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A/N- ok, b4 ny one hurts me, I hav finals, and am really risking a lot by writing right now, but oh well! Ny ways, looks like the vote thing was kinda messy, and B and C were most popular! Well, let’s c what happens! Will they kiss, or will they not? *dun, dun, dunnnn*

Okay, also, thanks to all of you great ppl, somebody had a question as to whether the Lovers’ Lounge was magical or muggle, it’s magical, and the muggle suspects that enter, are pretending to be magical, after all they do know of the magical world, some do and some don’t. If your totally confused right now, don’t worry, go with the story, u’ll understand don’t worry.

Chap 9-

Draco’s lips came down on to hers. Gently, and hesitantly. It’s not every day that you kiss your enemy after all. As hips lips met hers, Hermione found that they weren’t rough as she had imagined, but indeed quite soft. But before any emotion was felt from either side—

A loud crash signaled the end of the start of a kiss that could have made history. Their lips had just but touched, and before any thing could have been achieved some one yelled after the loud crash, “That man has some sort of a weapon!”

Hermione and Draco turned quickly to find that the suspect, Davis Johnson, had a man along with him, who happened to be one of the sidekicks, who of course had blown their cover by keeping his gun in full view. Wait, a gun? Both Hermione and Draco thought. That means….

Johnson gave one look at Draco and Hermione as if showing them that he already knew who they were, before he ran for it. In a fit of desperation, both Hermione and Draco ran after him as well.

They ran a couple of blocks before, Hermione stopped them, using magic.
“You know wandless magic?” Draco inquired completely forgetting about Johnson.

“Uh! You idiot! Get them!” Hermione yelled in obvious frustration.

“Oh right, yes!” Draco went to them both tying them both up using magical ropes that would stay still up tp any degree of motion, so long as the One who had conjured them, was strong enough.

“What do you want?” Johnson asked gruffly. “We didn’t do anything, and you were the one who came after us! What did we do?”

“Well holding an unauthorized gun, and running away from two people afraid they might hurt you, kind of, sorta proves as strange.” Hermione said.

“Don’t you talk to me you mudblood!” Johnson yelled at her.

Hermione looked away, as if planning what to say to the evil git next.
“Woah, dude, that doesn’t work with you. Only purebloods say that, you are a freakin’ muggle!” Draco yelled.

“The stupid sidekick here is, not me! I am forever one of the pure blooded, the noble and regal families. The one, who still cares for the one who is truly great, not people who look away.” Johnson said.

“Well, now that we have that established, and we know you are a death-eater, care to share more about your stupid organization? Once and for all, seriously, when will you guys get it? Voldertmort is dead!” Draco yelled.

“You are not fit to say his name! You are a coward! Always had been. Right from the start, Draco-“ Hermione’s eyebrow’s went up as she realized that this man knew Malfoy.

“I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Simple. So don’t say things about me.” Draco said.

“Have you really forgotten? Pity. Stained the Malfoy name, I see. I for one, knew you turn up like this. Didn’t have enough gumption. What plans your poor father had…alas, his own son. Tis a pity one must say.” Johnson said.

“Oh the tasks you were assigned. The people you killed. All of fear though. Truth be told, I had thought there was some talent there, you were cunning, but oh, how scared. People say stories about your ‘Oh so Heroic’ change, but I know that coward or not, deep inside, you stay the same.” Johnson continued,

“The Diary, the wishes you made. The ones that I thought you would fulfill. But no matter, it’s in your blood, it shall rise again. But you were too weak. You still are weak. Not a Malfoy they say, and so they shall say, for it be the truth.”

Hermione looked over at Draco to see him squirming and his fist clenched together. “Stop! Stop it!” Draco shouted.

“Just like your father. Just like him, same face, same looks, same ambition. Power, my boy. You just go about it differently. But mark my words, paths ended up the same, after all even this young lady must know, that coward though you are, July 10th, proved otherwise. June 10th. You remember that, don’t you?” Suddenly, Johnson’s eyes turned and changed colors all at once, and Hermione saw Draco falling, and his grip and strength on the magical ropes falling…

Draco was losing strength, he couldn’t take it anymore. This was not Johnson…it was Hunter, one of his father’s friends. The one who was there, when he told him about his wishes to take over the world. The one who was there, when it happened. June 10th. The day that…his father died.

She tried to run, to stop him, and help Draco, but she found that she was numb and immobile. As hard as she tried, she could do nothing but watch, and see Draco’s agony.

It must have been a spell Johnson had created himself, because Hermione could not find a way out of it. Somehow, it kept her immobile, and forced Draco to remember the night of June 10th.

“STOP! AHHH!” Was all Hermione heard, before she blanked out.
A/N- well, sry again, for the cliffy! But this chapter was kinda weird…but necessary! I kno, I kno, u wanted the kiss to be better, but chapter 10, is going to be sooo great! Just wait! So…the good news is that Chap 10 will be out soon! But Chap 11, may take a bit of time, but otherwise, pls review I hope u liked it! Chao ppl!

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