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Hermione sat avoiding the beautiful young mans eye when Ron came up to her.
“Hey ‘Mione is something wrong do you have a fever or something because your all red and stuff.”
“Huh? What? Oh no I’m fine just a little hot that’s all.” she looked up at him quite embarrassed
Ron looked down at his feet and asked them quietly “would you like to dance?”
“I’m sorry Ron I don’t know if you where asking me or your feet if we would like to dance but if you where asking me then yes but if you where asking your feet then I think you’ll be staring at them for a while until they ancwer you.” she looked at him thro his long red hair and saw that he was blushing “come on Ronald if you want to dance then lets” at that moment at slow song turned on and the lights dimmed.
“do you still want to dance ‘Mione?” Ron asked apprehensive.
“Of corse I said I would and I am” Hermione got up and took a hold of Ron’s out stretched hand. He led her on to the dance floor and they started to dance. Hermione laid her head on Ron’s shoulder and she spotted the handsome boy again ‘he must be watching some one else’ she thought to her self letting Ron hold her a little closer.

Draco fallowed the pretty young girls wings around the dance floor with his eyes as he thought to himself who she might be. Another slow song came on and the pretty girl went to sit down. Draco decided to confront her.
Draco took her hand and kissed it “Mon bonbon vous inquiéteriez-vous pour danser?” (translated: my sweet would you care to dance?)
“Pourquoi oui et vous parlez beau français. Quel est votre nom?”(translated: why yes and you speak lovely French. What is your name?)
“ My name is Draco. Now my lovely child what is your sweet name?”
Hermione thought to herself ‘no way that this sweet guy is Draco do I dare tell him my name?’ before she could finish her thought her words almost spat out of her mouth
“If I tell you my name would you still be willing to dance or is it not in your blood?” Hermione put an emphases on blood to see if he got what she was saying and it seamed that he did for his responses was… “My blood was washed clean over the summer I do no longer care of blood or loyalties to my father but I do care what a beauty like you is doing with no name?”
“My name is Hermione and if you would spit at my feet then I would not be surprised” Hermione with drew her hand from Draco’s.
Draco looked at her like she had just socked him in the jaw again.
Hermione stood and waited.
Draco let out a little laugh and said “My offer to dance is still open if you care to join me.”
Hermione looked at him like he was on fire. “But.. huh?.. Wh..? Ok What? I juts told you that I am not a pure blood.” Hermione was confused
“and I told you that over the summer I was washed clean of my parents and there nonsense of bloods. Now would you care to dance or shall I go find some one else to dance with?” he said this all kind of fast but Hermione understood what he said and she nodded. He led her on the dance floor and held her closely. She felt so right in his arms. But she knew that it would all end once the song ended.

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