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Disclaimer: Yep, you know it. I don’t own bloody anything. How shameful.

A/N: It’s taken me yonks to update but I was re-doing bits of the story that you probably won’t notice. Not like anyone does though. He he.
Last chapter was short, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t think of anything else.This chapter is no real link at all - I just wanted to put Lily through some pain. Cruel, I know. But aren't
we all?

I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering about him.
James, I mean.

He’s so nice. But his popularity does inflate his head. Why must he be so arrogant? So cute?

So… Incredibly desirable?

Why couldn’t I like someone more… like me? James is the complete opposite of me, how could we ever be together? Wouldn’t Remus be more my type? He’s more… nerdy like me? Quiet? Kind? One of those things at least.

Pat Benetar’s spoken words: Love is a battlefield.

Problem was, I had run out of ammo.

Next morning, I was woken by a loud thump.
‘What in the name of Merlin?’ I thought groggily. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. What time was it? It’s a bloody Saturday!

“LILY!” I heard Jasmine screech. Oh god, what now?
I dashed downstairs, stubbed my toe on the landing and hopped the rest of the way into the common room.

“Jas? What’s wrong?” I cried.




There was James, Remus, Sirius, Peter, Sally and Jas. All staring at me in my pajamas.
Which were Pooh Bear short shorts and singlet.

“Hey Lily! Nice pajamas. What’s with the orange bear?” James asked curiously. I sighed, “Only my favorite cartoon character in the muggle world.” This was embarrassing.
Sirius kept staring at me. He had never seen my thighs before. And he never will. 
Ever again.

Peter’s jaw dropped, Sally gasped and Remus was trying not to smile. What was it now?

“We heard you shouting James' name in your sleep,” Jasmine said brightly, “So I called you to ask what you were dreaming about.” My eyes bulged. I was shouting what?! I felt faint. I collapsed on a couch and sighed again.

“Uh… Lily?” Remus said lightly.
“What now? What could be more embarrassing NOW?” I snapped.
Remus backed away a bit but continued, “That piece of paper stuck to your foot. Why does it say James all over it?” I glanced down at my foot, and there it was. A paper sheet scribbled with his name. I had forgotten all about that. Oops. Oh and goodie... It had love hearts on it as well.

This time, I really did faint. And, boy, was I glad. I didn’t have to see their shoulders shaking with laughter, their faces red, gasping for air and clutching their sides.

When I finally came around, I fell to my knees next to the window and cried, “Why me God? What did I do to deserve this? WHY ME?!” I rubbed my forehead and got up. I was going back to my dorm. So I didn’t have to see them any longer.

By dinnertime, James snuck into my room and sat down on the end of my bed. (Which is strange... how did he get in here? The girl's dorm has that cool slidey thing.)

I pulled the doona off my head and whispered, "Am I cursed? Am I so cruel as to deserve this?”
James chuckled softly and brushed the hair away from my face. “Lily,” he said quietly, “Today just isn’t your day. Tomorrow will be better. I promise.” I snuffled and said, “Promise?” He nodded.

Maybe he was right. He usually is, which is quite annoying.

“Come on Lil. Face the world. Or food at least,” he sang merrily. I know, he SANG. Weird.
“James?” I said. He looked at me and replied, “ Yeees?” I hesitated. Then said,

" You're weird.”

“And The Lily Evans joins us once more from the fiery pits of her dorm!” Sirius cried when I finally entered the Great Hall in my faded, light blue track pants and white singlet. I snuffled again. I must be getting a cold or something.

I sat down and clumsily grabbed a goblet of pumpkin juice. My muscles had tightened up, from not being active all day. I spilled the goblet all over the bench.

“COME ON!” I screamed. I flung down the goblet, where it clanged loudly in the Hall.

Everyone stopped and stared. As usual, everyone stares at the freaky one.

I flicked my shiny red hair from my face and picked up the goblet, dropped it again, tried to pick it up once more, and yet again, it fell to the floor. I screamed again and kicked it furiously. It went sailing through the air, straight in Dumbledore’s soup.

I heard James whisper to Sirius, “Now THAT’S the girl I want. Dude, she’s so hot.”

“Sorry!” I cried to the Headmaster and then I dashed from the Hall, straight back to the common room, up the stairs, and promptly fell face first onto my pillow and shrieked as loud as I possibly could.

I wept tears of frustration, soaking my pillow. This went on for three hours. I would scream and then cry. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

I had had the worst day of my life. The absolute WORST.

And to top it all off, what was going on with James and I? I didn’t know if I even liked him, even though he had come into my dorm to get me to get up. Not like it had made me feel better of course.

Jas and Sally entered the dorm cautiously before making their way towards me.
“Lily? Honey, say something,” Sally whispered. Jasmine curled up on my bed next to me and stroked my hair. “Lil, it’ll be okay. Lets hope tomorrow is better,” she said softly.
Yeah sure, James had already PROMISED me that everything would be okay. But did that turn out right? No, I think not.

“What’s the point? Everything sucks. EVERYTHING. You, me, the boys, school…” I sobbed.
Jas sighed but didn’t say anything. Sally sat down next to Jas and was silent.
Then Jas said, "I know what this is. And so do you." I looked at her quiestioningly.


Thank God I had these girls.

“I’ll be back in two ticks. I know what will make you better,” Sally rushed from the room.
Jas continued to stroke my hair, breathing quietly. Which is extremely loud.

Sally re-entered and I got a HUGE surprise. She had brought all the girls into the dorm to comfort me. How sweet.

“Sweetheart, lighten up. All you gotta do is dance,” murmured Alice, a pretty blonde girl in my year, the girlfriend of Frank Longbottom. She was a brilliant dancer and whenever she was sad, she would do a little dance.

“Yeah Lil, Alice speaks words of wisdom,” giggled Julia Patil, a good Indian friend of mine, with long black hair spun into a gorgeous, shiny plait.

The girls clustered around me. Alice, Julia, Jesse Johnson, Desiree Bell, Sally and Scarlett Brown. I felt so happy with them. I let out a gentle laugh.

“Thanks guys. You’re the best. All of you.”

Sally waved away my thanks and cried out joyously, “Let’s break open the lollies and music!”

She conjured a stereo with huge speakers, a stack of my favorite CD’s (she insisted on using CD’s, ever since I had brought them from home, she had conjured up herself with all the best songs,) bowls of lollies and then, with a flick of her wand, pushed the beds aside for dancing space.

The Weird Sisters voice’s belted out from the stereo. Everyone got in their pajamas and danced around, singing randomly and spontaneously. They dragged me out of bed, grinning maniacally.
I smiled and grabbed a handful of red jellybeans. My favorite.

We danced the night away, just us girls, the music and our friendship pumping, as if to the music itself.

Finally we staggered into bed, at 5:00am.
In the morning, I knew what I had to do. That day at the lake was…surprising, different and plainly scary.

I had to tell James about how I really feel.

A/N: You might of recognised some of the girls last names. I couldnt be bothered to make up my own 'cause I'm too lazy. Hope you liked it, it really has nothing to do with the story but I wanted to add it anyway. Review!

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