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“You’ll be sorry! Sorry that you’re going to die like that good-for-nothing godfather of yours!” cackled Bellatrix, her midnight-black hair waving about wildly in the strong winds. Her pale grey eyes were full of maliciousness and were longing to witness someone die a painful death.


“Crucio!” I yelled clearly, stopping her from completing that dreaded curse. She gave a high-pitched scream as her knees buckled and she collapsed onto the muddy, water-logged grass. I started firing every curse that came into my head, tears streaming down my face as I felt my sanity slip away like sand in between my fingers. I couldn’t hack it anymore. I wanted to confront Voldemort, I wanted to kill him but whenever I found a Horcrux and I felt as if I was getting closer there would be another obstacle that would knock me back again. I just wanted the world to be safe again, so my family and I could walk the streets and without having to look over our shoulders for danger and so my child wouldn’t have to be parentless like me.

“Harry! Harry! Stop it!” cried Ron, pulling me away. “She’s gone now. She can’t take anyone else away from you now.”

I felt so disgusted with myself. Bellatrix’s blood-coated body lay in a lifeless heap in front of me. Had I really sank down to her level? The rain began to pelt down even faster, fitting in with the scenery around me. Ron dragged me away from Bellatrix and pushed me onto the muddy ground as a hex flew across in my direction, missing me by centimetres. I looked up from the ground and saw a tall, cloaked figure edging towards me. He pulled down his hood to reveal a pale face with very prominent dark eyes. I recognised him immediately and it made me feel physically sick.

“Snape?” I gasped, my voice hoarse. Then my guts turned. Ron was beside me and that only meant one thing……

“Ron! Run!” I gasped, trying to spare his life.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Ron collapsed onto the ground, his body unnaturally still and his skin a ghostly white. I felt a sudden anger fill every inch of my body, as if a trigger had gone off inside of me. I raised my wand and started spitting out every curse that I knew. But Snape was too strong and had the upper hand straight away.

“Potter! Get away!” called a familiar voice which I recognised as Draco Malfoy’s.

“No Draco!” ordered Snape, a hint of panic in his voice.


“AVADA KEDAVRA!” I screamed, gathering the little energy that Snape hadn’t managed to drain out of me as I pointed my wand at Draco. He collapsed immediately, landing next to Ron. I felt myself become considerably weaker. Snape had a terrified look on his face and his wand fell out of his grasp. A stream of brilliant flame spurted out of his wrist and winded itself around Draco's hand and then sethered in half, as if something had been broken, the unbreakable vow. He gave a yelp of pain as he fell to the floor, the sleeve of his robe lifting up to reveal the dark mark. I crawled over to Ron, the tremendous pain throughout my body slowing me down. I shook his body vigorously, trying in vain to wake him up. I knew that he was dead, but I just couldn’t accept it, even at that moment.

“Ron! RON!” I screamed. I had no more energy left and the curses that Snape had fired at me took over. I felt my eye lids become considerably heavier and I saw my whole life flash in front of me. The blinding green light, living with the Dursely’s, meeting Hagrid. meeting the Weasleys, meeting Hermione, joking around with Sirius, falling in love with Ginny, the Triwizard Tournament, Dumbledore’s death and the last time I kissed Ginny before I went off to war……….

a/n- Sorry that this is a really short chapter, but please review and tell me what you think and how I could improve.

a/n- Just to add to that, I'd advise you all to check out stories by a very talented author called TheyCallMeThePretty_Poison. She's really good but is very underrated and she deserves more reviews! If you haven't read her stories then do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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