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Sighing Ginny stretched out wearily wondering if she was ever going to get to sleep. It was the last night of the summer holiday. In the morning she'd go back to Hogwarts to finish out her last seventh and final year of schooling. Ginny had been lying awake for ages just thinking about all of the things she had to do. In one short year she had to plan her wedding, take her N.E.W.T.s, deal with being Quidditch captain, and figure out what she was going to do with her life.

Things were going to be hectic, but she was a Weasley; she could handle it. All of the advanced classes she'd signed up for would be worth it. The harder classes would prepare her for the big exams and help her later when it came to getting work. The responsibility of being Quidditch Captain for Gryffindor would be stressful, but she'd feel great just getting out playing Quidditch. A career could wait but planning her wedding to Harry could not. She'd get everything sorted out eventually and have the gorgeous wedding she'd always dreamed of.

With that comforting thought she rolled over and after a few moments was finally able to sleep.
The next morning Ginny woke to a completely silent house. Unlike the times when all of her brothers had to be woken, dressed, fed, and multiple trunks had to be packed into the car, she was the only one left going to Hogwarts. Dressing quickly she glanced about the room to see if she'd left anything. Ginny was uneasy at the quiet that would have normally been broken by her mother and brothers shouting and running up and down the stairs. She calmed her nerves by taking a couple of deep breath and tying up her hair skipped down the stairs leaving her trunk for her father to take care of.

An unusual sight met her eyes as she entered the kitchen with her mouth open preparing to ask her mother what was for breakfast. Her mother, Molly Weasley, was leaning against her counter face in apron, sobbing. Now it's true her mother was an emotional woman and had cried often in the last few months, but that was nothing compared to this. All of those times her mother had been able to continue her chores and blather distractedly. She was now so distraught that she'd even stooped cooking. Ginny quickly moved to her mother's side patting her on the back awkwardly.

“Mum, What's wrong? What's going on?” she asked anxiously.

Lifting her red blotchy face her mother managed to sputter, “My baby! ...last one... gone... married.”

Ginny knew what was going on after she heard this last speech. Her mother had broken down like this the day Bill and Fleur were married too. Then again when Charlie married Katrina, a girl he'd met in Romania. She'd also cried after she realized she was a grandmother, which was about three days after the twins were born. Now her mother was upset because her youngest child was about to start her last year at school and soon after that would be married. It was all too much at once and hit her mother hard.

Ginny quietly took her mother's hands and looking her square in the eye said, “Mum, stop being so silly. You're not losing me you're just... lending me to Harry. I'll be over here all the time. And it's not like I'm leaving now. I've got one year left at Hogwarts yet.”

Gaining strength from her daughter's words Mrs. Weasley sniffed a couple of times and drying her eyes agreed, “You're right. I have a year yet and I still get to help you plan the wedding.” With that cheerful comment Mrs. Weasley went back to cooking with a vengeance because now they were running a tad behind.

The rest of the morning passed without incident and they got to King's Cross Station about ten minutes before the train left. Hurrying her mother through the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾ Ginny was so distracted that at first she didn't notice the handsome young man who was standing there waiting for her. When she did see Harry standing there only a few feet away she had to smile and think about what a lucky girl she was. Her wonderful fiancé was there to tell her goodbye and had brought her flowers(daisies) as well.

She rushed over to him asking, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, silly.” he said giving exactly the right answer and handing her the flowers. Ginny accepted them and stood on tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. Mrs. Weasley who had stood back and let them greet each other cut in and hugged Harry and Ginny together.

Then she turned to her daughter and said, “Ginny dear, the train is about to leave.”

Taking the hint and finally sensing that everyone was staring Ginny said you're right Mum.” turning to Harry she kissed him and said, “I'll see you the first Hogsmeade weekend. If you don't owl me at least once a week, I'll have to strangle you.”

“I love you too, Ginny.” Harry answered laughing, “I'll see you in Hogsmeade, soonest.”

With that he kissed her again just to show off a little bit. This time their kiss was long and passionate drawing catcalls, whistles, and cheers from the students hanging out of the windows of the Hogwarts Express. Breaking apart Ginny and Harry smiled sheepishly and waved to the crowd. Ginny walked slowly to the train, hips swaying slightly, just in order to drive Harry mad.

Harry waited until the doors of the train closed and the crowd of parents began to disperse and then with a small pop he was gone.


Inside the Hogwarts Express Ginny was sitting in a compartment after the prefect meeting being bombarded by the questions of her curious friends. Everyone was chattering about the little display back on the platform. One girl, a transfer student named Nicola, leaned forward saying “That was quite a show back there. What's going on with you and Harry?”

But before Ginny could answer another girl jumped in squealing, “Oh my gosh!” then pulling Ginny's left hand toward her Kate asked, “He proposed? When? How did it happen?” Ginny blushed as all of the girls crowded toward her trying to get a look at the ring.

After they'd gotten a good look the four girls sat back and looked at her expectantly. When Ginny, unsure of how to begin, didn't begin talking the impatient one, Grace, egged her on saying, “Well come on, spill it. What happened?”

“Yes tell. I saw you two come out of the garden, but you never said what happened.” said Luna who had been at Ron and Hermione's wedding and witnessed the scene that occurred in the Weasley's kitchen.

The four girls stopped chattering and pulled close as Ginny blushing softly told them the story of how Harry had proposed. Of course after she'd finished there were exclamations including “How romantic!”, “Oh, Lovely!”, “Congratulations!”, and “Oh, Ginny!” Afterwards they settled down to gossip and discuss the wedding plans together until all too soon the Hogwarts Express stopped and they departed the train in Hogsmeade to begin their seventh and final year at Hogwarts.

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