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    Chapter 7 is finally here!! You all waited quite a bit, didn’t you? My sincerest apologies… My exams were extremely important and my mother wouldn’t let me anywhere near the computer except for maybe one hour a day (evil mother). Again, my apologies if this chapter is crappy. I hope you enjoy it though… please read and review!! Thanks!

    ~ Falling


    As the sun rose, I was still by Draco’s bedside, wondering if he would ever wake up. Tonight, I was to return to Beautxbatons, regardless if he woke up or not. My cheeks were tear-stained and eyes were red and puffy.
    Draco had been motionless for more than ten hours. The healers had assured me that the Avada Kedavra curse was not used on him yet he was so lifeless, it seemed as though it had. Only seven more hours before the sun would set and I would be preparing to go back to Beauxbatons.
    Draco hadn’t moved at all after his hand shook late that night. I was gripping his hand so hard, my own knuckles were turning white.
    A sudden beep from the corner of the room caught my attention and I tensed up, only to see an oval flying machinery of some sort fly over to Draco.
    While the flying machine, which came in every two hours to do a scan on him, was zooming about beeping and whirling, it suddenly gave a shrill cry. Surprised, I covered my ears, yelling for the healer to get the annoying bug out. Footsteps thundered outside and the door flew open and the Master Healer rushed in. Relieved, I opened my mouth to complain about the noise the silly machine was making when he shoved me out of the way and hurried over to Draco. Grabbing a potion, he tipped its entire contents down Draco’s throat. Picking up his wand, he muttered something completely incoherent and again, Draco’s fingers started twitching.
    Hope gripped my heart as I saw his chest rise and fall faster. The healer then grabbed yet another potion and forced the slimy liquid into Draco’s open mouth. The Head Boy seemed to wince slightly and his breathing came out in gasps. The Master Healer then flicked his wand and made whishing movements.
    Draco’s breathing leveled again and everything was still. At first, my heart fell. He wasn’t waking up. He wasn’t coming back to Beautxbatons with me tonight. My eyelids began burning with tears again.
    I turned my back on Draco’s sleeping form and tried to stop my tears from flowing. It’s stupid to cry for a Malfoy, I chided myself. It’s one of the dumbest things a person can do. Heck, I don’t even like him…
    Do I?

    From the other side of the room, I heard the Master Healer say, “Ah, Mister Malfoy. How good of you to be awake.”
    Shocked, I spun around, only to find myself face to face with Draco, rubbing his bleary eyes. I couldn’t be more relieved at that moment. I practically threw myself on him, screaming in delight.

    The problem?

    His eyes grew wide and he ducked out of the way, making me land on his pillow. He had scrambled out of the bed and was now staring at me like I was some mad lunatic.
    Shocked beyond all reason, I stammered, “Draco…? What’s wrong?”
    He surveyed me for a moment before finally opening his mouth.

    “Who are you?”


    The sun shone brightly and the birds chirped in Muggle London as Albus Dumbledore made his way to the Leaky Cauldron. Entering the shop, he waved to the toothy Tom before proceeding to the back and tapping on the brick wall three times. The wall arched and twisted, twisted and turned and finally, a hole appeared in the middle to reveal Albus to the busy Diagon Alley.
    Dumbledore wasn’t here for sherbet shopping. St Mungo’s had called him up; apparently, two of his students were “not okay” as the master healer had put it.

    Pushing the gleaming golden doors open, he walked calmly to the reception and waved his wand. Immediately, his name appeared in the register and he greeted the witch with a smile before proceeding to ward five hundred and forty eight.

    Inside, he saw the handpicked Head Boy in a corner picking at his clothes and glancing at the window every so often.
    Hermione Granger was seated on a chair in the far corner of the room sobbing silently yet crying her eyes out. Walking silently up to her, he handed a silver spoon he produced from inside his robes and whispered, “Portus”.
    He dropped the spoon on her hand as it glowed and in a split second, her sobbing figure faded into nothingness as Draco perked up and craned his neck to see what was going on.

    “Hey. Where’d that crying girl go?”
    “I’ve sent her back to Beauxbatons. The academy’s nurse will take care of her.
    Now, Mr. Malfoy, what happened to her, exactly?”

    Draco didn’t reply. He continued staring off into space and when the silence got to him, he realized that Dumbledore was speaking to him. Staring blankly at the headmaster, he asked, “Who’s Malfoy?”

    Albus stared down at Draco, eyebrows raised high in surprise then nodded in understanding.
    The boy suffered major internal damages and it seemed that St Mungo’s wasn’t able to heal this Head Boy’s memory problem.


    Who are you.
    Who are you.

    Those were the first words he said to me.
    Who are you…

    His face appeared in my brain as the tears leaked out of the corners of my eyes.

    Who are you…
    I shut my eyes tight…
    The tears won’t fall… The tears aren’t supposed to fall…
    They can’t fall…
    If they did…
    Who are you…
    …that would mean that I really had fallen for a Death Eater…
    Who are you…
    Harry’s enemy…
    Who are you…
    My enemy…

    Who are you?
    “I’M HERMIONE!!”
    “Miss Granger! Please! There are other patients in the room as well!”

    I stifled my sobs and ducked my head under the covers. The harder I tried to stop, the faster the tears came.

    I’m Hermone…
    How could you have forgotten me?

    I fell for you.
    I really have fallen for you.

    So how can you forget me now?
    Why must you forget me?


    Dumbledore had a hard time getting Draco to return to Beauxbatons. In the end, the confused Head Boy stumbled into the fireplace, kicking ashes and soot up to his face on accident. Sneezing, he gasped, “Bea-Beauxbatons!” The flames roared and Draco disappeared in ember fires. Dumbledore sighed and apparated to the Beauxbatons grounds.

