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Chapter 5: The Fall from the Top
A few days later Harry would give anything for that chair and quiet room again. Harry and Ginny’s apartment was now one of the loudest places in the world, in Harry’s opinion. No matter what Harry and Ginny did Caden would cry. He would eventually fall asleep but would wake up every few hours later crying again.

Harry and Ginny were great parents. Sure they got frustrated at all of the times that Caden wouldn’t stop crying but that was apart of parenting. They would spend all their time on Caden or sleeping. They didn’t get out much anymore. Ginny and Harry would avoid anywhere in the wizarding world like the plague. Everyone knew that Caden was born and Harry now had a son and everyone what to see the baby. So far Caden hasn’t left the sight of either of his parents or grandparents and no body outside the family and Order has seen him.

A month after Caden was born Ginny went back to work but Harry stayed at home taking care of Caden and trying to set up the final battle. They had finally gotten the back up they need but it would still take precise planning and the problem with the planning was that very few people could know about it. There was still a leak in the Order.

Harry would take Caden to Grimauld Place where the Order was still stationed and plan everything with the help of the few people that were their. Mrs. Weasley would always be there with Belle, Hermione and Ron had gone back to work, and she would help take care of Caden. Moody had also gone back to ‘retirement’ which caused uproar at the Ministry. Since he was the leader of the Order he needed to help Harry more then anyone else.

Harry and Moody would only let a few people in the room when they were planning including McGonagall and Remus, when they could get out of the school, Tonks, Mr. Weasley and Kingsley. Ginny, Hermione, and Ron didn’t stop by very often because Harry would inform them later of their plans when he returned home.

Voldemort’s attack had calmed down considerably as well which made Harry think that he was planning something. He had found out that someone had taken Nagini and had pointed fingers at Harry and the Order. Known Order members and their families were being attacked causing the Potter estate, were Harry had allowed families who were attack or threatened during the war to stay, to get very crowded.

Sure enough, Nagini was still unconscious downstairs. They had been putting her under a spell since she arrived to make sure that she stayed unconscious but she was slowly becoming more resistant toward the spell; she had to be hit with the spell more often.

It was two months after he started planning and three months after Caden was born when Harry was finally ready to take his first step toward the end of this war.

Dear Tom,
I hope you aren’t doing well. I’ve noticed that your attacks have been less and less each week which means you’re planning something. I won’t ask you what it is because I know you won’t tell me. But just to let you know, your secret is out. I know everything and I plan on destroying every piece of you.
Your enemy,
The Boy-Who-Lived
The Man-Who-Will-Destroy-You
P.S. I have the snake.

Short and Sweet. Harry’s only use for the letter was to make Voldemort see that the war was quickly coming to an end. Voldemort had found out that a few of his Horcruxes had been stolen and was determined to find out whom had taken them. Harry knew this when Cunning, the Order’s new spy after Snape betrayed them, had brought news that Voldemort had sent a few of his top Death Eaters to go to Austria to find something. They were sent to the place where Ravenclaw’s cup was and didn’t find it. Voldemort was furious.

Harry attached the letter to an owl that the Order had intercepted. That way it would be unrecognized and the letter would actually get to Voldemort before it was shot down. He was just watching the owl fly out of sight when Ginny came into the room carrying Caden.

“What are you doing here?” Harry said kissing her in greeting and kissing the top of Caden’s head.

“I came to get Caden and see if you were going to be home for dinner.” Ginny replied.

“Sorry I haven’t been around lately Gin.” Harry said. He had been spending a lot of time on planning the final battle and he didn’t have much time with Ginny or Caden. “I promise, tonight is yours and Caden’s night. I’ll be home for dinner.”

“Good,” Ginny replied handing over Caden. “I have to go ask mom the spell for cleaning out stains on carpets. Caden threw his toy at me and made me drop my pumpkin juice last night and I can’t get it out of the carpet.”

“Well, at least we know he’s taken after you on the Quidditch aspect.” Harry said smiling watching Caden throw his pacifier that was in his mouth a few seconds ago to the floor. “He’ll be an excellent chaser one day.”

“Don’t try to suck up to me Mr. Potter.” Ginny said before she left the room. Harry watched her leave before bringing his attention back to his son.

