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Chapter 9 - Hogsmeade Dates Part II

Hermione woke up early on Saturday morning and started getting ready for Hogsmeade. She knew that she and James were just going as friends, but she still wanted to look nice; it was in her nature to always be presentable. She took a shower, lathering her body with a sweet strawberry and vanilla body wash. She also used some vanilla shampoo and conditioner in her hair, making the scents dance playfully all around her body. When she had gotten out of the shower, she brushed her teeth and used her vanilla and strawberry perfume on her naked body. It was always best to let it hit your skin; the smell always lingered longer. She charmed her hair so that it hung in curls around her face, her golden brown locks bouncing around her as she walked back to her room to get dressed.

Her clothes from Demi Designs came from Hogsmeade a few days ago, so now she had a big choice of outfits to wear. She finally decided on an olive green halter top and a pair of tan flare corduroy pants. She put on her sneakers, vowing to buy a pair of brown clogs from the village today. One look in her full length mirror showed her that she was strikingly beautiful; all that was missing was the light make up she normally wore. Holding her wand to her face, she muttered an incantation that applied a small amount of foundation on her skin and some black mascara that caused her honey eyes to stand out. It also added a bubblegum pink lip gloss, which to her surprise tasted like strawberries. Satisfied, she bounded down the stairs in search of James. When she found him, she let out an audible gasp.

When he heard her door shut, he stood from the sofa, to be the polite gentlemen. Hermione's eyes were wide as she walked up to him. He was absolutely gorgeous; from head to toe. It looked as though he had cut his hair; which shocked Hermione before she noticed that it was just a well placed charm like hers, and was still falling loosely in his eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt with thin horizontal stripes, a pair of dark and fading blue jeans that fit loosely on his legs, but from what Hermione could tell, were snug around his waist and bum. His white sneakers only exemplified the outfit he wore, giving him a very clean, sexy look. A big grin formed on his lips as he watched Hermione look him up and down.

"You clean up very nicely," she said more flirtatiously than she meant to.

James winked at her and said, "You look stunning, Mione." He took her hand and led her to the door of the dorms, ready to head out to breakfast in the Great Hall.

"Where is Lily?" Hermione ventured.

"She, Remus, and Sirius are waiting for us in the Great Hall. Apparently, as Sirius says, you take longer to get ready than Peter takes at making a move at Wizard's Chess."

Hermione laughed with James as they walked down to the Great Hall. When they entered, some eyes turned to them with interest, while some - namely Severus and Sirius, avoided them at all costs. Halfway through breakfast, a petite, blonde Hufflepuff came walking up to the Gryffindor table.

"Hi Sirius," she said rather breathlessly. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Sirius shoved his plate of food aside and stood up to kiss the girl. "Just a minute, love," he said in a smooth tone. "Prongs, Moony, Evans, Hermione," he pointed to each one in turn, "This is Shayla Forman. She is a fifth year Hufflepuff and I will be escorting her to Hogsmeade today."

Everyone took turns at saying hi, even Lily who was still not keen to speak to Sirius. Hermione half smiled at her, upset that Sirius was going to break another girl's heart.

"Do you all want to meet up at the Three Broomsticks later? Around four maybe?" Sirius asked, hoping that he would get to see Mione for a little while outside of school. "Maybe we can go to the new Quidditch shop that opened up, Prongs?"

James beamed at Sirius. "Absolutely!"

Remus smiled at Lily, who nodded. "We'll go. But I really don't want to do the Quidditch thing. You know I hate flying," Lily said seriously. Everyone chuckled but Hermione responded. "Maybe you and I can go look in Madam Liza's Robes? I'm not much for flying either."

Lily smiled warmly and nodded vigorously.

"Butterbeers at four, then?" Sirius smiled, lingering on Hermione's honey eyes. He winked at her before he turned and faced Shayla. "Off we go." He took her arm and looped it with his as they bounded from the hall.

James turned to Hermione with a wide smile. "Ready? I can't wait to show you the difference in the village from your time."

"Let's go," Hermione said, holding out her hand for James to help her from her seat. He brought his lips down onto her hand and smile against it. They waved to Lily and Remus and walked from the hall. Hermione's eyes met Severus', but she gave him a cold glare before turning to James and smiling broadly.


In Hogsmeade:

"I can't believe that Madam Puddifoot's isn't here yet," Hermione said in awe. "It's so big in my time."

"You said it's a coffee shop for...lovers?" James asked.

