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Chapter fourteen - Blinded by Pride.

A/N- Now who wanted more Aussie songs? This chapter is about as aussie as you can get! Enjoy!

“Morning Evans! Nice to see you vertical.”

Lily scowled. “What is that supposed to mean?”

James laughed. “Simply implying that while I don’t mind girls falling at my feet it is nice to see you on yours.” Lily rolled her eyes. “Coming to Quidditch today?” he asked casually.

“Of course I am!” She said, watching as his face light up. “To watch Ruby.” She finished.

James nodded. “If you say so…” James replied with a wink. Lily went red almost immediately. “So can I walk you to breakfast?”

Lily eyed him suspiciously. “Why?”

James shrugged. “I thought after last night we could go back to being friends.”

Lily looked at him strangely. “I’m sorry but we were never friends.” She told him coldly, before leaving to catch up with her friends for breakfast. That boy sure was persistent! She thought shaking her head sadly.

As she got closer to Holly, Holly turned. “What was that about?”

Lily looked at the ground. “He wants to be friends.”

“When were you two ever friends!” Holly scoffed.

Lily nodded impatiently. “That’s what I said!” she cried as they sat down at the table for breakfast.

“Hey, Lily!” Sirius greeted cheerfully. “Ready for Quidditch?” Next to him Ruby groaned.

“What’s the time?” Ruby asked distractedly.

“Almost ten.” Holly told her helpfully.

Ruby groaned again. “ I gotta go… James will kill me if I am late.”

The others waved goodbye to her before lazily tucking into breakfast. Almost an hour later Remus stood up. “Come on, if we want to get good seats.”

Sirius jumped up quickly. Lily rolled her eyes. “Excited much Sirius?”

Sirius grinned, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “But aren’t you excited Lils?” he told her. It’s the final!” He exclaimed loudly. Lily shot him a look.

Holly laughed. “Come on Lils! Look like you are having fun!” she joined in, taking Lily’s arm. Together she and Sirius led Lily through the halls, Remus following shaking his head at them.

(Adapted from “That’s what football means to me” by Greg Champion.”)
Holly: I've got my scarf, got my old coat
I've got a Quidditch game to go to
Quidditch’s on, its here again
Back to greet me like an old friend, and

That's the thing about
That's what I like about
That's the thing about
The thing about Quidditch.

Whoa, oh, oh ohhhhhh- o-o-oh

Sirius: I'll meet a friend outside the ground
We'll argue over who's gonna win
He'll go for his team I for mine
We'll watch 'em slug it out, right to the end, and

That's the thing about
That's what I like about
That's the thing about
The thing about Quidditch.

Whoa, oh, oh ohhhhhh- o-o-oh

Sirius: Show me the crowd and I'll take my place
I'm hungry, I'm hungry for the taste of it, and

Both: That's the thing about
That's what I like about
That's the thing about
The thing about Quidditch.

Holly: I got a long path to walk down
To catch the win of my favourite team
Sirius: Use my legs, used my voice
Make some noise support the guys, and

Sirius: That's what Quidditch means to me
That's how I like my Quidditch to be, Yeah!

All: That's the thing about
That's what I like about
That's the thing about
The thing about Quidditch…”

Lily Laughed as she joined in the last line. “You two are both nuts!” She exclaimed but already she was starting to have a good time.


“What the hell is James doing?” Cried Holly an hour and a half into the game.

“And what is Potter doing up there?” the commentator cried, echoing Holly without knowing. “There goes Barker to score yet another goal for Ravenclaw! The score is now 150 – 40 Ravenclaw’s way! Ravenclaw are on fire! What has happened to Gryffindor’s winning streak? Has James finally lost his touch? Will his final game be his first loss ever as captain? And Ravenclaw have the Quaffle yet again!”

“Who is commentating?” Sirius suddenly exclaimed. Holly grabbed Sirius’ binoculars that were still around his neck and looked through them, causing Sirius to jerk towards her with a groan.

“Oh, it’s that stupid, giggly Hufflepuff girl! The one that was all over Sirius, along with her stupid friend!” Sirius looked quizzically at Holly before he was jerked closer to her by Lily taking the binoculars off her.

“Mona,” Lily told Holly, then turned to her friend, “I think someone is a wee bit jealous.”

