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Well here it is, the last chapter. I would like to thank everyone who has been reading this story from the very beginning. I would also like to thank LadyGryffindor, I Love Won Won, Sweetangel0246, RonLovers, Captain Chemo, Dragon Rider Girl, Paola Aejandra, DeathByMoonlight, Sudha53, and ElementalWitch for reviewing the last chapter. Thanks you guys. ~Lady

Now remember that this story is based on the Disney's Classic Beauty and the Beast.

Here's the casting list.
Ron: Beast
Hermione: Belle
Harry: Chip
Ginny: Miss. Pots
Fred: Lumiere
George: Cogsworth
Draco: Gaston
Dumbledore: Belle's father
Goyle: Lefou
Lavender: Wardrobe closet
Snape: D'Arque

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Chapter VI: In the End They Lived Happily Ever After

Hermione rode Ginger for five days straight but making sure that she didn't over exhaust her. She arrived in town late on the fifth night and went directly towards Snape's Psychiatric Hospital. She pound on the door and finally the door slowly opened.

"Yes?" asked Severus.

"I think there has been a mistake with one of your patients. You see you have my father locked up in here and he doesn't belong in a place like this," said Hermione.

"That's what they all say," sneer Severus. "You must be Hermione, ah well Albus was put in here for his own good. He was parading around town screaming like a loon."

"That can't be. Not my father. Can I go and see him?"

"I'm afraid not. You see he's been acting up and we just put him to sleep. He won't be able to wake in a day or two."

"Well I want to release him. What can I give you?"

"Well I am a lonely man and I have needs." He went out to touch Hermione's face, but she quickly moved away. "Or you can release him by paying a mighty sum of money."

"But I don't have a lot of money," cried Hermione.

"That is not my problem," said Severus. "Come back when you have decided." And he shut the door.

Hermione stood at the closed door thinking on what to do next.

"How am I going to get enough money to get Father out?" she asked herself.

Just then it came to her and she quickly went over to the Leaky Cauldron.

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In the Leaky Cauldron Draco and some of his friends where sitting by the fireplace playing a game of poker.

"So Draco, how long will this take. It's been a like 6 months and she still hasn’t tried to free her father," said Goyle. He placed his bet and took a sip from his mug of butterbeer.

"Don't worry. She will cave in sooner or later," answered Draco. He looked at his cards and grabbed some of his chips. "I'll take your bet Goyle and raise you 50."

"Well I fold," said Crabbe and put down his cards.

"I'm out as well," said Nott.

"Goyle how about it are you still in?" Draco gave him a sinful grin and took a sip of his butterbeer.

Goyle took one last look at his cards and placed them down.

"I don't have that kind of money. So yes I fold."

Draco smiled again and revealed his cards. He had a royal flesh. As he was picking up his chips, the door blew opened, and Hermione came running in.

"Hey Draco look who's here," said Nott.

Draco turned around and smiled even more.

"See told you that she would come."

He got up and walked over towards her with his friends tagging behind.

"Hermione I haven't seen you in a long time. Where were you?" he asked.

"No time about that. It's my father. Severus has him locked up and I need you to pay him so he can release him," cried Hermione.

"But why would I do that? Your father is crazy! He came in here once raving that a beast took you away to its castle,"

"Please Draco. He doesn't belong in there."

"Okay I'll pay for his release if . . ."

"If what?"

"If you agree to marry me. Just one word and it will be done."

"Never!" yelled Hermione. "And if I didn't know any better I say you've been planning this for along time."

"You can think what ever you want, but the fact is your father will never get out without my help," sneer Draco.

"I don't need you or your money. I can get help with someone else."

"Like who? Who will give that kind of money to bail a loon like your father?" asked Draco.

"The Beast," answered Hermione. "I'll ask him for help."

"HA! There is no beast. Just a figment of yours and your father's imagination," said Draco. "You weren't locked up in his castle. You just stayed home to keep away from me!"

"No I was not. There is a Beast and I can prove it," said Hermione. She pulled out the magic mirror. "Show me the Beast."

A bright green light came from the mirror and when she showed it to the pub the Beast was roaring in rage.

"Oh my God," said Tom.

"So it's true," said a man.

"Is he harmful?" asked another man.

"No. He wouldn't hurt a fly," answered Hermione. She smiled as she looked into the mirror.

Draco saw her reaction and grabbed the mirror.

"If I didn't know any better I say you're in love with the monster," he said.

"He's not a monster. You are!" She tried to grab the mirror back but he pushed her away.

"You're as crazy as your old man," said Draco. "Listen to me, this town is no longer safe. This Beast knows where we are because of her. Think about your children. He will come after them in the night taking them to his castle. We are not safe until the Beast's is dead! Who's with me?"

All the men in the Leaky Cauldron got up and cheered with agreement.

