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Jade looked around her empty room. It felt as if her life had been packed into the trunk lying at her feet. She swished her hair over her shoulder, and opened the wardrobe door. She stroken the old wood, and picked up the last box of her things. The clothes were gone, her quilt of midnight blue and black from her bed folded in her trunk, her decorations packed amongst it.

Her diary lay in this last box. She opened it, relived some of her memories. As she turned a page, a photo fell to the floor. Kneeling, she turned it over and gasped as she looked. Tears formed in her eyes, but she roughly brushed them away. It was her brother, dead and gone, smiling and waving at her. She knew he was gone, but he seemed so alive in the photo, so happy... he was gone.

Jade put the diary back into the box, and, as she tunred to put it into her trunk, caught sight of a bright light. She put her hand into the box, and as her fingers grasped the light, the bedroom door flew open. Wheeling around, hands behind her back, she came face to face with her father.

"Are you ready, Jade? We're leaving soon."
"Yes, Daddy. I was just shutting my trunk." Jade knelt down and put the box into the trunk, pulling out the light as she did so. She leant up to hug her father, saying, "I promise to make you proud, Daddy."
"I'm still not happy about this, Jade."
"Why, Daddy? I'm going to Hogwarts, the most famous school for witchcraft and wizadry there is!"
"You have to promise me you'll take care of yourself. I don't want you getting hurt!" her father was getting angrier now.
"That's why I'm going, Daddy. To learn how to protect myself!"
"I just don't want to lose you!"
"Daddy, you have to let me life my own life! I'm not going to end up like Cedric!"

There was a deadly silence. Her brother's name had not been spoken since his death the summer previously. Jade Diggory closed her tunk, saying, "Daddy, you have to let me go. Please, let me go."

* * *

She watched out of the train window, as platform 9 3/4 sped away, taking her father with it. For the first time, she felt afraid. For comfort, she pulled out the light... but was it a light? Now, in the compartment, it seemed to just be an opal, shining in the sunlight. Perhaps the light had just been a reflection. But Jade was sure it had been more than that... She tied the black ribbon around her neck, and sat back. She could not believe that, finally, she was going to Hogwarts, where her brother had once been. She wanted to live up to her brother's memory. She would not accept failure.

The compartment door slid open. A tall, fair headed boy stepped in.
"Hi, is this compartment taken?" Jade dumbly shook her head.
"I'm Flynn, by the way. Flynn Baxter."
"Jade Diggory," she returned with a smile. Flynn looked taken aback.
"You're... Cedric's sister?" the smile snapped off her face.
"Yes," she replied shortly, and went back to reading her book. She refused to speak for the rest of the journey. Flynn couldn't understand what he had done. How could he? She was destined for a lot of questions similar to his own.

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