Holly quickly shot Sirius a side glance, before facing Lily again, “Of what?” she asked indignantly.

Lily just smirked at her friend, “Of what? I’m glad you two are just friends now, it would be too weird other wise.” She then turned her attention back to the game, failing to notice Sirius and Holly’s nervous chuckles.

“Potter has the Quaffle, he’s going for goal… ohhhh, Barker intercepts it before the Ravenclaw keeper has a chance.” Elliot then passed the Quaffle on to his team mate and circled back to James.

“Yes!” Remus jumped up, along with all the other Gryffindor’s. Sirius, Holly and Lily looked up at him curiously then realised what had happened.

“Sinclair has caught the Snitch! Gryffindor wins 190 – 150!” Holly and Sirius joined in the cheering. Lily however was watching James and Elliot who were too involved in their heated discussion to notice the game had ended. Suddenly James rushed at Elliot, forcing him to crash into the stands, but no one seemed to notice, except Lily. James then flew off, out of the stadium but not before glancing up in her direction.


Lily slowly made her way back up to the castle, upon reaching the common room a celebratory party was already in full swing. She walked over to Holly, Ruby, Remus and Sirius. “Where’s James?” she questioned Ruby.

“Don’t know, he never came into the change rooms after the game.”

Suddenly the portrait hole opened, James walked in, still in his Quidditch robes. He headed straight for his dorm, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone.

"Be right back," Lily said to the others, who apparently weren't listening.

She walked up the stairs to the boys’ dorm and barged through the door, "What the hell was that about?" Lily yelled at a shirtless James.

James spun around, "What the hell are you doing in here?"

"Finding out what that little scene out on the Quidditch pitch was about," Lily stated putting her hands on her hips.

"It doesn't concern you Evans!" James said looking around wildly for a shirt.

"Like hell it doesn't! You purposefully pushed him into the stands!"

"As if you wouldn’t have done it given the chance!" James hissed.

“Oh how mature of you.”

“Yep. We always come back to that. How immature I am. Maybe next time I will let him get away with-“

“What did he say?” Lily demanded. He didn’t answer. For Lily the pieces had all clicked into place. “What did he say!” She demanded again, louder this time.

Still he only stared coldly at her. "What the hell is your problem James? Why do you act like this?"

"Me? What is my problem?" He cried angrily.

"Yes! You!" Lily flared.

James laughed bitterly, "My problem? You are my problem!"


"Yes! You!” James cried in a mocking voice. “You can't even see that I was trying defend you!”

“What gives you the right or the need to try to defend me? Another one of your macho acts on poor defenceless girls? Is that it? Another ego trip?”

“Is that what you really think? That I do all this to feel manly? You don’t know me at all! Are you really so blind that can't see me for who I am?”

Lily crossed her arms across her chest, narrowing her eyes at him. "And who are you exactly?"

James stepped closer to Lily so they were inches away from each other, he lowered his voice to a deadly whisper, "I'm just a guy who is desperately in love with someone he can't have."

"Love?" Lily whispered back fearfully, staring into his eyes that held no emotion.

"That’s what I said. Love. I love you Lily Evans, and if you weren't so damn stubborn you would admit you feel exactly the same way." For a moment Lily thought James was going to kiss her, but instead he leaned around her with his arm to pick up a t-shirt, not breaking eye contact for a moment. For Lily it was worse that the yelling. She knew he was being completely honest. Still without a word he then left the dorm, ignoring the almost silent party goers’ stares as he slipped his t-shirt over his head, and most definitely not noticing the whispers that seemed to follow him.

"What was that about?" Holly asked as the portrait swung shut on him. Everyone had heard almost every word of their argument up until a few moments ago when it had gone quiet. It was what had been said in that time that worried her.

"No idea, but I’m gonna go find out," Sirius got up and went to find James, knowing exactly where he would be.


Lily had watched James leave, her anger disappeared very quickly as what he had said sunk in. realising she was shaking she dropped to the nearest bed, picking up the pillow and hugging close. A small sob escaped as she took in the familiar scent of James. He was right. How could she have been so blind?

