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Chapter two. Three Reasons Why.

“Hey” Lindsay greeted leaning through the open back door into the Evans' kitchen.
Sue Evans, who was elbow deep in dish water singing along to whatever was playing on the radio, jumped splashing water down her front.

“Don’t do that!” She admonished wiping her now partially soaked shirt.

Lindsay laughed. For years she and Lily had been jumping the fence to visit each other but judging from this reaction maybe she should start using the front door.

“So how are you honey?” Sue asked with a warm smile as she resumed her dish washing.

“Peachy keen.” Lindsay answered sarcastically, opening to bottom draw to get a clean tea-towel. After closing the draw with her foot Lindsay boosted herself up onto the bench next to the sink and carefully choosing a plate to dry. “And you?”

“Me? I’m fine. But I’m guessing you haven’t heard from Lily yet?”

“No.” Lindsay mumbled.

Sue laughed, flicking water at Lindsay. “Don’t sulk. Its not becoming.”

Lindsay sighed, placing the dry plate next to her on the bench before replying. “Why hasn’t she written yet?” She whined.

“Maybe she’s busy.” Sue reasoned.

Lindsay made a face. “But she wrote to you!” Lindsay whined.

Sue Evans smiled. “That’s because I am her mother and she knows not to cross me.” She said drying her hands on the towel Lindsay was holding. “Look,” she told her, taking her face in her hands. “Lily not writing one letter does not mean she has completely forgotten you. Lindsay, you worry too much.” She said shaking her head.

“Wouldn’t you? I met those boys! I would forget me too!”

Sue gave her a look. “Write to her.” She suggested logically. “I bet you she was just busy.”

Lindsay who couldn’t find an equally logical answer didn’t say anything.

“Meanwhile.” Sue continued. “How are you honey? How was the check-up?”

Lindsay shrugged as she polished off the last plate and jumped down from the bench “You know the usual. Poke, Prod say ah…More blood. What is with doctors, they always want my blood…don’t they know I need it?” She said as Sue took the plates from her to put away. “And you would think after all these years I could stand the sight of it yet…” She trailed off with a shudder. “Anyway I should be going thanks for the chat, Sue, I am going to make your daughter fear me!” Lindsay called skipping out the backdoor and across the yard.

On the other side of the fence she stopped laughing to herself. Now Logic. That was just something Lindsay Antonia Graham didn’t think with too much of.


Dear Lily,
So I haven’t heard from you for a while and at first I could only think of two reasons. Both not so good. Reason Number one. You are still pissed at me for the whole train situation. If this is the case I am still laughing! I know you love me; you can't get enough of my loud, effervescent and sometimes down right embarrassing personality. I also know that you have accepted that I sometimes like to make a fool of myself and can't help pulling you down with me.

Adding to that I know I have done far worse things to you. So all in all I must say that this possibility has a low probability, maybe 20% chance. Therefore this idea must be dismissed! After all you are much too level headed to hold a grudge for this long. Even if I did embarrass you infront of the most gorgeous guys I have ever had the pleasure of ogling! Tee-Hee. So wanna hear reason number two? Ok… here we go.

Reason number two. You have been slipped one of those ultra cool potions that has caused you to forget me!

Oh the horrors, I say!

I say this has a probability of about ummm…10%. Because really who would slip the wonderful, wise and beautiful Lily Evans a dreadful potion like that? (And yes in case you are wondering I am still sucking up in case the reason is reason number one. A girl can't be too sure after all and it does have a higher chance than two…) so I thought I would have to dismiss this idea also but then I though hey, this girl lives in an enchanted castle!

She uses magic to dry her hair of a morning, has the ability to give people donkey ears, watches people fly on broomsticks and is learning to change chairs into peacocks or something… of course its possible! Even if you are pretty and smart and really popular. I therefore had to raise the odds to around 33%.

That’s when I thought I have to do something in case! So I wish to refresh your memory in the unlikely, but totally possible event of a memory deletion potion.

So hello my name is Lindsay Graham. You may also remember me Lindz or Spud. (Still hate that name by the way.) Now in case names didn’t jog your memory, I am the extremely funny and stunningly good looking girl that has lived next door to you for eleven years!