"No I won't let you do this," cried Hermione.

"If you're not will us then you are against us," said Draco. "Nott tie her up."

Nott and Crabbe placed her in a chair and tied her arms and legs down.

"Let me go!"

"We can't let you warn the Beast about us," said Draco. "Oh and be prepared to say our wedding vows when I return sweetie."

"Never! I will never marry you."

Draco grabbed her face and smiled at her and then pressed his lips onto hers.

"You need to look at reality and wake up. Let's face it woman, you will be mine." He kissed her again and while he was Hermione bit his bottom lip. "Ouch." He put his fingers to his lip and there were blood. "How dare you." And he slapped her face. "Come on men. Grab what ever weapon you want and let’s go. "

Draco grabbed his bow and his arrows and went towards the door. He opened it and all the men marched out. As the last man left Darco look at Hermione one last time and blew her a kiss and shut the door. Once everyone had left, Hermione began wiggling her arms back and forth and finally got her right arm free. She couldn't get the left one free, so she began looking for something to cut the ropes. In a distance she saw a glass bottle on the table. So she began to slowly move towards the bottle, and once she grabbed a hold of it she smashed it to the ground. Reaching for a big piece of glass she began to cut the ropes and was soon free. She hurried out the door and got onto her horse and began riding off after Draco.

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Ginny, Harry, Fred, And George sat in the Study and began to mope.

"I knew that this was too good to be true having her here," said Fred. "She raised all of our hopes and then crushed them."

"Maybe we would have been better off if she didn't come at all," said George.

They then heard some noises outside and got really excited.

"Could it be?" asked Harry.

They all looked at each other, and they quickly looked out a window as saw a mob of men heading for the castle.

"Oh my invaders!" cried Ginny "What will we do?"

"Well if it's a fight that they want lets give it to them," said Harry. "Ginny go and warn the Master and the rest of you follow me."

Draco and his men stopped to cut down a tree. They then picked it up and began carrying it towards the gates.

"Come on men let's burst down that gate," cried Draco. "Once we get into the castle take claim to what ever bootie but remember the Beast is mine!"

Harry and the rest of the servants quickly ran to the doors and Draco and his men were already pounding on it.

"We must barricade the doors," shouted Harry.

"But with what?" asked George. "We are all furniture."

"Then we will barricade it," said Harry. "Come on we must hold the door."

Bam! The door got hit again by Draco's men. With its force pounding on the doors, the servants shudder. Another ram and the hinges began to crack.

"This will not work for long," said George.

"Wait a minute, I got a plan," said Fred. “Everyone step away from the doors and just stand still. Stay still until I give the word to attack."

"What are you thinking Fred?" asked Harry. "We are just house hold furniture and house wear. We don't have a chance."

"We do if we get them by surprise," said Fred. "Trust me."

Everyone moved away from the doors and stood exactly still.

"Come on men, put your backs into it," yelled Draco.

His men gave one last push and the doors opened. They slowly walk in and looked around. All the furniture was right in front of the. Draco spotted some stairs and headed for them.

"This place is very quiet," said Goyle. He picked up a candelabra and waved it around. "Do you even think anyone is home?"

“Then how did all the furniture get here?” asked Nott.

Fred opened his eyes and shouts, "NOW!"

All the servants moved from their spot and began attacking the intruders. Draco saw the attack but ignored it and went up stairs.

"Now if I were a beast, where would I hide?" asked Draco to himself. He began opening all the doors.

Down stairs the servants fought hard and they didn't give up. Ginny and the tea cups were pouring hot tea at them, while Fred's going around catching everyone on fire. The men soon began to realize that they were no match to the enchanted objects and began to flee the castle. They knew that nothing good would come if they stayed there any longer.

"We did it. We won!" the servants all shouted.

"That should teach them a lesson in breaking in and entering," said George.

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Back in stairs Draco was in the West wing and he had only one more room to check. He slowly opened the door and quickly aimed his arrow. He saw the Beast. He was sitting in a chair looking out of the balcony. Draco took a second before firing and the Beast turned its head and looked at him. Draco paused for a moment wonder why it was not attacking. The arrow soon released the bow and hit the Beast in the left shoulder. Beast roared wildly and pulled the arrow out. Draco reached for another arrow and aimed it at it. Draco released the arrow and plugged right into Beast's back. He laughed sinful and reached back for another arrow, but Beast picked up his chair and threw it at him the chair knocked the bow from his hand and now he was just left with his arrows.

"I don't need my bow, but you will be my trophy." He went running towards the Beast and pushed him out onto the balcony. "Come on Beast. Make an effort. Don't make it too easy for me to kill you."

"I will not fight you," said Beast.

"Why?" He pushed him off from the balcony and onto the roof. He then went after the Beast.

"Come on and get up."

