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Everyone knew that the final battle would be hectic, awful and depressing, but no one knew that it would be as bad as it was. To have everything you love torn away from you like that in a flash of green light is the worst thing that a person could ever experience. I, Hermione Granger, found that out the hard way. No one will ever know the pain that I felt that night. No one.

The days before the battle were peaceful, happy, joyful days. No one knew that the final battle would come as quickly as it did after Ginny, Harry, Ron and I went in search of the remaining fragments of Voldermort’s soul. The battle was only two weeks after the last Horcrux was destroyed, taking two members of the Order with it. Kingsley and Tonks were killed when they insisted on accompanying us. Nagini killed them before they even knew that it was coming. After that, Harry successfully killed it, but the sense of triumph that we had had when we discovered the other three was gone. We stayed there and wept for the first casualties of our Horcrux quest.

When we apparated their bodies back to 12 Grimmauld Place, poor Lupin locked himself in a room and did not come out for days. It sounded like a banshee had been locked up in there. Finally, Mrs. Weasley put a silencing charm on the door because the crying never ceased. “Poor Lupin’s heart has been broken,” she explained, “and there is no chance of ever mending it.”

Tonks’ funeral had been a beautiful thing. Luckily, Lupin was better then, because he would have been even more distraught if he had missed it. Tonks wore a beautiful gown and held a bouquet of poppies, her favorites. She was buried outside Grimmauld, as everyone was sure she would have wanted. Flowers were put on the grave as everyone said a few words. Tonks would have been proud of how much everyone missed her.

After that, things were quite normal. Though preparations for the final war were being made, they were being done at a snail’s pace, stating brief and vague guidelines on who should battle who and what spells would be the most effective.

Ginny, Harry, Ron and I were having a fine time relaxing after having such a nomadic life for six months. Harry and Ginny were finally back together after Ginny explained her point to him for about the millionth time. Ron and I were getting much more involved as well, watching sunsets together and making out nearly every chance we got. Ginny and Harry’s love life was about as serious as mine and Ron’s. We would even sometimes go on double dates together in our pairs. Life was getting better and better by the minute and no one was thinking about the final battle at all. It seemed impossible that our heaven on earth would end. But it did. And it came crashing down.

Suddenly, in the middle of a late dinner on a warm, humid August night, a Patronus burst into the dining room of the Order of the Pheonix. Harry took the message scroll from the patronus and read it silently to himself, since all teenagers who wanted to be were now official members of the Order, due to how powerful Voldemort was becoming. He finished it and then he yelled, “Bloody hell!!!” Everyone asked what was wrong and Harry read the grim letter aloud.

Phoenix members:
We have not much time. There have been horrible Muggle and wizard killings all over on the cliff over Johannesburg all night and they are still going on. Voldermort has been screaming that he wants the Order here now. He wants the final battle. Get here as soon as possible. Thousands are already dead.


Screams abounded from all over the table and several wizards and witches lept up from their chairs, ready to apparate right that very instant. Harry was one of them. Since Harry had been named new leader of the Order after Dumbledore passed away, he had the right to tell everyone whether to go or not. “Everyone needs to go to the cliff now. Horace (Slughorn), send Patronuses to all the Order members who are not at Headquarters at the moment. Tell them to get to the cliff. Send a special one to Hagrid; tell him to bring Fawkes with him. He may be able to assist. Hurry, everybody! Go!!!” yelled Harry.

I apparated to the forest that was right before the edge of the cliff and found myself on one of the most horrible scenes ever. Bodies were strewn everywhere like a child's playthings. The moon cast an eerie glow over the terrified faces of the innocent dead. I wanted to scream so badly, but thought that the Order might have been going for some kind of element of surprise, so I kept quiet. When Ron arrived, I was extremely glad that he was there because it took a little bit of horror away from the situation. Order members kept popping up out of thin air. Ron held me and stroked my bushy hair. “Be careful, Hermione. I love you.” Ron told me softly.

“I love you too, Ron,” I said as I cried into his shoulder. Then my lips met his and we kissed. It was a long time before we stopped. He smiled and my heart felt like Jell-O. He was my angel. I was put on this earth to be with him.

Harry then materialized right in front of us. “Both of you, try to be careful. You are my best friends in the world. Nothing is ever going to change that,” Harry said as he embraced Ron and me. He smiled, then addressed the Order.