Well a long time! I have also been your best friend for about the same amount of time. Ever since we locked Petunia in the cupboard under the stairs. Teehee…you told me that day that I was your best friend. Which if you think about it is a goodthing, any longer and you would have given in and been Amber the Unbearable’s life-long pal! You could have ruled the sixth graders with her and been know as like Lily the Lemming or something! But instead you chose me and together we became…like nobodies... I am still waiting for the invite to her 11th birthday party. Wont hold my breath. But we always had fun didnt we? The shame of the situation is that you escaped but i still go to school with her!!! And anyway I have forgotten what I was talking about now…

Ah yes. It actually fits in rather well. This proves my point that I just think you life would be incomplete without me. So I then went on to think (I know too much thinking for Lindsay in one day is not good!) so yeah I went on to think even if you were slipped a potion you wouldn’t forget me! It’s totally impossible! So I had to once again forced to dismiss this idea.

Then I was like hey there has to be a reason. So I hopped the fence and talked to your mother. And she laughed at me…Even after I helped dry the dishes! Then she said maybe she’s just busy. And I was like busy?

BUSY? BUSY?! Oh yeah silly me.

Of course she’s busy. It’s her last year of school AND she’s head girl AND then there is of course the head boy… And what can I say about him?

Now, I thought to myself that must be time consuming and ever so draining! But, wait one moment. I thought, I’m in my last year of school too and I may not have a guy that practically stalks me but shouldn’t I be busy too? And that’s when it came to me!

The answer was yes!

I had homework I just hadn’t done it! Which is what has bought me to this letter. I looked at my homework. (English Lit, can you say ew?) Then began to procrastinate in true Lindsay Graham style. I have so far:
1. Cleaned my room,
2. Rearranged my sock draw,
3. Painted my toenails,
4. Taken Hammy for a walk,
5. Made myself a sandwich and THEN finally, as I sat down at my desk with every intention of actually opening my text book, I saw the picture of us (I had completely forgotten the dilemma of not hearing from you somewhere in between the walk and the sandwich…sorry you know me! Attention span of a goldfish.) So you know the one of us outside my house from last summer? Yeah so anyway I thought I could do as your wise mother suggested and write the first letter of the year! I know! God I am so clever sometimes!

So I just wanted to let you no there are no hard feelings. I understand completely.


So in case you haven’t picked up on my EXTREMELY subtle humour, missing you heaps Lil, and I’m also missing your strange anecdotes of Hogwarts.

Oh-My-God! Quick! I think I’m going into shock! I need a story! Actually now that I think of it its no wonder you don’t write, glad to be rid of me? I bet!

Oh my God. You would have loved to be in the car on the way home. You mum was telling me about Mrs Potter. And how interested they were to meet you!

Tell me Lily how was it meeting your future Mother-in-law?

Joke, don’t worry!

Seriously he wasn’t that bad! Seemed kind of sweet in fact. Charming and totally head over heels in love! And ok dropping this topic before you vow to kill me at Christmas…

So I have to say things here are as boring as always. School’s quiet. I am absolutely loving this year at school, the only thing that could make it better would be you here still. Or me there, Hogwarts sounds awesome! Think after 2 years I would have accepted that I will never cast a spell or make a potion…but I can still dream…

Speaking of dreams how is Sirius Black? Can you say spu-unk-y!! I think we could get along very well! Say hi to him for me Pumpkin! He should remember me!

So on that thought I am going to leave you. This is the longest letter I have ever written and I have some homework to do apparently. Any bet it turns out to be longer than this geometry essay that is eating away at my conscience! But I want you to please spare a thought for the little unfortunate ‘Muggles’ back home! Write or I write to James! See why you love me? MWAH! Hugs and kisses

Forever, Lindsay the larrikin. (See I am funny!)


Lily couldn’t help but shake her head at the ridiculousness of her friends letter. Lindsay was absolutely mental. Picking up the loose pieces of paper again she was about to began re-reading it when she was interrupted by someone leaning over her shoulder.

“What ya doing?” Asked the second most annoying person she could think of at the moment. Sirius Black.

“Learning to dance the Tahitian hula.” Lily replied sarcastically. Sirius smirked at her.

“No really?” He replied in the same tone. “I have always wanted to learn.” He told her, snatching the letter from her hand. “Aw, a letter from Lindsay. “ He said before she snatched it back. “Anything in there about me?” He asked.

“No. Why would there be?”

“Because I saw my name.”

Lily made a face. “Fine she says hi.”

“And I say hi right back. Will I ever meet her again?”

“Not if I have a say in the matter.” Lily shot back.

“Shame. She was hot.”

Lily pointed a finger at him. “No. No! You stay away from her.”

Sirius didn’t answer but smirked at her. “Why? What's her deal?”

“Nothings ‘her deal’ just no.” Lily said pointing her finger at him.

“Does she do baby talk.”

