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School Report; Harry Potter - Madman or Martyr? By Marietta Stone 14th April 2999

It is being looked into in further detail - following recent events - as to whether or not Harry Potter really was as terrible as people claim that he was.

In short; Was it right for our great Dark Lord to have killed the millions of Muggles and Muggle-born’s all those years ago?

In my opinion it is never right to kill anyone, regardless of magical talent, but I understand what our great Dark Lord did and why he did it. I believe Harry Potter was an awful person because he was such a hypocrite. He claimed that he wanted no-one to die when he was killing many of the Dark Lord's supporters. Harry Potter formed his own army which he titled The Order of the Phoenix. He also had another army in his younger days which went by the name of Dumbledore’s Army. Albus Dumbledore was another terrible man, but he was slain by the legendary Severus Snape who was of great assistant to the Dark Lord

In all, I believe that Harry Potter was not a good man: He was a heartless murderer. And so is our current leader.

I got into loads of trouble today in school. We were writing a report on our views of the evil Harry Potter. I said that he was a heartless murderer. This was not something which annoyed our teacher . The bit that I wrote after that did a little though. I also said that the ‘great’ Dark Lord was a heartless murderer too.

I don’t understand why she was angry with me. It was just my own opinion. That's what we were told to write about; and it is a true fact. He has sentenced his great-great-whatever-great grandson to death, simply because he cannot peform a spell. A murderous spell at that. I hate the Dark Lord.

What a great birthday I am having today.


Well. That’s that then. My life is over. And this is the story of why:

My wand-giving ceremony was today. As I have always known it would be on my eleventh birthday. But what I did not know was that it would really, really, well and truly suck.

At the event in question, I stood atop a stage, behind a podium; my dress was looking beautiful, elegant and simply truly stunning. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, except for the slight pangs of guilt and sadness that I felt whenever I glanced over at the empty chair that had been reserved for Sunesh.

It felt so strange being in front of all those people, and with all those people staring up at me. My sisters were on one side of me, on the stage, slightly behind. My brothers and parents the same on the other side. Father came forward and handed me my wand. It felt so wonderful to be able to old it my hand and to be able to call it mine. It used to be my Grandmothers. It’s oak, fourteen inches, with a hippogriff feather. Father then placed a lamb in front of me. I knew that I need not sacrifice it, but I still felt awful. My heart went out to it and for a split second I was able to imagine what it would be like if I had actually been forced to kill it. I had to use the cruciatus curse on it instead. In some ways, this could be considered even worse.

I looked down at the lamb, it's sweet face decorated by it’s big brown eyes. I raised my wand and pointed it directly at the creature.

“Crucio,” I said steadily, my heart pounding. The lamb did nothing except from hiccuping loudly and then peering around anxiously as though it did not know what had made the sound. I could literally hear people holding their breath.

I raised my wand once more and then spoke the spell again, slightly louder and more clearly; hopedully with more confidence as well.


There was a slight pause, then suddenly the lamb began to writhe in pain. I watched, my eyes wide with the fear and shock of what I had done. I didn’t think that I could ever have done anything like that. Whilst I was in shock though, everyone else was clapping and cheering. Mother and Father looked delighted. Only Bellatrix didn’t look happy. She was frowning deeply at me. I looked back at her quizzically. And then it clicked.

I had not cast the cruciatus curse upon the lamb. My sister had. So that meant that I must be a… A squib…


Later, when we had gotten home, Father sat me down, looking very solemn. Oh dear.

“Marietta,” he looked at me sternly.

“Yes Father?” I looked at him. Pretending not to know what he was going to say. I held my breath and inwardly told my heart to get out of my throat.

“Marietta, I am very disturbed by your behavior today,” he looked at me garvely. I could tell what he was thinking. He was wishing that he and Mother had stopped at only five children.

“I'm sorry Father,” I hung my head.

