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Harry sat at his desk, going over the final reports from Aaron. The stage was set and it was time for the aurors to move in and capture the deatheaters nest. According to page 12, there was only eight deatheaters living in the mountains. Although when you counted Malfoy, who was still secured in his cell in the basement, there were nine from this nest.

The team was to leave at six in the morning. The rest of the group was downstairs, going over their own final details and getting their personal effects in order in the instance that they didn’t return to their families after this. Harry had left them, preferring to be alone. It was a ritual he had established with Tonks during the war. While the other aurors preferred staying together in a group and indulging in firewhiskey – he and Tonks had retired early to go over the details of the upcoming objectives and gather their thoughts.

Tonight his mind was solely on Ginny and James. In a short time he would be home with them and he wasn’t going to let anything delay it from happening. Harry sighed as he rolled up the parchments in front of him. The plan was foolproof, the team had reviewed it over and over again, going through each aspect and what role everyone would play.

Finally tired of reading the scrolls of parchment on the desk in front of him, Harry picked up his wand that lay beside them and with a flick of his wrist – the parchment rolled up and stacked itself in a neat pile in the top right hand corner of his desk. He then left his desk and moved over to the door, cracking it open slightly. Hearing noises coming from downstairs confirmed his suspicions that the rest of the team was still awake. Checking his watch he made note of the time and hoped they would head to bed soon. If they weren’t well rested, someone could run the risk of being hurt when they moved out and into action in the morning. Having already warned them that they should turn in early – Harry knew that now he could only worry about himself. So he closed his door over once again and placed a locking and silencing charm on it.

He quickly changed from his robes and into more comfortable attire for sleeping. He smiled wryly as he though of the mission he had last been on during the war. He and Tonks had slept outdoors under the stars for 12 days straight during the rainy season in Germany. At the time Harry had thought he would never be dry again and now here he was in the thick of a mission all the while living in a four story house while he and his tea prepared to take action on the nest of Death Eaters.

Tonks would love this, Harry thought as he lay back on his narrow, but slightly more comfortable than the ground - bed. As he set a waking charm and extinguished the lamp by the bed, his thoughts wandered to Tonks and how she must be. He recalled that before he left Ginny had said that the trial for a potential cure was to start. Harry hoped that it had and that the results would be positive ones for his partner and friend. In Harry’s mind if anyone deserved a happily ever after it was Nymphadora Tonks and her werewolf, Lupin.

Harry smiled to himself in the dark. Happily ever after seemed to be a term generally reserved for fairy tales and the muggle romance novels he occasionally caught in Ginny’s hands. His mind stopped as a picture was conjured in his mind of Ginny curled up in an overstuffed chair in the Burrow. Harry remembered how she blushed whenever she got caught reading one of those novels. The first time he had found her – her cheeks had turned as red as her hair and she had pleaded with him to keep his mouth shut and not tell her brothers. Oh how he had tortured her at first! Harry loved teasing Ginny and had kept her going for a good long while until one day she had come across Harry up in Ron’s room looking at a copy of a “girly magazine” that the twins had given him. After that, a truce had been struck. Harry wouldn’t tell the Weasley boys about her guilty little pleasure of reading muggle romance novels and Ginny promised not to tell Molly that Harry and her sons were looking at Muggle men’s magazines. Although after being caught by Ginny – Harry had been too afraid someone else would catch him so he gave the magazine back to the twins, thanking them for their generosity but that he had changed his mind.

As he smiled at the memory, Harry’s mind drifted from that seemingly long ago summer at the Burrow and a Ginny of the past to a Ginny of the present. When he had returned from the war – Harry realized that she had grown up so much. She was still his Ginny, but now she was so much more than just that. Much of the sweet innocence that he loved so much was gone, but it was replaced with a passion and maturity that he knew she probably wouldn’t have achieved had Harry not left – he was sure she would have grown up, they both would have eventually but they’d have been rather different than the adults they were now. She was a mother that loved her son with fierceness and caring he had only ever witnessed in her mother. She was a healer that cared for her patients much more than she should. It amazed Harry at how so much came in such a small package and to top it off, she still loved him - despite the fact that he had left her behind twice before and despite his scars, both inside and out. So with his mind still fixed on Ginny, Harry fell into a deep sleep.


A pair of bright, green eyes flew open in the dark and Harry knew instantly he wasn’t in Yekaterinburg. He also knew he was deep inside of a dream. He knew it was a dream because the bed he lay on wasn’t the tiny bed at the top of the team’s house but a chair that faced a sleeping Ginny. Harry also knew that this wasn’t a dream involving the past because his sleeping Ginny had a sleeping James tucked in beside her and the hand that rested on his back wore the ring he had given her just three months earlier. As he sat there, he surmised that their thoughts must have crossed during sleep. Harry remembered that he had forgotten to do his occlumency exercises before he fell into sleep and his mind had been full with thoughts of Ginny.

He watched as her sleeping form moved slightly from the deep breathing that comes with deep sleep. As he was about to force himself to wake up, Ginny’s dark brown eyes flew open and locked onto his immediately.

“Harry?” She whispered softly, looking at him as he sat on the blue chair in the corner of the room. “Are you back?” She asked her sleepy voice full of hope.

He shook his head and smiled slightly at her pout. “No,” he whispered in return. “Somehow our thoughts have crossed. Hermione once told me about it happening but obviously this is the first time I’ve ever experienced it.”

Ginny quietly got out of the bed – careful not to wake James who had snuck into her bed earlier that night; and crossed to where Harry was sitting. “So this is a dream?” She said, looking down at him and wondering if he was actually there.

