Chapter 5
The meeting

Harry and Hermione arrived at the Leaky Cauldron Monday at 12:00 as promised. They were greeted by Ron, Luna, Ginny, Dean, and to their surprise, Bill, and Fleur. All were joined by their children. They noticed the smiling faces of Ginny and Dean’s twins girls Kimmy and Violet age 11, both girls had their mothers beautiful red hair. In fact, all of the children had inherited the red hair Weasley’s were famous for. Also their was Bill and Fleur’s son Will, age 11, and Ron and Luna’s two youngest children, Tommy, age 7, and Angela, age 4. Their five oldest, Molly, age 17, Sirius, age 15, Tony, age 14, Regina, age 10, and Jake, age 9, were nowhere to be found. “Hey, you made it.” said Ron when he saw them.

“Yeah we’re here, said Harry. Ron gave his best friend a hug and then gave one to Hermione. Then they all sat down and ordered their food.

So where are Molly, Sirius, Tony, Regina, and Jake?” Harry asked after a few minutes.

“Well Molly, Sirius, and Tony are hanging out with their friends somewhere in Diagon Alley, we’re going to meet up with them later, and Regina and Jake are with Fred and George.” Ron replied as he ate.

“You left them with Fred and George?” said Hermione.

“It’s okay Aunt Hermione” said Angela, who always called Harry and Hermione her aunt and uncle.

“Yeah, Uncle Fred and Uncle George babysit us all the time” said Tommy.

“Us too” said Kimmy and Violet together.

“Don’t worry Hermione, they’re safe.” said Luna.

“That’s not much coming from someone who read magazine’s upside-down and stares into space all the time.” muttered Hermione.

“What?” said Luna.



Claudia, Lydia, Liam, and Michael had just checked into the hotel and were now headed up to there rooms. “Have you guys ever been here before?” Michael asked.

“I was once, but it was a very brief visit” said Claudia, winking at Lydia and Liam, who both grinned.

They reach their floor and went into their rooms, Claudia and Lydia were in one, and Liam and Michael were in the other. When they entered their room, the girls were taken by how beautiful it was. The bed spreads were both dark green with a floral design. There was a painting hanging above the couch that had a family at a picnic in it. The bathroom was much bigger than they expected, with a huge Jacuzzi. “Now this is cool.” said Lydia.

“Yeah I guess.” said Claudia.

“So what do you want to do?” Lydia asked.

“I don’t know, I was thinking of going for a walk.” Claudia replied.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No I can handle this one alone”

Lydia laughed. “Okay, see you later”


She walked out the door.


After everyone finished, they decided to head into Diagon Alley. Kimmy, Violet, and Will were all staring at Hogwarts this year and they needed to get their school supplies. After they bought everything, they ran into Molly, Sirius, and Jake, who were just coming to find them. Then they went to Weasley’s wizarding wheezes and got Regina and Jake. Since there were so many of them, they all split up into groups. Molly, Sirius, Jake and Regina were in one, Tony went with Bill fleur and Will, Ginny, Dean and their daughters were alone, and Tommy went with his parents. Harry and Hermione took little Angela. They bought her an ice cream and then went walking along the street. “Uncle Harry, when can I go to Hogwarts?” Angela asked.

“When you’re eleven.” Harry answered.

“Why cant’s I go now?” she asked.

“Because you’re too young.” said Hermione.

“No I’m not, I’m a big girl, and I’m four and half years old.”

“We know you’re a big girl but you’re just not big enough to go to Hogwarts yet.” said Harry.

“Aw Man”

As she walked down the street, Claudia heard a lot of people talking in British accents. Some were so heavy that she couldn’t even understand what they were saying, but then again she was in England, of course they had weird accents. Then she saw a very strange sight, a man was asking a woman for directions somewhere but she was trying to ignore him. Claudia could she why, the man was wearing a dress. She heard people walking by muttered about weirdoes and cross-dressers when they saw him. Finally the woman simply walked away and the man was left looking defeated. Before Claudia could get a better look at the man, a crowd of people passed her and when they were gone, so was the man. Claudia rubbed her eyes and looked again, he was just there, he couldn’t have just vanished like that, it was impossible. Trying to forget the incident, Claudia kept walking.

She was feeling hungry so she decided to stop at a café up ahead and get some food. But suddenly she heard someone screaming. “Oh my god, that girls in the street” they said.