"Yes, it's so quaint. Although, Harry had a bad experience there," Hermione said, but went really quiet after mentioning Harry to James. He had no idea, and he never could. It was breaking Hermione's heart.

"So, where do you want to go? We have Honeydukes, The Hog's Head - It's really dodgy though," James said with a short breath. Hermione laughed and rolled her eyes. The Hog's Head wasn’t' so bad; just dirty and sneaky. "Or, we could go to the house that Remus, Sirius, Peter and I use when Remus transforms?"

"The Shrieking Shack?" Hermione asked offhandedly.

"The what," James asked back, confused. "Is that what they call it? The Shrieking Shack? Dumbledore must have done a good job convincing people that it was haunted."

"Yes, it's actually historical, really. In our books it's said to be the most haunted house in Britain," Hermione said matter-of-factly.

"Do you want to visit it?"

"Oh! We have to go see Honeydukes!" Hermione screeched, trying to change the subject. In all honesty, she didn't want to go to the shack. There were a lot of bad memories that surrounded that place and she was trying to make it a happy day.

"Okay, but can we make one stop first?" James asked, with wide, begging eyes.

"Sure, where to?"

"It's a surprise." James took Hermione's hand and squeezed it gently. To her surprise, she didn't pull away, but held his hand tighter. He was comforting to be with, and she liked the attention he was showing her. He led her to a small place that was set on the corner of the street, where Madam Puddifoot's will be in the future. He held the door open and gestured for Hermione to walk in. She gasped, for the second time that day, at what she saw when she walked in. It was almost like Madam Puddifoot’s. It looked as though it was also made for lovers. There was slow music playing and people slow dancing on the floor. The really magical thing about it, though, was the floor. It was like a mist, and the dancing couples seemed to be floating above the mist. Hermione looked around and saw a jukebox and a small juice bar. This place was definitely for couples, which made Hermione slightly nervous.

"Can you get some pumpkin juice? I'm going to go pick a song," James said as he let his fingers slide out of Hermione's hand. He walked to the jukebox and put a Knut inside. He was searching for the perfect song to play for Hermione. If he could get it romantic enough, he could definitely get to sneak in a kiss and a romantic gesture at the end of the song.

Hermione walked back to James, just as he was choosing the song. "Let's sit until my song comes on," he suggested to an obliging Hermione. "So, this is the place that a lot of couples come. I just wanted to share it with you. When I heard you say that your place...Madam Puddifoots...was a place for couples, I knew that you would enjoy this." Hermione could tell that James was proud of himself. She smiled broadly at his smile that was plastered on his face. It was a goofy grin that was showing off his sparkling white teeth.

Whoa, My love...My darling...I’ve hungered for your touch

"Hermione, will you dance with me?" James asked as he stood up and held his hand out. At first he thought that she was going to say no, but she smiled up at him and batted her eyelashes.

"As friends?"

"As friends."

A long, lonely time,
And time, goes by
So slowly…
And time, can do
So much.

As Hermione and James danced to the song, they were lifted above the mist. Hermione had her arms wrapped around James’ neck, while James had his hands planted firmly on her slim waist. He looked down at Hermione with adoring eyes; his tall stature of about six foot was towering over Hermione’s five foot five inch height. He was watching her eyes wander around the room, taking everything and everyone in. She was so breath taking, with the way her curls laid perfectly around her face, her perfect posture, flat stomach; it was all perfect. He was getting lost in the smell of strawberries and vanilla, he barely noticed Hermione leaning in and putting her head on his chest.

Hermione sighed as she laid her head against his chest. This moment was fabulous; it was just as most romances were supposed to be. But she knew that it could never be taken further than friends and she wouldn’t let it get out of control. At that thought, she brought her head up and faced James with a slightly sad look. Just as she was about to tell him that they should stop, he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her face up to his and leaned his head down a little to hers.

Lonely rivers sigh,
Wait for me, wait for me…

“James,” Hermione pleaded with a short breath.

“Tell me to stop, Mione,” James said in a challenging, yet seductive tone. When she didn’t say anything, merely looked him in the eyes, he leaned down the rest of the way and captured her lips in his. Merlin, she even tastes like strawberries, he thought to himself. It was a sensual kiss, driven by passion and desire. James lips worked tenderly over hers before he ran his tongue over her lips for permission to enter. Hermione threw all rational thought aside and opened her mouth to him. James massaged her tongue with his as he pulled her closer to his body, leaving her with the feeling of his pecks and abs against her. A soft moan escaped Hermione’s throat as James pulled his lips away. He put a hand to her cheek and smiled lovingly at the needy look in her honey eyes. Hermione smiled at him shyly and he pecked her on the cheek.

