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The room was filled with teachers; Professor Slughorn, Professor Schnee, Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore and the Headmaster. James turned red as a tomato and excused himself.
“Ehm, hum, I’m really… so sorry… I don’t… Didn’t… Bye…!” He grabbed the handle, turned it and exited the room in a hurry, shutting the door behind him. He could not believe that he had missed all of the little dots on the map. Maybe he should get new glasses!

You’d think his troubles had come to an end there, but no. Two corridors later he saw another danger coming his way. Severus Snape was the slyest and meanest pupil ever to attend Hogwarts, if you didn’t count Lucius Malfoy. Either way, Snape was about to turn the corner and see him. James checked the map thoroughly for any sign of professors or others, before he entered yet another classroom. To James’ great relief this one was empty.

James took a second to breathe, but as he was going to leave the room again he saw another little dot on the map, and it was moving towards his classroom. James looked around for a good place to hide. The obvious place was under the teacher’s desk. He was quick to get over there, and had just bent down and out of sight when the door was opened and a red-headed girl came in and closed the door as she entered.

James hadn’t taken the time to read the dot’s label, and didn’t know who to expect. Lily sat down in a chair five desks from where James sat.
“Hello James!” she said slowly. James’ eyes widened and he slowly emerged from his hiding-spot. Lily just sat there, her face expressing ‘I-knew-you-were-there’. James sat down in a chair, facing her. She was looking out of the window as if not listening.
“How did you…?” He was cut off. She turned to face him and James jumped in his chair as he saw her left eye. If was swollen and bruised terribly.

James didn’t even try to calm down when he knew he should’ve. He rushed to his feet, didn’t know where to go or what to do and sat down again.
“Who?” said James. “Who did this to you?” His voice was shaking out of anger.
“It’s not important!” said Lily. James thought he wasn’t hearing right.
“Not important?” he yelled. Lily covered her ears, came in contact with her swollen eye and yelped out in pain. James rushed to her side and held her hand without even noticing it himself. They both noticed at the same time, and drew their hands back.

“I’ll help you to the Hospital Wing” said James, not knowing what else to do. He had ended up at the Hospital Wing quite a few times lately. Lily refused, but then her eye hurt again and she accepted weakly. James supported her as she got up, but was soon jerked off and quite abruptly told that she wasn’t a toddler and that she could walk on her own.

The Hospital Wing wasn’t crowded, not that it ever was. Madam Pomfrey was having lunch, and was quite a bit grumpy when she had to lay down her sandwich to help the two of them.
“Weren’t you two in here not so long ago?” she said. James and Lily looked at each other guiltily before nodding. Lily covered her mouth at the pain, not for nodding but for the cleansing-wipes Madam Pomfrey had started working with.

In ten minutes Lily’s eye wasn’t swollen anymore, but the bruise was showing as strongly as ever. James had waited outside, and wondered why Madam Pomfrey hadn’t removed it.
“She said she couldn’t work with bruises like these.” Lily said simply. “Too close to the scull and brain, might do some damage…” Lily mimicked. James let out a laugh, and Lily joined him. Two seconds later they were both silent again, and the silence lasted all the way up to the Gryffindor common-room.

Right before they reached the Fat Lady James was just dying to know who did it.
“Please tell me who it was” he pleaded. “I’ll kick his arse for you! Or not, if you don’t want me to. But please?” Lily stopped and looked at him.
“Who says it’s a ‘he’?” she said.
“I don’t know. I just assumed.”

Lily walked up to the Fat Lady, whispered the password and opened the door.
“Oh, and by the way James. They just changed the passwords.” Lily looked at him from behind the portrait. James was quick to answer.
“To what?” he said.
“I don’t know…” said Lily in a fake-sweet tone. James ran for the opening, but Lily was too quick to shut it.

“Fireflies” he tried, but the old password was no good. “Come on, you know me. I’m James Potter; I pass here ten times a day every day at the least. Please, won’t you just let me in?” James tried. The Fat Lady shook her head and told him she couldn’t do that, since the girl who just passed had told her not to let him in even if he begged her.

James could not believe his luck. He was stuck in the hallway in the middle of the day, and had nowhere else to go but the library. Then he remembered he still had the Marauders Map in his pocket, and took it out. He hadn’t had the chance to turn it off yet, and so it was still showing the school-grounds and all of the people.

Snape was in an empty classroom along with Narcissa Black. Wasn’t she Malfoy’s girl? ‘Ah, who cares?’ thought James, as he scouted for any Gryffindors. He found Sirius on the map, but right beside him was Mary, and he really didn’t want to interrupt anything. He continued his search and his eyes finally rested on Remus, who was practicing Quiddich out on the fields.

James ‘Accio’-ed his broom and was out of the castle in no time at all. The wind was blowing freshly and he inhaled deep breaths of fresh air as he zoomed down to where Remus was. He put away the Marauders Map and steered his broom to stop in mid-air right in front of Remus, who had stopped as soon as he had seen James coming towards him.

