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A/N-Okay we know this is kinda a long chapter so it has been split into this means we will finish on 20 chapters square...thats right count how many chapters are left guys!br />

This has been a note from MagicalMiss and Padfootismygod15.

Chapter 15 – The one with the Photograph-Part One.

Sirius wandered slowly down the stairs a midnight feast on his mind. He sadly had drawn the short straw and had been sent to bring back food from the kitchens. To him though it was a fair-trade. He was back on the right side of his friends and all he had to do was run down to the kitchens at one a.m. Damn, he thought. Really should have grabbed some socks.

Coming to the bottom of the stairs he was surprised to find Lily sitting infront of the fire, wrapped in a quilt mesmerised by the flames.

“Lily?” he called softly. Slowly she turned to him. He was slightly alarmed by the lack of emotion in her face. “Are you okay?” he asked taking a seat next to her.

She didn’t answer but turned to look at the fire again. From where he was sitting Sirius could see the tears in her eyes. “Lily, tell me what's wrong.” He repeated, knowing full well it could only be one thing.

Lily shook her head, her tears beginning to flow fast.

“Hey, hey please don’t cry!” He said. If it was one thing he didn’t like to see, it was people cry. He leaned forward awkwardly to hug her. Lily turned inside her quilt so she was crying onto his shoulder. Sirius didn’t know what else to say. He knew now was not the time for jokes but did it call for comforting silence or words of wisdom? He hoped it was the silence because as for words of wisdom, he was fresh out. Thankfully Lily solved this problem for him by pulling away and drying her eyes with the heel of her hand.

“I'm sorry…” She whispered, embarrassed that she had let him see her cry. Sirius shook his head.

“Don’t be. Do I need to ask what this is about?”

Lily tried to smile but instead started hiccuping.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sirius ventured.

Lily looked at him. It was passed one a.m. and he probably wanted to sleep but yet he was here trying to comfort her. “I'm just confused.” She whispered again, bringing her hands up to her eyes, in doing so the diary that she had been trying to write in fell to the floor.

Sirius bent down to pick it up, something falling out as he did so. Lily laughed uncomfortably as he picked that up too. For a moment he stared intently at the photo he had helped her steal. “It’s not that bad of photo really…” He commented, turning it sideways. “Looks better this way though…”

Lily took the photo from him. “You can see straight up my nose.” She said, thinking back to the day that it was taken. One of James’ self portraits. Just before he had taken the picture he had kissed her on the side of the head, Lily had scrunched up her nose and closed her eyes but she had a huge smile on her face.

Sirius had leaned over her shoulder to look again. “You two look happy.” He told her earnestly. They did. It was something about the way she was smiling. Maybe it was the un-posed happiness and delight that she seemed to emit. He could see why James was so attached to it.

Lily nodded. She remembered the feeling she had when she was with him well. She was happy.

“It’s not too late Lily.” Sirius said surprising her. She turned to him. There were no traces of laughter or mocking for once.

She shook her head sadly. “It is. I can't go back there. I just can't.”

“Why not?” He countered.

Lily shrugged. She had been sitting here for hours, a million thoughts colliding in her head, making the situation seem impossible…Why not? The question she had asked herself over and over. Why? Why couldn’t she? Such confusing thoughts that wouldn’t sort themselves out so she could find an answer. She looked down at her diary, still open but the page blank except for the date.

“He told me what he said.” Sirius continued. Lily looked at him sharply. “It isn’t too late.” He repeated firmly.

“What about you?” Lily countered.

“What about me?”

“I see the way you look at Holly. And the way she looks at you. You two couldn’t be further from ‘just friends’ if you tried. Yet both of you play this game and everyone can see that its not what either of you want.”

Sirius’ eyes widened doubtfully. “Is that so?”

“Yep.” Lily said standing up. “Thanks for chatting. I’d like to say you helped but I don’t think anyone can. Good night Sirius.”

“Night Lily… And Lily?” He called when she had reached the stairs. “Tell him. He knows you feel exactly the same way but he won’t do anything unless you do.”