He started leading her into the dance again. His touches against her sides were slow and loving, moving to the hem of her halter and letting his hand caress her bare skin. She was leaning her head on his chest again, smiling at the kiss that had happened. It felt so good, so full of love and understanding; the perfect romance.

I need your love,
I, I, I need your love
Godspeed your love
To me

Hermione and James came back down to the ground, engulfed in the mist that was surrounding them. Slowly it started to fade down, so that it was only an inch or so off of the floor like it was originally. James took one look at Hermione’s happy face and couldn’t help but feel that he had finally gotten to her. She was looking at him with the same adoring eyes he had looked at her with. She smiled up at him as he leaned down to her for another kiss.

“I think we should go,” Hermione said against James’ lips. “We still have to see Honeydukes before we go and meet everyone at The Three Broomsticks.”

“I totally forgot about that,” James said quickly. His mind was so entrapped with Hermione that he had completely forgotten about the meeting arrangements that they had made with the others. With a small sigh he said, “Okay, let’s go.” He grabbed her hand and led her out of the pub, not noticing the two onlookers sitting at a nearby table.


“Did you-, “Lily said as she dragged her flaming emerald eyes from the two students, who left the pub, to look at Remus. His jaw was all but coming unhinged from his face. “Did you…see…”

“Lils, I think everyone saw that,” Remus said. He put a hand to his reddened hair and grimaced a little bit. “They were the spotlight couple. They floated higher than everyone else. I would have had to be blind to miss that.”

“Is she crazy? She could completely change his future,” Lily added angrily. She was searching Remus for answers, as if he had them.

“I sincerely hope she knows what she’s doing,” Remus said glumly. “But let’s leave them to their business, and we’ll stay in ours.” Remus reached across the table and took Lily’s hand in his. Lily sighed a little and let her head fall into her free hand that was propped up by her elbow on the table. She looked into Remus’ coffee eyes and smiled solemnly. He knew that she was thinking about James, and he was growing more uncomfortable while he was holding her hand. She’s been falling in love with him, he thought.

“So, is there anywhere you want to go today?” Lily was ready to get out of that pub. The air between her and Remus had just gotten thick after having seen James and Hermione snogging in the middle of the dance floor. She wasn’t sure why it bothered her so much, but somewhere inside she felt a nagging sensation, as if something that was hers was being taken away.

“Why don’t we go check out Monsieur Dupree’s Library,” Remus suggested, knowing that Lily would appreciate the offer.

I knew there was a reason I liked him. “Great! There’s a new book out by Newt Scamander that I want to check out,” Lily said, beaming at Remus, who finally showed signs of a real smile.

He took her hand and, just as James had done with Hermione, led them from the pub in search of something else.


“Sirius, really, we should head back to the village,” Shayla panted. Sirius grunted against her neck and continued leading trails of kisses from her ear to her collarbone. His hand was sliding up her shirt, just as it had in his daydreams. “Sirius!”

“Shayla,” Sirius breathed huskily. “Why would we go back to the village if we can be alone here? Isn’t this what you want? Sirius Black, ready and willing?” A small smile curved on his sexy, swollen lips. His darkened, cement color eyes came up to her electric blue ones, trying to seduce her.

“No,” she said forcefully. “No, I don’t want ‘Sirius Black, ready and willing.’ Everyone’s had that,” she said angrily as she stood up from underneath Sirius, leaving him to lie on the hard grass. He rolled over, bending his knees with his feet flat on the grass and put his hands behind his head. She stood over him and glared at him. “I thought you might want to try a relationship.”

“I don’t do relationships, Shayla,” Sirius said with a chuckle. “Surely you’ve heard that.”

“You are such a prat, Sirius,” Shayla huffed as she walked off. He could hear her mumbling under her breath as she stalked back to the village.

“So I’ve heard,” he said airily. In truth, he was looking forward to what Shayla had to offer. The only problem was that he would never want a relationship from her. She was just like every other mindless girl in Hogwarts; no depth and the only smarts that she had was her fashion sense.

After watching the shape shifting clouds drift across the baby blue sky for a few minutes, Sirius pushed himself up from the ground and dusted himself off. He made his way to The Three Broomsticks, deciding that getting a head start on the butterbeer was the best idea he had all day.

A/N – The song in this chapter was by the Righteous Brothers, called “Unchained Melody.” Although I think everyone knows that, I don’t wish to be sued. :O) Thanks for reading and *cough* reviewing *cough*

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