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    Disclaimer: Damn James is a stud. I would so do him if he were mine. Esp if he looked like Tom Welling like everyone thinks he does. Tom Welling is a doll. Alas, neither are mine along with the whole lot of the Marauders. In fact, they are owned- save Tom Welling- by JK. Rowling. Drats.

    Chapter 4

    Try & Prove it

    "She's right you know," Sirius deliberated, twirling his wand between his fingers as he lounged lazily on the couch. James looked up at him between his fingers, allowing Sirius to know he was listening. "She never said no, flat out I mean."

    "Sirius- she told me she’d rather date the squid than me in our fifth year," James deadpanned and with a sigh slouched onto the couch. He was nervous. Beyond nervous. What if yesterday was a dream? He ran his hands through his hair and debated this. Well, it was a very good dream at least.

    "That's not a flat out no though," Sirius pointed out as he took in his best friend. James was wearing a blue button up with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. It was something casual and better than the green sweater he had on earlier. It was funny how Sirius had a feeling James had tried on more outfits than Lily probably did for tonight.

    She was late though, no denying that.

    As the boys fretted downstairs, Lily was doing her own kind of worrying. She was completely dressed- had been for the past half hour- and had her hair done nicely too. She had on a pair of jeans and cute little blue top that wasn't very revealing, but made the green in her eyes completely shine. Instead of worrying how she looked, she was wondering if she had made the right choice. A million things could go wrong on this date, but she wanted to try.

    Try. That still didn't make her stand up off her bed right away. She was dying inside. She didn't know what to do. James was... James was perfect and his kiss, Merlin, his kiss made the tingles shoot all the way down to her toes. She just wasn't used to this. She had never been out on a date before. Great Godric, her first date. She took a sturdy breath and got up from the bed ready to try anything.

    Each second lasted a minute and each minute a year. James was dying. She couldn't stand him up. No, please no. After that kiss, after the way he brought her back to the dorm and she told him all about the paper, he was not going to just give up this easy. However, just as he decided he would ask one of the Gryffindor girls to go get Lily for him, she appeared at the top of the stairs smiling.

    And bloody hell she looked amazing too.

    She had this little blue number of a shirt on that seemed as silky as her skin, which showed just to the point to make his hormonal mind wander about the places the shirt covered. He loved it. He loved how she didn't flaunt her attributes or go overboard with the show of cleavage or midriff. She was perfect, completely perfect.

    "Sorry I'm a touch late, I couldn't find one of my shoes," she smiled a perfect lie that James could not detect one bit. Instead his eyes wandered down her shapely legs to see her wearing a pair of worn out black tennis shoes with the toes a rubbery white, instead of a pair of sexy high heals. However, to James, the scuffed up flats seemed to fit her more. He even noticed she had written things on the rubbery sides even and made a mental note to read her shoes one day.

    "Perfectly fine," James looked up smiling, moving his glasses up on the bridge of his nose again. Sirius snorted to hold in laughter. Perfectly fine his arse; James was about to have a fit he was so worried she stood him up. James held out his hand for Lily to take. "Shall we then?"

    With a staggered breath that only Lily knew she had taken, she nodded and smiled remembering the way it felt to be in his arms. She took his hand and their fingers laced perfectly as if they were meant to intertwine. "Goodbye Sirius."


    "This can't be allowed. If its not against the law, then at least against school rules," Lily commented as James, still holding her hand, tugged and helped her up the rocky terrain towards the shrieking shack. It was incredibly quiet except for their hard breathing and Lily's occasional outburst of how the lack of people around made visiting the most haunted building in Britain illegal.

    "Trust me Lily, its not," James laughed as the hill began to even out and the house became more and more visible. It was completely torn, falling apart as if weather worn, but James knew that the holes were only bit of boyish rough housing.

    "Then why are we the only two up here?" she asked, only fifty meters from the front porch of the house.

    "Because everyone thinks its haunted and with the way you keep talking, I'm beginning to think so do you," he looked at her with a wry smile. She gave him a bit of an icy glare, but James knew it was only because he was right.

