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A.N./WARNING! HARSH LANGUAGE IN THIS CHAPTER!!! This is the last chapter to this part of my saga. The sequel is up and finished, look for it! It’s called IT’S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!! The third part is up too, it’s called INTO THE DARKNESS!!! Check them out! Chapter 52 They all looked around to see that Harry had left, Ron started laughing like a mad man. "Ron, what in bloody hell are you laughing at?" George said beating his little brother upside his head. "Our little sister is gone and Harry has headed to where ever You-Know-Who has her." "Of course I'm not laughing at that. I'm laughing because you can leave Hogwarts through a Port-Key." Ron turned to Adora, "Your precious Hogwarts, A History, was wrong!" "Um, Ron. It never said you couldn't leave by Portkey, I mean look what happened to Harry and Cedric, remember?" Ron's ears reddened as he began to feel utterly stupid. Cassandra Sage Gryffindor still sat there smiling at the children, "Well, if you need me just call for Cassie." Cassie winked at Susan and Bridget before she left. "What a dunderhead," Fred said shaking his head, before Adora smacked him. "What?!" "She's not a dunderhead, she's brilliant. I just hope she's right and Harry's not to late." *** Draco went to the Three Broomsticks and glanced at his watch, it was only thirty minutes after ten, and he said he wouldn't be back until about midnight or later. Even though his father wasn't at home, and his father was at the Dark Lord's as he had kidnapped Ginny Weasley, it wasn't like his father would see him home. Catarina, his father's mistress, did make it a habit of sneaking in Draco's room to find things that his father didn't know. Catarina didn't know that one of the shelves in Draco's room came out, and that's where all the letters from Susan were kept. If Draco did return home early, Catarina would defiantly see, and tell his father which would make him begin to think. As Draco, went up to the bar and got himself a Butterbeer and sat down with his back to the door, he began to think of that magical night. Even though he had no clue what was going to happen with Susan and himself, at least they had had tonight. Draco was just embarking on how beautiful she looked when a too familiar face sat down beside him. "So you betrayed Lucius and my father's orders for you to stay home and away from the Hogwarts Ball." Autumn Lewis said running a finger down his face and arm, sending nothing but anger inside Draco. "Well since the ball got caught off early, maybe we could go to the Leaky Cauldron and get us a room." Autumn said winking at Draco which only made his blood boil even more. Draco smiled at Autumn, what a nasty slut she was. "As a matter of fact," Draco looked down at himself good thing he'd magicked his clothes back to his normal and out of his Romeo outfit. "I've been in Diagon Alley all night, but just now came here at The Three Broomsticks for a Butterbeer." "Really," Autumn said with sarcasm. "Then who was that dashing blond boy with his hair slicked back, with your precious Susan? Why would you just decide to come and get a Butterbeer from here, when you could of gotten one from The Leaky Cauldron?" Autumn smiled, she really had him stuck. "You see, Autumn. I have no clue who Potter went with, and don't really give a damn. Father said I cannot have anything to do with her, and what kind of a son would I be to disobey my father's orders? As for me not getting a butterbeer from the Leaky Cauldron, you know as well as I do the one's here are cheaper, and this place is more less noisy than the Leaky Cauldron except on Hogwarts Weekends." Draco looked at Autumn and she thought for a moment and took the bait! "Well, well Draco. What a fine Death Eater you will make," Autumn slid toward Draco about to kiss him when she felt him move back. "Too good for me now? Not that you have gotten a good shag?" Draco was disgusted he never meant to shag Autumn. Draco was way to intoxicated when it happened. "Look Autumn, I don't remember that night except arriving there and leaving early morning. I had a lot to drink, and I know that's not a good excuse. Besides, I bet you and Crabbe have had shagged numerous times tonight, and Crabbe might take my old trash out but I don't take his out." Before Autumn could respond Draco Flooed home. *** Arabella and Sirius sat on the floor of Arabella's home, just a few blocks away from her horrid sister's house. They were picking out flowers, and the perfect place to get married. In two quick months they'd be married. Arabella had been so happy, but when she looked at poor little David Diggory playing with his little toys. Having no clue in the world that baby David had lost so much family, and most likely his mother was dead. David did not have a godmother or godfather, so it only worried Arabella what would happen to the baby she had gotten so close to. Sirius knew quite well that Arabella not only wanted