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A/N: *Hides from the 'Lets Kill Jaymee Organization'* I kno U hate me!!! But I'm bac see??? *points to new chappy* and I'm workin on the other now!!! Kay???

Disclaimer: Ok yall kno who the characters and stuff belong too the only thing thats myn is the plot J.D. and Jared so don't sue...LOL
Sunlight streamed through Hermione's curtains,protruding into her siesta. She moaned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. What time was it? She glanced at her watch and saw it was 8:27.

"Shower time," She told herself and rolled out of bed. She looked at J.D. sleeping soundly,unperterbed by the sudden change in weight on the mattress. She'd wake him up last. She grabbed her usual Hogwarts apparell and stepped into a warm shower. After de-frizzing her hair,brushing her teeth,and dressing, she decided to put on a little make up. She lightly brushed on some light foundation a bit of blush and spread some neautral eyeshadow onto her eyelids. She lined her eyes with brown eyeliner and did her lashes with brown mascara. Nothing to drastic just a tweek to enhance her features. Instead of leaving her hair down as usual she pulled it into to low pony tails just below both ears and tied dark green ribbons in them. She looked good,she had to admit that to herself. She gathered up her school things and packed J.D.'s stuff before waking her baby and dressing him in a pair of baby jeans and a yellow t-shirt that had "Band Camp Blows" written in navy on the front. She gathered her things in one arm and balanced J.D. in the crook of the other. She made her way down to the Great Hall for their breakfast.
* * *
"Mione! Over here!" Hermione heard her name called upon entrance and she looked over to the Slytherin table. She smiled as Millicent made room for her beside her.

"Hey," Millicent greeted.

"Hey," Hermione smiled back and sat down. She magicked J.D.'s formula done and then fed herself.

"Band Camp Blows," Millicent read off of J.D.'s tee and laughed, "That's priceless! Where'd you get it?"

"At a muggle store in London. I saw it and I was like, 'I gotta have that!' Hahaha I thought it was hilarious!"

"Is it ever!" Millicent laughed.

"What'd I miss?" An all to familiar voice said.

Hermione's smile quickly faded as she saw the owner of the voice,she looked down at her plate,pink circles forming on her cheeks.

"Look!" Millicent took J.D. and held him up so that Jared could read the tee.

He too burst out laughing, "Wow! Never been to band camp but it must blow then eh?"

"The shirt has spoken," Millicent said in a mock whimsical voice.
The three of them burst out laughing. Millicent looked at Hermione, "Are you wearing make-up Mione?"

Hermione quickly lowered her eyes to stare at her food, "Yeah,can you tell too much?" She frantically grabbed a napkin with every intention of wiping the make up off but Millicent grabbed her arm and pulled the napkin away.

"I didn't say that," She giggled, "I was just asking you look pretty,doesn't she Jared?" She turned to Jared and smiled knowing very well she was embarassing Hermione.

"I think we all know the answer to that," He said and tugged on one of Hermione's pig tails. Hermione yelped and giggled before slapping his had away. The feeling of shyness because of last night's incident completely forgotten. Hermione reached up and ruffled Jared's dark brown hair. It was soft,just like Draco's. Hermione bit her lip and scowled inwardly. It was him who was pushing her away not the other way around. He wasn't sitting around thinking about her 24/7 was he? No, it wasn't very likely so why should she? Right, she shouldn't and she wouldn't. Hermione rolled her eyes at herself,and shook her head. That wasn't possible she would never be over him,She loved him. The bell signaling they had ten minutes before the start of their first lesson sounded and everyone got up and headed for the doors. Hermione scooped one more bacon strip into her mouth,picked up her belongings,and left for the door too. She scurried about as quickly as she could out onto the Hogwarts Grounds to drop J.D. off with Hagrid. She was very anxious to see what Hagrid's reaction would be. Afterall,he was Harry's friend too. But her fears were quickly washed away when she knocked on the gamekeeper's/teacher's door and he answered with a warm smile spreading on his wide,friendly face.

"Good morning Hagrid," Hermione smiled.

"Good mornin' ter yeh too Hermione," Hagrid beamed at the little kiddie in Hermione's arms, "Oh! Look at the little rascal! He really is summat to look at!" Hagrid scooped the tiny tot into one of his massive hands and smiled.

"Thanks," This time Hermione beamed, " Well I brought his toys and formula and an extra change of clothes," She handed Hagrid the diaper bag. "Thanks again Hagrid! I'll be back at lunch break to take him to Madame Pomfrey okay?"

