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Chapter 7 - Back to the Black River

Hermione sat behind her door on the floor, just staring at the room before her. Her mind was blank, and her eyes were becoming blurry from staring so long. She closed her eyes, and willed herself to remain calm.

“All right Hermione, breathe and think.” She told herself. She tried to think, but her head was just too muddled. All she ever wished for now is that she had another time turner so she could go back in time. She started banging the back of her head against the door lightly, as if telling herself to stop thinking about what ifs and start thinking about what now?

A light rapping sounded and the other side of the door brought her out of the delirium, and Hermione stood up quickly. She knew who it was.

“Who is it?” She squeaked meekly.

“Hermione?” His voice called back. He sounded surprised that she had answered the door.

“Who is it?” She said more firmly, her anger coming back to her.

“Hermione, I think you know who I am.” The voice answered. He put his hand to the knob, and tried to open it, but the knob just wiggled uselessly.

“No I don’t!” She said kicking the door as hard as she could. Draco was stunned by her behavior.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked indifferently.

“That’s none of your business you unknown person.” The girl said stubbornly.

“It’s Draco.” He answered giving up on this stupid game she wanted to play.

“I know no one by the name of Draco.” She spat his name out like spoiled milk. That one hurt. He felt another pang in his chest, and almost whimpered. Since when had he become such a weak link? He practically smacked himself. That is it! I am not going to be a pushover! She has gone way too damn far, and she’s going to get a piece of Draco Malfoy!

“Granger, open up this door now!” He yelled.

“Shut it ferret!” She yelled back, equally angered.

“You filthy bitch!” He screamed the anger over coming him.

“What did you say to me?!” She gasped opening the door. Her eyes gleamed with an angered fire. She advanced without the slightest bit of fear on him, and yelled:

“You do not talk to me that way you bastard!” Then her hand collided with his left check and a loud smack sound echoed off the walls. Draco stared at her, and willed himself not to punch her. He was so mad that he turned around toward the brick wall, and punched it instead. Blood leaked from his knuckles.

He looked back at her, and saw that she wasn’t the least bit moved by his action. “Go on punch the wall again.” She insisted. “I hope your hand falls off and you bleed to death. It’s what you deserve you filthy no good-” Draco lunged for her, pinning her against the wall, and covering her mouth with his bloody hand.

“You do not talk to me that way.” He growled with authority. He removed his hand quickly, afraid she would bite it. But then he descended quickly on her lips, and kissed her harshly, with such brute force that she moaned in pain. He bit her bottom lip hard, making her bleed as well.

“There,” He muttered after he finished, watching her lip bleed, “now we are even.”

“You’ll pay for that you disgusting piece of-”

“Tsk tsk love. Wouldn’t want to say something you don’t mean. You know I mean everything to you.” She glared at him, but he just held her there. He looked around the room, checking oddly to see if anyone was there, even though they were in their private dorm. He kissed her again, but this was tenderer.

He licked the blood away, and he pushed his tongue to open her mouth. It entered cautiously, but as soon as it was fully inside Hermione bit down, shocking him. He opened his eyes immediately to stare at her. Brown clashed with blue in a battle that seemed to rage forever. She began to chew on his tongue, and rather oddly, this turned him on.

He tried to say her name but it only sounded like a bunch of gibberish. Instead he moaned lightly his eyes drooping closed again. He felt her teeth inch closer to the base, and start to suck on it mercilessly. He groaned, and his hands loosed around her body.

Hermione saw her opportunity, and kneed him in the groin. He suddenly doubled over in pain, clutching the place she had hit desperately. He fell to his knees, and gasped for breath. Draco looked up at her questioningly.

“It serves you right for trying to seduce me.” She hissed, folding her arms.

“I wasn’t trying anything.” He insisted, still gasping in pain.

“Oh yeah what was all that `tsk tsk love` and you kissing me after that?!” She mimicked. She watched him stand up slowly. “So I got you back with my own seduction, and I see it worked.” She smiled an evil smile, and then headed back to her room.

“Hermione?” He called to her, but she was in her own reverie, and didn’t hear a word he had said.


The sunlight poured through her open window, waking her from the pleasant dream that had captured her the previous night. Hermione sat up in bed, and looked around, still amazed by the sheer beauty of her dorm room. Her feet swung over to the side of the bed, and she stood. Making her way over to her wardrobe gracefully, she put her school robes on the bed and dressed.

Over on her desk was a schedule for today. She scanned it quickly, and kicked the desk in a frustrated manner at the first thing on her list this morning. She had gone from giddy to horribly angry. Talk about mood swings. She had gotten plenty of sleep these past two days, and was fresh this lovely morning.