Claudia ran up and squeezed through the crowd just in time to see a little girl of about four years old with red hair, sitting in the streets. She heard a car horn and saw that a car was speeding right towards the girl. She looked up but didn’t run, so Claudia did. She ran into the street just as the car was about to hit them.


“Harry where’s my jacket?” Hermione asked her husband. She had just now noticed it was missing.

“I thought you had it” he answered.

“No I don’t” she clapped a hand to her forehead and groaned. “I must have left it in the leaky cauldron.

“Well then let’s go get it”

-----ANGELA’S POV-----

“Sweetie, we have to go back to the leaky cauldron and get aunt Hermione’s jacket okay?”

“K” Angela responded. They were walking back to the pub when Angela noticed something on the ground. She stopped and picked it up; it was a pretty blue marble. She stood there for a minute looking at it and all of a sudden, she felt a hand on her wrist.

“Angela, what are you doing?”

“I found a pretty marble” she answered and held it up for Uncle Harry to see.

“Yes it’s very pretty, but next time, please try and stay with us. We don’t want you getting lost.” He said.


They continued their trip back to the leaky cauldron. When they got there Hermione went up to the bar and asked Tom if he’d seen it. While they talked, Angela played with the marble. Suddenly, she dropped it; it fell to the floor and rolled out the door. Angela followed it, right the door and into the muggle world.


After they got Hermione’s coat back, Harry turned to where Angela had been to tell her they were leaving. “Angela, we’re going no-

She wasn’t there. “Angela?” Harry called. He walked around looking under the tables to see if she was hiding, she wasn’t.

“Angela” he called again.

“Angela” this time it was Hermione.

“Harry where is she?” she asked becoming frantic.

“I don’t know she was just here a second ago, Angela, ANGELA!!”

It wasn’t until a minute later that they realized the front door was open.

-----ANGELA’S POV-----

Angela followed the marble all the way down the block. When it finally stopped, she immediately grabbed before it could rolled away again. She didn’t realize she was in the middle of a street and a car was coming, but other people did. “Oh my god, that girl’s in the street.” She heard someone yell. She looked up and saw a car coming right for her. He honked his horn but she didn’t move. Suddenly, she felt someone scoop her up in their arms and carry her out of the street just before the car hit them.


Claudia pulled the little girl out of the street just as the car was about to hit her. When the car past and the crowd disappeared, Claudia put the girl down and looked her over. She seemed fine, no bumps or bruises; she didn’t even seem shaken up. “What were you doing in the streets?” she asked softly but firmly.

The little girl didn’t answer right away, first she held up a marble and then said, “I had to get my marble”

“Well you shouldn’t run in the streets for something like that.” Claudia responded.

“I’m sorry” said the girl. Claudia couldn’t help but noticed she was awfully cute.

“Where are your parents” she asked.

“In Diagon Alley” she answered.

“Where’s that?”

“Behind the wall”

Now Claudia was confused, behind the wall? She thought. “What’s your name?”

“Angela Catherine Weasley” she said.

“Okay Angela, can you take me to this ‘Digon’ Alley place so we can find your parents?”

“Nope” she said.

“Why not” asked Claudia who was getting annoyed.

“Cause I’m not supposed to bring muggles in.” she responded.

This was getting weirder and weirder every second, but she decided to play along. “Well its okay then, because I’m not a muggle”

“Really?” said Angela.

“Yes” said Claudia.

“Oh okay, then follow me.” She said and took Claudia’s hand and began to lead her away.

After a few minutes, they reached a point where Angela suddenly stopped and pointed upward “There it is.” She said.

Claudia looked up at a decrepit old building that she had not noticed before; it was like it had come out of thin air. This was just getting weirder and weirder. Inside the building were a man and a woman running around, both looked frantic. “Are those your parents?” she asked.

“Uh uh, that’s my Aunt Hermione and Uncle Harry” she answered.

“Were you with them before?” Claudia asked.

“Yup” she answered.

“Well then let’s go give you back to them okay?”


So they entered the pub and Claudia tried to get the attention of the man. “Excuse me sir.” She said patting him on the back, he turned to looked at her, she could see he was drenched in sweat; he must have been really worried.

“I think this is yours” he looked down at Angela just as the woman came running up. A wave of relief swept over there faces as they embraced her.

“How could you run off like that?” the woman asked between her tears.

“I’m sorry” Angela said.

