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'You officially can't leave this room for another 24 Hours, unless you say you love me...' I opened my mouth to say something, but he continued. 'And mean it.' Potter smirked. A sudden feeling of dread entered my stomach.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!!!!!

'What the hell do you think you're doing, Potter!' I exclaimed, but in truth...the front of my mind said, This should be easy!, but my subconscious said, Lord can't even survive a period of class with him, how are you going to live through 24 hours?!

'Jinxing the door,' he said simply and twirled his mahogany wand between his fingers. I reached forward, grabbed it out of his hands, holding each end in one hand, my thumbs pressing down gently ontop of it, bending it a smidgen. His eyes widened beneath those stupid round glasses. 'No...Lily...give that back....please...Evans!' he pleaded.

I struggled to compose myself, trying hard not to grin smugly or laugh at the picture of him on his knees at my feet, begging for his captive wand back. 'No,' I stated firmly, sticking it in my back pocket. 'Not unless you promise to take the jinx off.'

'I can't,' he mumbled.

'What was that?!' I said, enraged, my temper showing as the skin at the roots of my hair reddened.

'I CAN'T!' He roared.' It can't be removed until a full twenty-four hours is over or until the action said is completed before then,' he said quietly, knowing full well he would probably be murdered by morning.

I scowled, my lips pursed in a Petunia (my sister) -ish way, and took out my own vine-wood wand and waved it once over the length of the room. A white chalk line appeared on the floor, splitting the room in half. 'My half,' I said, pointing at the ground I was standing on. 'Your half.' I pointed to the side he had his groveling knees on. 'Stay on your side and chances are you'll live in one piece to see tomorrow.'

Instead of looking intimidated, which was my hopeful reaction, a mischievous grin broke across his face and he nodded. 'You have my word,' he said with a troublemaking aura about him. 'Now can I have my own wand back, Lily?' he asked, probably in the most politest voice I had ever heard him speak in, even if it was fake.

I looked at him, trying to find deceiving qualities, but in the end, his wand was rightfully returned to him. I looked at the grandfather clock in the chimed a 9:00...24 hours to go...

**One And a Half Hours Later**

'I'm Henry the Eighth I am...Henry the eighth I am I am...'

'SHUT UP POTTER!!' I grumbled loudly. He was on his bloody eleventh verse of that STUPID ANNOYING song.

'But I'm not done!!' he complained, his head poking over an armchair. So far, he had stayed on his side of the room. So far being main key words.

'Potter, dammit! It's 10:30!' I cried, flipping my hair out of my eyes. I lay on a couch, facing his side of the room, trying to fall asleep as half an hour before I had dismally found he had jinxed the dorm doors too. 'GO TO BED!' I roared.

'I normally don't sleep until-'

'Potter, I don't care if you normally sleep with a purple hippogriff, just go to damn sleep!' I looked at the clock once more...22 and a half more hours...

**11:35 PM**

I had finally fell asleep peacefully when about twenty minutes later, something crashed into my head and I awoke with a start to find James staring wide-eyed at me. I looked down at the floor by my head to find a paper airplane. Scowling, I picked it up and read the note.

Conjure some food. I'm hungry and I can't remember the right spell.

'Merlin,' I muttered. 'Can't you deflate your head for five bloody minutes so you can actually be a normal human being!' I rolled up the paper airplane and threw it at him, striking him in the forehead. I repeated a spell learnt last year and a plate of freshly baked cookies appeared in the middle of the room, right on the line, along with two glasses of milk.

'THANK MERLIN!' he roared and jumped off the couch he was sitting on and promptly fell face first onto the floor. I had to stifle a laugh at that display of pure stupidity. He shoved a cookie into his mouth and said in between gulps, 'Fankfu Hily!' and swallowed at my grimace and said clearly. 'Thank you Lily!'

Those words were sincere, I could feel it, and as he downed some more cookies and milk, I smiled...maybe this wouldn't be that bad...I looked at the clock. 21 hours and 25 minutes left of doom though…let's see if I actually survive this task...

Author's Notes: yeah's short, I know.....I know I know I know...and all you reviewers that had reviewed the last chapter begging on your knees for more are going to find my house and show up with pitchforks and torches *hides under bed*. I'm prepared. Give me all you got! ~slytheringinny
AKA: Ginni

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