you have to hit me?" He asked dryly, slumping back in his bed and turning over so the sun wasn't so bright.

"You wouldn't wake up if I was nice to you."

Sirius grunted and pulled the blankets up over his head, but they were snatched away almost immediately.

"We've got a problem, Padfoot."

"I was having a good dream." He told James, sitting up and acting like this was a perfectly good reason to return to sleep. "It involved girls."

James continued on like Sirius had not interrupted. "She's getting to far into this animagi thing."

"So?" Sirius was now rubbing the sleep from his eyes, watching James numbly through half closed eyes.

"So, she might get us into trouble."

Sirius sighed and fixed James with a level look, now looking fully awake. "She's just trying to scare us... besides I think she already knows or she wouldn't be so confident."

James sighed heavily and flopped down backwards onto the bed, laying across Sirius' legs. "That makes it no better."

"Since when have you been worried about getting into trouble anyway." He grinned. "Or are you just worried that Lilykins will be disappointed in you."

James sat up slightly, shooting him a glare. "No..." His look faltered. "Maybe.."

Sirius laughed bark like and pulled up his feet so that James fell back against the bed more. "I think she'd be more impressed with you once she reads just how much concentration it takes to pull off the magic. Hell, she might even start to appreciate me a bit more."

James was silent a long time, staring up at the ceiling and the light that hung over Sirius' bed. "I don't think she'd tell."

"No, she wouldn't." Sirius reassured him, speaking in a tone that James' mother would have used. "Why don't you tell her, save her from reading her little heart out." He grinned.

James sat up now and went to the door. "Your mad."

Sirius shrugged, still grinning at his best friend. "Think about it Prongs... She might like it. Ask if she likes hunting. Maybe her muggle father has a few of you pinned to her wall at home."

Without turning to face him, James, with laughter evident in his voice told him, "If you don't get up, I will ban you from the kitchen."


James walked into the backyard curiously. He had walked around the house in search of Lily, (the study being the first place he looked) but was unable to find her. The last place to check was the expansive backyard.

Jumping the steps down from the porch, the did a sweep of the yard, taking in the old willow tree near the back and his mothers many flower plants growing along the old wooden fence. But there was no Lily anywhere.

"Did you get Sirius up?" Her voice cut into the silence of the day, and he turned to the source of her voice in surprise, briefly wondering why he hadn't checked for her on the porch in the first place.

She was sitting against the house, a small pile of books at her side, one propped open in her lap, her long skirt falling over her legs and pooling around her. She was smiling in a way that was clearly meant to annoy him, but to which he only found amusing.

Walking back up the steps now, he leaned against the railing, crossing his arms as he watched her put the book she was reading back in the pile. He noticed one of the books was the one on Animagi, but she seemed to only have it sitting there for his benefit.

"I heard you go up there when I was going outside." She told him, looking up to meet his gaze again. "I wanted to sit out by the tree but I didn't think your dad would like his books in the yard."

James shrugged, not entirely sure if his dad would care or not. "I threatened him with no food."

"Ah." Her smile changed, and he was surprised to see her looking away modestly, a small laugh escaping her. "I don't suppose he liked that much."

James shook his head, his head feeling strangely empty, and he stepped closer to her, absolutely delighted that he made her laugh. "Do you like the yard?"

She looked over the grassy expanse again as if to refresh her memory before turning to look up at him again. "Yes, very much. We don't have much of a yard at our home in London." She explain, her nose wrinkling slightly. "We used to at our old house."

"Oh?" He stepped closer to her now, leaning against the house as he peered down at her. "Why did you move?"

Again her nose wrinkled ever slightly and James found himself thinking she looked quite cute when she did that. "Petunia is going to a private school in London."

James nodded, then, knowing it was probably now safe to do so, sat down next to her, picking up the books and moving them to his side now. "Petunia is your sister?"

She nodded, now looking over the yard again. She had tensed slightly, he noticed, when he sat down, but had relaxed again. "Ya. She's older then me."

"Why didn't you go with them to her boyfriends?" He asked, for he had not know why exactly she had needed a place to stay so badly besides the fact her family was going to her sisters boyfriends for the week.

"Petunia..." She hesitated, as if looking for the right way to put this before continuing. "Petunia isn't like my parents... she doesn't really except the fact I'm a witch." She shrugged. "And naturally, she found someone like her to date. They're quite serious, Petunia and Vernon... and I'm sure he knows what I am now as well. I didn't want to be around them both."

James nodded, not knowing much else to say, but Lily spoke again.

"My parents think it's fantastic I'm a witch." She laughed slightly. "They like when I do magic around them. They say it's better to be different then normal." She was smiling, and he liked it like that so he let her go on. "When I bring homework over Christmas mum even likes to sit down and help me with it even though she hasn't got a clue what any of it is." She laughed slightly and looked at James, a small blush creepy onto her cheeks, a look of pure embarrassment coming to her face even as she said it, "I think they would like you."

Merlin... what was coming out her mouth? She found herself having one of those moments where your mouth does the complete opposite of what your brain tells you to. Right now her brain was frantically trying to relay the message "Shut it right now." But instead her mouth was having a good old time telling James Potter stuff she normally wouldn't.

And then, before she knew it, the most dreadful thing fell out of her mouth and she knew the moment would end soon. "I think they would like you." Where had that come from!

