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Ginny exited the lift on the children’s floor in St. Mungo’s to begin the first rounds of her shift. As she approached the floor’s main station, she noticed a note in the cubby marked with her name. Saying hello to the Healers and medi-witches gathered, Ginny pulled it out and noticed the handwriting was from Ron.

“When did this come?” She asked to the witch who manned the phones.

“Oh just a few moments ago, a rather irritating owl brought it in. He missed his mark and ended up landing in one of the enchanted cleaning buckets. Poor little fellow didn’t enjoy that much. Thankfully the sender placed a drying charm around the letter. That kept it safe. Hope it’s nothing too serious.” Ginny smiled at the medi-witches description of Pig. The poor little owl, after all these years he still got over excited over the smallest task. Last week, Hermione had sent him over with a note for Ginny. Hedwig had not been impressed when she had allowed Pig to stay for a rest and some treats. That evening when she opened the window for Hedwig to go hunting and Pig to return her reply to Hermione, Ginny had gotten a nip on the finger to show her how annoyed the snowy owl had been.

“Thank you Miss O’Neil. I’m sure it’s nothing.” Ginny said, opening the letter to see it was a note reminding Ginny of dinner at Ron and Hermione’s flat later that evening. Seeing the medi-witch leaning over the counter, she folded the parchment over and slipped it in her robe pocket. “If anyone is looking for me, I can be found down in children’s ward one.” Turning on her heel, Ginny grabbed her charts from the shelf and walked down the hall.

Entering the ward; Ginny felt a smile fall across her face. Aside from having her good morning hugs and kisses from James each day, the part of her day when she had a chance to see her charges at St. Mungo’s was one of her favorite. As she opened the door, she was greeted by a symphony of hellos from the group of children that were gathered on a mat in the middle of the floor listening to a story from a student medi-witch.

“Good morning!” Ginny answered. Ward One was where the kids in recovery were placed before being allowed to go home. “How is my favorite bunch of patients today?” She asked, kneeling down near the children, and laughing as various answers were thrown at her from all sides. “Ok, ok – one at a time! I’m going to call each one of you over to the examination area, and maybe some of you will get to go home with your Mums and Dads today!” Ginny stood and moved to the small examination area she had set up when she had begun her rounds on Ward One. She listened intently to each child as she did a quick examination, making notes as she went along and when finished she slipped a lemon drop in their robe pocket and sent them on their way.

Today was going to be a good day. Most of the children she checked over were going to be picked up by their parents or caregivers later in the day. It always made Ginny’s heart fill with happiness when she watched one of the children being treated at St. Mungo’s head home with someone that loved them. As she sent the last little one on her way, Ginny rose to leave the room. She said goodbye to the children and promised to return before they were released from the hospital and excused herself from the ward.

Heading into the hallway, she went back to the main station to return Ward One’s charts for the medi-witch on duty to file. As she was about to head off to visit her more serious cases, someone called her name, turning she nodded at her superior, Healer Bones.

“Ginny – I’m so glad I’ve run into you. Are you almost finished up with the children? I need you to come down to Miss Tonks’ room. The testers want you there while they administer the next dosage of her trials.”

“Healer Bones - I just finished up with the children in Ward One. Most of them will be heading home this afternoon. I still need to visit my more serious cases but if the testers need me down in Tonk’s room then I’ll head there first.” Ginny responded, “Let me let just tell my medi-witch that I’ll be finishing my rounds later.”


The door to Tonks’ room was ajar as Ginny approached. She could hear voices in the room and knew that the tester had arrived with her patient’s dose of elixir for today. Ginny checked her watch and made a mental note that it was the third round in the elixir’s trial. If no improvement was found after this dosage, Tonks was to be pulled from the program. Ginny steeled herself and slipped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

As she entered, the occupants of the room turned to greet her. A nervous looking Lupin was at his usual post beside Tonks’ bedside; he looked up and smiled a hello to her. Lupin looked particularly ragged today and Ginny realized that the night before had been the last night in the full moon phase. She smiled in return as she walked over to where Tonks lay in stillness. Placing a hand on Lupin’s shoulder, Ginny squeezed it gently and said a quiet hello. She knew he would be uncomfortable discussing his condition with the tester in the room, but she made a mental note to ask him once they were alone if he needed anything. Ginny felt that with each transformation, Lupin aged another year.

