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Chapter 1

Day 1- Saturday

Lily Evans was not happy about the situation presented to her at present. Not happy at all...

Waving feebly to her mother as she pulled away from the front lawn in their station wagon, and silently cursing herself for coming into this situation out of pure desperation, she turned resolutely to the wood door in front of her, took a deep breath, and rapped her knuckled against it.

Desperate she certainly was.

Her older sister Petunia had invited her family to meet her boyfriend's; a large obnoxious man by the name of Vernon, for a little over a week. Well, as it happens, like Petunia, Vernon wasn't very fond of anything out of the ordinary, and that classified Lily; going into her 7th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as anything but ordinary. She refused to go, much to her sisters delight.

She had phoned everyone she knew. Her year mates and even some muggle girls that lived nearby. But sadly, this year seemed perfect for summer vacations. The weather was perfect... much to her sudden annoyance. She was forced; faced with no other alternatives, to phone the person she was least willing to spend the summer holidays with. (Besides certain Slytherins and the like... but she was talking about "friendly" acquaintances... friendly being used rather lightly here).

Her and James Potter were never on, what you would call, "friendly terms."

She had to admit, the teasing and constant annoyances had lessened this last year. But he still found ways of getting to her. Whether it be the fact that Sirius Black, his best friend and near brother, was always around to make matters worse, OR the fact that James never found it old to constantly ask her out on dates every chance he got. (All to which she declined.)

She hastily turned her attention away from the beautiful garden in the front yard, all thoughts of her annoyance falling away to be replaced with a forced smile as the door opened finally...

And a rather bedraggled Sirius Black stuck his head out.

She glared at him, watching as his look of surprise turned to a wide smirk. She instantly felt the need to take her school trunk, turn, and walk back if she had to, to her home across England.

"Evans!" He stepped back, allowing the door to open more. The delicious sent of something baking caught her attention and she felt her mouth water. She was actually really hungry...

He motioned for her to enter the house, and she did, grudgingly.

"I forgot you lived here." She told him dryly, taking in his appearance now. It was obvious he had just got out of bed. He was dressed, but his blue eyes were squinting against the light filtering from outside and his usually kept black hair was sticking up in odd places.

"Nice of you, really." He muttered, clearly too asleep still for a clever retort. She resisted the urge to inform him it was already 1 o'clock.

"Sirius, could you haul that upstairs for Miss. Evans." A petite, hazel haired women emerged from a room off to the right, and from the yummy smells wafting from it, she supposed it was the kitchen. She smiled sweetly at Lily, then extended her hand in greeting, her brown eyes dancing happily. "It's nice to meet you Lily, I'm James mom."

"Nice to meet you too Mrs. Potter." Lily took the older pretty women's hand, smiling sweetly in turn.

She turned from Lily a moment, giving Sirius an inquiring look before motioning for him to scurry upstairs with his job set to him.

Taking his wand from his pocket, he flicked it lazily, causing her trunk to float upwards before he turned and directed it up the stairs in front of them.

Mrs. Potter watched him at it for a moment before, grinning and turning back to her. Lily was suddenly reminded of James by the way her eyes danced. James' often did the same. "A late riser he is over summer. James is already awake though. Went with his father to run some errands." She added as Lily unconsciously let her eyes fall around the room as if expecting to see him.

"You must be hungry." She motioned her into a room on the left. "I'll make you something to eat right away. Any special requests?"

Lily shook her head with a smile, looking around the room she had been steered into. "Anything is fine, thank you."

"James told me you like books." She motioned over towards a wall on the far side of the room. Lily's mouth dropped open at the site of it.

Crammed into this cosy little room were bookshelves reaching the ceiling, all filled to the brim with old and new books. Some seemed so old that the bindings were ripping away from the side.

She stepped forward in awe, wanting to look through them all immediately.

"You have a look well I get on your lunch. And if you need anything, Sirius is upstairs." She passed a quick look up at the ceiling, an exasperated look on her face. "He probably fell back asleep." She met Lily's gaze again. "If he is, I'm sure you know some creative ways of waking him up." With a small wink, she turned and went back towards the kitchen.