She walked out of her room leaving the door ajar, and made her way to the Head Boys room. Not even bothering to knock she barged in, and yelled as loud as she could:

“C’mon Malfoy! We have the rest of our project to finish!” Now at his bedside she pulled the covers off of him letting the comforter fly off the bed completely. His eyes opened in surprise and muttered what sounded like "Bloody hell!"

Hermione had done her best to forget the fight they had had the earlier day by keeping herself cooped up inside her room, reading every book she could get her hands on. It had worked pretty well actually.

“Get dressed.” She said strongly, although she felt so such thing. Just seeing him in just his black silk boxers left her breathless. Luckily she remembered to breathe this time. She had to take every ounce of her will power to not jump on him and kiss his exposed chest in every way he or she could imagine.

She hurried out of the room quickly, and let him dress while she waited in the dorm room, getting ready for another hour on the Black Lake. She could not believe it had only been a week since the incident.

He walked down the stairs straightening his green tie, and smiled at her. She looked away quickly, and tried not to laugh at the goofy smile. Picking up her stuff she made her way out, and Draco followed close behind.

“Hermione?” She heard him ask.

“What do you want?” She said, still hurrying towards the giant oak doors leading outside.

“Um don’t we have to do a report for this project?” He asked quietly.

“Already done.” She told him.

“But we are supposed to work together. I don’t want to get a bad grade because I-"

“I will not tell the professor you didn’t do your share. There now are you happy?” They walked out onto the giant yard, and headed toward the back of the castle. Draco looked around the gloomy scene, and noticed the air seemed damp this morning.

“Hermione, I think it’s going to rain soon.”

“Well if it does we will have to hurry and run for the castle now won’t we.” She said smartly in the kind of way your mother would say to stop talking back. They remained quiet the rest of the way until they rounded the castles side, and climbed over a tall hill. Now they had a view of the river. There boat was in the same place they had left it last time.

Hermione put her things in, and climbed over the edge, having done this procedure a lot lately, Draco pushed the boat so it waded into the shallow water on the edge, and then climbed in himself. He took the tiny oar that had been left in the boat, and pushed them to the middle of the river.

“Now. You try to spot him, but be careful he has a good camouflage mechanism.” Hermione informed, taking out her notebook to jot down some quick notes that were required. Like how old the creature looked, how did you come upon it, and this other junk that they had to include.

Draco got on his knees, and peered into the depths scanning for any movement. It was a good thing this lake wasn’t that deep, if you looked hard enough you could actually see the bottom. Of course there was no such thing as pollution, since magic could clean that up easily so the rivers, and lakes stayed so much cleaner.

In fact the only reason they called this river the Black River is because it was located near the Blake Lake. It had no black in it whatsoever. Apparently the founder of the river hadn’t been the creative type in names. Once Draco had gotten bored with just staring into the water, he took his wand and said:

“Tracer: Baskitil.” His wand tip lit up and made a soft humming noise. He pointed it toward the far end of the river bank, but the humming went lower. Then deciding that way wouldn’t be effective he pointed in down the left side of the river. The humming got higher.

“This way.” Hermione put down her notebook, and took the oar in her hand, placing it into the water, and pushing toward the direction Draco’s wand was now pointing.

As they floated on the humming grew higher. Suddenly a spark emitted from the end, and Hermione stopped rowing. Draco looked into the water.

“Imobulous!” He shouted, aiming his wand at the creature. He swiftly pulled it up out of the water, and laid it softly into the boat.

“Draco,” Hermione said. “Why did you do that to the poor creature!?” Hermione screamed. The baskitil lay inside the boat eyes staring at Hermione. It actually looked kind of cute from Hermione’s perspective. Even thought it had tentacles as it’s feet, it had puppy dog eyes, you know the kind that are all big and irresistible. You couldn’t possibly describe it’s body without the word miraculous.

A light blue skin, was shinning with water, and it had markings, like a secret language embedded into its skin. It looked like a bunch of scribbles, at first, but Hermione brought it closer, examining it with wonder. She had seen it in a book before, but looking at the real thing was so much more exciting.

“Wow.” She said, forgetting all about the fact Draco had pulled it unwillingly onto their boat. It suddenly gave a little squeak, and its tentacles moved around, feeling for something.

“Wow is right.” Draco agreed. They had seen the baskitil before in the wild also, but he had never brought it this close.

“It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Hermione laughed at the squeak that again came from it, and Draco chuckled a little also.

“Yeah. Almost the cutest thing ever.” Draco looked up at her, eyes glowing a light sky blue, as he smiled that award winning smile. Hermione kept staring at the creature, knowing Draco was staring at the top of her head.