“Healer Weasley, so good of you to join us,” the tester said as he picked up his clipboard from the table at the foot of the bed.

“Healer Smith, I hadn’t realized you were coming so early today. I was just in the middle of rounds when Healer Bones found me.” Ginny said, as she lifted Tonks’ chart from where it was clipped to the edge of the bed. Doing a quick once over, she read the notes made by the medi-witch early in the morning. Tonks’ vitals were strong but still unchanged. Ginny hoped that today was the day they started to see a change in her. “I presume you are ready to start?” She asked, setting the chart down. “Remus, we’ll need you to leave for a moment - if you don’t mind. This shouldn’t take long; perhaps you’d like to grab a bite to eat or a drink?” She placed a hand on his arm as he stood. “I’ll send the medi-witch for you as soon as we are finished.”

“Thank you Ginny. But I think I’ll just wait outside. I’m not feeling much for food or drink at the moment.” Lupin replied, patting Ginny’s shoulder. “Just stick your head out when you’re through and I’ll come back in.” With that, he left the room quietly.

“Strange bloke, he is.” Healer Smith commented as the door swung quietly shut. At his comment, Ginny’s head snapped towards him, where he was busy preparing Tonks’ for her dosage. A flash of anger bubbled up inside of her, which she quickly tried to put a damper on. Reminding herself that this person did not know Remus Lupin or anything about his life, she took a deep breath.

“He might say the same about you.” Ginny said, moving to stand on the opposite side of Tonks’ bed. Today, the enchanted ceiling above her was showing another peaceful day. Ginny had placed a charm on the ceiling to tap into Tonks’ brain activity. She hoped that once the elixir started to take effect, the ceiling would reflect what was happening in her brain. Since the charm had been placed on her, the ceiling was peaceful, showing that Tonks was still lost deep in the depths of nothingness. She longed for the day the storm clouds would cover the ceiling, giving Ginny an inclination that her friend was inside, fighting to get out.

“Pardon me?” Healer Smith asked as he produced the elixir from his robe pocket. It was in a small bottle, the liquid inside purple in colour.

“I said, he may say the same about you, Healer Smith.” Ginny said, her temper threatening to flare. “You shouldn’t presume things about people; they could do the same to you.” She finished, feeling heat rise into her cheeks. “Shall we begin?” She asked, pointing at the bottle in the other healer’s hand, effectively changing the subject.

Healer Smith opened the small bottle and a pungent odor filled the room. Both healers scrunched their noses up and began to cough as their eyes watered. “What is in it this time? That’s horrible!” Even in potions class with Professor Snape, Ginny hadn’t been assaulted by such a smell.

“I’m not quite sure. The night team brewed it. It’s gone through its tests already, so it’s supposed to smell this way.” Leaning over Tonks’ prone form, Healer Smith waved his wand to open her mouth; he poured the elixir into her mouth and gently prodded her neck with his wand to open her throat. The purple liquid bubbled for a moment before it silently slipped down into her body.

Ginny held her breath as the liquid went down. She picked up her chart and made note of the time. As Healer Smith straightened, a dark mist begun to gather at the top of Tonks’ head as the damage of the cruciatus curse was extracted from her brain. The cloud hovering in the air at the head of the bed was larger than the last two clouds that appeared when Tonks’ had been given the elixir. Ginny scribbled this down on the parchment, extractment cloud larger than previous trials.

“This is larger than last week’s cloud.” She remarked. “Do you think it may be working?”