“I believe it is Gin. Were you thinking of me before you fell asleep?” He asked, chuckling quietly when she crossed her arms and looked at him silently asking him if he really wanted to ask such a silly question. “Alright, so you were thinking of me. Want to tell me about it? Were you remembering the time we snuck – “

“Harry!” Ginny whispered loudly, cutting him off and blushing as she looked over to see if she had woken James.

“Don’t worry Ginny. From what I’ve read we can’t wake him. Only those that crossed thoughts are aware of what’s going on.” He said as he reached out to grab her hand, his fingers threading with hers as he pulled her down onto the chair with him.

“Are you sure?” She asked doubtfully, glancing back once more to where their son lay peacefully asleep on the bed.

“Positive.” Harry responded as he snuggled into her neck. He inhaled deeply and let her distinct Ginny scent invade his senses, as his arms snaked around her waist. “You smell good.” He said simply before he let his lips find the sensitive skin just below her ear.

Ginny sighed as his lips roamed along her neck and his hair tickled her cheek as it brushed against it. “I am missing you so much Harry – James as well. And so much has happened since you left.” She whispered breathlessly as his hand slipped under the hem of her shirt.

Harry cut her sentence short with a kiss. “Shhhh. Gin, as much as I’d love for you to tell me everything; you can’t tell me right now. At least nothing that’s been happening. The team is heading out tomorrow and I can’t have new thoughts floating about in my head.”

She pulled slightly and looked into his face. The green eyes she loved so much looked tired and his face showed the stress that he was feeling. She leaned down and kissed him once more. “Alright, if that’s what you think is best. I’ll save all my news for when you really come home. But I warn you – I have a lot to say!” She said smiling as a small smile turned his mouth up.

“I can believe you do. We shall book an entire night just for you to tell me everything.” He teased, laughing quietly when she poked him in the ribs.

“Hey! I’m not that bad – am I?” She asked a pout on her pretty face.

“Well not as bad as well –“

Ginny laughed as she pressed her fingers onto his lips and made him quiet. “Don’t finish it.” She said before she replaced her fingers with her lips and kissed him deeply.

A tremor of longing shot through Harry’s body as he buried his hands in her thick red hair. They kissed silently and let their hands roam over each other in the dark for several minutes like two teenagers. Then with just as much suddenness, Ginny pulled away, causing him to groan in frustration. This dream had to be half real because in the few dreams he allowed himself to have, his dream Ginny never pulled away from him. As he sat there holding her, Harry looked at her with question in his eyes. She just smiled and ran her hand down the side of his beard-roughened cheek.

“You need to shave.” She said absently as her eyes once more roamed over his face.

Harry turned his face and pressed a kiss into her palm. “I never shave before we head off into the field – I look more dangerous this way.” He said, as he ran his hand up underneath the back of her night-shirt before leaning in for a kiss. She instantly pulled back. “Aww – Gin.” He pleaded.

“Harry – I know this is a ‘dream’, but we’re snogging while James is in the room.”

This elicited a groan from him as he laid his forehead against hers. “What if I promise that James is just a part of the dream and he won’t ever be scarred emotionally from it? The real James is fast asleep and totally oblivious in your real bed.”

“I know. But still Harry – we can’t snog like this in front of our son. Even if he is part of the dream and won’t wake up.” She giggled as his shoulders slumped slightly as he conceded to her reasoning.

“You’re right. We better not.” He agreed, pulling Ginny close and settling her in his arms. Looking about the dark room, Harry felt a twinge of deep longing in his chest, and he felt just how badly he wanted to be back with the two of them so badly. “You know, this rather reminds me of when we used to spend time in the common room and the Burrow. We were both so afraid we’d be caught mid-snog by Ron or even worse – your Mum – so we’d do nothing but cuddle.” He whispered in her ear, causing a shiver to run up Ginny’s spine.

“Well can you blame me? Ron would have made a scene in front of everyone. Despite the fact that he used to go around attached to Lavender at the lips. Thank goodness that Hermione never let him show his affections so freely with her! You know – he may have given us his blessing back then, but I had heard him tell Neville once that if he ever caught us snogging like he and Lav-Lav did, he was going to hex you ten-fold.” She laughed at the memory and as she felt a rumble of laughter in Harry’s chest she knew he remembered it as well. “And I can’t imagine what Mum would have done. Blame me for corrupting you I suppose.” She stated as she laced the fingers of her free hand with his and snuggled closer. “Will you be safe tomorrow?” She then asked so softly that Harry nearly missed what she had said.

Feeling a bit of sadness enter his heart, Harry squeezed her tight. “I’m always safe.” He answered as he looked at her in the faint light of the room. Her soft red hair fell around the face he loved. A face that was now serious and faintly worried. “I’m coming home soon. I can promise you that.” Harry held her for a little while longer but when she began to yawn, he knew it was almost time for their joined dream to be over. “I think it’s time for us to go back.” He whispered before kissing her softly.

“But I don’t want you to go.” Ginny said quietly, her small, strong arms still wrapped tightly around him.

“I know Ginny, I would stay here with you forever if we could – but the quicker we wake up, the quicker I can get through this mission and come home to you and James.”

Ginny nodded and kissed him again. “I love you Harry.” She whispered against his lips, pressing them against his once more.

“I love you too Gin.” He responded as she left his arms and went back to her bed. She quietly climbed back into bed, laying back on the pillows and pulling the quilt back over her, keeping her eyes locked with his the entire time. When she finally surrendered back to the sleep that had brought them together, Harry watched her for a moment in silence. As his own eyes finally grew heavy again and he drifted to sleep, he thought to himself – was that my old quidditch shirt?

A/N: Well this was a bit shorter than the few previous chapters - but I was just so excited to get it online - I thought it had to be posted on it's own. The rest of Harry's mission can wait for the next chapter. I hope everyone enjoyed!

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