“I can’t wait until you’re old enough to fly.” Harry said. “One of these days I’m going to take you out flying. I think I can trust you not to tell your mother.” Caden just made those cute baby noises that always had all the girls cooing over them.

Harry was just about to pick up Caden’s pacifier when his scar burst in pain. Voldemort had obviously gotten Harry’s letter. Caden had obviously noticed his father’s pain because he started whimpering.

“Don’t worry Caden.” Harry said trying to comfort his son. “All this will be over soon. Voldemort will be gone forever and we can live normal lives. You’re going to go to school, make friends, play Quidditch and have a normal life. Or at least as normal as you can get being Harry Potter’s son.”

“I promise you that with in the month their will be no Voldemort and you will grow up in a world where there isn’t a huge war going on and I’m not stuck in the middle of it.” Harry promised. “And even though you probably aren’t going to understand this or remember this, I want you to know that I love you and if I don’t make it through this war that I will always be right here.” Harry said pointing to Caden’s heart. The weird thing about this conversation was that Caden seemed to be listening and so was another person.

“Harry,” Ginny said from the doorway. “Caden will know how much you love him no matter what happens to you. A boy can’t forget his father. You remember your father and you know that he loves you, were ever he is.”

“I guess it just hit me that the war is almost over. I sent the letter today and put the final battle into motion.” Harry explained. “I could die in a couple of weeks and I just wanted to let him know how much I care about him and about you. If anything ever happened to you or Caden I don’t know what I would do. I’d die inside if I lost you two.”

“That’s not going to happen, Harry.” Ginny tried to reassure him. “Were all going to make it through this war. You’re going to defeat Voldemort and then come home to me and Caden. We’re going to get married and have that daughter you promised. Caden and his sister are going to go to Hogwarts and then you and I are going to grow old together. Everyone gets their happy ending, including us.”

“I just have a feeling everything could go wrong any minute.” Harry said.

“Then we’ll fix it.” Ginny said. “We’ll clear our path of every obstacle and charge forward together. You aren’t going to die and neither am I and neither is Caden. We’re going to make it Harry, no matter what comes our way. I promise you that.”

Ginny was reassuring herself just as much as she was reassuring Harry. She had the feeling that something was going to go wrong too but it was a war and not everything could go as planned. Not in the real world.

“Now, I’m going to go fix dinner.” Ginny said taking Caden from Harry. “When do you think you will be home?”

“I have to wait until Cunning comes back with the attacks for tonight.” Harry said. “He should be here in an hour. I might be a little late but I promise I will be there.”

“Don’t worry if you’re late Harry.” Ginny said walking out the door. “I’ll wait for you. I always have and always will.”

“Love you.” Harry said after her.

“Love you to Harry.” Ginny yelled from the stairs.

Harry was sitting in the kitchen talking with Remus, who was able to get out of the school tonight, for about an hour when Cunning came through the fire place. He looked out of breath and Harry noticed that he looked like he had just got out of a battle. His arm had a deep cute on it, and he looked like he had been running through a forest. His cloths were ripped and torn.

“What’s wrong, Cunning?” Harry asked and helped him to a chair but he shoved Harry off and tried to catch his breath.

“Harry,” Cunning whispered still trying to catch his breath. “The attack… is at your… apartment.”

Harry was at the fireplace in a flash. He floo-ed straight to the neighboring wizarding bar next to his apartment then apperated outside his apartment. The door was open which wasn’t a good sign.

“Ginny! Caden!” Harry yelled. Nobody answered. “Ginny!” Harry walked cautiously into the apartment. Nothing seemed out of place at first glace other then Ginny and Caden were missing. “Ginny!” Harry was worried now.

Something moved through the kitchen door. Harry spun pointing his wand in the direction. What he saw made his heart fall. A foot… Ginny’s foot. Harry rushed into the kitchen and found Ginny sprawled on the kitchen floor. Her cheek had a nasty cut on it but she was breathing. Harry’s heart lifted a little bit but he had still not seen Caden.

“Ginny.” Harry said trying to coax her to wake up. “Ginny, baby, wake up.” Ginny’s eyes began to flutter open. “Ginny, where’s Caden?” Harry said urgently. This made Ginny’s eyes to widen and for her to sit up suddenly. She looked around frantically and her breath started to quicken.”