Healer Smith examined the cloud and pulled a fresh bottle from the pocket of his robes. Gathering a small sample inside, he held it to the light where it swirled angrily around. “Not sure. I’m going to take this down to the labs and test it. Hopefully it will give us some answers of what is going on inside her brain. Whatever this is – it doesn’t seem to like the light.” He fumbled with the bottle as the mist hit at the glass. He quickly slipped it into his pocket. “Wow – that’s the first one of these that’s done that. I’ll let you know the results as soon as we get them downstairs. Make sure that you chart any sort of improvements or changes in her condition. Otherwise, I’ll be back next week with the next round of elixir.” He said as he waved his wand to dissipate the remainder of the mist then pocketed his wand and moved towards the door.

“Thank you Healer Smith. Will you please send Mr. Lupin when you leave?” Ginny asked as she looked up at the ceiling. It remained unchanged, the sky a bright cerulean, the fluffy clouds drifting by.

“Ginny? Did everything go fine?” Lupin asked as he re-entered the room and crossed back to return to his post beside his love’s bed.

“Yes Remus, everything went well. The elixir seemed to have done its job. I hope we’ll see some improvement soon.” She responded as she watched him take Tonks’ hand in his and stroke her fingers lovingly. To watch them made Ginny’s heart ache for Harry. It was nearing the two month mark since he had left on the mission. Each night before she went to sleep, her thoughts were filled with wishes that he would be home soon. Each morning she woke, she wished she would turn over and see his sleeping form next to her.

“Ginny? Are you alright?” Lupin asked, as he looked up and watched emotion pass over her face.

Pushed out of her thoughts and back to the present, she focused on the person in front of her. “Yes, yes – I’m fine Remus. I was just thinking about Harry. It’s been nearly two months since he’s left. But then, you know that.“ She answered a melancholy smile on her face.

Lupin looked at her and seen the worry and pain in her brown eyes. Feeling an empathy for her, he rose to put a fatherly arm around her and gave her a hug. “Yes, I do know that. I’ve been in your situation before. There were many missions that Nymphadora went on that I wasn’t privy to knowing about. And there was many times when I wasn’t able to tell Nymphadora what I was doing. It’s hard. But I can tell you that Harry is fine.”

Ginny looked up expectantly at Lupin. “Have you heard from him?” She asked a glimmer of hope in her voice.

“Ginvera, I wish I could tell you yes, but no we haven’t. But that isn’t a bad thing. It means they are doing their job well. The moment something goes wrong, Alastor Moody and I are notified by signal. That hasn’t happened. And I promise, if it does, you will be the first I tell.”

Ginny sighed and let Lupin’s words sink in. “Thank you Remus, you don’t know what that means to me. I just worry so. And I know I shouldn’t, Harry is a grown man after all. He defeated Voldemort when he was still a boy and he’s been to war. It all seems silly for me to harbour thoughts of doom and gloom.”

He smiled, making him seem younger than usual. “Ginny dear, it’s normal to worry and feel like you do. It’s called loving someone.” Giving Ginny a final hug and returned to his place at Tonks’ beside. “Look at me. I sit here most everyday and why? Because for some reason - beyond my comprehension - Nymphadora picked me to love; and made me realize that I loved her back.”

Ginny felt the tears well up in her eyes. The pain that mixed in with the love in Lupin’s voice hit a chord with her. Sniffing slightly, she brushed the tears away. “Remus, Tonks is lucky to have someone like you watching over her. Now before I go I’d like to talk for a moment.” She said, pulling up a chair beside him. “I’d like to put on my healer hat.”

“Ah, Miss Weasley, you always do have that hat on. That’s what makes you unique in your healing abilities.” Lupin said, a smile crossing his face.

“The full moon phase ended last night,” Ginny began, watching Lupin’s face.

“I’d rather not discuss it.” He said quietly, reaching up to stroke Tonks hair away from her face.

“I know Remus, but please, let me give you something that will help heal your wounds a bit faster. And don’t try to tell me you haven’t hurt yourself. I can tell from the way you were trying to hide that limp that you’ve done something. Did you take the wolfsbane potion Mad-Eye prepared for you?” She laughed at the look of curiosity on his face. “Harry told me about it. I was curious as to if you had anyone to brew the potion for you and wouldn’t let up until he told me.”