“Um, we should put it back where it belongs. I think it can only stay out of the water for a while.” She cleared her throat loudly bringing him out of his reverie.

“Oh, yeah.” He agreed, and picked it up delicately, putting it back into the lake. It lingered there, staring up at the two at them from the water, and then gave what sounded like a thank you squeak, then swam away.

They both laughed. A loud roar sounded, and it reverberated off the castle, and seemed to shake the grounded. They looked up at the sky quickly, and a flash lighted the sky before disappearing.

“Oh no.” Hermione muttered. “Quick row us to shore, before it storms.” Draco grabbed the oar with haste, and rowed to the bank quickly. Hermione threw her bag over her shoulder, and jumped over the edge of the boat onto the shore. As soon as Draco was completely out of the boat another roar came from the clouds, and the rain poured down.

“Shoot.” He muttered, and saw Hermione start to run in front of him, as he followed suit. She fast walked up the hill, trying to keep herself steady with the heavy bag she was carrying. At the top of the hill she stopped for a short breath, looking out at the grounds from the top. She made her way to go down, but he grass was too slippery and she lost her footing.

Her bag fell out of her arms, and she began to tumble down the hill, rolling continuously, like those small kids do when they play on a hill. Draco not expecting this, did not stop in time, and tripped over the bag she had dropped, also toppling over, and rolling just as Hermione had done.

“Draco!” She screamed hoping he would save her, but she just kept rolling down the hill, getting muddy and tousled. She finally felt it even out and stopped. Her hair was in front of her face, and she moved the tangles out of her way, just in time to see Draco fall heavily on top of her.

Another flash erupted, and soon again came the thunder. They moaned in pain as the rain fell over them. Hermione looke up after the impact, and saw his wet hair sticking to his forehead, and his cheeks were a little muddy. She had no doubt she looked any better. Probably had mud, and grass, and leaves stuck all up in her busy hair. But what he said to her shocked her.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered, bewildered by their position.

Beautiful?! He thinks I’m beautiful?! My hair is a fucking mess, and I’m covered in mud! Is that what he calls beautiful?!

She pushed him off, and got up quickly, wanting to escape the cold, and wet.

“Accio bag!” She bellowed over the roar of the now heavier rain. The bag flew to her hand, and then she called, “Accio books!”, and everything flew to her as she expertly aimed them into her bag.

Draco had now stood up, and proceeded to run again. “Wait!” Hermione stopped him.


“Are you a wizard or not? Put a repellent charm on yourself!” She yelled over the storm.

He smiled stupidly, and immediately cast a spell that would repel water. She did the same, and they started to run again. Once they reached the door, and closed it, they sighed in relief.

“Damn.” Malfoy said looking down at himself. He tried to wipe some stuff away, but that only made it worse.

“Here.” Hermione said and put a heating charm around him so as to keep him warm, as not to get sick. She did the same for herself.

Hermione walked forward, but gasped in pain. “Woah. Hold on.” Draco walked forward and lifted her into his arms.

“Hey!” She protested. “I was fine!”

“You keep telling yourself that Granger.” He told her, daring her to protest again. He picked up her bag as well, and proceeded to carry her down the hall.

“Why are you going this way? Our dorm is the opposite way.” She asked.

“We are not going to the dorm.”

“Then where the hell are we going?!”

“To the hospital wing to get your ankle looked at.” He said simply.

“I am fine!” She wailed again.

“Shut it Granger I’m bringing you, and that’s that.” Hermione remained quiet after that, and held onto his neck for support, while secretly liking this position.

“Thank you.” She said leaning in and kissing his cheek. He stopped walking, and looked at her, knowing that was the best he was going to get for now.

“Your welcome love.” He whispered so quietly he was sure she hadn’t heard anything but a mumble. But little did they know a couple had been about to walk down that corridor when they saw the two of them.

They stopped in their tracks, and hurried back around the corner to watch. The girl gasped when Hermione kissed his cheek, and the boy went as white as a ghost.

“Hermione?” Harry said softly not believing what he was seeing. Then after her lips left his cheek he saw Draco look back at her with longing. He knew that look. He looked at Ginny like that every day.

“Now you know what’s wrong with her.” Ginny told him, her head looking at the floor.

“That I do.” He said, prying his eyes away from the ludicrous scene down the corridor.

“Does Ron know?” Harry gulped.

Ginny looked up, and Harry sighed, not having to hear the answer out loud.


A/N: [gasps] well that was unexpected? was it not? ha well REVIEW! you know the drill =]

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