“I understand that you have your own beliefs and I respect that. I know that you believe that it is wrong to harm animals in any form, but that was still no excuse to delay your ceremony in that way. You looked like such a fool. More than that you made me look like a fool. You made your entire family look like fools. I am very disappointed with you Marietta. Very disappointed. You've put me in a very difficult situation at work. Especially after that fiasco with Master Gaunt.”

Now that I looked closer at him, I started to notice some new things about Father. His sleek, black hair was greying slightly. His brow was vaguely wrinkled and he looked slightly stressed. I considered for a moment how hard it must be for him to continually deal with situations such as this.

I always thought of Father as not a very nice man, but now that I think about it I never really bothered to get to know him. When I was little he was always at work. His work is very important I know, but I guess that because I had been so let down by Mother in the past that I assumed that Father would be the same. I assumed that but I never really made sure myself. I never knew. Maybe he could have cared about me. Maybe not...

“Marietta?” Father asked me. “Have you listened to a word I've been saying?”

“Sorry Father. Yes I understand what you said and I truly am sorry that I let my beliefs ,put our family into any sort of social jeopardy,” I was just relieved that he hadn't noticed that I wasn't the one that cast the spell. He just thought that I'd delayed the casting of the spell as some sort of protest.

“Well, go on then Marietta. Get going, surely you must have some homework to be getting on with,” he inclined his head towards the door and I knew that my time with him was finished.

“Yes Father, good day,” I left the room and, breathing heavily, I began my ascent of the stairs.

Halfway up I bumped into Bellatrix. She grabbed me around the throat with one of her thick, rough hands. She pushed me up against the wall. It was unexpected and cruel, yet I knew that struggling of any sort would be futile. She was careful in her assault; I had just enough air to breath, but so little that I was still completely terrified for my life.

“What do you think you're playing at?” she snarled at me, staring into my eyes with outspoken rage.

“Wh- What?” I managed to choke out.

“Why didn't you cast that spell!? It was only a stupid lamb!” she practically yelled at me, but quickly lowered her voice, for fear of anyone else in the family hearing.

I couldn't say anything as a reply as I was rapidly running out of air. Bellatrix saw this and relinquished her iron-strong grip ever so slightly, so as to give me the chance to explain my behaviour.

“What are you on about!?" I cried out, "I couldn't even do the spell! It's not like I did it on purpose!”

There was a mighty silence following this revelation before Bellatrix finally spoke, her words dripping with laothing.

You couldn't do it?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Shut up!” I hissed, praying that we could sort something out that would leave me not-dead.

“I know you don't like hurting animals, but it looked as though you were a Squib!” she snapped, almost spitting in my face, entirely missunderstanding me.

“NO! I don't mean that I couldn't bare to do the spell. I mean that I just couldn't!” I hadn't noticed it, but I had started crying. Tears poured down my face and fell onto Bellatrix's hand. She pulled away quickly, no longer disgusted, having moved into a state of shock.

“You... you really couldn't?” she whispered, barely audible.

“I couldn't!” My face crumpled and I started to wail.

“Shut up baby!” Bella slapped me round the face, bringing me to my senses. Someone would surely hear and then everything would be over for good: For me at least.

“I sorry!” I cried to Bella, clinging to her, clasping my hands onto her shoulders.

“Yeah, well... Just wait until Mother knows,” Bella looked so scared now. Scared for me, despite her trying to remain tough.

“What am I going to do?” I sobbed into her shoulder.

“Stop it!” she pushed me away, unvealing a damp patch of my salty, wet tears on her robes.

I said nothing, my head hanging. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even afraid as this moment. I was just so sorry that I had let my family down; that I had let myself down.

“Oh no,” Bellatrix's face was white. She sounded as though she had realised something that would surely be terrible news for me.

“What is it?” I whispered, staring up at her, my head and heart both pounding with all their combined might.

“It's just that... Sunesh Gaunt... When he was found out to be a squib...” Bella trailed off, not needing to say anything more.

Well. That's that then. My life is over. Quite literally.

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