“Everyone, fight off as many Death Eaters as you can. Fawkes is here, if you get hurt, he’ll help you. We still have the element of surprise (at that point I was very glad that I had not screamed), and I’d like to keep it that way. Just wait a couple of minutes, and then we’ll begin.”

He went over to Ginny after that and they kissed and said good-bye. Ron and I went over there after Harry and Ginny were done and said good-bye to her as well. We were being careful. We wanted to make sure that, if one of us was killed, we would have said farewell to that person.

I embraced Ginny, the only one I could talk about boys with or talk with about how to impress Ron. She was my only girl friend, and I loved her like a sister. “Be careful,” I whispered.

“You too,” Ginny replied.

“Everyone, when I give the word, charge in, alright?” Harry told everyone. “Wands at the ready. Be careful. 3, 2, 1…CHARGE!!!” Harry yelled, and everyone started firing jinxes.

I first fought Bellatrix Lestrange. It was a quarter of an hour before she perished at my hand. It was the first time that I’d ever killed anyone before. It felt horrible, and my heart felt heavy, and yet I knew it was necessary to save thousands of lives. When that green light came from my wand, I knew that the Death Eaters all deserved that. They needed death to be quieted. They needed it so that the remainder of society could live on.

Next it was McNair at the wrong end of my wand. He was quite easy to slay, for he knew nothing of dueling. He was gone in five minutes. After that were Greyback, Narcissa Malfoy and Peter Pettigrew. Then I battled Draco. He was actually quite good at dueling, and we clashed for over thirty minutes before he lay motionless, still and lifeless at my feet.

Not many were fit to fight anymore. Before I went on to fight Crabbe, I looked around. I saw two red-heads that were positively Ginny and Ron and I saw Harry clashing with Snape. I breathed a sigh of relief and began to weaken Crabbe.

Three more Death Eaters had fallen, thanks to me after another hour. I checked periodically to make sure that my best friends and lover were still alive. When I saw Ginny and Harry during the current search, I was relieved, but where the hell was Ron?

I finally saw him fighting with Pansy Parkinson’s father near the woods in which the Order had hidden before our first attack. He seemed to be doing quite well but then I saw it. Goyle’s father was sneaking up behind Ron with a devilish grin on his face. “RON! WATCH OUT!!!!!” I bellowed with all the air in my lungs, just seconds too late. Two jets of merciless green light hit Ron square in the chest. He rose up into the air from the force, a horrid expression of grief and surprise on his face illuminated by the green light, his hair flapped around his face and his scream lingered in the air. Then my beloved was thrown backward, lying on the ground, dead. I screamed and cried so hard; I knew my heart had just broken. I’d never see him smile again. I’d never hear him laugh again. Never again would he kiss me. He was gone forever.

“You filthy, dog on, evil flipping BASTARDS!!!!” I screamed, charging at them both. I killed Parkinson in the blink of an eye, just as he had done with Ron. I would avenge my true love or die trying. Goyle took a little more effort. “I hate you!!!” I screamed at the man who had killed my beloved as my green light hit him in the face.

By now, not many stood. Lupin, Harry, Ginny, Hagrid, McGonagall and about ten more of us still stood, battling 11 Death Eaters. Then, I saw Ginny fall, but she had not been hit with a killing curse. I knew because the light lifting her was blue. Fawkes went over to help her, so I was almost certain that she was alright. Voldermort still stood on the sidelines, waiting for someone to charge him. When Harry finished with Lucius, he did.

They clashed, and since I was paired with no Death Eater, I sat, still sobbing and watched them. For a moment, it seemed that Voldermort was winning, and then it seemed that victory would be Harry’s. Soon, I was the only one standing besides Harry and Voldermort. I watched and then I saw Voldermort’s body lying on the ground. Harry had won. Or so I thought…

Voldermort’s body may have been useless, but his soul was still kicking. Voldermort had possessed Harry.

“Now I will kill the famous Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, the Chosen One. You will never see the light of another day, Harry! Everyone will see that their role-model, their hero, wasn't so powerful after all!!!” Voldermort’s voice proclaimed. Harry’s mouth was moving to the words, but it was not Harry’s voice.

“Harry!!!” I screamed, running over to him, all thoughts of fear forgotten. “Harry! What can I do?” I asked, tears running down my face.

Harry’s voice issued through his mouth again, but it sounded strained, like Voldermort was causing him great pain and he was having trouble throwing Voldermort off as well. “Kill me, Hermionie!!!”

“What?!?” I said, dumbstruck. “I can’t kill you! You are the only one who can defeat him!”