Lily nodded, biting her bottom lip. “You should take that advice too. Tell her. Night Sirius.” She called again before disappearing.

“Sirius? What are you doing?” James called less than ten seconds later. Sirius swung around, his heart beating furiously. If James had come down just a minute before…

Sirius jumped up. “Ah, sorry. Got distracted. Be back in a minute.” He called over his shoulder as he left the common room. James frowned, looking around the room until his eye landed on a crumpled quilt on the couch. Who had been down here? He wondered.

Walking over he picked up the quilt, folding it roughly. Shaking out a tattered diary as he did so. Picking it up he flipped through the pages with disinterest until he spotted a familiar photo. His photo. So Lily had been down here.

He stared intently at the photo for a moment. He had always loved how she looked in this photo. It captured just what he loved about her. Content and comfortable with herself. And once upon a time he had thought that he was the reason. Not anymore. Maybe, just maybe he had been wrong, he thought sadly shoving the photo back in its place and returning to his dorm, taking her diary with him. Suddenly he wasn’t in the party mood anymore.


“Lily what the hell are you doing? Its six a.m!”

Lily swung around guiltily. Ruby looked distinctly unhappy. Well then again it was six a.m on a Sunday…

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to wake you.”

From Holly’s bed came a disbelieving snort, indicating one, she was awake too and two she wasn’t happy about it. “Why are you up at this hour?”

Lily continued rummaging under her bed. There wasn’t much under there but maybe it fell…”I can't find my diary.”

Ruby groaned. “So you woke up at six to search for it?”

Lily rolled her eyes. “No, I was already up. And I can't remember where it is!” she cried in frustration.

“Lily have you slept at all?” Holly asked, getting up and wandering over to her.

“Lily?” Ruby asked, sitting up. “What did James say to you last night?”

Lily turned around, “When?” she asked innocently.

Ruby rolled her eyes. “Think back to last night after Quidditch. Big yelling match. Everyone heard it…”

“Everyone?” Lily whispered fearfully.

“Except the end. Right about when James Potter stormed out half naked.”

Lily’s eyes widened. Her mind processing just what Ruby was implying half of Gryffindor thought. “Is that what everyone thinks?” She whispered.

Holly smirked. “That you two had a bit of a steamy make out session?”

Lily looked at her.

“Nah… nobody could think that…but did you?”

“NO!” Lily cried. “He just…he just…I-I'm going to go check the common room fro my diary.” She told them nervously, exiting as quickly as her legs would let her.

The common room, of course, was empty. Lily marched over to where she had been sitting. Her blanket was still here and she couldn’t remember taking it back upstairs. Which left two options. Praying for the first she picked up the quilt. Damn, she thought seeing no diary. That meant one thing.

Sirius had taken it.

He was going to die. Right now, she thought marching up the stairs to his dorm.

Out of courtesy for others, (although on considering who the ‘others’ were she wondered why.) Lily opened the door slowly. For a moment she stood there trying to adjust to the darkness and that…smell.

Tiptoeing across the battlefield of a room she noiselessly pulled back the curtain on what she hoped to god was Sirius’ bed, her second prayer was that he wasn’t baring all.

Thankfully she was right on both counts. Biting her bottom lip she poked his shoulder. He groaned, rolling over to face her. Lily jumped backwards slightly. Giggling at what appeared to be a teddy bear tucked under his arm, she poked him again.

“Whaaa? He murmured, his eyes still closed. Lily knelt gently on his bed so she was leaning over him.

“Where’s my diary?” She hissed.

“What diary?” he asked with a yawn.

“You took my diary!” Lily hissed a little louder than before.

Sirius looked confused even with his eyes closed. Slowly he opened one experimentally. Then he closed it again. Then it all clicked. “Holy crap Lily!!” he cried sitting up quickly. The sudden movement knocked Lily sideways. She landed with a thump on floor.

“Ow…” She groaned. Sirius’ head appeared above her as she once again cursed her inability to fall gracefully.

