Ron just sat on the train, waiting to finally arrive at Hogwarts and the next year of the school to start. He had waited all summer to see both Harry and Hermione but now it seemed as if everything had changed. Almost as if his worst fears had been realized, earlier this morning Ron had found out that the girl that he had secretly loved for the last 4 years was dating his best friend. Harry and Hermione, sometime over the summer had decided to set aside everything that they had ever known about each other as just friends and start something new as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Of course Ron was upset about it, how could two friends like them actually think that dating wouldn’t change the way things had been between them...between the three of them. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as if he could say anything about it, he would just sit by and watch them hold hands, kiss, and giggle at each other. The thought of it made him sick. And the fact that they had asked to have some alone time in another compartment was the worst of it. It was their tradition to spend the ride together. Many things had changed over the summer, not excluding himself, but he never expected anything this drastic.

As he silently looked out the window he could see the rain start to drizzle and make drops on the glass. The weather matched exactly as he felt as he imagined Harry and Hermione, in their own compartment, snogging. He almost felt a twinge of gilt as jealousy overtook him, but he couldn’t help it. He was the one who was supposed to be with Hermione, not Harry, Harry hadn’t loved her for 4 years, he hadn’t been the one who held her and told her everything would be all right. So what claim did he have on her? None, that was how much, but there want anything Ron could do about it now. He could only sit back and watch as it all folded out in front of him, good or bad, he could only be a spectator.

Hearing giggling outside he turned to see some Harry and Hermione, holding hands while they chose items off the Trolley. ‘Lucky gits.’ Ron thought as they chose some chocolate frogs and quickly kissing turned to leave. That was supposed to be him, he was supposed to be happy, he was supposed to be the one hugging her and kissing her...but it wasn’t. Harry had known everything that he felt for Hermione but he went ahead and asked her out anyways! He had done the most horrendous act of betrayal that any best friend could do, and the fact that Hermione said yes made it even worse.

He knew that Hermione didn’t want to be with him, but it didn’t help the way that he felt, how he still longed for that every second that their skin touched, even if it was by accident. He knew that she was happy, and how could he take that away from her? This may be the only chance that she would ever have and if he took that away from her, he would never be able to forgive himself.

As they rolled to a stop, Ron could see the darkness start to surround them although it was only 4:00 in the afternoon.
“Hey Ron, you going to sit here all day?” Ella Talley asked, peeking her head in his door.
“No no, I’m coming.” Ron said, quietly, standing up and getting his luggage.
“Isn’t it crazy, I mean we’re in our sixth year!” Ella said, crazily tossing her hair.
“Yeah, a lot of things have changed.”
“Yeah, I heard about Harry and...How are you? You must feel really...” Ella broke off, confused on what exactly to say.
“You can hang out with me if you need to.”
“Yeah, I’d like least until I get used to the idea.” Ron said, getting into a carriage with Ella as they headed up to the castle.

No one really talked during dinner, they either were avoiding the other or thoroughly engrossed in their meals. By the time Harry finally got around to talking to Ron it was already late in the evening and every one was ready to go to bed.
“Ron, you can’t just keep avoiding me.”
“You can say whatever you want. I’m still not acknowledging you.”
“So you’re not going to say anything to me at all?”
“I have nothing to say that you don’t already know.” Ron said, climbing into bed without even a glance in Harry’s direction.
“I didn’t do anything! How can you treat me like this without even telling me why?!?” Harry finally yelled, walking up to Ron’s bed, forcing him to look at him.
“You didn’t do anything?!?!? How can you even say that? You’re dating the girl that I’ve been in love with for four years! You knew everything that I felt, did you not even think of that? Didn’t you think of how it would affect me?” Ron questioned, standing up next to Harry to match his height.
“Yeah Ron, I did. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life, but don’t go yelling at me, I didn’t do anything. She asked me!”
Ron sat down, completely white in the face. SHE had asked HIM. It was almost a concept that he couldn’t comprehend.
“Look, I didn’t want to tell you, but how could I take the blame? If it really bothers you then...I’ll break up with her. I’ll end it if that would make you satisfied...Ron?”
“Huh?” Ron said, finally looking up at Harry, the color still not returning to his face. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“Nothing.” Harry replied, he really didn’t want to end the relationship, he just thought that would be what Ron wanted to hear. But since he hadn’t, Harry wasn’t going to say it again. “We’d better get to’s been a long first day back.
“You can say that again.” Ron muttered, climbing into bed and easily falling asleep.

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