“No. He’ll kill me anyways. Do it NOW, Hermione! It’s the only way. He’ll die with me!” Harry instructed. He sounded painfully weak, like he could die at any second. It broke my heart to see that strong, brave, wonderful soul in such horrifying pain and agony.

I couldn’t believe that my best friend wanted me to kill him!!! I realized why, but it didn’t make it any easier to do. Tears were running down my cheeks and I was sobbing hysterically. But with a shaking wand hand, I said it. “AVADA KADAVRA’ !!!” Harry rose up in the air like Ron had and fell down from the height.

For good measure, I used the curse on Voldermort’s body as well, just to be sure. Then, I wept. I brought Ron and Harry’s corpses over to where Ginny lay. Fawkes was still tending to her when I brought their bodies over. Fawkes looked me in the eye, as if asking, ‘Is there anything I can do?’ I shook my head no. After a little while, Ginny woke.

She saw Harry and Ron’s bodies and cried like there was no mercy in this world. We bawled our eyes out while holding on to each other. That was the only comfort in the world: Ginny was OK. We reminisced about all the good times that we’d had with Harry and Ron. I explained to her what had happened while she was out cold.

“My God, Hermione! That must have been so dreadful!” Ginny said through her tears.

“Ya. It was,” I told Ginny with a shaking voice. Nearly everyone that I loved: gone in one night. Harry, Ron, and countless Order members were dead. Fawkes was still near us, watching. He was crying, as if attempting to heal Ginny and my broken hearts. But broken hearts cannot be mended. That’s how merciless this world is.

Finally, I told Fawkes, “Go heal other people. There’s no hope for any of us here.” He flew away and tried to help the others.
“We’d better go see who’s still alive,” Ginny sobbed. “So we can bring them to St. Mungo’s, you know.”

“Yes. Let’s get to it,” I said somberly. Mrs. Weasley had a pulse, but was not breathing. I apparated her to St. Mungo’s, which had no patients in the waiting room due to the late hour, thank God. “Spell damage. Hurry, please. It’s urgent!” I told one of the nurses in the lobby. Then I set Molly down on the floor and disapparated.

The next survivor we found was Hagrid. It took both Ginny and I to get him to the hospital, and we were lucky we were even able to manage that. Fred was brought to the hospital by Ginny as well. It was horrible because George was lying next to him, dead. I sadly pondered how poor Fred would take this horrid news as I continued my search.

Neville, Lupin, Bill, Mr. Diggory and a handful of others were taken to the hospital by Ginny and me. Then we went to sleep, our deceased lovers in our arms.

I will never forget that night. It feels as though it was etched into my memory with a painfully sharp knife. I cried so hard for many, many days afterwards, and Ginny cried with me.

Mr. Diggory and Hagrid had died at St. Mungo’s less than two hours after we had brought them there. Everyone else that we had brought to the hospital lived and they were all eternally grateful, but when they said it, they had a glint of sadness in their eyes. Everyone in the wizarding world had lost someone. But the people in the Order had lost nearly everyone.

Out of the Weasleys, only Bill, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Fred had survived. And a couple of weeks later, Ginny found that Fred had committed suicide, which traumatized her even more than the poor girl already was. Celebrations should have been going on all over the world, but they were not. People were too filled with grief that no one was in the mood.

All of the people who died that night from the Order had combined funerals, as we all knew was the right thing to do. When I saw Charlie, Fleur, Mr. Weasley, Professor McGonagall, Fred, George, Hagrid, Harry and Ron in their caskets, it made me extremely sad. None of these people deserved to die.

Since Voldermort had killed my parents during the war, I stayed with the Weasleys for quite some time. I would have been extremely happy with this arrangement during the happier times, but seeing Ron’s empty room and his things lying around the house that Mrs. Weasley had not yet put away was traumatizing. But worst of all were the family photos.

To see Ron waving back at me, smiling, unaware of the horrid death that he would suffer later on in his life, made me oh so sad. His flaming red hair that hung right below his ears, his heart stopping smile, his witty comments and his dreamy blue eyes made me want to jump into that photo so badly. I wanted to be with Ron. To kiss him, to tell him how much I loved him and for him to tell me he feels the exact same way about me.

And I missed Harry so much as well. Ginny had a photo of all of us-Ginny, Ron, Harry, me and the rest of the Weasley clan-pinned on the wall above our beds. Ron and I had been embracing, and so had Harry and Ginny, so that was my favorite picture. It reminded me of where I wanted to be. It reminded me of what I lost…

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