“Yes, I took Alastor’s potion. My legs are a little sore today but nothing out of the ordinary. The transformation was a bit more painful than usual but I think it may be a result of spending so many late nights here and at the DA headquarters.”

“Are you sure? I won’t mind getting some balm and potions ready for you.” She sighed as he shook his head and looked at the ceiling. Remus Lupin was as hard headed as the rest of them, she thought, he just hides it better.

As Ginny looked at the enchanted ceiling, she noticed something was different in the sky above. It was a slight difference and had she not placed the charm herself, she would never have been able to note the change; but up above in the top left-hand corner, a small black cloud hovered silently. It wasn’t moving much, but Ginny was positive that it hadn’t been there before. She inhaled sharply and glanced at her watch – it had been 30 minutes since Healer Smith had administered the elixir.

Ginny held her breath and looked at Tonks’ seemingly still body as Lupin watched in confusion. “Remus – I think we may have just had our first glimmer of hope.” She said excitedly as she pointed first towards to the ceiling and then at Tonks. The woman lay still in the bed except for her eyelids, where were beginning to move erratically back and forth.


As she left St.Mungo’s at the end of her shift, Ginny felt her spirits soar. The testers had arrived shortly after she had notified them of the change in Tonks’ condition, they confirmed that she had indeed responded to the elixir and would continue to be included in the trials. Ginny smiled to herself as she recalled the look of hope on Lupin’s face. As the testers had explained to him what he could accept over the next few weeks and months, his hands shook with nervousness, but the excitement shining in his eyes was unmistakable. Ginny wished that Harry had been home to see his friends and colleagues and be a part of the excitement. Preparing to apparate to Ron’s, thoughts of Harry were on her mind.

She opened the door to Ron and Hermione’s flat after knocking and receiving no answer and was greeted by a shout.

“You are an insufferable prat Ronald Weasley – I don’t know why I ever married you!”

“Because you find me irresistible and charming?” Came the sarcastic reply.

She left the entry way to find the two in the kitchen. Hermione was standing over a charred pot and Ron was attempting to hold back his laughter as he stood watching her in his dirty quidditch robes.

“Evening, you two.” She said, as she entered the kitchen. “Having some kitchen problems Hermione?” Ginny peered into the charred pot and seen what appeared to be the remnants of potatoes at the bottom.

“No! Everything was coming along fine – until that git you call a brother came in and scared me!” She exclaimed, setting the pot down onto the stove with a bang. “And he should know better –my magic has been acting erratically. When he pounced on me from behind, I must have performed the incendio charm with my mind and the next thing I know – my potatoes are ruined and he’s over there in the corner laughing at me!” The words came out in a rush and Ginny sympathized with her friend.

When she had been pregnant with James, spells would go off without any rhyme or reason. The first time it had happened, Ginny was terrified. She had been alone at the Burrow while Molly was off running errands in Ottery St. Catchpole. Ginny was quietly reading in her room, when suddenly the books on her shelves started flying off and dropping to the floor. Convinced that a poltergeist had taken up residence in the house, Ginny curled up in a corner of the room and began to cry, where Molly had found her when she returned.

“Hermione, Mum hasn’t told you yet about your heightened magical ability yet?” Ginny asked, plunking herself down into the nearest chair to relieve her sore feet. When Hermione looked at her strangely, Ginny recounted the story of her first encounter with neo-natal-magic. “So when witches get pregnant, the baby’s magical abilities can be twinned with its mother’s – it can cause out-of-control magic. Is this the first time it’s happened for you?” She asked.