    Draco was wandering around Dumbledore’s chambers when Albus arrived. He gestured Draco to sit and then proceeded to peer at Draco over his half-moon spectacles. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, the Head Boy fidgeted and then stared at the Dumbledore too. The two remained like that for some time until Dumblebore sighed.

    “Looks like we have no choice but to hope that you will somehow be able to regain your memory. All you have to know now is that your name is Draco Malfoy and you are supposed to be Head Boy but now all you can do is to rest, given that you can’t remember anything. You are to stay in your room to recuperate until your memory shows signs of improvement. Meanwhile, there will be a girl who would say, tutor you on homework everyday. She is the girl who visited you a few hours ago in St Mungo’s. No, I don’t think I’d be forcing you to learn the girl’s name. I don’t think I should force you to remember anything else, seeing that you have some difficulty in remembering your own name.” Dumbledore said, looking at Draco with amused eyes. He was repeatedly muttering his name and it eventually came out as “Dracome Alfoy”.
    Dumbledore chuckled and spelt out Draco’s name on a spare piece of parchment.
    “Here you go. And I would suggest you go straight to your dormitory now. Just exit this room, head straight until you see a tapestry of The Three Monks then turn left and repeat the word, “Glorious” to the painting of the white wolf. Meanwhile, I really have to get back to work. The girl whom will be helping you should probably meet you in about an hour’s time. You two will be excused from classes today”
    Draco emitted a slight “Oh.” Before leaving the Headmaster’s chambers. Exiting the room, he glanced around. The corridors were empty, given that classes had started. Glancing to the right, he saw a long spiral staircase, snaking everywhere with dangerous twists and turns. Curiosity got the better of him and he approached it with caution. The staircase was a good stretch down, with funny angles and strange turns here and there. Draco put a foot on the first step of the seemingly rickety staircase and then another. Running a fine pale hand on the railing, he started going down the staircase, wondering where it lead.
    Then as his right foot was about to step onto the next landing, his ankle caught one of the sharp angles and his heart gave a frightened leap as he yelled and plummeted face-first onto the staircase steps.


    I was still huddled under the covers, wallowing in self-pity.
    My head hurt and only a single sentence came to my head.

    How could you forget me?

    Then something clicked in my brain.
    How did you forget me?

    Sure you dueled but who-?


    Realization hit me like a ball to the gut. Eyes wide with determination and anger I flung the covers off of me, grabbed my robe and threw it over my shoulders.

    With that single name in mind, I marched off to the Drumstrang’s chambers, eyes giving off an unearthly glint, teeth gritted together and the school patron yelling after me.

    Being Head Girl of one of the three schools, I was given access to every room, every dormitory, every chamber. Storming over to the painting of the Red Knight, I yelled out the password in frustration and every single Drumstrang head turned towards me, the angry girl with Hogwarts robes.

    Breathing heavily, I approached the blond boy who was seated –no, slouched- in the center of the Drumstrang chambers –which had gone deathly quiet-, a band of girls and boys surrounding him. He looked up with lazy eyes to meet my narrowed ones.

    “What did you do… to Draco?” I hissed.
    He cocked an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.
    “Nothing. Like I’d give a damn about that wannabe.”
    “Nothing?” I repeated, “Nothing?! He’s got memory loss, you prat! You had something to do with all this! I promise you, if you were the one who had-”
    “Relax, my sénorita,” I flinched as he addressed me in that fashion. “I didn’t obliviate him, if you must know. What made you think someone as innocent as me used the memory charm on his own, dear cousin?” He asked in mock-surprise.
    “You did do it! You- You called him to the Malfoy Manor! You dueled with him!”
    “As if. You can ask anybody. I was here, at Beauxbatons, all throughout these two days. That idiot probably tripped on the stairs or something.”

    Even though I didn’t want to believe it, I could tell he was speaking the truth. I did see him with his idiotic friends on my way to Dumbledore’s office… But…

    “Then what’s with the threat?”
    “What threat?”
    “You know, the one you made after Draco used that- that funny red curse on you.”
    “Oh. You mean the curse which gave me this?” He pointed at the scar on his right cheek, “Yeah, I made the threat but I can assure you, I did not duel with him.” He glanced to his right and avoid my piercing stare.

    He was hiding something.
    I knew it.
    He just was.

    But surprisingly, I also knew that he was speaking the truth when he said he didn’t duel with Draco.

    I was getting angrier by the second.
    If Roy hadn’t done it, who did?

    I stood there, glaring at Roy, as if I could get the answers to my questions if I stared hard enough at him. He replied by giving me a blank look.
    Frustrated, I threw up my hands and marched out of the Drumstrang chambers, a look of utter fury attached to my face.


    “I can assure you, I did not duel with him,” I mimicked him in a high-pitched voice. “Assure my eye! So he didn’t duel with Draco and he’s still hiding something! Merlin, it’s as if I was talking to a wall!”

    I was in the dorm I shared with Draco, lying belly-down on the couch and muttering to myself.

    “That idiot probably tripped down the stairs? Puh-lease. Who’s the real idiot, the real stupid, irritating, annoying, selfish, ignorant, bigheaded little git? Who was the one who started this bloody game? Big-mouthed prat, stupid, abusing-”

    “What’s up with you Granger?

    I spun around and froze.

    Draco was standing at the doorway; his arms, head and hands were full of scratches, bruises and- wait.

    Did he just call my name?


    Okay, I’m not sure if this is considered a cliffhanger… I would have preferred stopping at the part where Draco asked, “Who are you?” rather than here but if I were to stop there, the story would be way to short (Muahaha). Leave a review and thanks for reading!

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