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CHAPTER THREE: Your Toes Are On My Side of the Line

**Twelve o'clock Midnight**

James, I mean, Potter, had finally fallen asleep on his side of the room on a couch, one leg off the couch and another arm dangling off of it, not snoring surprisingly, and a half eaten cookie dangling dangerously from his hand that was hanging over the couch. I let out a soft chuckle. With him not being insanely annoying or being a bugger, and him being asleep, I must fatally admit that he does look kind of fit and attractive.

I laughed again at that thought. Ha! What would my friends say?! Jessica would take the mickey out of me, Bridget would die of laughter overdose, and Lindsey would fall off her chair in complete shock. 'Oh my Merlin! Lily Rose "Miss Goody-Two-Shoes and Oh I know the answer!" Evans did not just admit that she likes the all powerful and handsome, yet annoying and loathsome James Potter did she?! Gasp!!' I could just hear Jessica's sarcastic voice ringing in my ears before I fell asleep to the gentle twelve chimes of the grandfather clock.

**8:00, AM The Next Day**

'Lily...Lily...' I awoke to a soft whisper, close, yet far away. The voice sounded familiar...all too familiar. 'Lily. Lily wake up. It's eight o' clock and you-'

At that, I jumped out of my sleeping place, forgetting the current situation that was happening at the current moment. 'Eight o clock!' I screeched, my tangled red hair flying about in frantic panic. 'I have to get to class!!!' I screeched once more, pulling my hair and jumping off the couch, looking around in panic only to have my eyes fall on James Potter. And then I remembered.

'Calm Lily!' James said, standing. He was still on his side of the room, but he had his hands on my shoulders, he could reach. 'One: it's Sunday. Two: in case you hadn't noticed but the jinx on the door isn't over yet.' He mumbled the last part, being ashamed of his own stupidity.

My cheeks flared red. 'Oh. Right.' I flattened my skirt out as if to brush off dust and ran my fingers through my hair. 'Sorry, Potter.' I said with much less dignity then I had possessed the night before and said solemnly. 'So why did you decide to wake me up? Purely to annoy me for the rest of the 13 hours we are stuck here?'

Potter frowned and shook his head, black locks flying everywhere. How so many boys would kill for that permanently 'Quidditch Hair' style he had. It's not even attractive!, it is a little...'I'm hungry,' he mumbled, clearly ashamed.

I fumed a bit more. Accenting my red hair unattractively of course. 'You. Woke. Me. Up. Because. You. Were. HUNGRY?' I said, forcible anger between each word. 'AGAIN!?' I roared.

Potter flinched horrible at each punctuated word I pronounced out of my angry mouth. His face blanched to a pale almost pure white and his eyes seemed huge and pleading not to get pummeled. 'Yes,' he mumbled, nodding slowly.

I tried to retain myself, my thoughts were swirling madly around my head like bothersome flies and one stuck out the most. He is so damn helpless that I bet he has to have one of his little friends to tuck him in every night...then again, if they could get in here, I'd be gone by now....My fists were clenched and shaking at my sides, temper showing through, face so red that the little freckles adorning my skin vanished. After five whole minutes of fuming under complete pressure I calmed myself down enough to conjure more food for that belly-aching Potter. But turns out a poked my wand a bit too hard, and instead of conjuring two plates of toast and eggs and bacon, out popped five more. I sighed. This was going to be a damn horrible day.

James sat down near the plates looking at them with a frown. 'I made you angry,' he said solemnly and obviously, still looking at the food. There were truth in those words, he was being sincere and honest...

'Who are you and what have you done with James Potter?' my brain demanded harshly, but I immediately cast that thought aside. 'It's alright, Potter. My temper's nearly uncontrollable.' I admitted with a nervous laugh and sat down, my legs tucked beneath me.. Well, it was!

Potter nodded, cast one more hungry look at the food, and then at me. 'James,' he said.

I was confused.

He saw my confused look.

'Call me James,' he repeated with a gentle smile.

'Lily. And not-'

'Not Lils. I learned that,' he said with a smile, remembering the effective jinx I cast on him before being dumped in a hell-hole. He smiled at me once more, and what thought should pop into my head that made my heart flutter?? I think I'm falling for you...and we only have thirteen hours to show it...

~~9:00 AM~~
~~Count: 12 Hours To Go~~

Well, that moment didn't last very long. Immediately after I vanished the plates of empty food away, Potter stuck his little ignorant nose back into my business. It was a exasperating and tiresome hour ahead of me. 'I'm soooooooooooooo bored Lily!!' moaned James.

I myself, was not bored. I had effectively summoned a book my trunk up in the locked dorms and was casually reading it. On my side of the room. I didn't look up from my book. 'Well, entertain yourself,' I said simply, trying to hide my annoyance.

'I tried that,' said Potter with a puppy dog frown.

I slammed my book shut with a groan. 'Well. What did you try?' I said through gritted teeth.

' at the wall...playing with the hole in my sock....' Oi...I didn't even wanna know....'I would have tried at the wall again...' he continued to ramble pointlessly.

I held back my groan. 'Well. Think of something else,' I said once more through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, his face lit up. 'Watch this!' he exclaimed happily. He ducked behind a couch and my thoughts sneered, How can I watch you from there, you twit? Moments later, out appeared, not James, but a gallant stag, with large horns.

I rolled my eyes. 'Oh my. A stag. It's going to eat me. Now I'm trapped in a zoo,' I said with bordum. He tried to impress me this way before. A gallant stag hopping across the green grass in front of the lake, and when he looked back at me, he promptly had fallen into the lake.

James turned back. 'You weren't surprised?' he asked in awe and confusion.

I had just opened back my book before he said that, and I once more slammed it shut. 'No. I. Was. Not,' I said, my teeth and fists clenched alike.

James frowned. 'Oh. I see. I guess the zoo trick didn't work.'

'No. It didn't,' I said, reading my book again. I felt his eyes on me again. 'What do you want now? Why can't you let me read in peace!?' I exclaimed, shutting my book for the hundred and eleventh time.

Potter shrugged. He pointed to the end of the couch, where the line was drawn across. 'Your toes are on my side of the line.'


Author's Notes: Chapter Three is up! And I have made my house unplottable! Try and find me now you scurvy reviewers!!!

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