“Caden!” Ginny whispered frantically. “They took him. Oh Merlin, Harry, they took him.” Harry took her into his arms as she began to cry and Remus just came through the door.

“Find him Remus.” Harry said desperately almost in tears himself. “Find Caden!” Remus left in a hurry again and left the mourning couple. A few minutes later Moody rushed into the kitchen with Ron and Hermione behind him

“I sent everyone on the search Harry.” Moody informed. Hermione took Ginny from Harry’s arms and tried to comfort her. Harry got up and walked over to where Ron and Moody stood. Moody looked grim and Ron looked like he could shed a few tears.

“I want the truth.” Harry said avoiding looking at their faces that said all he needed to know. “What are his chances?” He asked in a whispered dreading the answer.

“We don’t know His intentions Harry.” Moody said making Harry glare at him because he just wanted the truth. “Very slim Harry. We’ll keep searching but we don’t have a spy anymore. Cunning lost his cover trying to get to you on time.”

“Why would he just take Caden and not just kill him and Ginny?” Ron asked the question that everyone was thinking. But Harry already knew the answer. Harry rushed out of the apartment with Ron on his heal.

“Harry wait!” Ron yelled but Harry kept running but it was no use. Ron had longer legs then him and caught up to him easily. “What are you doing?”

“I know what he wants Ron.” Harry said. “He wants the snake. He wants his last Horcrux”

“And you’re just going to give it to him?” Ron asked not believing him.

“He has Caden Ron.” Harry yelled at him trying to get out of Ron’s grip. “I’ll give him anything to have Caden back. I’ll die for Caden.”

“If you give him the snake that is exactly what you would be doing.” Ron said. “Don’t you see? If you give Voldemort Nagini then he won. You can’t beat him and he’ll kill you. Then what’s stopping him from killing Caden and the rest of the wizarding world. Nobody!”

“What am I suppose to do Ron?” Harry asked. “Just let him kill my son? I’m not going to let that happen!”

“Harry,” Ron said more softly. “He’s already dead. There is no way you can save him even if he is still alive. I’m sorry.”

Harry looked angrily at Ron but he knew that it was true. Every bit of it. If he didn’t give Voldemort Nagini then Caden dies. If he did, then he dies and then what is stopping Voldemort from taking over the world and killing Caden anyway. Harry had no way of saving his son, something in side him broke and he hit his knees. Everything went blurry as tears streamed down his face. How could he ever have a happy ending now?

Ron helped Harry up and placed a supporting arm around him. He led him back to the apartment with a few words of comfort but Harry wasn’t listening. He was torn with grief and it wasn’t about to change once he got back to the apartment.

Once Harry and Ron got back into the apartment Ginny ran up to Harry who took her into his arms as they both wept for their lost son. Nothing would ever be the same again.


A week later the search continued but now Harry and Ginny had given up hope. How was their son going to live in the possession of Voldemort? One in a million chances. Ginny would never be seen without tears rolling down her cheeks. Harry was never crying but he held a grim presents around him that anybody would notice.

Harry kept his mind elsewhere because he still had a war to win. He was more determined then ever to kill Voldemort and take his revenge for his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, and now Caden. The final battle was in three days. Harry was going to lure Voldemort out of hiding with Nagini. If all went well the war would be over and then Harry could rightfully mourn for his son.

“Harry.” Ron knocked on the door of Harry’s office at Grimauld. “What are you still doing here? You should be at home with Ginny.” Ron and Hermione had mourned for Caden as well but were more determined to help Ginny and Harry through this. So far Harry hadn’t been home for almost four days and Ginny had locked herself into her room not wanting to be disturbed.

“I have to much work to do Ron.” Harry said. The grim presence was still noticed clearly and Ron knew that Harry was trying to hide from his feeling. He was composed on the outside but in the inside he was a bomb about to explode. In Ron’s opinion, and everyone else around Harry, that bomb needed to go off but nobody knew how to detonate it.

“You need to go home to Ginny, Harry.” Ron said. “She hasn’t come out of her room in three days and I don’t think she has eaten anything. All she does is cry anymore. You need to do something Harry. She needs you.”