Hastily, ignoring the strange look on a certain messy-haired, hazel eyed wizard, she stood, nearly toppling over from the head rush that was the result.

"Erm..." Come on Lily... you can think your way out of this situation. "It's kind of cold... I think I'll go inside." Brilliant. Avoid him until something better comes to mind.

"You forgot these."

She turned, already halfway to the backdoor, and stared dumbly at the books cradled in his arms before actually realizing what they were. Blushing fit to rival a fire engine, she walked carefully back over to him.

He was grinning, though shyly she noticed, but still grinning. She itched to grab for her wand, which, once again was stuck into her sock. She was beginning to regret packing so many pocket less outfits.

He dropped the books into her outstretched hand fairly quickly to her happiness allowing her to escape quickly. And without another word, she ducked her head and nearly ran back into the house, brushing past a confused looking Sirius.

"Lilykins, you're blush-"

"Shut it, Black." She stomped into the study.


The screen door opened again just as he was walking towards it, but instead of Lily returning (which he thought highly impossible anyway), Sirius stepped out onto the porch looking highly confused but amused.

"How did it go? Yes? No?"

"How did what go?" He narrowed his eyes at his best friend.

"Did you tell her our furry secret yet?" He asked as if this were the most obvious thing.

James shook his head. "No... and I wasn't planning on it either."

Sirius sighed dramatically. "Well, mate, what's got her all hot and bothered?"

James raised an eyebrow at Sirius' choice of words, but shook his head with a laugh. "She just said something she thought she shouldn't have."

"Girl stuff?" Sirius looked back into the house, a comedic look on his face. "Did she tell you she has cramps or something?"

James seriously felt sorry for his friends lack of tact. "No... Honestly Padfoot, there is more to girls then that and snogging."

"I know." He had the decency to look indignified. "I have had girlfriends."

James walked past him with a sigh. "Once again, there is more to girls then snogging."


Upon putting the books back in the study in their proper spots she retreated back to the guest room in the Potter's top floor of their house, collapsing into her made bed, silently cursing herself for her stupidity. If anything, she had made things even worse.

She showed James Potter, her enemy, her weak spot.

Ok, so calling him her enemy was a bit drastic she agreed. He had been fairly nice to her last year, and now... he was being nice to her now wasn't he? Had he grown up enough to realize constant teasing was not a good way to impress a girl? It was hard to believe this could ever occur. Sirius obviously hadn't changed much... so why would James?

She inhaled one shaky breath and let it out, staring up at the pretty chandelier type light over the bed. Allowing herself to sink further into the comforter. She had realized last night that the bed was enchanted to cradle whomever was sleeping in it. She was surprised she got up at all this morning it was so comfortable.

She gave an audible noise of annoyance as she rolled over onto her side; flashes of James' handsome face running through her head. That adorable look that was a mixture of surprise and happiness he held just moments after she said the one thing she dreaded most. Yes, it was adorable! And she felt horrible for even thinking this! This was going to be a disastrous week if she didn't get a hold of herself soon.

But as she fell silent, listening to the sounds of the house, (It sounded like James and Sirius were talking in the kitchen), she heard accompanied by the sound of pots and pans clanking, the familiar CRACK sound so well accustomed to Apparation.

Curious, she stood and went to the window, looking down on the neatly kept front lawn. A sandy blonde haired boy was making his way to the front door.

Smiling to herself, Lily and turned and bustled out of the room, fully intent on reaching the door before the others did.


James looked up from the Daily Prophet just as Sirius looked up from the inside of the refrigerator as someone pulled back the knocker on the Potter's front door and let it drop against the hard wood.

Sirius smiled as she straightened, letting the door to the refrigerator close as he walked to the door. "That must be Moony."

As he entered into the main hall, he looked up in shock as pounding feet came down the stairs and Lily came into view. Her deep red hair dancing behind her, her skirt kicking up around her ankles. She paused momentarily, looking down at him as he looked up curiously at her, but poised to head for the door.

But before either could move (they seemed to be in a stand-off, or so it looked to James when he pushed open the kitchen door), the door opened slowly and Remus Lupin, looking tired and wary as usual, stuck his head into the hall, about to call out his presence before noticing the assembly in the entrance hall.

"Erm..." He stepped into the house fully now, looking from James to Sirius then, to his surprise, up to Lily Evans who was watching him with a smile from the stairs.

"Lily, what are you doing here?" He asked kindly, leaning down to untie his shoes.

His speaking seemed to cut the strange feeling in the room and they all seemed to move again and he kicked off his trainers.

Lily moved down the stairs and was now standing next to Sirius who seemed to be glaring at her. "I'm staying here for the week." She told him simply.

Remus straightened and past an enquiring look to James who, not to his surprise, was smiling cheerfully. "Really?" He turned and smiled at Lily who was watching him with slight concern. "It's nice to see you."

Sirius snorted slightly, but before he could say anything James cut in. "I thought you were coming tomorrow."

"I was... but I was wondering if you read the Daily Prophet?" Remus looked more wary then ever as he furrowed his brows in what was clearly worry.

"Why? What's happened?" Lily instantly tensed up as James motioned them into the kitchen, indicating the paper was sitting on the table.

"There has been more muggle deaths." Remus explained, hurrying after James with Sirius in his wake.

Lily stood for what seemed like eternity in the hallway, her heart racing madly, before she got up the nerve to follow them into the kitchen.

Please, don't let it be her family.

AN: I'm evil...

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