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Chapter 11 – Giving In On All Accounts

A loud clacking sound intruded the silence of the Headmaster's hallway. Hermione had just tapped on the door with the griffon knocker that was hung perfectly in the center of the door leading into his office.

"Enter," came the calm and enlightened voice of Professor Dumbledore. Watching Hermione walk in to his office from behind the large oak door, he stood from his seat, behind his cluttered desk, and offered her a small sweet. "Ice Mice," he explained as his teeth started chattering. "It's a rather new invention from Honeydukes. They are deceptively delicious."

"No, thank you, Headmaster," Hermione said, trying to keep her voice steady. In truth, from crying all the way from Hogsmeade, she was less then okay; she was less than calm. "I need to speak with you about going back," she spoke with a little more confidence. It was time.

"I'm sorry to say, Miss. Granger, that it could still be at least two weeks before we are able to properly brew a potion for you." Dumbledore smiled an all knowing smile, his eyes twinkling as he made his way back to his large chair behind the maple desk. "I take it things are not going well?"

"No sir," she answered honestly. "In fact, everything is awful." Her almond eyes met the hardwood floor in an attempt to break contact with the old man. Very quietly, she voiced her concern, "I think I may have messed up the future. I mean, he's supposed to love Lily, not me. And, if he doesn't love Lily, then Harry won't be born. If Harry's not born, then there will be no one to defeat Voldemort." She stopped herself suddenly, realising that she had grown louder and spoke more than she thought she was going to. Warily, she looked back up at the Professor, a sad and worried expression on her face.

On his face, however, was complete astonishment. From what he understood, James and Lily had a baby boy who would save the Wizarding world from the new Dark Lord. But..."Miss Granger, what do you know of Voldemort?"

Hermione froze. If she told him...But, no...He was a reasonable and rational man; he would never do anything to disrupt the future. You were reasonable and rational at one point too, you prat. “Sir, I...How can I tell you without messing up the future?"

Dumbledore surveyed the young Gryffindor in front of him, his half moon spectacles falling slightly off the bridge of his nose. Here was a girl, of mere seventeen, trying to convince him that she didn't want to change the future. The twinkle in his eye turned to a sparkle of pride as he thought of how great it must be in the future with hope of vanquishing Voldemort. He spoke quietly, but with purpose. "Miss Granger, I admire the way you wish to preserve the future and, if you are comfortable enough with telling me, I will give you my word that I will not do anything to change the course of events."

Hermione sighed deeply, not taking her eyes off of the old man. "Okay, sir. Here it goes..." She divulged everything she knew to the man, from Harry being born, to the switch of the Fidelius Charm, to what Harry was today and the Prophecy. Dumbledore did not interrupt her once, but frightened her a little when he suddenly rose from his seat and walked quickly around to the front of his desk. His twilight robes were swishing around him, as though they were trying to intensify the moment. He sat himself upon the corner of the desk and held an amused and confident expression on his face.

Finally done with her tale, she took another deep, flustered breath and looked at the ground. "I may have changed all of that, sir."

“Hermione,” he spoke somberly. “We could put you back at the exact moment that you left. Nothing will have changed.”

“But, sir…I don’t want the memories of them. It will mess up my future. I love them, sir.”


“All of them,” she said gingerly. “James, Lily, Sirius, Remus...”

“You want to stay, do you not,” he asked cautiously.

“I want all of my friends in one place. I wish Harry and Ron and Ginny were here. I miss them so much,” she cried out. Her sobs lasted for several minutes before she finally calmed down and looked at the old man, who was sitting in front of her, almost heartbroken at her predicament. “I’m not like this in my time. I’m not an emotional wreck…Well, not much anyway. But, I just… The only people I’ve ever gotten close to are Harry and Ron. And then Ron…”

She continued for another half an hour, telling the headmaster everything that led to this day. He sat there listening, once again not interrupting. When she was finally done and relaxed, he gave her a curt nod before trying to speak.