He kicked the Beast in the ribs and the beast groans.

"I said GET UP!"

The Beast just sadly looked at him and did nothing. Draco spotted a gargoyle near by and went over and broke a leg off. He went back over to the Beast. He then raised the stone leg and was about to finish him off but stopped when he heard Hermione's voice. He looked down below and saw Hermione.

"Please Draco don't do it. Please don't kill him," Hermione's voice came.

Draco smiled, but it didn't change his mind. He was going to strike the Beast, but the Beast was gone.

"Where are you Beast?” shouted Draco. "Come out and fight like a man."

"But that's it, I am not a man," came a voice.

Draco looked around and saw no one. He then felt someone behind him and quickly turned around. He saw no one. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a big red claw coming at him and he quickly duck. He swung the stone leg at him, but he missed.

"So Beast, you think you're in love with her? Do you think she could possible feel the same? Well she doesn't. Besides why would she fall in love with something like you when she has someone like me?"

Beast then swung another paw at him and hit him in the face, knocking him down. The Beast then grabbed him by the neck and hanged him over the edge.

"Oh my God, please don't let me die. Please to don't let me die," cried Draco.

Beast began squishing his neck, but he realized that even though he looked like a beast his heart had gotten too human and he couldn't kill him. He loosens his gripped and brought Draco back to safety.

"Get out. I don't want to see you ever again."

Beast pushed him down and climbed back to his balcony. On his climb back he saw Hermione.


"Hermione you came back."

Beast began to climb faster, but he stopped half way when his robe got stuck. He began tugging at it and soon it got loose. He began his climb but stopped when he saw a flash of metal. It was Draco. He took his knife and swung it at him.

"Hold still Beast," said Draco.

He swung again and this time the knife plunged in to his side. The Beast roared in pain and then Draco stabbed him in the chest. With all of Beast might he grabbed Draco by the neck again and looked him in the eye.

"I should have done this in the beginning," said Beast and he threw him off. Draco screamed until he landed in a flower's bed. He then pulled the knife from his chest and slowly climbed. When he reached the balcony, Hermione had to help him.

"I am so sorry. This was all my fault. I shouldn't have told him about you," cried Hermione.

"Don't worry. At least I got to see you for one last time," said Ron.

"Don't talk like that. You will be fine," said Hermione.

Ron coughed and put a paw up to her face.

"You are so beautiful. You shine as bright as the moon on a clear night." He coughed again and was becoming short of breath.

"Hang in there. You can't die on me. You are the only one that really knows who I am," said Hermione.

"I am badly hurt and I . . . I just want you to know . . . that I . . . I love you," Ron whispered.

Tears began to pour down her cheeks as she heard him say those words. Soon he exhaled his last breath and his eyes slowly closed. The paw that was on Hermione's face had fallen. Hermione covered her mouth with her hands and cried. She collapsed and lay over the body crying on his robes. She then looked at the face and whispered, “I love you too.”

She cried some more, but soon stopped when the body began to glow. She covered her eyes with her hands and took a step away. The body was glowing so bright that you could mistake it for morning. Soon the light began to dim and Hermione could see an outline of a man. He began to walk towards her. At first Hermione was frighten of him, but something about him reminded her of someone and she walks towards him.

"Hermione," he said.

"Do I know you?"

He walked out of the light and Hermione could see that he was a young man with bright red hair and his face was covered in freckles. He walked up to her and ran his fingers through her hair. She looked into his eyes and notice that they were the same blue eyes that the Beast had.

"Ron? Is that you?"

"Yes it's me."

She went into his arms and gave him a hug.

"But how-- you were dead and--"

Ron looked into her eyes and placed a finger to her lips.

"The Enchantress' spell is broken. I am human again. Your love for me broke the spell."

He then tilts her chin upwards and kissed her. He broke the kiss and they both looked into each other eyes and smiled. Hermione then wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed again.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

Down in the Gyrffindor Common Room over on the couch sat Ron and Hermione kissing each other. Watching from the stairs Harry, Ginny, George, and Fred slowly went back to their dorms.

"See I told you that the spell would be broken when they kissed," said Fred to Harry.

"And I'm glad that you were right. But now that the spell is over, will they remember that they even were under a spell?" asked Harry.

"Nope. Only the ones to know are the ones that cast the spell," said George. "God I love a happy ending."

"George I believe you are getting soft on me," said Fred. "Come on let's get back on pulling pranks."

"Okay but next time we get to cast a Once Upon a Time Spell it's going to be Robin Hood," said George.

"There is no way I'm going to put on some green tights," said Fred.

"But there's way more action in the story," said George.

The twins went into their dorm room and shut the door. As for Harry he took on last look at his friends. They were still on the couch kissing.

"I am so happy for you two," he said. "And in the end they lived happily ever after."

-The End-

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