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A/N: Here’s the second chapter, read and review!

Chapter 2: The worst day ever

Two weeks later, Hermione took place in Potions class, lost in her thoughts. Despite the fact that Malfoy was back, everything was absolutely calm. And against all odds, it bothered her a lot; Malfoy was too calm, there was no name calling, no “mudblood” whispered on her way to class. This was extremely strange…almost frightening. Something was going on…

“A penny for your thoughts, Hermione.”

“Oh Harry…I didn’t hear you…I’m sorry.”

“Never mind. What were you thinking of?” asked Harry, sitting behind her and next to Ron.

“Oh, err…nothing…important…I was just daydreaming…Anyway, where’s Neville?”

“In the infirmary.” Ron replied. “He did not feel very well.”

“Excellent, now I have to be alone whereas we are supposed to work in pair today…this is just great!”

“And you think that Neville that Neville would have been really helpful. “ Ron snickered. “Trust me, you’ll work better alone.”

Hermione chuckled. “This is not very nice, Ron. Neville is really sweet…even if he is very…clumsy.”

“Good morning, class.”

Hermione turned around at Slughorn’s entrance.

“Well…as I said on Thursday, were gonna work in pair today; this will be easier for you. All right…so everyone has a potions partner? Miss Granger…where is Mr Longbottom?”

“He’s ill, sir.”

“Oh…well…we’re gonna fix this…Mr Malfoy, would you please come here, next to Miss Granger?”

No! Hermione thought. Oh God! Why me?

Malfoy moved next to her, making no comments.

Slughorn began to write the ingredients on the blackboard. Seeing no movements from Malfoy, Hermione stood up to pick all the ingredients up. When she came back, Malfoy was still standing totally motionless. She decided to begin the work but any reaction of Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. Sighing with frustration, she turned towards Malfoy.

“Look Malfoy, I know that it is horrible for you to work with me but believe me, this is hard for me too. But if we don’t do the thing, we are going to have some problems. Especially you…At least I worked…even if I was alone.”

“Since when do you care?”

Malfoy’s answer startled Hermione.

“I…I don’t care Malfoy…that was just some advice.”

“Well, I don’t need some…especially coming from you. Just leave me alone.”

“Don’t worry, I will…after this class. So can you please cut these roots?” He did not make a move. “What is the matter with you?”

“Once again, why do you care?”

Hermione began to feel really irritated by Malfoy’s behaviour. Plus, the fact that he was not looking at her when she was talking to him makes her want to slap his smug face.

“Once again, I don’t Malfoy. It’s just that I don’t understand why you are acting this way? Why did you come back if it was to be…like this? You should…”

“You’re not my mum, Granger. Mind your own business if you know what’s good for you.”

Hermione snickered. “What’s good for me? What are you gonna do to me, Malfoy? Do you think you could scare me? Oh yes…let me guess…you are going to threaten me to death, then you will start crying and Snape will kill me to save you.”

Malfoy turned his head sharply to look at her. His eyes burned with fury.

“Step too far” she said to herself.


“Miss Granger, Mr Malfoy. I don’t want to hear one more word; you’d better work…and in silence please.”

To Hermione’s surprise, Malfoy started working without a word and totally ignored her during the two following hours.

At the end of the day, Hermione was still thinking about Malfoy in front of her dinner plate. She was surprised and worried at the same time; Malfoy’s indifference was really startling but she knew she was gone too far on potions class; he was going to make her pay.

“You’re not hungry Hermione?”

Ron’s question woke her up.

“What? Oh…I am…don’t worry. I was just thinking about this day.”

“Oh and?”

“I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that Malfoy was my potions partner today…of the fact that Slughorn decided to keep the pairs like this…this is going to be the worst year ever…”

“Do you want me to ask Slughorn if we can switch?” asked Harry.

“No, don’t worry. I can handle Malfoy…I just have to work and ignore all his comments…and the fact that I want to slap him.”

Both boys laughed.

“Don’t laugh! I really wish I could slap him again.”

“Oh I wish you could do that too.” replied Ron, looking at the Slytherin table.

“Calm down, Ron. We don’t want troubles…especially with McGonagall.”

Hermione finished her dinner rapidly and went to the library, as usual.

Several hours later, feeling tired, she decided to go back to the common room. Whereas she was walking down the halls, she suddenly felt pulled then pinned to the wall. She tried to scream but her attacker put a hand over her mouth. Then a voice whispered in her ear.

“Did you think that I would forget what you said this morning, and give you no punishment?”

Hermione’s eyes widened and Malfoy laughed lightly, before dropping his hand.

“What do you want Malfoy?” asked Hermione, panicking a little bit. Indeed, Malfoy was more frightening when you found yourself alone with him in a dark corridor at night.

“Just makes you regret what you said in potions class.”

“I said nothing but the truth, Malfoy, and you perfectly know it.”

“The truth?” He caught her arm and squeezed. “You know absolutely nothing of my life, Granger; so don’t play the bookworm with me. You and your tow boyfriends’d better stay out of my life.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “They’re not my boyfriends. And you know what…I think you’re jealous because Ron and Harry have some things you will never have: respect, glory…and some people who love them.”

Malfoy squeezed harder and Hermione whimpered. “Are you scared of me now?”

“No, I’m just hurt. Could you please release my arm?”

Malfoy released her but came closer.

“Don’t you dare insulting me again.”

“Or what? Do you seriously think that I’m scared of a little coward Slytherin?”

“Watch your tongue, Mudblood.”

The word angered Hermione and she slapped him, hard.

“Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy….care to explain what all this mess is?”

Both turned and saw McGonagall, very angry.

“She slapped me.” cried Malfoy.

“He called me Mudblood;” replied Hermione.

McGonagall sighed deeply. “Frankly, I’m really disappointed in both of you. Mr Malfoy, may I remind you that I’m giving you a second chance by accepting your presence in this school? Name calling is not really appropriate. And as for you, Miss Granger, I thought that you would be able to forget all these childish games and understand that Mr Malfoy had the right to be here if I said so.I assumed that you would be the first one to treat him the good way…Slaps are not appropriate either.”

She looked at them severely then kept talking. “I personally think that you need to know each other to understand your positions. That’s why you will be together on detention for a week. Every evening, you’ll stay in a class, you’ll work, or talk, or do whatever you want but you will be together.”

Hermione and Malfoy stared at her in shock.

“Now I suggest that Mr Malfoy goes back to his common room. I think I’ll take Miss Granger to hers.”

She turned around and started walking away. Malfoy caught Hermione’s arm and whispered: “You will pay for that slap too Granger.”

Then he released her and Hermione almost ran to McGonagall.

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