Looking outside through the window, a girl of 17 watched all the people strolling up and down the street. The brown-eyed bushy haired girl sat at a desk near her window completely bored out of her mind. She had finished all her summer assignments and had gotten a head start by reading all of the books for her upcoming year at Hogwarts. Needless to say, she was bored. Normally she would have owled either her best friend, Harry Potter, or her boyfriend, but unfortunately she knew that they both were too bust today to come and entertain her.

She was about to go walk downstairs when she saw a familiar white owl flying towards her window, a piece of rolled up parchment in its beak. She opened and watched as the bird landed beside her, dropping the parchment down. She happily picked it up, it was addressed to her, Hermione Granger. Hermione fed the owl a chunk out of a piece of bread from her leftover sandwich from earlier. The owl flew out of the window and into the sunny morning sky. Hermione anxiously opened the letter to read that Harry was in Romania with Charlie, Ron’s brother. Hermione paused for a seconds to think,. Ron. Her boyfriend. At least, sort of. She hadn’t seen him in two weeks. Every single time she tried hanging out with he would tell her he was 'too busy, next time,' The odd thing was, right before summer break, Ron had told her he had absolutely no plans for this summer, so then why was he so busy now? She had so many question. She decided that she would ask him, then again, maybe that would seem as though she didn’t trust him. Maybe Ginny, yes she could ask Ginny…no Ginny would either loose the letter and Ron would see it or she would cave in to her brother.

Hermione sat there and thought for a minute and then it hit her. There was only one person who could really help her. Harry.

Hermione was about to write back to Harry when there was a knock on her bedroom door. Getting up and walking to the door, she opened it to see her parents teary-eyed. At once Hermione asked them, “Mum, Dad?!? What’s wrong, are you both are okay?” She asked frantically rushing over to them.

“We’re fine,” Her father said, fear and sadness evident in his tone, though he tried his best to hide it. That’s when Hermione noticed a strange man behind them. The stranger was tall, with brown-eyes and medium length bushy hair. Hermione had a deja vou feeling so she asked, “Um…..do we know him?”

Hermione’s parents looked at each other, her mom finally said with her head down, “More than you know”. Her voice trembling. Hermione looked to her parents then to the stranger, a puzzled look on her face. Hermione’s father then said, “Come on, lets go sit down, we’ll explain everything to you.” The four of them walked down the stairs, with every step Hermione's heart beat faster and faster. Hermione’s mom held tightly to her husband.

They walked to the living room and sat down. Hermione noticed that this man had a Slytherin crest on his robes and on his metal walking stick. She already had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach about him. She thought hard about who this man could be. Did he hurt my family, my friends? Ron?

The man started to walk around, as though he was worried but pleased at the same time. Hermione glanced over at her parents, her mom kept opening her mouth, as though she were trying to speak yet couldn’t find the words. Her father had his head down comforting his wife.

Hermione felt tears coming down her face, and she was lost of word to say. Finally Hermione blurted out, “I WANT TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON! WHO IS HE? TELL ME!….please”. She had a look of fear and sadness, and though she was trying to hide the tears in her eyes, they kept coming out. Finally she started to really cry. At this moment her mother stood up and wrapped her arms around Hermione comforting her.

“Hermione it’s nothing too horrible, just something we have…neglected to tell you for many years. But, well, now we have no choice, this man well…….this man is Kington Sparedrow.” She told her, though it was very hard for her to do and half her words were mumbled.

“Am I supposed to know who he is?” Hermione thought out loud, her eyes dodging back-and-forth between her parents.

“Someone you needed to know about for many years now,” said her father in barely a whisper.

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