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One week into school and Ryan finally felt like she belonged somewhere. This group that she had found was definitely one of a kind and they really accepted her without question. In classes she usually partnered with Hermione, which was great because at her old school no one was up to her level in any of their classes, Hermione however was equal with her in all of their classes except one, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Everyone except the Slytherins were glad to see Professor Lupin back to fill the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. In their very first class they got to duel with a partner. Ryan had at first partnered with Hermione, like usual, but it turned out that Hermione was not quite as quick as Ryan, and couldn’t get her own spell in. As Professor Lupin was walking around the class critiquing everyone he decided to switch Hermione and Harry. Harry and Ryan were almost the exact same level when it came to Defense. Neither of them got hurt by the other’s spell because they were both so quick that they blocked them all just in time. By the end of class Professor Lupin was very impressed with the couple.


It was Tuesday night and Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ryan were all sitting in front of the fire doing their homework in the Gryffindor Common Room. A burly seventh year came over to Harry and tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Excuse Me”.

Everyone in the group looked up.

“Harry, you’re Quidditch Captain, right?” Harry nodded, “Well, I was just wondering when you were going to hold tryouts?”

“Oh, uhm, there’s a sign on the notice board, they’re going to be this Friday at 5:30 down on the pitch.” Harry answered him.

“Thanks” the boy said and walked away.

“I didn’t know you were Quidditch Captain,” Ryan said, “What positions need to be filled for Gryffindor??”

“We need two chasers, and two beaters. Why? Do you play?”

“Yeah, my brother and I are both Chasers. Maybe I can convince him to tryout with me. Who else is on the team?”

“Well, right now it’s just Ron, Ginny, and I. I’m the Seeker, Ron’s the Keeper, and Ginny’s our third Chaser.”

“Huh. Well, maybe Luke and I will try out. That’d be fun.” Ryan said.


Ryan walked down to the pitch at 5:00 on Friday with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Lucas, and Jesse. When Ryan had confronted Lucas about trying out to be a Chaser he was beyond excited. Jesse, who was there also, wanted to try out to be a Beater. Lucas and Ryan both had Nimbus Two Thousand-and-Ones while Jesse had a Nimbus Two-Thousand.

They arrived at the pitch and there were already loads of people there. Hermione wished Ryan, Lucas, and Jesse good luck and headed for the stands. Harry, Ron, and Ginny all mounted their brooms and did a couple of laps around the pitch to warm up a bit. They landed neatly and Harry stood with Ron and Ginny behind him.

He yelled to everyone around, “Okay! Why don’t we start with the Beater try-outs? Everyone who’s trying out to be a Chaser just go sit over there, out of the way, please.” Harry decided to try-out the Beaters first thinking it would take much less time. How very wrong he was, there were more people trying out to be Beaters than there were trying out to be Chasers. This surprised Harry mildly but decided to start anyway.

Almost an hour and a half later Harry had two Beaters that he was more than pleased with. The first one was a Fourth Year named Ethan Whitley. The second was none other than Ryan and Lucas’ cousin, Jesse Reilly. They both worked very well together and Harry didn’t doubt that they would make a great team. Now, Harry thought, for the harder part. It was very hard to find three Chasers that had good chemistry for a team. There were only ten people left and Harry soon realized that most of the people that were on the pitch when he arrived were simply there to observe the proceedings. Ron and Ginny had to be in the air for this tryout so they both got into their positions while Harry yelled to the people trying out, “I need everyone to get into groups of two because we only need two Chasers. You are all going to get five minutes in the air trying to score on Ron, you’ll be playing with your partner as well as Ginny Weasley, who is already on the team as our third Chaser.” He explained this to all of them.

The first group to go was two girls. They didn’t do horrible, but they dropped the Quaffle numerous times. Only one of the girls scored once but that was only because Harry had been talking to Ron, telling him instructions. Harry sighed, and hoped the rest of the groups would be better.

The next two groups both consisted of two boys. The first group was a bit better than the two girls but Harry still didn’t want them to be his Chasers because in all honesty, they really weren’t that good, maybe a few more years of training and they’d be up to par. The second group of boys was quite frightful. They dropped the Quaffle so many times that Harry finally just asked the next group to come up. They didn’t score any points and it wasn’t as if Ron had made any spectacular saves, he barely made any saves.