"Don't worry 'bout a thin Hermione! Just leave it all ter meh! Now go on ter class ever'thing will be just fine," Hagrid puffed out his chest importantly. Hermione smiled and waved before sprinting on to class. She checked her watch and saw she had 6 minutes left to run to the Potions room without being late. She huffed and puffed and willed her feet to carry her faster or she was going to be late! With only a minute to spare Hermione skidded to a stop beside Millicent and doubled over to catch her breath.

"Finally! I thought you were gonna be late," Millicent said and patted Hermione's back to make sure she was okay.

"So did I," Hermione panted and straightened up, "How do I look?"

"Fine," Millicent smiled and wiped away a mascara booger from the corner of Hermione's eye. Hermione adjusted her pigtails just as Professor Snape whooshed past them and pushed the classroom door open.

"Enter," He said. He said it in a deadly manner as he stared Hermione and Millicent down. Hermione matched his look in a discreet way and entered the classroom with Millicent tugging on her hand.

"Ah,Potter,Weasley I see you've chosen to be," Snape looked at the sun dial outside one of the large ceiling-to-floor windows, "15.2 seconds late, five points from Gryffindor. Go." He pointed them into the room as if he were brandishing a puppy who had pished on a rug. Harry and Ron both turned red in the face but said nothing. They entered the classroom with their heads bowed and Ron caught Hermione out the corner of his eye. He mommentairly looked up and smiled at her gently. Jared wasn't the only one who thought she looked gorgeous. Hermione almost smiled back but turned away. As much as she hated doing that,Ron and Harry had chosen to no longer be friends with her,not the other way around. Instead she lifted her head and looked around for an empty seat. She was not going to intrude on Millicent's and Blaise's privacy. She felt someone grab onto her elbow and smiled as Jared led her to an empty desk and sat her down beside him. She smiled at him and he returned her warm gesture with an acclerated heart rate. The effect this girl had on him....

"Sorry I'm late Proffesor, I had a few technical difficulties," Draco bustled in,looking pink in the face.

"Like what? Couldn't find your Versace robes?" Hermione heard Jared mutter under his breath but didn't say anything. Did the two of them not like eachother?

"Fine. But don't ever be late to class again Mr.Malfoy clear?" Snape said and gave a curt nod,signaling him to have a seat. Draco lifted his head and quickly scanned the room for an empty seat. There was one,the one vacant spot was the chair on Hermione's right.

"Today Mr.Malfoy," Said Snape in a bored tone. Draco looked at his feet as he made his way towards Hermione and Jared. He sat down silently,his arm brushed against Hermione's as he tried to straighten his robes once he had sat down. Pink circles formed on Hermione's cheeks and she turned to face straight infront of her. Professor Snape leisurely flicked his wand and the instructions majicked themselved onto the board.

"This is a group effort with the students at your table,begin," He drawled lazily.

Just my luck thought Hermione and rolled her eyes.

"Kay let's get started," She stated breaking the silence. Draco was startled as she spoke. He had been staring at her the whole time,taking in every little aspect of her new apperence. Was she wearing make up? She was! Normally this was a major turn off for Draco,he hated girls who pasted all that muck onto their faces. But Hermione looked,if it was even possible,more beautiful than usual. Draco shook his head. No,no,no! This was it. It was time. He was going to break all ties with Hermione in this hour and a half. In 90 minutes...she would be gone from his life for ever. As much as it hurt was time.

"I'd watch out with this one if I were you Simms," Draco hissed in a mocking tone, "Don't let her put a tent in your pants,I hear she's real good at it." He laughed a merciless laugh.

Hermione's face burned with embarrassment. Jared took notice of Hermione's fiery complexion and said through gritted teeth, "Shove the hell off Malfoy."

"Oooo...does this tramp have you wrapped around her little finger now too? You gotta tell me which method she used with you and I'll tell you what she used with me."

Hermione gasped involuntairly.

"Shut the hell up Malfoy!" Jared hissed.

"What? Don't tell me she's got you thinking she loves you. Be smart Simms,don't let a skank like this seduce you, trust me...she's not worth it." Draco swallowed a lump the size of a grapefruit in his throat and willed himself not to cry. He was doing a good job thus far. Just one more blow and the job was finished.
"So Granger who's son is that little semi mudblood?" Draco looked straight into Hermione's amber eyes and almost chocked on his spittle. Her eyes were large and watery and it was all Draco could do to not throw his arms around her tiny figure. To hold her to him and whisper how sorry he was in her ear and tell her it was all okay. To tell her he loved her more than anything in the world and that he hoped to one day make a family with her and J.D. even though he wasn't his kid. But a sickening sensation grabbed at his stomach as he imagined some other bloke,some other ugly, greasy dude hugging his Hermione. Kissing her, loving her as he once had,claiming her as his,stroking her hair and whispering words of love into her ear making her giggle insanely as he kissed the tip of her nose. A wave of rage washed over Draco and his nostrils flared with anger and he continued to attack her. "So Mudblood what'd it feel like? You know, since your an expert while the rest of us are just ametuars," He sniggered and grinned maliciously.