“I just thought it was from being overtired.” Hermione said, shaking her head and setting the pot down. “Ronald, make yourself useful and clean that up would you? My wand is in the other room.” Knowing how to pick his battles, he quickly cleaned the burnt pot and mumbled something about cleaning himself up and excited the room. “But if this happens, how come it hasn’t been reported in any of the wizarding medical books I’ve read?” She quizzed, causing Ginny to laugh as she could picture the wheels in Hermione’s brain turning as she tried to recall all she had read.

“They don’t write about it. Simple as that.” Ginny replied. “Not every witch goes through it, some experience more than others. Mum said she had a terrible time when she was carrying Fred and George. Even in the womb, they wanted to cause trouble. Dad lost his eyebrows twice when he accidentally startled her in the night coming home late from work” She patted her sister-in-law’s hand affectionately. “Some Healers felt since not all witches experience the heightened sensitivity to magic that if they mentioned it, when the majority of expectant mothers didn’t experience it, they’d get upset and think that their child might not be as gifted as the ones that had their mum throwing things off of shelves and burning pots.

“Mum believed that because Harry was James’ father, it caused me to be more sensitive then she ever was. From my 5th month until almost the end, if I wasn’t careful I would set things off. Remember the night Ron’s hair grew until it reached the floor and turned maroon?” She laughed as Hermione smiled at the memory. “That was James. I lost my temper and although I was trying to keep it in check since we were at the dinner table he felt my anger and caused me to set the charms off without a wand. It was a total subconscious thought.”

“Oh dear – I hope it won’t happen I’m at work.” Hermione asked, biting her lip in fear and in worry of the havoc unconscious magic would have on the Ministry. “I can’t have my files catch fire or fly about at work! My superior would have my license to practice magic!” As the tears welled up in her eyes, Ginny quickly tried to calm her with a hug.

“Hermione – don’t worry. If you try and keep calm, you’ll be fine. It was worse when I was in large groups or with the family – especially when you are with Fred and George. Unborn babies seem to feed off of their energy.” She warned as patted her friend’s growing belly. “And in my professional opinion, your healer is going to put you off of work early. Magical twins can sometimes make the late stages of pregnancy difficult for witches. So by the time you are into throws of worst of the neo-natal-magic you’ll be safe at home or at the Burrow. And there you can throw caution to the wind and let the hexes fly. My brother’s won’t know what hit them and I shall thoroughly enjoy it! Now what are we going to do about supper? I’m starving!” She proclaimed, patting her own stomach as it growled on cue.


“So Tonks’ has responded to the elixir?” Hermione asked as she passed Ginny the bowl of pasta Ron had concocted to save dinner.

Ginny nodded, scooping the steaming noodles onto her plate and adding the rich, red sauce. Aside from Molly’s cooking, her brother’s pasta was one of her favorite meals. As she responded she picked up her fork to twirl some noodles onto it. “Yes! This was the third round of the elixir today and finally there has been some response! Remus was so happy, I wanted to cry. The testers have decided to push her next dosage ahead three days. As she’s the only one that has had any sort of response, they want to see what happens when they space the elixir closer together.”

“What happened?” Ron asked his mouth full of food. As he passed the garlic bread to Hermione, she tutted at him and motioned for Ginny to continue.

“I placed a charm on her enchanted ceiling that connected the sky to her brain activity. Since she was placed in the room, the sky has stayed calm and clear, save for a few fluffy clouds. This morning when we administered the dosage the mist that gathered afterwards was larger than usual. I stayed to talk to Remus once the testers had left to make sure he was doing ok after the full moon cycle and noticed that there was a single dark cloud floating in the corner of the sky. Then Tonks’ eyes started moving beneath their lids. Nothing more happened. Healer Smith has assured me that it was a step in the right direction. We’re hoping for great improvements over the next week or two.” Ginny set her fork down beside her plate to take a drink of the wine beside her. “So Ron - how’s my favorite Quidditch keeper?”


Harry felt the warm air hit him in the face as he entered the house. It was bitterly cold in Yekaterinburg for October and although the locals he had befriended assured him it was out of the ordinary and had to end soon, he didn’t believe it. Quickly removing his cloak, he slipped down the stairs and into the basement.