“Are you alright?” Lily nodded sitting up and looking around. Ow, her head hurt. She thought, rubbing the spot she had hit. That’s when she noticed three other sleepy people staring at her.


Standing up quickly, her face turning red, she dashed from the room, avoiding eye contact with all of them.

“What was that about?” Remus asked as they all stared at the doorway she had just exited through.

Sirius yawned, falling back on his pillow. “She thought I had her diary.”

“Do you?” Remus asked watching as James quietly headed towards the bathroom.

Sirius sat up again. “Moony!” He cried dramatically. “I am hurt that you would even have to ask!”


“So Prongs.” Sirius said, wrapping am arm around James shoulders.

“So Padfoot.” James mimicked, wrapping his arm around Sirius’ shoulder too.

“You’re awfully quiet.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are,” Countered Sirius, retracting his arm. “If it is about this morning…”

“Its not.”

“Well if it is, I told you what happened…I was just as surprised to see her there as you were.”

“I know.” James agreed, thinking about Lily’s which he had returned to her this morning… well at least gotten a very suspicious Ruby to put it on her bed, the photo carefully tucked inside the cover he had considered keeping it like he said but it just didn’t look right on his wall anymore. It was hers.

“James!” Sirius cried, waving his hand infront of his face.

“I’m sorry did you say something?”

Sirius smirked. “Sorta spaced out there buddy. Soooo as I was saying what we doing today?”

James grinned back. Having his friend back meant it was time for some fun. “How ‘bout some harmless pranks?”

“Harmless? Only harmless?” Sirus exclaimed. “Coming Moony?”

Remus sighed. So apparently everything was back to normal. He thought to himself, following them on their quest to cause mischief.

(A/N. Oh lookie! Its Oo-de-lally, from Robin hood!)
“Look at ‘em, Prongs an’ Padfoot
Walkin' through the hallways
Laughin' back and forth
At what the other'ne has to say
Reminiscin', This-'n'-thattin'
Havin' such a good time

Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day

Never ever thinkin' there was danger round the corner
They were prankin’, they’re just having some fun
Never dreamin' that a schemin' slyth’rin and his posse
Was a-watchin' them an' gatherin' around

Watch em go, Prongs an’ Padfoot
Runnin' through the hallways
Jumpin' steps, dodgin' crowds
An' tryin' to get away
Contemplatin' nothin'
But escape an' finally makin' it

Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day”


“Holly! Are you listening to me?”

“No.” Holly muttered back. She heard Lily make a small noise of disapproval.

Holly sighed but sat back up anyway. The two of them had been sitting outside all morning, Lily talking non stop about exams or something equally as boring while all Holly wanted to do was sleep. It was Lily’s fault after all. They had finally just gotten back to sleep when Lily had stormed back in muttering something about ‘so embarrassed’. At that point Holly didn’t care. It was still before 7 a.m on a Sunday. But being the good friend she was she had tried to pay attention to what Lily was so embarrassed about. The story was quite amusing actually…not at all like this one. She envied Ruby who just had to meet Remus about ten minutes ago.

Ha, as if she did.

“So then I thought – “

“Hey Holly!” A voice interrupted, Holly swung around, grateful to whoever it was. To her surprise it was non other than Wren Fischer. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

“Hi Wren, How are you?” Holly greeted amicably as Lily’s expression passed from annoyance to curiosity.

Wren nodded. “I am well. Just thought I would stop to say hi…I’m Wren by the way.” She said to Lily.

Lily grinned. “Lily Evans. Nice to meet you.”

Wren laughed lightly. “Of course I know you. Our head girl. What an honour that must be.” She gushed.

Lily smiled at her. it was almost impossible to not like this girl. “Are you meeting anyone for lunch?” she asked at she stood up, offering a hand up to Holly. Wren shook her head. “Good. Would you like to join us then?”

“Sure I would!”


A/N- Today on Hogwarts a musical we have “Oo-de-lally” from Robin Hood.

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