to raise little David if something bad did happen to Cho, but to raise David with their little bun that was slowly rising in it's oven, and as if she knew what Sirius was talking about Arabella rubbed the tummy that wasn't showing it’s bun yet. David was about to be six months, and Arabella's family was about to come home. Sirius and Arabella were thinking of getting a new place. Yes there were three bedrooms in the house, Harry's, Susan and Adora's, and Sirius and Arabella’s...but what about the new baby and David? Here lately David had been sharing Arabella and Sirius's room, but they couldn't for much longer. "Do you think," Sirius spoke up to break the silence between the both of them. "That if this Professor is Adora's father, what will happen to Harry, Bridget, and Susan?" "Well they would stay with us, as we are their godparents, but if they didn't want to we can't make them. Like Bridget, she's known this man forever so she mostly likely will not move in with us. I'm certain Harry and Susan will." "And Adora?" "Well," Arabella began watching David with a mother's sharp eye. "Adora would probably want to spend sometime with him to get to know him." "Bella, where are we going to put David?" Arabella smiled at her wonderful fiancée', “Looks like it's time for you to magic a new bedroom in here isn't it?" *** When Harry arrived at the place that he had to be taken, this site was very familiar. This site still haunted Harry's nightmares, they were in the Graveyard that Cedric Diggory had been killed at a year ago. All he saw was his beautiful angel tied to a tombstone, as he had been a year ago. Ginny was pale, and Harry knew she was scared by the way her eyes didn't sparkle, but Ginny didn't show that she was scared by her face. Ginny held herself strong, and that was one of the million things Harry loved about her. Harry couldn't show that Ginny was a weakness to Voldemort, this was the second time that he'd used Ginny as a way to get to Harry, and Harry wouldn't permit it again. Harry knew as a way to keep Ginny safe, although he hated the idea of this he would have to break up with her. Ginny looked up as if she felt his presence and she looked scared to see him there, "Harry!" Ginny pleaded, "You must leave it's a trick. Voldemort’s going to try to kill you." Harry wasn't looking at Ginny, he was looking at the body that was lying at Ginny's feet, the dead cold body that was lying there, eyes wide open in terror. "So, Potter." Autumn Lewis spat at him and Harry turned around to see someone he didn't expect. "I saw you glance at her." Autumn laughed that cold laugh that also belonged to her father, "I see you've met my first kill. She was all too easy, but your little fiancée' will be second, and you my third." "Where's Voldemort? Does Voldemort have to have his little baby do all his dirty work now? Old man getting to old to handle The-Boy-Who-Lived?" Harry read her emotions like he could read all the lines in his hand, and Harry had set off a line in Autumn. "Silence! Dirty Blood, filthy nasty blood." Harry chuckled at her, "Dear, dear Autumn. You know your not all pureblood as your fathers lies to you, you are one quarter muggle. Yes Autumn dearest, I can read everything you are thinking at the moment you are. Why you might wonder? No not Occulemency, but something stronger than that. The good in me versus the evil in you. Oh, yes. I'm sorry to say Autumn, you are correct you are pregnant. With who's baby, I have no clue. How many guys are you shagging now?" 'Harry, don't press her buttons. Autumn is pregnant, yes I caught that too, but pregnant women have very racing hormones.' Ginny told him telepathically. "Fuck you Potter. You and your mud-blood loving whore! That's fine I wanted to get knocked up, and this way Slytherin has a new heir on the way. We will over power your nasty Gryffindor blood," as Autumn said that Voldemort showed up and Autumn disappeared. "My, my if it isn't baby Potter. Are you back to save your little woman, I tell you women are the devil. Why on Merlin's beard would you propose to this ugly little child when you are fifteen. But, then again you are your mother and father's son." Harry raised his wand to disarm Voldemort, but before he knew what happened he was at the tombstone that Ginny was tied to, grabbed Ginny and dead girl's arm and touched Ginny's hair clip, and they were on back to Dumbledore's office. *** Draco Malfoy laid in his bed, tonight had been wonderful, spending it with Susan, before his father took Ginny Weasley away and trashed the rest of the night. The way that Draco left Autumn speechless was just awesome. Even though Draco Malfoy did hate Harry Potter and much disliked Ginny Weasley, he only hoped that Potter was there in time to save Weasley. Weasley seemed to mean as much to Potter as Susan meant to him. If Harry didn't watch out, though, he wouldn't have Ginny too much longer. Voldemort had picked up on that Ginny and Harry had something different from puppy love. "What