“Afternoon Yuri, how’s our favorite detainee?” He asked as he neared the door to Malfoy’s cell.

“’E vas making a large racket earlier, but now he is quiet. Are you going to go inside?” He asked, rising from the chair beside the thick oak door.

“I was planning on it. We need to move forward with getting Aaron into the nest. I noticed some questionable individuals in town this morning and I think they have come down to look for their leader. If he doesn’t begin to crack soon, we’ll administer the veritaserum. The longer we wait, the more dangerous it is going to be to send Aaron in.”

Harry paused at the door, “Yuri – while I’m in here – can you please head upstairs and get the vial and Calileigh? I think it would be interesting for her to be involved. As far as I know she’s never witnessed the potion in play.” As Harry finished, his friend looked at him in confusion. Harry knew he was puzzled over Harry’s decision to include Calileigh – but he ignored the puzzled look that was thrown over Yuri’s shoulder as he climbed the stairs.

After his last encounter with Calileigh, the short conversation they had had played over in his mind. Harry had ended up reviewing her file in the case notes Mad-Eye and Lupin had sent with him. When he was through, he realized that he had not handled the situation with her in the best of ways. He had also come to the realization that although Calileigh was an active auror during the war, she hadn’t seen much more action than what new aurors experienced in basic training. At that moment he decided that he needed to help her out. Since then, Harry made a conscious effort to ask her for her opinion and to include her when situations arose that he knew she had never been involved in.

Harry pulled his wand from his robe and silently pointed it at the door in front of him, causing it to swing open, catching the prisoner inside by surprise.

“Hello Malfoy.” Harry said, trying to keep the sneer out of his voice. “Are we ready to talk?”

Malfoy started at Harry’s voice, but continued to stare at the ceiling. “I think you already know the answer to your question Potter. I’m not going to willingly tell you anything.”

Harry stood at the door and stared at the man lying on the cot. Each day he came in here and each day Malfoy looked more pathetic to him. The untouched tray of food that Yuri had brought earlier lay untouched. It was the third day in a row that Malfoy hadn’t eaten. Harry was indifferent to that fact, but he knew that the Ministry would be upset when the fact came to light. Malfoy’s defender in the upcoming trial could use a malnourishment claim to attempt to lessen Malfoy’s sentence.

“That’s fine Malfoy, today we’ll be bring the veritaserum in. You’ve now been officially forewarned. Now if you want to rethink your position on giving me information, now is the time.”

Malfoy sat up as Harry spoke and stared at him with piercing blue eyes. The hate was still between the two was still evident. In fact, Harry believed it had grown stronger in the days since Malfoy’s capture. “I won’t be rethinking my position Potter.” He spat, “I won’t give up my secrets willingly. The Malfoy’s have a sense of honour.”

Harry tried to hold back the snort that bubbled up inside of him. “Honour? You? The Malfoys in general? Your family has no more sense of honour than Peter Pettigrew had.” He watched as his words sunk in and Malfoy’s hands tightened on the edge of the bed, causing his knuckles to turn white.

“And I suppose that you would be comparing my family to those lowly Weasels, you seem to hold in such high regard? Marrying mudbloods and haven’t got two sickles to rub together? Tell me Potter – how’s the weaselette doing? Still as fiery as I recall?” He sneered as he watched his words hit home. “If she hadn’t been such a mudblood lover, I may have given her a second glan-“

Malfoy’s words were cut off as Harry grabbed him by the front of his grimy and stained robes. “Malfoy – I strongly suggest you choose your words wisely.” He growled. His voice was steady but if anyone had heard him – they would have heard the danger warning in his voice.

“Ah – Potter still carries a soft spot for the weaselette does he? I bet she’s grown into a real – “ Malfoy’s words became strangled as Harry lifted him off the cot and slammed him into the wall.

“I’ve warned you once Malfoy – I will not warn you again.” He said coldly, holding him tightly against the damp stone.