The fourth group was considerably better than the rest. There was one boy and one girl. The girl scored twice while the boy only scored once but that was better than any of the other groups. Harry knew with a bit of training they wouldn’t be half-bad.

The last group was the group he was slightly nervous about because it contained two people that were his friends. Well, one was his friend and the other he didn’t know terribly well, but what he knew of him, he liked. He really hoped they’d be better than the rest of the groups so he wouldn’t have to make a hard decision. He got his wish. Ryan and Lucas were both at least as good as Ginny if not better. They worked extremely well together, which didn’t really surprise Harry much considering they were siblings, and they both worked amazingly with Ginny. Ryan scored three times while Lucas scored two times in five minutes. Ginny also scored once even though Harry had instructed her not to, she had said she couldn’t help herself. Harry was extremely pleased that Ryan and Lucas were so much better than the other groups because that made his decision incredibly easy.

As he dismounted his broom he walked over to his newly formed team.

“Well… I don’t know about you guys, but I think we have a really good team, and a really good shot at the cup this year. We’ll start practice sometime next week, I’m not really sure when yet, but I’ll let you all know. Congratulations everyone that made it and thanks Ron and Ginny for helping out.”

With that they started heading back to the castle.


After try-outs Ryan was exceedingly happy. Hermione ran up to her a gave her a huge hug that almost knocked her out.

“Oh my goodness! You were amazing! I couldn’t even believe it. You two were so much better than all the rest. It was awesome. Congratulations!!” Hermione said this very fast.

“Thanks” Ryan said smiling. She looked over and saw Harry looking at her. She blushed and he looked away quickly. To be honest, she kind-of liked those awkward moments between her and Harry. They made her feel sort-of giddy and girly, which was strange for Ryan because she wasn’t very girly (she could be giddy at times), and it was a good thing.


When they got back to the common room everyone sat down to do their homework after the boys complained, “but we have all weekend.” They whined.

Hermione responded with, “But you won’t if you leave all of this work until Sunday night.” With that they all sat down and started their work.

Ryan who had a free period today and did Snape’s essay on the use of dragon’s blood in potions during History of Magic decided to write a letter to her mother and sister, considering she hadn’t yet.

An hour later everyone was still sitting by the fire finishing up their essays and Ryan reread her letter to her parents. It said…

Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner but I’ve been very busy. It’s very different here at Hogwarts than it was at Santa Isabelle
(A/N: that’s a private school in California, so I decided to use it as their old school’s name. Sorry I haven’t mentioned it before, I just couldn’t think of what to call it). Everyone here is so much nicer and so much less… shallow. My letters to home from there used to be filled with unhappy complaints about all the self-absorbed people there and I’m so glad we came here instead. The people here are much more accepting. Although, as I’m sure you’ve heard from Grandpa, I’m not very fond of the Slytherin house, they’re kind of stuck up to say the least. But, I don’t have to be around them often so I won’t complain.
Classes here aren’t too difficult. I met a girl that I get along with so well, I was surprised because I didn’t think I’d get along with the girls here either but I do. She’s so nice and she’s so smart so I don’t have to pretend to be dumb around her. Her name is Hermione Granger by the way. My very first day I worked with her on Veritaserum in Potions (Daddy, Mom will explain) and we did it perfectly, though we weren’t paying much attention. Then our teacher, Professor Snape, told everyone that we cheated. I talked to Grandpa about it and he said something about him not wanting the class to know how clever we were. I don’t think that’s what it is because you remember in the past when we’ve met him he's been really nasty. I don’t really like him, but I deal with it.
Before I came here Hermione only hung around two boys. They are really nice and all three of them have accepted me into their group without question. Their names are Ron Weasley and Harry Potter! Yes, I know, it’s really exciting meeting Harry Potter but he’s not at all conceited like you would imagine him to be, being so famous and everything. He’s really a nice person and one of my good friends here. So those are the people I spend most of my time with here at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I’ve only gotten to see Grandpa once in private and it was really quick. I’ve told those three about my relationship to “Professor Dumbledore” but don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone, if I can put my complete confidence in them I hope you’ll be able to also, considering you’ve never doubted my judgment before.
We had Quidditch tryouts today. Oh! By the way, Luke and I were both sorted into Gryffindor House. Now, Mom, I know you went here when you were younger but for Dad’s sake I’ll tell him about the houses. They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house shares a common room and we sleep in dormitories with girls in the same year as us (or in Luke’s case boys). We also go to classes with the people in our year. So far, I like the people in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, but not so much the people in Slytherin. They are all purebloods and think very highly of themselves. (Daddy, pureblood means that they don’t have any non-magical people in there family… at all.) Anyways, back to Quidditch. Today were the tryouts and Luke and I both made it as Chasers. Harry is the Seeker, Ron is their Keeper, and Ron’s little sister Ginny is the other Chaser. Jesse made the team as a Beater (which as you know of Jesse’s personality will be good for him to get all of that violence out… haha) and the other Beater’s name is Ethan Whitley. He’s very good also.
I’m very impressed with Luke’s studies. I hope he writes to you. He’s actually doing an essay right now, but he’s really keeping up with his work and doing well. I’m proud of him. I haven’t even been nagging him. I think it might have something to do with the fact that our Grandfather is the headmaster and you will most definitely be hearing about it if he’s not doing so well… but he’s doing well, so we need not worry about that right now. Anyways, I need to write to Kendall because you know how she gets when she doesn’t hear from me. Send all the others my love and assure them that I’ll see them the day Christmas break starts without a doubt.