    "I'm not scared," she stated. James laughed and gave her a little tug to bring her closer to him. Somehow with the way her green eyes traced his features, the sternness of her voice, the connotation shifted from a haunted house to something much, much larger and important to James.

    "Prove it."

    Lily's breath caught in her throat as his hazel eyes pierced her, calling her bluff. He was so close and she sensed the strong meaning to her words. She could feel his breath on her lips as their chests were mashed slightly together. She felt trapped, but the good kind of trapped, the kind where you can't decide where to look- his eyes or his lips. She knew she was scared. She wasn't used to this. She didn’t know how to rely on people, but she was going to give it a try.

    "Alright, fine," she stated, pushing him away from her, undoing their laced fingers with a challenging smile. Before James could register what she was doing, she was running towards the house, up the front porch and then, opening the door and dashing inside. Without hesitation, James followed at lighting speed.

    Lily let out a girlie squeal as she heard James footsteps pound behind her, following her into the house. She laughed then widely as she quickly sprinted up the stairs to the second floor of the house. James was right behind her, and in one defining moment somewhere in the upstairs hallway, his arms wrapped around her as if he was catching his prey.

    Yet instead of killing her, he found his lips fitting against hers perfectly. How it happened, neither of them knew, but she was suddenly facing him, hands getting lost in his hair as he supported the back of her head with one hand and the small of her back with the other.

    A hard passion traced through their bodies and kiss as James' tongue lightly wet her lips and by reaction, she opened her mouth against his. The feeling was new, surprising, and a bit odd, but Lily couldn't deny the passion, need, and want as they deepened the kiss with their tongues.

    She found herself being pushed backwards until her back hit a wall that creaked with her weight. She didn't mind, too lost in the moment and too lost in James as their faces and lips clashed together in a picture perfect kiss.

    Her reactions, her movements, the way she tasted were driving James insane and he was doing his best to hold back. He knew Lily was new to this. He had never seen her with another boy so he assumed- and he could slightly tell by her kiss- that he was her first, but he would never want to change that. There was something about knowing he was her first and now second kiss that made a smile light up on his face. His hands itched to explore, but he placed one on the wall by her head trying to conquer that want as the other rested on her hip, his thumb softly rubbing the small amount of skin she had left for his eyes.

    "Wow," Lily noted when they finally had to part lips, resting their forehead against the others, her voice shaking as she tried her best to breathe. James was finding it just as hard to breath, even talk, so all he did was nod in agreement. They stayed like that for over a minute as they caught their breaths, him pinning her to the wall, but neither party complained.

    "You have to stop doing that," James finally noted, his voice still a little lost. Lily blinked.

    "Stop what?" Stop kissing him? Now that she started, she wasn't sure she wanted to stop. Her stomach was so knotted right now she felt like she was about to throw up. Now as she stood there, she realized she was shaking even. And yet, all these ailments were a good thing to her.

    "Randomly kissing me like that," he smiled, and moved in to press his lips to hers again, and then the corner of her mouth, "I'm getting addicted to them and it was only my second taste."

    Lily laughed, shifting under him, finally noticing how they were positioned. James took a step back, releasing her from the sandwich of him and the wall, running a hand through his hair as if he had just ran a marathon. With the way his heart was beating twice as fast as normal, it sure seemed like he had. Oh, but the slight taste of cinnamon lip-gloss told him otherwise.

    "What happens now?" Lily asked, biting her lip to try and hide the smile that was consuming her face, heart, and mind.

    "Well you say yes to being my girlfriend, then we fall in love, get married, have children, and we live happily ever after," James grinned, though he was quite sure he was already in love.

    "How about we take it one step at a time?" Lily laughed breathlessly.

    "We can do that," James smiled and leaned in and kissed her softly once again, this time kissing all the way along her jaw to her ear. "Will you be my girlfriend Lily Evans?"

    His breath was hot on the skin of her neck, causing her knees to buckle and her to place a hand on his chest to hold her upright. His soft voice of velvet made her melt as she nodded. "Yes, James Potter, I'll be your girlfriend."

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