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Hey everyone! I know it's taken me a bloody eternity to update, and this isn't even a full chapter. But, (idea inspired by amazing author Anamarie,) here's a SNEAK PREVIEW of the next chapter! Make sure to check back periodically, since I'll just be reposting the full chapter here! "That is my plan, Remus." Dumbledore's ancient face was shadowed by the flickering candlelight, wreathing his eyes in darkness as thick as kohl. His fingers were laced together to form a steeple and his light blue eyes, normally merry and twinkling, were grave. Remus found that he could no longer sit; fighting against the pain in his ever-weakening body, he struggled to his feet and limped over to the windowsill. Grasping the sill hard in his shaking hands, he stared at the moon-lit grounds. The full moon was so close. . . he could feel it in his very bones, as he had every month of every year of his life. "Would you really have me do that, Albus?" Remus asked softly, his voice trembling. "I do not believe we can triumph any other way," the headmaster said softly, staring at his fingertips. "There must be another way," Remus exclaimed, turning around and slumping against the window as his strength failed him. Breathing hard, he tried to straighten up. "You can't ask Harry to do that!" And you can't ask ME to do that, Remus added silently, a cold dread closing around his soul. You can't ask me to do the unthinkable. . . you can't possibly warp my soul by making me do that! The old man mildly looked up, and Remus could see the years of pain and regret in his eyes. "Harry knows what his destiny is," Dumbledore murmured. "And I believe that your destiny is tied to his as well." "But to do what you're suggesting?!" Remus shouted, feeling the pain thudding through his battered, weak body. "That's just. . ." "You know what you agreed to fight for when joining the Order, Remus," Dumbledore said gently. "I know that it is beyond the call of duty, but surely you wish to see Voldemort defeated?" "Of course I do," Remus muttered, emotions roiling within him. He could barely stand the fact that the headmaster was sitting there, so calmly telling him to perform the most horrendous of acts-- and Harry as well. "But to do it that way--" "It is the only way," Dumbledore said, cutting him off. "I. . . I truly am sorry, Remus." AAAAAAAHAHAHH, intrigue! I know it's incredibly short, but bear with me... you'll really like what I've got planned. (At least, I hope you will.) And by the way, for those of you who don't know, I didn't spell "kohl" wrong. It's that stuff that Johnny Depp wore in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-- that eye-liner crap, except he makes it look so sexy. ;) Cheers!

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