“Hey Prongs, what’re you doing here?” asked Remus. James noticed several cuts and biting marks on Remus’ hands, and felt sorry for him. The full-moon had just passed. He shook away the thought and asked him what he had come for.
“Do you know the new password for the Fat Lady?” he asked.
“Sure, it’s ‘Hilda’” Remus couldn’t help but laugh. James didn’t think it was all that funny, and just started at Remus with icy eyes.
“Come on, the real password, Moony!” he was growing impatient.
“I just told you” said Remus sincerely. James closed his eyes in defeat before nodding and flying back to the castle.

The password was actually the right one, and James made a memo to find out who made the passwords and personally give him or her a piece of his mind. But now he was concentrating on finding out who had hit Lily. First of all he went up to his dormitory and emptied his pocket. The Marauders Map, the wand and the… wait a minute. Didn’t he bring the list too? James checked his other pocket and found the piece of parchment with “Ten things I wanna do in life…” on top, “By Lily Evans” on the bottom and in between it said “6 – Have a star named after me.”

James stared at the list in shock. Since when had she changed her name? After James had had ‘I Love Hilda’ on his forehead? No, wait, she laughed at that. Then when? James’ head felt like exploding, and the only cure for that was flying. He got on his broom and the fresh air hit him once again.

After a good thirty minutes on the broom James had decided it wasn’t important how and why she had done it, only that she had. As he climbed back through the portrait-hole he tried to keep his focus on how to name a star Lily. What he needed was books, and loads of them.

He had checked out fifteen books that afternoon, and Madam Pince had looked at him curiously and worriedly, as if he was kidnapping them. He ignored her boring glances and carried them all the way to the Fat Lady. After going through two of them he was so tired he fell asleep.

Sirius was the one waking him. He wanted to tell James something, because he had figured that not telling him wouldn’t be nice. James looked at Sirius with tired eyes and sat up properly in his chair. Sirius looked at him guiltily before revealing a book that he’d been hiding behind his back. It was black, and it said ‘ENGLISH GRAMMAR’ with capital letters.

James shot up and snapped the book out of his hands.
“Did you open it?” he asked worriedly.
“No, I was just wondering since when you’d been interested in English grammar and stars.” James breathed in relief. Sirius continued. “What are you looking for anyway?” he pointed at the books spread all over the table.
“Ehm, how to name a star” Sirius looked strangely at him. Then he nodded.
“Better give you a hand then” and they both started flipping through pages to see if it said anything important.

After fifteen minutes the two boys had found two ways of naming a star. The muggle way to do it was to send an application to the star-office or something. The Wizard way to do it was to point at a star not already named and say “Navnet er” and then the name. James decided to go with the last one, and Sirius agreed with him there. Sirius left James to it, and James went looking for a book on stars and the names of them.

It was incredible how many of the start were already named. No wonder, when it was that easy to do it. There only seemed like two stars left without a name. One was so tiny you could barely see it, but the other one was shining brightly and it looked beautiful up there in the great big sky.

That same night, James went outside with his invisibility-cloak securely around him. He got to the grounds unseen, found the star, pointed at it with his wand and said “Navnet er Lily”. The star blackened for a moment, and James started to worry that it wasn’t the right spell. But soon enough the star lighted again, and James let out a breath in relief.

James went to bed that night thinking that the wish was fulfilled and there would be a new wish. He found the piece of paper and read the wish. “6 – Have a star named after me”. Wait a minute, he’d heard that before. The wish wasn’t fulfilled? No that couldn’t be, he’d just named it!

The following day was a schoolday. James showed up early for Care of Magical Creatures-class, and met an eating Professor Schnee standing among little creatures that looked a lot like dogs. Professor Schnee smiled at him, and James said hello. Then he waited for Lily to come. She came early as always, but almost turned again after seeing James standing there. James told her to wait up, and she slowly stopped.

“Can’t you just tell me?” said James. Lily turned.
“All right, but this isn’t the place” she said carefully. “Meet me in the astronomy tower at midnight tonight!” James nodded, as the time and place couldn’t have been better. For the rest of the lesson he tried to concentrate on what Professor Schnee said, but he couldn’t help looking over at Lily every two seconds, thinking that he was finally doing something right.


A.N.: Hey again. I hope you liked it. I'll be gone for a week from Sunday May 28th, and I don't think I will have access to a computer. And if I will, then not for long enough to write any more chapters. Sorry...

A big thanks to Australia's_#1_HPfan for coming up with the great wish ;) And about the spell James used to name the star: I couldn't think of any good latin-sounding names for it, so I used the norwegian for "The name is...". Hehe.

Anyway, thanks for all your reviews and keep reviewing. =)

Disclaimer: The usual.

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