Miss you and love you all. Always,


In her opinion, that looked pretty darn good. It was nice and long and she knew her mother would appreciate it. She read over Kendall’s to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Even though Kendall was six years younger than her she was just as attached to Kendall as Kendall was to her.

My dearest Kendall,
It really is wonderful here and I know you’re eager to see it. But just think, I only get two years here, you’ve got seven. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the castle and see everything magical about it. I cannot wait to see you again. We will of course be home for Christmas. Maybe you could even convince Mom to bring you to our first Quidditch Match, because I know how much you love them. Yes, Luke and I both made the team as Chasers and by your second year (once you can actually join the team) you’re position will be empty because the Seeker is in my year!
I hope you and Tristan are behaving and not bothering mom. I also hope you’re helping out with the little ones because you know that sometimes mom needs a break, and when I’m not there I’m counting on you. We have our first Hogsmeade visit this next weekend and I’ll be sure to send lots of sweets home to you and Tristan. If Audin stops by and visits please tell him to write me. I’d really like to hear from him since I haven’t seen him since the early summer. I really have to get going sweetie but I hope you’re well and I send all of my love in this little letter. Try to convince Mom to bring you to the first match of the season, it’s on November 3rd, I really do miss you all and would like too see you before Christmas. Please write back, I love hearing from you.

With all of my love, always and forever,


There, she thought, that should be good enough to satisfy them for at least until the first match, if they saw them. She folded the letters and put them in their envelopes. She got up and said to the group, “Hey, guys, I’m going to the Owlery to send the letters. I should be back soon.”

Harry got up, “Hey, I’ll come with you, it’s probably not the best idea to walk the corridors alone anyway.”

Ryan blushed, “Oh, okay.” Was all she could say and she smiled.

Hermione caught her eye and she was showing her a knowing smirk. Ryan rolled her eyes and proceeded to the portrait hole.

On their way to the Owlery Harry started the conversation, “So, who are you writing to?” he asked.

“Oh, my parents and my uhm… oldest little sister. I don’t have the energy to write to all of them. So I just write to Kendall, she’s the closest to me anyways. Her twin really couldn’t care less and the others are too young to read well.”

“Oh,” Harry said, “you’ve got a really big family, and you seem really close to them, it must be nice. I mean, I have the Weasley’s that are practically family, but I’ve never had any blood relatives that I’ve really cared about.”

“It’s kinda nice actually, ‘cause they all look up to my older brother, Audin, and I.” Ryan told him, “but, honestly, well… you can’t tell anyone this, because I’d deny it, when I’m at home it can be a bit annoying, because I’m practically their second mother, I mean, they look up to me as a cool older sister, but sometimes I end up like… a cool, young mother, I guess and… it’s kinda a lot to deal with at times. I mean, I love them all but… I don’t really know. And I know it helps my mom out tremendously which is why I would never admit to her that my job is a bit odious. But, again, it can be a little annoying.”