are you doing home so early?" Catarina spat at him, how much she hated Draco, and couldn't wait till he was back at Hogwarts graduated and gone. "Tom was working at The Leaky Cauldron, so I wasn't able to get shitty faced so I came home. What is it any of your damn business? You are not my mother, in case you haven't heard yet my father killed my mother!" "Well, little Draco." Catarina smirked at him, "I'll get my way, marry your father, become wealthy and get your nasty ass out of here." "Good I'm ready to leave." *** When Harry looked up and that he to see Fred, George, Ron, Adora, Bridget, Susan, Mr. & Mrs. Weasley, Arabella, Sirius, Professor McGonagall, Madam Pomfrey, and of course Dumbledore himself. "Bloody hell!" Ron yelled out, "Is that?!" "Lord have mercy!" Arabella shouted as Ron paused, "She's dead! Oh Merlin! Cho Chang is dead!" Cho Chang lied as a lifeless body on the floor of Dumbledore's office. Arabella clutched David to her side as she began to cry knowing that little David never would know his mother, this was horrible. "Dumbledore, what will happen to David?! I can't let him go now, not after how much I've looked after him." "Bella that is out of my..." "Actually," Ginny interrupted. "When I got there Cho hadn't died yet, Autumn walked off and it was only she and I. Cho asked me who had her baby and who was raising him, and I told him that Sirius and Arabella were. Cho smiled and asked me as her dying wish that I make sure that they raise him, that was if they wanted to, and I assured her that they did. Cho told me of the night that Autumn took her, Cho has been hidden in Autumn's closet. No food, no water, no bathroom. Cho was dying slowly and it killed me to see it and then out of nowhere Autumn 'Avada Kedavra' her, and she laid motionless in front of me. Autumn left again and Cassie appeared to me, took my clip out of my hair and said she'd get Harry. Five minutes later Harry showed up, and twenty minutes later we arrived back here with Cho's lifeless body." *** The next day Dumbledore addressed the school of the news that had all come in that horrible and tragic night. Told them that Cho Chang had died at the hands of Autumn Lewis, Voldemort's heir. That Arabella Evans and Minister of Magic Sirius Black would be raising little Cedric David Diggory Jr., for Cho, Cedric, and their family, but most of all of little David. Dumbledore also announced that Professor Dunn was actually Professor Anthony Potter, grandfather to Harry, Susan, and Bridget, father to Adora. Anthony Potter would not be coming back to Hogwarts, but would become Sirius's Assistant Minister of Magic, since Cho Chang's father was dead, and he had been the last one. The students left that night because of all the happening at Hogwarts. Adora was going to spend most of the holidays with her father, until Harry and Susan’s birthday. Then she was to join Harry, Susan, and Bridget at Arabella's until the Wedding. After the wedding they were all to go to Anthony's until, August twenty-first then they were to spend the rest of the time with the Weasleys. On the way back home, Ron and Adora stayed in the Prefect Compartment. Bridget was with her friends telling them all her new story, she wasn't so close to her family yet and she had distanced herself from Ginny. Harry and Ginny were in their own compartment talking. "Harry, " Ginny said tears that had streaked her face, dried and were still running. "I understand, completely. I don't want to put you in anymore danger with Voldemort." Harry shook his head, Ginny wasn't getting this right. "Ginny, love, please." Ginny began sobbing hard again, and Harry pulled her to his chest. "Please, please listen to me," Ginny nodded in his chest. "I don't give a damn about me, okay? I love you more than life it's self. I DO WANT TO MARRY YOU, but Voldemort keeps using you to get to me. I cannot put you threw that, and I don't want to see you hurt." Ginny nodded and began to take off the beautiful Engagement and Promise Rings Harry had given her. "What are you doing with my mother's rings?" "Giving them back," Ginny sniffled. "Love, no." Harry began to cry with Ginny. "We are still going to get married, but I can't have you in the spotlight. Keep the rings, WE WILL GET MARRIED, okay?" Ginny nodded and didn't mess with it. "Look, I'll talk to you this summer, and if nothing happens this summer. When I get back to your house we'll get back together, that is if you will wait for me." "Love," Ginny said beginning to cry again. "I'll wait on you forever." The train stopped and they got on the platform and went their separate ways. Harry looked back, and got a Second Glance at his angel, and it pained him so much not to see Ginny look back at him. Harry turned back around and went on his way. Two seconds later, Ginny looked back to get a Second Glance at her only true love, and it broke her heart to not have those beautiful brilliant green eyes staring back at her.

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