The man turned back to Claudia. “Thank you for finding her miss- uh

“Claudia” Claudia responded. She noticed a strange look on the man’s face when she told him her name.

“Your name is Claudia?” he said.


He was quiet for a minute then he shook his head softly and smiled, “Well thanks again for finding Angela for us; we were worried something had happened to her.”

“No problem, well I’d better be going, nice meeting you Angela” she called to the little girl in the woman’s arms.

“Bye bye” she yelled back.

As she turned to leave, the sun caught her locket making it sparkle; the man seemed to have noticed, because suddenly he grabbed her arm. “What is it?” Claudia asked.

He didn’t answer, he just stared at her locket with a look on his face of pure disbelief, his wife came over to see what was happening, and she saw the locket and gasped. Claudia didn’t understand why they were amazed by her locket. “Where did you get that?” The man asked.

“I was told that my parents gave it to me, but I never met them, they died when I was a baby.”

“When you house was destroyed?” the man asked.

Claudia was shocked, how did they know that? “Yeah, how you know that?” she asked loudly.

“Well, we lost our daughter when our house exploded, and her name was Claudia, and she had a locket just like that.” said the man.

Claudia could see what they were thinking. “Okay, this is nuts okay look, I’m sorry you lost your daughter but I’m not-

“Can you open that locket?” the woman asked suddenly.


“Can you get that locket open?” she said again.

Truthfully, Claudia never could get the locket open. “Well, no, but that doesn’t mean-

Suddenly, the man pulled a long stick out of his pocket. “May I have that for a minute please?”

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled the locket of her neck.

“What are you doing?” said Claudia angrily.

Again he didn’t answer; he pointed the stick at the locket and muttered a strange word Claudia never heard before. He handed it back to her and said, “Try now”
Claudia looked at them then at the locket in her hand, she tried to get it open and to her surprise, it did. In it, she saw a picture of three people, and man, and woman, and baby whom she recognized as herself, and even though they looked older now, the people standing before her. She hadn’t been this shocked since she got her first assignment last year. “That’s not possible” she muttered under her breath. But the man and woman didn’t seem to share her opinion.

The woman suddenly burst into tears and grabbed her into a tight hug. “Oh my god, I don’t believe it, you’re alive, Harry look, our baby’s alive, and she’s all grown up.” Then her happiness overcame her and she simply cried.

“Hermione, give her room to breathe.” He managed to pull the woman off Claudia who suddenly noticed something; this man looked a lot like her. He had her black hair, her green eyes, and her facial features.

No one talked for a long time, they sat down at a table and just sat there for the longest time, Claudia noticed the woman wouldn’t stop staring at her. “So, what are your names again?” Claudia asked, breaking the silence.

“Well, I’m Harry, and she’s Hermione, I think you already know Angela’s name.”

Angela smiled. “Yeah” Claudia answered.

“Um, since you’re here, I think there’s something you should know, I just hope you believe us.”

“After all this, I’ll believe anything” Claudia answered.

“Well…” Harry began “You’re a witch”


For half an hour, Harry explained how they were from the magical world and how his parents had been killed by a dark wizard named lord voldemort, and how he had fought him numerous times when he attended a school called Hogwarts, and how he believed he had kill her when she was a baby, and how he had finally defeated him a few years later. All the while, Claudia listened in total disbelief, these people must be crazy, they really think their wizards, and that she was a witch? But then again there had been some strange things that had happened to her. Then, in order to show her they weren’t lying, they brought her to Diagon Alley; it was probably the moving rocks that got her. But then she saw the street, it was unbelievable, there were people in strange clothing all walking around talking to each other, there was so much weird stuff everywhere, like a crowd of people crowded around a window of a store called ‘quantity quidittch supplies’

“Quditch?” she asked Harry,

“It’s a sport, I’ll tell you more later” he replied.

As she looked though the window, she saw they were staring at a broomstick on display, under it was a little sign that read ‘FIREBOLT 2, the fastest model yet’

There was so much weird stuff around; Claudia had to believe they were telling the truth. “So this magic stuff is real then?” she asked.

“Yes it is”

Claudia didn’t know what to say, she had dealt with so much in the past, school training, she almost died last year in china when that bomb went off, but nothing could have prepared her for this. “No” she said quietly.

“What” said Harry.

“No, I can’t deal with this, I…I have to be alone.” And with that, she took off running, they called to her but she didn’t stop, she just kept going.

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