That was it for Hermione,she raised her arm and slapped him soundly across the face. The impact stung her hand and made a loud "smack" sound,like smacking rubber. She quickly gathered her books and ran out of the classroom just as the bell rang.

"What is your effing problem you frickin ass?!" Jared yelled once the class was outside in the corridor. He puffed his chest out they way guys do to make themselves taller than their opponent and shoved Draco. (Notice before gys git N a fyt they ALWAYS do th@???)

Draco stood up his full height as well and pushed Jared back, "Don't cross me Simms! I know what I'm doing!"

"Mind telling me what the hell it is that you're trying to do to her? What? You aren't satisfied with the hell you've caused her life to be?!" Jared shoved Draco back.

"Her life's hell? What about mine? Man, we all know she's a slut! Why don't you just accept the fact and get on with your pathetic life?!"

"I'll show you what's pathetic you son of a b--"
Without warning Draco took a swing at Jared's face and punched him squarely on the jaw. A horrible 'Crack' noise was heard as Jared stumbled back and held his bloody jaw. He scrambled up and lunged at Draco's stomach like an angry bull,knocking the air out of him. The boys rolled around on the floor,socking eachother madly.

"Hey! Knock it off man!" Blaise yelled and pried Jared off of Draco. Blaise held Jared's arms behind his back in a lock while Millicent went over to Draco, pushing her petite backside into him to keep him still.

"Stop it Draco! You idiot!" She yelled at him and struggled against him.

"You better watch yourself Simms! There won't be someone to save your pathetic ass next time!" Draco yelled as Blaise dragged Jared to the Hospital Wing.

"I'll be waiting Malfoy," Jared yelled over his shoulder.

"Come on Draco," Millicent grabbed Draco by his arm and dragged him down to the Slytherin Common Room. His wounds weren't as bad as Jared's and she figured he could cure himself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Slythering Common Room
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Once Millicent had gotten Draco inside,she turned and slapped him just as Hermione had.

"What the fu--"

"How dare you be such a careless arrogant git!" She yelled.


"Don't what me! I heard every word you said to Hermione! And you know what?! When you stop being blinded by ignorance you'll regret every effin word you said to her! Mark my words Draco Malfoy you will be sorry."

"What? Look,if you're talking about Hermione's child then you may wanna take back what you said because that child is NOT mi--"

"Whatever,believe what you want," She handed Draco a towel, "And you can cure yourself. I have to go find my best friend." And with a toss of her hair she left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Girl's Bathroom
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Hermione sat on a toilet crying silently. She wiped her snotty nose with her hand angerly. She was so sick of this crap. The jokes,the sniggers,the pointing. She was sick of it all.

"Hermione?" Hermione heard a familiar voice call her name and she quickly undid the lock to her stall and threw the door open. She ran into her best friend's arms and cried into her shoulder.

"I hate him, I swear I hate him!" She sobbed, "I wanna kill him! I wanna hurt him the way he hurts me! I hate him..."

"It's okay honey it's all right, just cry...cry all you want's okay....shhhhh...." Millicent whispered comfortingly and stroked her friends hair,trying to hold in her own tears.

"He just doesn't care anymore!" Hermione wailed as she was lowered onto the bathroom floor and rested her head in Millicent's lap, "He doesn't care! He hates me! I can't take this anymore! I wanna kill him! I love him so effing much but he doesn't care! Omgah I wanna die! What did I do wrong? Why won't he talk to me?! We could fix this if he just gave me the chance...but he won't even gimme that much..." Hermione whimpered into Millicent's leg.

" you don't! You don't wanna die! Come on Hermione! You gotta be strong! For your son! You gotta show Draco how strong you can't just give up on life now...your baby needs you..."

"I don't know what to do anymore! Everything's gone wrong and I...." She didn't finish...she didn't know what else to say.

"I know. I know how much you love him. And believe it or not he loves you too..."Millicent said softly.

