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    "I have a question," James asked as he and Lily did their nightly patrol together. School had been in progress for the last week and nothing had changed between he and Lily. He hadn't been trying though to ask her out. If anything he was just trying to get on her good side.

    "No," Lily answered from the Charms book she was reading as she walked. James smirked. He loved how she was able to do that- walk and read at the same time. There was something so ridiculously cute about it that warmed his heart. He bet she didn't know that. She probably imagined him thinking it as stupid or thinking she should have been placed in Ravenclaw.

    "I wasn't going to ask you out," James chuckled. God she was assertive sometimes. A true know it all, but the way she stopped reading and snapped her book shut to look at him was endearing; he could help but smile at her.

    "Really?" she was in shock. He hadn't asked her since the train. Surely she was over do for the famous 'ask Lily out when she least expects it so she accidentally says yes.'

    "Yes really," he laughed, "Actually I was going to ask you how come you weren't shocked that I made Head Boy."

    James wanted to know the answer because in the last week, Lily had been the only one to not come up to him telling him how unbelievable it was he got the position of Head Boy. Lily bit her lip and closed her book to hold to her chest as she walked with her eyes back on her shoes. She didn't want to look at him then he would be able to make fun of her sincerity.

    "Because your behavior was fair last year and you do well in all your classes," Lily shrugged to make it seem like nothing when really she knew exactly why she didn't question it. It was because when James wasn't pulling his pranks, he was extremely responsible. James always got his homework in on time and was there whenever needed. Sometimes he was a bit late, but she wasn't going to judge him on that too badly.

    "That's it?" James questioned and Lily nodded, opening up her book to read again. She didn't know what she was going to do this year. She had all NEWT classes and Head Girl duties. At least she didn't play Quidditch like James did; otherwise she'd really be in trouble. Lily snuck a look at James. Even with her weak answer, he was grinning like an idiot.


    "Give it back you two!" Peter hopped high in the air for his hat. Sirius gave a joyful chuckle when he caught the hat, faked like he was going to give it to Peter, and then threw it back to James. "This isn't funny!"

    "Yes but you lost the ball we were throwing around," Sirius noted. Peter gave a glare. Okay that had been an accident! He didn't mean to fumble it or have it roll into the forbidden forest. And no he was not going in to fetch it- if someone should go 'fetch' the ball, it should be Sirius.

    "Give him back his hat you two," Remus muttered from his Defense Against the Dark Arts book. James gave an overdramatic sigh and held out the hat for Peter to snatch up and place back on his head.

    "You know Moony, you're no fun anymore," James chuckled while plopping down next to Moony on the warm ground in front of the lake. Sirius scoffed and plopped down too, making sure to give enough of a shove to James that it made Remus topple over.

    "Says Mr. Head Boy, you know you haven't pulled anything so far this year," Sirius was not happy with this. Of course he had already jinxed some well know Slytherins multiple times. Of course he got detentions for it, mainly from Lily Evans, but he didn' mind. James on the other hand had "No detentions. Its ridiculous."

    "You heard my mother, I don't want another Howler this year," James decided smartly, pushing his wired framed glasses up on his nose.

    "Yeah, uh-huh, that's exactly it," Remus smirked behind his book he was no longer reading. Peter finally sat down on the other side of Remus.

    "You don't believe me? Think you know me better than I know myself?" James asked incredulously.

    "No, I just thinking your lying."

    "Fine then, why am I trying to stay out of trouble this year?"

    "To make Lily Evans like you," Remus smirked. Sirius chuckled so hard his laugh sounded almost like a bark. It had begun to sound like that the more he stayed in his animagus form, but he thought it a bit sexy. So did the girls he messed around with, so it was all good.

    "That's ridiculous," James muttered. They all knew it wasn't though. James was trying to stay in line to make Lily notice he's changed. It was working- sort of. They were talking a bit more and it wasn't just her yelling at him. However, there had been no sign that she liked him or wished to date him any time soon. He didn't know what he had to do to prove to her he liked her.

    "Mmm, course it is, what was I thinking?" Remus mused sarcastically and stood up. "Well I must be off, I have to go help someone with an essay." Sirius looked at James and James smirked right back.

    "Moony you dog- you didn't tell us you had a girl!" Sirius howled with joyious tones. Remus blushed bright red.

    "No I don't. I swear to you, it's just homework help."

    "I don't believe him, do you believe him Peter?" James nudged the boy who liked staying quiet.


    "And I sure as hell don't believe it, so who's the lucky girl then Remus?" Sirius was grinning like a sadistic pig. He was such a flirt and player, but he was never seen around any girl. He wasn't the dating type and especially not the commitment type.

    "She's not the 'lucky girl,' she just needs help with her Defense homework!" Remus growled.

    "Oh so it is a she then!" Sirius announced and when Remus blushed they all made boisterous noises of approval.

    "Tell us who is she?" Peter butted in.

    "Guys! I swear to you all it is studying."

    "That's what you think. I bet you she's planning to take you right on the library table," James grinned widely.

    "You better hope not," Remus shot back smirking, finally having something to make them shut up.

    "Why not?" James asked somewhat innocently; he was a bit afraid of Remus' wolfish smirk.

    "Because its Lily."

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