(A/N: Adapted from My Big Mistake by Delta Goodrem)
"Amazing fairytale that had come true
Mr reliable romantic was you
Blinded, misguided in the arms of love
Just 'cause it suited the both of us

Then it all went wrong
Was I the one to blame?
Taking you for granted
In so many ways
When I look back now
How can I ever forget
You made me so happy
But so upset…

How could something so magic (magic)
Become something so tragic (tragic)
Right before my eyes
Two separate lives
Every second was a precious moment
Now I’m thinking about the path I’ve chosen
Wish I could un-make my big mistake
My big mistake

Communication has broken down
The situation seems out of our hands
Well my hands
You've got to please understand
That I was too proud, yes just
Too proud for that
I guess it all went wrong
And I’m the one to blame
But what I would give to have you back again

How could something so magic (magic)
Become something so tragic (tragic)
Right before my eyes
Two separate lives
Every second was a precious moment
Now I’m thinking about the path I’ve chosen
Wish I could un-make my big mistake
My big mistake

The hours the days the weeks
The months that we have wasted
I’m sorry
I still love you
I don't expect an owl 'cause my apology's belated
I’m sorry
And I miss you all the time

How could something so magic (magic)
Become something so tragic (tragic)
Right before my eyes
Two separate lives
Every second was a precious moment
Now I’m thinking about the path I’ve chosen
Wish I could un-make my big mistake
My big mistake"

"Lily?" Holly asked cautiously, opening the door to the dorm. Lily turned around quickly to face Holly, wiping her eyes as she did.

“It’s nothing, just a big mistake.” Holly could tell Lily didn’t want to talk about it yet, so she left it alone.

The two girls then went to their own dorm, to go to bed.

James was beyond pissed. How could he have been so stupid to tell her he loved her? She was probably up there with her friends right now having a good laugh at his expense. Angrily James transformed into his animagus form.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He thought, ramming the dilapidated wall. From down the tunnel he heard a voice call out to him.

Sirius entered the shrieking shack to find Prongs ramming the wall angrily. Seeing Sirius standing there James charged at him. Quickly Sirius transformed too. The stag reared haughtily as if trying to tempt the dog into a fight. Sirius quite happily obliged, pouncing at the magnificent creature.

After about ten minutes Sirius changed back and James followed suit. They both sat panting for a few minutes, before Sirius spoke. “Feel better?” He asked with a smirk.

Jumping up, James swore loudly. “What are you doing here?” He asked harshly pacing the length of the room.

“We all heard the fight.”

James snorted. “I bet you did.”

“Except the last part…what happened?”

James stopped pacing to look at him. He was supposed to pissed at him…but hey he had already screwed things up with Lily tonight and right now he needed a friend. Without saying anything James sat back down next to Sirius. He ran a hand through his hair.

Next to him Sirius whistled. “That bad huh?”

James sighed. “I told her I love her.” Sirius’ eyes boggled. James looked at him in disgust. “Shut up.”

Sirius shook his head. “I didn’t say anything…Wow mate. That’s big… Sooo what did she say?”

James jumped back up. “Nothing. She said nothing.” He cried in frustration, punching the wall. Anger subsiding he turned to Sirius again. “But I know she feels the same way.”

Sirius didn’t say anything, moodily James sat back down. “What are you going to do?” Sirius asked slowly.

James sighed again. “Nothing. I suppose it’s all up to her now.” Sirius regarded him curiously. “I told her exactly how I felt and she said nothing. I can't do anything more.” He said quietly, letting his head fall against the dusty wall.

Sirius looked at his feet. “I really am sorry you know.”

James looked at him. “Don’t worry about it.”

“No. I was way out of line. Jealous of what you two had. I shouldn’t have said anything. I really shouldn’t have said anything.” He said, emphasising the second ‘really’.

James stood up. “Yeah but its over now, there’s nothing I can do. And there’s nothing you can do about it either.” He told him, offering his hand to help him up. Sirius took it with a grin.

“Does this mean I am forgiven?” James made a face and Sirius grinned. “That’s close enough!” He cried excitedly. “Can I hug you?”


A/N: if we previously stated that Gryffindor was playing another house other than Ravenclaw, we are sorry but deal with it.

“My Big Mistake” by Delta Goodrem.

“That's What Football Means To Me” by Greg Champion (it's about real footy!!!)
Another thing...we are looking for a song for the end, boppy love song. Suggestion anyone?
Anyway. r&r. pretty please!

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