Malfoy sneered in response, but Harry could see the panic in his eyes. As he lowered him to the ground, Yuri and Calileigh entered the room.

“’Arry – vhat are you doing?” Yuri yelled, pushing Harry off of Malfoy. “Did ‘e attack you?”

Harry shook his head and stared at Malfoy, who was making a play of claiming mistreatment. “He was warned to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t.” He said simply, looking over to where Calileigh stood at the door. “Calileigh, have you brought the veritaserum? I understand this will be your first encounter with administering it to a prisoner?”

She nodded and came forward, holding the vial of liquid in her hand. “Here it is. Irene said they did a test of it this morning and it worked well. How shall we begin?”

“Ah – you brought a rookie in Potter? Don’t I warrant anyone more important?” Malfoy said from his spot on the cot.

Harry turned and looked at Malfoy. “This young woman isn’t a rookie Malfoy – she’s been involved in the fight against the likes of you since the war began.” Conjuring a chair, he turned to Yuri. “Did you bring the quick quotes quill? Mad-Eye will want this documented.”

“Be sure to include the fact that I was man-handled just prior to this.” Malfoy said, as Harry heaved him from the cot by his arm and put him in the chair. Ignoring his prisoner, he cast a binding spell to keep him still in the chair.

Yuri prepared the quill and parchment to begin writing, dictating a few notes of his own before he signaled to Harry that he was ready.

“Right then – Calileigh, shall we begin? Let’s administer the potion.” Harry said, moving behind Malfoy and holding his head back. Calileigh uncorked the bottle and begin to pour it into his open mouth, pausing for a moment to prod his neck with her wand to open his throat.

Harry waited a moment to allow the potion to enter Malfoy’s system before he began.

“State your name.” He said.

“Draco Malfoy.” Came the response.

“Tell me where your headquarters is.” He asked, watching as Malfoy tried to fight the potion and hold back his answer.

“We’re in the eastern section of the Urals.”

“And where is the apparition point?”

“On the mountain path where you captured me.”

Harry smiled slightly as he took in Malfoy’s answers, the sound of the quill scratching against the parchment filling the otherwise silent room.

“I’m going to conjure some images of suspicious characters. You will identify them if they are in your group.” Harry withdrew his wand and whispered a spell, in front of Malfoy a mist gathered and slowly took the shape of a face Harry was imagining in his mind. He watched as Malfoy examined the image and nodded.

“Please say yes or no.” Yuri said, from his post beside the quill and parchment.

“Yes.” The three aurors could tell from the strangled response that he was trying to fight the effects of the veritaserum, but it was too strong for him.

“Excellent. Let’s continue.” Harry said.


“Now Aaron, you’ll head out to the mountain path at 14 00 hours tomorrow. The initial dose of polyjuice potion should give you enough time to apparate to the Death Eater’s headquarters. Once there, be sure to establish yourself. Make it known that you’ve returned. Give them the story we’ve discussed. You had to lay low in town for the past few days because we’ve been skulking around town asking a lot of questions.” Harry said as he paced the tiny room where he, Yuri and Aaron had gathered.

“Yes sir. – I mean Harry.” Aaron replied, correcting himself as Harry looked up from the roll of parchment in front of him.

“Alright – now once you’ve established how many of them there are in the camp, I want you to use your enchanted coin to let us know. Just think of the number while you’re holding the coin and we’ll be notified.” Harry held out his coin and thought of a number – which in turn etched itself on Aaron and Yuri’s coin.” He smiled to himself. “Excellent – it works.”

Aaron rubbed his coin and felt the numbers etched there. “And if anything goes wrong?”

Harry began rolling up the parchment that was strewn across the room’s table. “Hold the coin and think danger. We will arrive as soon as possible with reinforcements.” Harry stood and patted Aaron on the shoulder. “You’ll do fine. Perhaps we will wrap this up soon and everyone can go home.”

*A/N: At long last (well a few weeks at least!) the latest chapter. I hope everyone has enjoyed it. Please let me know!*

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