Harry was a sad boy. A boy who had dreams, dreams that had been crushed last year. Despite what he said at the end of his fifth year, he had dreamed of marrying Cho Chang, he couldn’t now. She was dead. She had been killed by the greatest (not in a good way mind you) wizard of all time. Lord Voldemort. It was at times like this that Harry was so glad to have two friends like Ron and Hermione. There was Ron, quite optimistic, and cheered Harry up. Then there was Hermione. She was far from a pessimist, but she had realistic ideas about things (except for S.P.E.W.). She could calm Harry down if he got to hopeful for something. Harry didn’t really feel that bad that Cho Chang was gone though. She had been foolish, as truthfully Harry had been many times it didn’t go so well for her though. Lord Voldemort had come to Hogwarts at the end of the school year at the end of Harry’s sixth year. Everyone had seen it coming, but no one suspected that this would be the year the Voldemort would finally die. It had been, and Cho had gotten in the way of it. Cho and Harry had gone out off and on toward the end of Harry’s sixth year. When Harry saw her running toward Voldemort, that is what he thought the reason was. But no, the reason was Cedric. Petite Cho Chang wanted to kill all powerful, Lord Voldemort with her bare hands because he had killed Cedric. of course Cho didn’t know that only Harry could kill Voldemort. That may or may not have stopped her. There were some who went down with her. Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, and Severus Snape. Harry had gotten a bit closer to Snape. They were just starting to get used to each other when Voldemort came and killed him. Though, and Harry felt awful even thinking this, he wasn’t too sorry to see Snape go. Tonks had been the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. It must be true that the job is cursed. Now, Harry and almost all of his classmates were sitting in the great hall for the sorting and the first evening back. It was both somber yet even more jubilant than ever. People were weeping from both happiness and sadness. Sad for the people who died, of course. You see, the people impeached Fudge after everyone found out Sirius was innocent. They thought he had been unruly, and unfair with him. The Wizengamot voted 8/10 to impeach him. So after he was impeached the Daily Prophet was cancelled by the new Minister of Magic, a man named Colander Crumpet. Now all the wizarding community had for news was the Quibbler. Of course, it was just full of its usual hoodwinks and knicker-paws so no one really believed when it said Lord Voldemort was dead. Harry was getting pats on the back from nearly everyone. Even Malfoy hadn’t snickered at him yet. Then again, Draco’s parents had died in battle. Harry would have sympathy if he had any parents of his own. You see, this fight with Voldemort had not been the ‘usual’ battle. This had lasted 12 days and nights, but then Harry came through and after that time he wanted nothing more than to kill Voldemort. He did it on the first try. “Harry!” Ron shouted. “What?” Harry said, shaking his head. So much had happened, he had had all summer alone with the Dursleys to think about it, but not even that was enough time. “You’ve been gazing for like 30 minutes,” Ron said, a bewildered look in his eye. “And Dumbledore had been looking at you the whole time.” Hermione said. Harry looked up at Dumbledore. Dumbledore motioned for Harry to come to him. He did so. “Harry,” Dumbledore said, “I have something wonderful to show you. Follow me.” Dumbledore nearly never said wonderful. He would say good, great. But never this, Harry followed. They walked up to Dumbledore’s office and Dumbledore said “pickled slug candies,” and they were in. What a surprise Harry was about to get. ~~**Meanwhile**~~ “Do you think he will remember us?” James asked. “I really doubt it,” Lily said, “James, are you having doubts?” “Doubts about what?” James asked. “About letting him know. I mean, he has gotten along without us,” Lily said, “And he will get along with us.” James said. “I’m not so sure,” Lily said, “I saw a movie-” “A movie,” James said, “as in not-really-happening.” “But it had happened!” Lily said, “it was on Lifetime. Anyway, a little girl gets abandoned from her mother when she is around 2 1/2, and she is told that her mother died. Then when she was 20 her mother came to see her, it turned out she was alive and well and had just put her up for adoption. The daughter went crazy, thinking her mother hated her for doing this and killed her mother, her baby sister, and then herself!” “You really need to watch less TV,” James said. “Are you calling me fat?” Lily asked smiling. This was their little joke. They both knew very well that Lily wasn’t fat. She was about 5’2” tall and weighed barely 75 lbs. “James...” But just then, Dumbledore walked in, followed closely by Harry. ~~**Both of Their POV**~~ “Harry!” Lily shouted. “This has got to be a dream,” Harry said, “this must be a robot or something.” “No Harry!” Lily shouted, “it’s me, your mother!” “But...no,” Harry said, “I would think that this was Voldemort, but...” “It’s not Voldemort Harry,” Dumbledore said, that twinkle in his eye. Harry knew for a fact that that twinkle told no lies, but Harry was not willing to believe it and began banging his head against the wall. “Now don’t do that,” James said, grabbing Harry’s collar, “you’ll give yourself another scar.” “Just a scar,” Harry said, grasping his head, feeling rather dizzy, “the other faded away when Voldemort left. But....who are you?” “James Potter,” James said, “you’ve got to believe me Harry.” Harry was angry now, “No I don’t! If you’re alive how come I never knew? How come you never came and got me from those awful people!?!?” “He has your temper James,” Lily said, “awful people, yes, that does sound like my sister.” “Harry, we have been in hiding,” James said. “Oh, yeah, now I know that this isn’t true. There isn’t a place that you could live and not be seen.” “Oh yes there is,” Lily said, “what is the safest place you know?” “Erm, well I would say Hogwarts but I mean Voldemort has broken in how many times now?” Harry said, “...Gringotts?” “Exactly,” James said, “we were hiding in a vault.” “In a vault?” Harry said, “that sounds even worse than my old cupboard under the stairs.” “It was quite nice actually,” Lily said, “we were in one of Dumbledore’s vaults. He put us in there in huge moneybags. But who would question him? He is Dumbledore after all...” “But how did you eat?” Harry said, “you did eat?” He asked, looking at his bony mother. “Not as much as we would have liked, but yes, we did eat.” James said, “Dumbledore also brought that in moneybags as well.” “But you would have been seen,” Harry said. “Invisibility cloak!” James said. “HAH!” Harry said, “I have you on this one. You gave me your cloak!” “Marauder’s rule, always keep a spare,” James said, “now do you believe us?” “No,” Harry said, “this is just a dream; I’m going to bed.” Realizing the ridiculousness of his last statement he ran straight to Gryffindor tower.

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