"No he doesn't,he doesn't love me and I was a fool to ever think he did. That's it! I'm done! I'm not gonna put up with his crap anymore! I'm tired of it and I'm not gonna deal with it anymore. If Draco wants to be a butt hole about it FINE! I'll let him be that butt hole!"

"Hermione?" Millicent asked hesitantly.

"No! That's it I'm done with this! If Draco doesn't wanna believe me about J.D. then...."

"Then?" Millicent pressed.

"Then I'll move on. I highly doubt Draco's lying on some bathroom floor crying his eyes out over me so why should I?!"

"Right,but--" Millicent was getting panicky. Draco and Hermione had to get back together. It was meant to be and she would make sure it was done.

"No buts," Hermione looked in the mirror and tightened each pigtail straightened her robes and wiped off the runny make up on her face. If only she felt as confident and had her mind as made up as she seemed to be...truth being...she wasn't. But she would paste on a face and would appear to be. She had to be strong for her sake...and for her sanity.

"Operation Get-Hermione-And-Draco-Back-Together has commenced," Millicent muttered.

"What?" Hermione sniffed and turned around.

"Nothing," Millicent shook her head. Blaise is gonna kill me for meddling,she thought,but this time it was neccesary. She was going these two back together,or die trying and she was gonna drag Blaise down with her.
* * *
"Operation what?!" Blaise yelped.

"Operation Get-Hermione-and-Draco-Back-Together. C'mon Blaise! You can't look at me with a straight face and say that Draco is honestly happy without Hermione!" Millicent said, standing up and crossing her arms across her chest.

"No, but he doesn't want to be with her anymore! Mill please don't meddle in this. It isn't any of your buisness."

"It damn straight is my because Hermione is my best friend!"

"Yeah, and Draco's mine. I refuse to see him get hurt again!" Blaise was getting angry.

"Hurt?! What about Hermione?!"

"What about her?!"

"She's hurt too Blaise! She's hurt because she knows what everybody thinks of her! She's not a slut! If you bothered to talk to her for more than 14 seconds and got to know her before you judge her you'd get what I mean!"

"Look, all I know is she seriously hurt Draco by having that kid of hers and then dumping it on him. All I want is for my best friend to be happy and Hermione Granger is obviously not his happiness." Blaise said although he knew he was lying. Oh sure Draco was hurt by Hermione having a child that wasn't his but she was his happiness. He had only told him so millions of times. Once, he had even come to Blaise with tears in his eyes and a sniffle in his talk. But he wasn't gonna tell Millicent that.

"How do you know?" Millicent challenged.

"I just do." Blaise answered evenly.,

"No you don't! You know he misses her and still loves her! I've known Draco since forever and he's my best guy friend I know he's unhappy and so do you! Please help me Blaise!"

Blaise frowned, "Okay so maybe you're right. Maybe he still does love her and thinks about her all the time but I'm not going to meddle okay? If you wanna do this you can do it on your own," He folded his arms across his chest and stood his full 6'0 height.

Millicent huffily crossed her arms across her chest and stuck out her lower lip. She made sad eyes and her lip began to tremble. "You don't care," She whispered, sounding on the verge of tears.

"Millicent," Blaise said slowly, reaching his arms out to his girlfriend.

"No!" She hollered and pulled away.

"Stop acting like a brat and listen to me!" Blaise yelled back.

"Oh so first I'm meddly now I'mma brat?! Thanks a lot!" Millicents eyes looked glazed over and misty.

"Look," Blaise said and grabbed Millicent to keep her from jerking away again. He leaned down to kiss her lips but she turned away so he only got her cheek, "I'll help okay!"

Millicent's face light up and she threw her arms around Blaise, "Thank you! You won't regret this!" She said as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist so he was forced to hold her up like a child.

"Let's hope so," He said staring up at the Heavens.

A/N: I will B leven on Fri. May 26 for 3 wks and won't B able to upd8 but now that I am out of skewl I will have more time to wryt SO I will wryt the nxt chappys while I'm gone that way wen I git home all I gotta do is type em up and submit!!! Thx 4 the patient waiting and I'm sry for the delay!!! Now if U want me 2 B happy U'll review for me!!! Muwahzzzzzz!!!~Jaymee

A/N2: Readers, as of now I am officially taking a break from HPFF. Since I've returned from my trip, I've been feeling a little...out of it. I need some time to mull things over and adjust to a couple of things so, I know I said I would update soon,but taking the state of things, I don't think that's possible. I'm sorry but I can't. But don't worry, I'm not giving up on this story, it's just on hold until further notice,
my sincere apologies,


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