“I can’t Ron.” Harry said trying to focus his mind elsewhere but Ron’s persistence of the subject didn’t change from yesterday when they had a similar conversation.

“Why?” Ron persisted. “She needs you Harry. You said that you would always be there for her. She needs you now more than ever. You can’t just back out of that promise Harry. If you truly love her then you would be right by her trying to comfort her.”

“I can’t Ron.” Harry’s voice cracked. Ron was getting closer to that bomb going off but he didn’t even have to do anything before it exploded. “I can’t stand it anymore Ron.” Harry said close to tears. “I can’t bear to see her cry and not be able to do anything about it. Everything was perfect. I had everything I had ever dreamed of. I had a son, a beautiful bride and a future, a reason to live. All of that was destroyed when Caden was taken. I’m never going to have that back.” Harry now had tears in his eyes but they refused to fall.

“But you still have Ginny, Harry.” Ron said. “And she needs you just as much as you need her. That hasn’t changed. Go to her Harry, she’s all you have left.”

Harry really did want to see Ginny and try to comfort her and have her comfort him but he couldn’t bear to see her tear stricken face again. He had seen it all too often the first few days that Caden was taken. Harry was falling from the top of that mountain he had just climbed and had broken a few bones in the process. Nothing was ever going to be right again.

Even though he couldn’t stand seeing Ginny in the state she was in he couldn’t think of her in a dark room all by herself crying in a corner either. He had to help her, comfort her. He needed her at his side if he was going to make it through the final battle in a few days. She was his support and comfort and he needed her in his arms.

Harry opened the door to his apartment for the first time in four days. It was in shambles. Nobody had bothered to pick up after themselves; they were all to grief stricken. The dishes needed to be done and clothes were everywhere. Hermione was currently in the apartment sitting by the bedroom door where Harry could hear crying. Ginny must be in their.

Hermione got up, gave Harry a sympathetic look and then left knowing that Harry and Ginny would want to have time to themselves. Harry turned the knob to the bedroom and found it open to his touch. Ginny was lying on the bed in the fetal position crying her heart out. Harry couldn’t help the few tears that finally left his eyes at the sight of her. To find the only thing he had left in the world in this state made the bomb explode in him. He couldn’t stop the tears now that they had started.

Harry laid down on the bed in front of Ginny and wrapped his arms around her. She buried her head into his chest and hung on to him as if her life depended on him being their. And it did. She had no reason to go on except for Harry. Harry was her rock, her hero, and the only person who could understand her without her saying a word. He was her life. But this is what Harry thought about Ginny as well. They needed each other more then either of them could comprehend.

Harry and Ginny stayed like this the whole night until they cried themselves to sleep. Nobody bothered them. While Harry and Ginny grieved the rest of the world got ready for the battle to come. The Order members were all being informed and Moody had sent the letter that Harry had written the night before about where and when Voldemort could retrieve his snake but the snake was already dead. It was all planned perfectly; all they needed now was for the Boy-Who-Lived to be ready for the battle.

Harry was ready and when the day finally did came. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were all by his side as he sent the final curse to Voldemort. In reality, Voldemort sent the final curse. The killing curse bounced off of Harry just like when he was an infant but this time Voldemort didn’t have any Horcruxes to rely on so his soul was taken from him. He was finally gone but then why was everyone still in turmoil? Why was everyone still desperately trying to find out everything they could about their savior?

Even though the curse bounced off of Harry it came very close to taking his life as well. He was on the brink of death, fighting to stay alive. Ginny was being torn apart. She didn’t know how she was going to go on if she lost both her love and son all at the same time.

Ginny ran out of the room the third time Harry was declared dead. He had given an excellent fight but even if a miracle happened again Ginny’s hopes had vanished. He may be the best fighter she had known but there are only so many times that you can fight off death and come out on top. Harry was dead no matter how many times he had to be declared dead first and Ginny couldn’t take it. She ran away leaving everything behind her. She would become a muggle and not look back at her past. It would just be too hard. She was no longer Ginny Weasley soon to be Potter; she had left her ring on his bedside. She was just a normal person with no ‘special abilities’ and no horrible past. Nothing could change her mind! Right?

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