“I forgot how troublesome love and its affiliates could be. Why don’t you try some rest and a good thinking session? You’ll know what to do when the time comes. You will make the right decision, I’m sure of it,” he peered over his glasses again, only to find a look of sheer doubt on Hermione’s face. “Off you go. Get that rest I was just telling you about.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered, defeated. This was starting to worry her. Dumbledore was the only familiar she had, and he couldn’t understand what she was going through. Perhaps he was right; rest would probably do her some good. After bidding the headmaster good night Hermione made her way back to her common room with nothing but thoughts of the last few weeks swimming viciously in her mind.

Without even realising it, she had come to the Head dorms, almost walking right into the wall where the door should have appeared. Before she could enter, however a friend called out her name.

“Hermione,” the husky voice said again. “When you are done running into walls…”

“I was just getting to bed, Sirius. What do you want?”

“I’d like to have a chat with you. Is that so bad,” he solicited while drawing ever closer to her. Once he was a foot away from her, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into her own common room. He didn’t let go of her hand when he sat her on the sofa and took the seat next to her. He turned his head and kept his focus on her and only her, trying to tell her with his eyes what he thought of her. He never was much of a conversational wizard.

Hermione nodded her head, answering his earlier question. Yes, it is bad, she thought. I can’t be attracted to him. And I just ran off on James. I need to make things right. But Merlin how do I do that? And Sirius won’t stop staring… He’s so bloody gorgeous. And those eyes….

She was entranced by his somber gray eyes, which called to her like a wolf in the wild. They looked heavenly and pleading for more. Did she want to take this more than friendship; after all, she was leaving soon. At least, that’s what the Headmaster said. And what would everyone think? She was still technically with James. Without being able to give it another thought, Sirius' lips were cascading upon her own. Accepting the offer, Hermione wrapped her arms securely around his neck and kissed him back with fervor. This kiss was completely unlike the kiss she shared with James. It was more passionate, more desperate, more experienced. His hands were running up and down her sides, caressing their way to the small of her back. When they reached their target they pulled her closer, so that she was now pressed tightly against his body. Knowing that he didn't have the athlete’s body, Hermione was shocked to feel the muscle in his stomach, and the strength in his arms. She moaned a little in his mouth and felt his lips curl into a devilish smile on his face.

Her hands were now running along the back of his neck, sending chills parading through his spine, and tingles forming on his arms, almost giving him goose bumps. She let her nails drag across lightly, and she felt him shiver in response. If it were possible, he pulled her even closer to him while walking backward trying to reach the sofa they had been sitting on only moments ago. He spun the two of them around and slowly lowered Hermione down to the couch, careful not to ruin the moment and just plop her down. When she was finally laying comfortably, Sirius shimmied himself on top of her and hovered there for a minute, staring into her honey eyes, hoping that she wouldn't ask him to stop. Gazing down at her gave him a spectacular jolt in his stomach, urging him to continue kissing her; but he held off for a signal from Hermione to keep going. He received it when she brought her head up from the couch and captured his bottom lip between her teeth and pulled his face down to hers.

Hands roamed new territories; kisses were meeting more than fleshy lips, leaving love trails along newly exposed skin. Sirius and Hermione were starting to get more worked up, their breathing becoming harsher and more erotic; moving and melting together. While his hands were exploring, they made a trail of tingles down her stomach, until finally reaching the belt loops of her pants. Both of them stopped moving briefly, only listening to the sound of their panting, and staring each other in the eyes. Hermione's hips started moving upwards and rubbing against Sirius' stimulation; his eyes were screaming pleasure at this, but he still knew the big lines that were about to be crossed. Slowly, he glided his fingers on the line of her pants, giving her stomach goose bumps. He waited for a signal to stop, when none came with only a soft moan, he continued his caresses.

Just as his fingers were undoing the first button a loud crash came from the top of the stairs. Both of them froze and looked up to see James laying on the bottom step, rubbing his head angrily; a look of disgust was plastered on his face…

A/N – I swear I’m not completely delusional. I’m starting to realise just how ridiculous this fic is. Like Sirius would ever do that to James?! And like Hermione would ever do this. Period! But, lucky for those of you who like this fic and where it’s headed, I do too!!! It may put them way OoC, but you have to admit, it’s a funny thought. So, I’m going to keep writing it, and I really hope you follow me throughout the entire thing!!! :o) ~Jessi (Please review)

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