“I could imagine,” Harry said, “I mean, I don’t really know because the only big family I know is the Weasley’s and there’s only one there that’s younger than me, and she’s not even a year younger, so it’s not like we have to take care of her or anything, but I could imagine that’d be a bit much at times.”

“It is.” Ryan replied simply.

“I do feel bad sometimes though, because I feel like I’m interrupting their family when I go to the Weasley’s. During Christmas and such.” Harry admitted.

“You don’t stay at Hogwarts for Christmas?” Ryan asked.

“Well, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t, it really depends. A lot of the time I will go to the Weasley’s, they’re really nice and I’m practically a seventh son to them, but I do feel a little bad sometimes.”

“Well,” Ryan hesitated, “you could come to my house for Christmas, if you wanted. I mean, everyone would love to meet you…” she trailed off, “Actually,” she said quickly, “now that I think about it, you might not want to, because my mother is a witch so all of my brother’s and sister’s have grown up knowing your name and that’d probably be too much.”

“No! That’d be awesome,” Harry said, “I mean, I would probably have to Floo over to the Weasley’s because I do normally spend Christmas with them, but that’d be really great. I mean, if it’s okay with your parents.”

“Really? You’d really want to? Well, yeah, I mean, it’ll be absolutely fine with my parents, they trust me and my judgment and my choice of friends beyond belief, so I really don’t think it’d be a problem and it’s not like we haven’t got room in our house, so… I can talk to my Grandpa about it and see if it’s okay. You do know however that he also comes to our house for Christmas.” Ryan told him.

“Well I did assume as much.” Harry laughed.

They had been in the Owlery for several minutes by now and Ryan had just noticed. She called Chloe down and gave her the two letters. “Bring these to Mom and Kendall.” She told her.

The made their way back to Gryffindor Tower in almost complete silence, both not really knowing what to say. They entered Gryffindor Common Room and Ron and Hermione both looked up. They could tell that they had just been having a conversation about them but they both decided to ignore it.

Only a few minutes later they all retired to their dormitories. Ryan grabbed her pajamas and her toothbrush, went into the bathroom, showered, changed, and brushed her teeth. She came out squeaky clean to see Hermione sitting on her (Ryan’s) bed waiting for her. Ryan sat down on her bed also.

“So…” Hermione said.

“So… what?” Ryan answered.

“What’s up with you and Harry?”

“What do you mean ‘what’s up with me and Harry’?”

“Oh, you know perfectly well what I mean. Ron and I have both noticed the connection. Whenever you guys make eye contact it doesn’t break for at least a minute. We catch you both looking at each other all of the time. I mean, Ryan, we’re your best friends, we notice these things.” Hermione told her.

“Ron’s having this same conversation with Harry in their dormitory right now isn’t her?” Ryan asked.

“Well, maybe not anymore, I mean, you did take a rather long shower.”

“Hey! I like to be clean, okay?” Ryan said, mock-offensively. “And to answer your question, we’re just friends, friends that share a few awkward moments, that make me tingle inside.” She said blushing. “But if you repeat that to anyone, ever, including Ron, I will hunt you down.”

Hermione laughed, “Okay, okay. So what’d you guys do on the way to and from the Owlery?”

“We didn’t do anything, we talked that’s all! Sheesh, what do you take me for anyways?”

“That’s what I meant!” Hermione said, “What did you talk about?” Hermione moved back over to her bed.

“Oh, well,” Ryan hesitated, blushing, “I kinda invited him over for Christmas, if he wants to come, but he might even think it through the night and decide he doesn’t want to, so, he probably won’t come.” Ryan said quickly.

“Oh, believe me, he’ll want to come. And wow, meeting the parents so soon?” Hermione said jokingly.

“We aren’t even dating!” Ryan said.

“Yet.” Hermione said softly, but loud enough for Ryan to hear. Hermione sighed and shut her curtains. Ryan followed suit and laid down against her pillow thinking about her conversations between Harry and Hermione. Nearly half an hour later, she drifted off to sleep.


A/N: I just finished this last night and I'm working on the sixth chapter. I'd really appreciate it if you guy would review so I know how I'm doing. Also, any ideas for later chapters would be fine because to be completely honest, I don't really have this story planned out, I just have the general idea and a few little details. So suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading, and please review because there's only been two reviews. (I thank the people that have reviewed.)

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