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Just One Kiss

24 Hours In A Locked Room...With James Potter

Written in response to Kei-sainter's 24 Hour Challenge
This is for you, Kei...who has rarely read a J/L fic!

Chapter One: Jinxed

He's Head Boy. Oh my god, he can't be Head Boy! I thought desperately. I looked down the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, eyeing Potter's robes suspiciously for a glint of gold glimmer. Sure enough, when he turned to grab the potatoes from a first year, a shining gold "HB" was emblazoned on his robe front by a pin. I'm so going to faint...

'Now that we're all well fed and our tummies filled, off to bed with you lot!' Professor Dumbledore ushered the children out of the Hall and I stood up, trying to gather scared looking first years. I saw Potter stand as well and say to his friends, 'Sorry, my friends, I have duties to attend to.' He turned around to me, who was corralling the first years into a single-file line and winked, then sprinted up to me.

'Well, Evans!' he said, all too cheerfully. I grimaced. I felt like smacking my head up against the wall. Why! Why! Why! 'Looks like we got Head Boy and Girl this year. Pretty lucky, eh?' he asked, winking again.

I scowled. 'Get away from me, Potter,' I growled and he raised an eyebrow. 'First Years This Way!' I called (the prefects had forgotten their duties...bunch of loafers) and a bunch of short little midgets formed a straight line and followed me out of the hall. We caught a glimpse of the Slytherins being led down into the dungeons before we passed the Ravenclaws up the marble staircase.

'Evans!' moaned Potter, hands stuffed into his pockets. 'Come on, lighten up! It won't be that bad!!'

The two first year girls giggled when I gave Potter an evil look. 'Sharing a common room and bathroom with you isn't bad?! It's a punishment to hell!' I hissed sharply and the first years behind us gasped at the use of my language.

Even Potter put on a mock-surprised face. 'Evans! Do watch the use of your language around the children!' His face shown mock-surprise, but his gray eyes twinkled mischievously behind those stupid glasses. I shot a furious glare at Potter and we made our way up the final winding staircase to Gryffindor Tower. I heard the 11-year-old children behind me gasp in surprise at the big moving Pink Lady and I turned around, ignoring Potter as best as I could.

'This is the portrait hole to the Common Room. You stop here and simply say the password,' they nodded and I turned to the Fat Lady, but as doing so, I caught James mocking me. I understood now why the kids were giggling non-stop. My face bright red and my temper longing to be unleashed on the pigheaded prat, I looked at the Fat Lady.

'Good evening my dear! My Lily! Head Girl! No surprise!' said the Fat Lady, eyeing her badge and then to the first years behind me. 'Password?'

'Ridikulus,' I said dully and she opened it for us.

After a while of the first years gapping at the Common Room and then yawning in exhaustion of a first night, I led the girls up to the dormitory where they promptly crashed asleep on their beds. I came back down the steps in pride of how well I had taken charge and had forgotten Potter altogether when I spied him waiting for me in the Common Room.

'What do you want!?' I said exasperated. 'Can't you just leave me be! I swear to Merlin you're a loathsome fly!'

Potter grinned. 'Relax, Lily. I've come to tell you that we have our own Common Room. Remember?' he told me, repeating what I told him on the staircases up.

I had fully well remembered, I just wanted to forget that I was sharing a common room and bathroom with him! 'I remember, Potter. Now let's go!' I rolled my eyes and stomped my way out of the Common Room and down the tapestried halls. I had only stopped for a moment to roll my eyes when I heard him running down the corridor after me.

'Wait, Lils!' he called out.

I whipped around, my wand out in a flash. 'Don't ever call me that!' My freckled face bursting a bright red. He had effectively stopped in his tracks and his eyes widened beneath those stupid glasses. I put my wand away with a flourish and stuck my nose in the air. 'That's better.'

'Sorry...' he said in an almost serious voice...and I had almost fell for it until...'Lils.' He choked out amongst chuckles.

In a flash of blue light and me cursing my head off, he finally had his priorities straight. Never. Ever. Call. Me. Lils. His eyes were dazed and a remnant of the blue light reflected in them, I smiled smugly. 'That's what you get.' I said and he nodded, mouth open. I had just made him relive the most harsh and humiliating points in his life, all at once...maybe that'll teach him for the night.

I reached the stone slab of wall and I tickled the right corner of it, the piece of wall giggling and it opened for me, James's feet dragging on the floor as he followed, still speechless. A balloon swelled with pride within me as to what I had done to James. I spotted two staircases, one with a gold rug and one with a red one...I assumed the red one was to my room. I turned around to see James already on the couch. 'Potter!' I said. 'What are you doing?!' He had come back to his senses now, the effects of the curse fading.

'Jinxing the door,' he said bluntly.

'WHY!' I screamed, watching a silver light jolt out of his wand and at the door, which glowed faintly then returned to normal. 'What did you do!?' I moaned.

'Jinxed it, Evans!' he replied back happily, a grin forming on his face. A bad bad bad grin.

'To do what, Potter?!' I hissed angrily.

'You officially can't leave this room for another 24 Hours, unless you say you love me...' I opened my mouth to say something, but he continued. 'And mean it.' Potter smirked. A sudden feeling of dread entered my stomach.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!!!!!

Author's Notes: So how is it so far...?? Going well or no? If not, blame my good friend Kei! Just kidding!!! Read and review! I accept anything!! ~slytheringinny AKA Ginni

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