“Baby talk?” Lily repeated.

“Yeah, talking wike a wittle bitty baby!” Sirius told her finishing off in the aforementioned baby talk.

“Okay…No. Why does that matter?”

“Humour me. Answer my questions.” Sirius said. “Lip gloss. Does she wear it?”

Lily raised an eyebrow. “Yeah sure. What's wrong with lip gloss?”

“I can't stand it. Do you wear it?”

Lily nodded slowly.

Sirius shuddered. “How do you manage to willingly put that stuff on your lips?” He asked with a disgusted look on his face. “Which brings me to Make up.”

“You don't like make up on a girl?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “No, I don’t like excessive make-up on a girl. Example. Hazel. The I-used-a-trowel-to-apply-my-makeup-this-morning-and-I think-I-look-hot look. News flash. No, she doesn’t.” He said in a stage whisper.

Lily laughed. “Finally someone agrees with me!”

“Trust me I don’t think I am the only one.” Sirius said widening his eyes for emphasis. “Tell me seriously how long does it take her and Christie to get ready of a morning?”

“Ahhh... I wouldn’t know, I leave at about the base coat stage.”

Sirius nodded. “A wise move. I would hate to see you turn into one of them.” He said with shudder. “Scary. So what was I up to?” He asked thoughtfully. Cats!” He exclaimed with a snap of his fingers.

“Yes, the fluffy little creatures…” Lily prompted.

“Is she a cat person? Because I hate cats and I don’t like cat people. Example again, Libby, nice girl but have you seen her with that thing? I mean it’s a fat lump of white fluff! It is not what I would call a pet!”

Lily laughed. “No she is not a cat person. She doesn’t have a cat either.”

“Then, does she have any strange habits?”


“Like…” Sirius thought for a moment. “I once dated a girl that before she ate anything on her plate had to cut everything up and mush it all together. One hundred percent gross!”

“Nothing I can think of…who was it though?” Lily asked curiously

“Sorry I cannot disclose that information. Next does she actually have a boyfriend?”

“No she doesn’t.”

“Does one of my friends have a thing for her?”

“Excuse me?”

Sirius shrugged. “Answer the question!.” Sirius whined.

“Not to my knowledge then. Why?”

Sirius shrugged. “Unspoken code of friendship, I had to ask.”

“How noble of you.” Lily replied sarcastically.

“Is she overly possessive?” He continued ignoring her comments.

Lily shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s never had a serious boyfriend.”

“Why not? Apparently, according to you anyway she is perfect.” He cried throwing his hands in the air. “Unless…”


“My number one. Does she giggle.”


“You know…” He said lowering his voice. Sirius gave her a demo.

“Oh, no then.” Lily said in between bursts of laughter.

“Okay then, lets see if I have this. She is a single, straight very attractive muggle who as far as you are concerned has no flaws-“

“I never said that!” Lily interrupted.

“And doesn’t giggle. I must say Evans I am not seeing a problem.”

“Black you are so full of it. I never, not once said that the problem was with her.”

“Me?” Sirius cried indignantly. “Are you saying there is something wrong with me?” Lily didn’t answer. “Anyway what’s a bit of harmless flirting?”

Lily smiled silkily. “With you nothing I'm sure. You would flirt with a baked potato if there was nothing better around.”

“Only if its hot.” Sirius joked. Lily groaned.

“That was lame, even for you.”

“You practically begged for it.”

Lily sighed while attempting to fold her letter. “So where may I ask is your sidekick tonight?”

“Hospital wing.” Sirius said with a yawn.

Lily looked alarmed. “Why?”

Sirius shrugged. “Bludger to the head. No biggie.”

“What?” Lily shrieked. “No biggie? Aren’t you concerned?”

Sirius shrugged again. “He's had worse.”

Lily nodded. “Ok then.” She said standing up. Sirius looked disappointed.

“Where are you going?”

“To reply to this letter.” Sirius looked at her as if she was crazy, He gestured around the room with his arms. “In private.” Lily added. Turning away from him.

“Tell her I think she’s fine!” He called after her.

“Hell no!” she called over her shoulder at him.

“You can't just leave me here all by myself!” He cried dramatically.

Lily laughed. “Watch me!”

A/N i had to change a bit, coz i cant have it all letter written like i planned. but its okay, i hope...
Also i have a question. should the letter be in italics? while it splits the chapter up i for some reason find italics annoying to read when its a whole paragraph or more, am i alone in this thought? should i change it? tell me please, help me!!! My mind annoys me sometimes... its so confusing...

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