Oh yes... Lily realized she was going to get along just fine in this house...


James Potter Apparated into his backyard with the familiar loud CRACK noise that accompanied all such trips. Hoisting the back of potatoes higher on his shoulder and making sure the paper bag in his arms was cradled securely, he walked up the porch and opened the back door. The house was quiet except for the banging of pots and pans issuing from the kitchen where his mother was no doubt ably baking. She had decided to bake something special that day for Lily's arrival. And since she had taken the day off from the ministry, she was free to do just that.

He wondered briefly if the red headed girl was there yet as he walked down the hall and turned into the kitchen.

His mother had her back to him as he entered, but spoke from the stove, leaning over the pots which were stirring themselves. "Just put them on the counter please, James."

Obliging, he dropped the sack of potatoes onto the island counter in the centre of the room and the paper bag of groceries.

"Where's your father?"

"Told me to go ahead of him. He'll be here soon."

He inhaled the delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies which he saw were cooling on the counter and as he inched closer to them behind his mother's back.

But as if reading his mind, she picked up her wand from the counter and gave it a small flick without even turning to face him. His hand came in contact with a hard invisible wall covering the cookies.

Sighing, he turned to his mother with a smirk. "Your just too clever for me."

"Ah-huh..." Was her simple reply as she just picked up the cook book again and was adding new ingredients to the pot.

James was turning to leave the room when she spoke again. "Miss Evans is in the living study."

James froze. He felt his heart speed up just the way it had done when he received her pleading letter a few weeks ago. And with a sudden feeling of dread turned and asked his mother, "And where is Sirius?"

"Upstairs... sleeping."

James couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as he pushed the kitchen door open and stepped out into the hallway. He did not want Sirius agitating Lily even more then she undoubtedly was for having to stay at his house. He however, was feeling the complete opposite about the arrangement. He couldn't be more happy!

Lily Evans, the girl that had been invading him for nearly 7 years of their life had no other choice but to be around him for the next week. He grinned at the thought. And then, even after this week, they would be returning to Hogwarts where he could spend even more time with her.

His grin was replaced with a look of determination when he took a step closer to the study. He would be spending time with her, that is, if he could convince her this week that he was worth the attention. That he, James Potter, was worth even a bit of conversation. He was fully determined to make sure this week went perfect. By the end of it, if all did, they would be friends maybe... maybe even more then friends.

But he would not give his hopes up. Lily Evans was the most stubborn girl he had ever met.

But as he reached the study door and peered in at her, he was momentarily dumbfounded and all thoughts of his plan drifted from his head.

Lily Evans was here... in his house... looking at his books.

Well, his father's books anyway.

He watched as she traced her fingers delicately along the spine of an old book, reading along the row for something to catch her attention. Her dark red hair was loose, falling down her back, shining slightly in the light that played through the windows, wavering as the trees over the house blocked it out momentarily.

Her white sundress brushed the shelves as she passed, their embroidered red flowers bringing out her hair even more, and he held his breath as she pulled a book down from the shelf, peering down at it with her brilliant green eyes well tucking a strand of hair absentmindedly behind her ear. He fleetingly wished he had been the one to do that for her.

"What are you doing standing out here, James?"

Both James and Lily jumped at the voice, Lily fumbling quickly with the book she had almost dropped.

James looked scandalized up at his father who stood next to him in the doorway, an amused smile on his face as he looked from his son to the redhead in his study.

"You must be Miss Lily Evans." He strode into the room, taking her hand as soon as she realized what was going on fast enough for her to offer it.

"Hello Mr. Potter." She didn't need to be introduced to his man. He and James look startling alike on the exception of the eyes. (AN: Ya, I know that sounds like Harry, but I couldn't think of anything else to say). His eyes were a deep brown, nearly black as oppose to hazel, but his hair was the colour of midnight, and; like James, stuck out all over the place.

She smiled up at the man, then passed a quick look to James. He was clutching his hair, but not in the way he normally combed his fingers through when she was around. There was a most interesting look on his face as he half glared at his father as well.

But his eyes met hers suddenly, and, for some reason unknown to her, she had to look away, feeling a blush creep across her face.

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