Chapter 5 The old professor sat down wearily. He knew the events that were going to come, and it was vital for these two to know and understand what was to become of them. Here goes nothing he thought with a sigh and started to explain the couples’ life. ‘I beg for little interruption, and I hope that your task will become more clear after this explanation.’ Dumbstruck, they both nodded and motioned for him to continue. ‘It all started when you had a baby boy named Harry. You loved Harry very much for he was you love, pride, and joy. I watched the both of you nurture him so he would be a prized member of the wizarding community. James, I’m sure that you felt the need to join the Order of the Phoenix for not only protection of others against Voldemort, but your son. Knowing this, Voldemort wanted Harry. He wanted Harry because a prophecy that was created about him. Knowing this, I suggested that you go into hiding right away. I cast the fidilus charm, a complex spell where the only person who could give away your whereabouts was a secret keeper. Although I offered to become your secret keeper, you chose Sirius instead. You then later named Sirius as Harry’s godfather in case something happened to you. Sirius gladly accepted but then another burden came into view. He knew that Voldemort would come after him, torture him to get the contents of the prophecy. H came up with a brilliant plan, a plan that would have worked if one of your friends was not a traitor. James was staring dumbstruck at the old professor. ‘One of my friends a traitor? But it couldn’t have been one of the Marauders!’ he said strongly. ‘None of my friends would ever betray me.’ Dumbledore stared at James with eyes of pity. Finally he spoke. ‘Alas, one of your friends WAS a traitor. You see, he had been working for Voldemort for over a year. His name was Peter Petigrew.’ James was silent. He didn’t know what to say, what to think. He just sat there, staring dumbstruck at the ancient body ahead of him. To the outsider, just one look into those painful eyes would make one start to cry. The hate and the sorrow starting to build up inside of him was almost unbearable, choking back a sob he hesitantly nodded for Dumbledore to continue. ‘Sirius had decided to change secret keepers. He switched from himself to Pettigrew at the last moment, knowing that no one would ever go after Pettigrew. He was wrong. About a day after the Fidilus charm was put on Peter, Voldemort came. He killed you James, you died protecting your wife and son. However, Voldemort was not finished. He went upstairs where you Lily had put Harry away for a nap. Hastily, you took him out of his crib in attempt to escape. Voldemort killed you before turning his wand on Harry. For some reason, Harry stumped him. Voldemort was reduced to nothing then a shadow and Harry escaped with only a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.’ Dumbledore waited for a response but received a feeble ‘Where is Harry now?’ from Lily. The old wizard lowered his glasses and surveyed Lily’s bright green eyes. ‘Your son is currently residing with your sister and her husband.’ ‘WITH PETUNIA?? WHY HER? WHY COULDN’T SIRIUS OR SOMEONE TAKE IN HARRY!! OF ALL PEOPLE’– she trailed off. In a more feeble voice, James said, ‘W-what ab-about Sirius?’ ‘Sirius could not care for Harry because he has been shut up in Azkaban.’ ‘HE WHAT???? I’LL KILL HIM!!!!’ screamed James. More quietly, Lily said ‘Why Professor? Why Sirius? What happened?’ Ignoring James’ rude and vulgar gestures and screams, Dumbledore continued. ‘When Sirius came to understand what became of his best friends, he immediately set out to find Peter. Sirius was not thinking very reasonably at the time and when he cornered Pettigrew, something that he was not expecting, happened. Everyone still thought that Black was the secret keeper, not Peter. Peter shouted at Sirius about betraying the two of you, blasted a curse killing 13 people, transformed into a rat, and left Sirius to blame. Sirius spent 12 years in Azkaban, before escaping.’ He held up his hand to James who was trying to interrupt. ‘Sirius went to Hogwarts to commit the murder he had been imprisoned for. He unfortunately did not get the chance to. Your son along with Remus Lupin and Severus Snape, made it a bit tricky. All in all, Sirius finally escaped on a stolen hippogriff to go into hiding.’ Dumbledore finished looking at the two open-mouthed teenagers in front of him. ‘Before you say anymore, I would like to inform you that Voldemort is back, and will not rest until he kill’s Harry.’ Before the duo could say anything, a tired looking Remus Lupin walked into the room. ‘Morning Albus’ he yawned, it had been a full moon last night and he did not turn out for the better. His eyes widened as he saw the two teens sitting in front of him. ‘Prongs?’ he whispered. THE END! HAH IM SO HORRIBLE! >:] But not heartless, so...On with it I say! ‘Moony? Is that you? Or have you betrayed me as well.’ James’s voice shook slightly as his old friend moved toward him in disbelief. ‘Whoever you are, whatever joke your playing, I don’t care. How dare you joke at a matter so close to my heart. Why can’t you just leave me alone.’ Remus yelled with anguish. It wasn’t fair! He had already lost all of his friends. It was fair that the minute he started accepting, they came back to haunt him. Remus ran upstairs to sob on his pillow. ‘Er, I should explain something that might be of use. Sirius died trying to save your son. I know what you are about to say. However do not say it. There is hope that he is still alive.’ [a/n: I know there are MANY stories about Sirius coming back, but this isn’t as corny...I promise you] ‘Before you have time to say anything, I’m pretty sure that there is a boy your age who would like to meet you’ The shock on Lily and James’ face wavered a bit. They were going to meet their son! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you guys SOOO much for reviewing! I swear! Your my TOTAL inspiration!!! I've drafted the next chapter, however it might take a bit to express it in words. I did want to wait until the next chapter was written, but who wants to wait that long! [btw When I say a bit, I mean a week or so.] You'll live. Anywho I'm out! Review guys, that's all I ask! Cheers! --Rache

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