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“7 – Change my middle-name.” But not even this could change James’ mind. With wishes like these it would be just as smart to stop now, than to have to give up on wish number three!

The next two days were nerve-wracking for James. He took little or none comfort in the fact that Lily talked to him like a normal human-being again, after several years of nothing but barking and shouting. The list was driving him mad. He really, really wanted to get to wish number one. The library seemed to know nothing concerning his problem; he had even asked Madam Pince. Not that she was any help to him at all, but at least he’d tried.

Another two days went by, and James could not take it any longer. He took out the list again, and studied it for a long time. Nothing besides the wishes, the title and the name was written on the small piece of parchment. Nothing but Lily’s beautiful handwriting.
‘Okay,’ he thought to himself. ‘Don’t get too carried away now’. James was the king of sneaking around the castle, pulling jokes on people and playing Quiddich. He soon realized, however, that this would not help him much in finding out what Lily’s middle name was. What he needed was gossip, and he would not get it from sitting in his bed thinking about it. He sprinted down the stairs, filled with determination and new energy.

The Queen of gossip, also known as Cheyenne, was a third-year Slytherin. She had earned her reputation through her two years of gossiping at Hogwarts, and she knew everything about everyone. Cheyenne was small for her age and had so dark brown hair, it was almost black. Her eyes were dark too, but you rarely saw them anywhere but in classes, where she was forced to take off her black sunglasses. Another well-known thing about Cheyenne was that she spent most of her time, when she wasn’t catching up on the latest juicy gossip, in the library, hiding behind shelves. ‘Many secrets are shared in the library’, Cheyenne used to say.

So James headed off to the library with the Marauders Map in his hand. Wouldn’t want to get lost in there, right? And besides, very few found Cheyenne when she was hiding, but even she couldn’t hide from the Marauders. James found her easily enough, but catching up with her when she tried to escape was harder. She was fast. James took a shortcut and reached her at the end of the ‘Newer History’-bookshelf.

“What do you want, Little Marauder?” asked Cheyenne, accepting the fact that she would not be able to run from him. Cheyenne had nick-names for everyone, and she had made up a whole new language which only she and her closest friends could speak.
“I need to know one thing.” James started, catching his breath again after the running. “Do you know what Lily Evans’ middle-name is?” He didn’t cover it up with great big words, because chances were that Cheyenne had known about him liking Lily since her first week at Hogwarts.

”Hmm, that is so last year.” Cheyenne thought out loud.
“Do you know?” James asked impatiently. Cheyenne looked at him like he had offended her.
“What kind of question is that?” she didn’t give him time to answer. “Of course I know. I know everything around this castle!” Her voice had gone from low and sweet, to loud and harsh. James apologized, making it clear that he totally agreed. Cheyenne seemed to lighten up at this.

“I know TP’s middle-name, yes.” Cheyenne continued as if nothing had happened.
“TP?” asked James, confused.
“Teacher’s Pet,” explained Cheyenne. “Now, her middle-name is something with H… Harriet, Halley, Hilly, Hilda… Yes, of course. Lily Hilda Evans. But this is so last year, why did you want to know anyway?”
“Oh, it was nothing. Thanks.” James muttered, and off he went. Cheyenne went back to hiding behind shelves, James could tell from the Marauders Map.

James had to concentrate to remember her name, Lily Hilda Evans. He forgot all the time, and had to write it on his sleeve not to forget. He would not like to go back to Cheyenne again; the Slytherin Queen hadn’t seemed very pleasant. One night, two nights after James’ finding out about Hilda, Sirius woke up in the middle of the night after a horror-nightmare. Mary asked him to marry her, and Sirius had to say yes because if not her big brother the boxer would come and kick his arse.

Sirius didn’t feel much like sleeping again after such an experience, and decided to have some fun with the other Marauders while they were sleeping. He tip-toed over to Remus’ bed and muttered a hair-colour-changing charm. His hair became a sharp shade of lime-green. He held in a laugh, and hurried over to Peter’s bed. He muttered an eye-colour-changing charm on his eyes. The effect would be a pair of all-white eyes in the morning. It would make him look like a zombie, and everyone would be scared of him. Hah!

James was up, and Sirius hurried over to his bed. It was then he noticed a name on James’ sleeve. He turned his head to see it in from the right angle. The name “HILDA” was written in capital-letters. Sirius felt left out at first, for not being told that James had gotten over Lily and started dating, or at least liking, someone else. The sad/angry feeling soon turned to joy over his newest idea; Spelling out “I Love You Hilda!” on James’ forehead. How brilliant was he?? The best thing was; James wouldn’t even see it himself!

The next morning Remus and Peter got quite a surprise when they looked in the mirror. Well, actually Peter didn’t at once, because he never looked at himself in the mirror. He only did when people started to avoid him in the halls, which was normal, but not as much as this particular day. Remus, on the other hand, had gone into the bathroom to comb his hair, and five minutes later James had found him on the bathroom-floor. After waking Remus up, James had to swear not to tell anyone he fainted. Then they both tried to find a counter-spell, but without luck.

Remus was so shocked about his own hair that he didn’t notice the big words on James’ forehead. James got his shock when Hilda Goldenblume marched over to him at breakfast. She was behaving oddly, and Sirius could hardly keep himself from laughing. He moved over so Hilda could sit between them. She did, and Sirius had to stuff his face with pancakes not to laugh.

“Eh, I’m sorry. Did you want something?” James asked Hilda, not noticing Sirius’ now bright red face.
“Well, if it’s true then I wondered when you’d be asking me out!” said Hilda confidently. Her light blue eyes were extremely open, and her dark brown hair covered her whole back. Her other fourth-year friends were following the conversation closely from the Hufflepuff-table.
“I’m sorry?” said James, scanning his head for events that might have something to do with this very odd conversation.
“I said; when will you be asking me out?” She wasn’t very subtle about it, and James felt rather uncomfortable.
”I don’t know what you’re talking about” he said, and with that he left the Great Hall, still not noticing Sirius, who now had a rather dark shade of red and was struggling to breathe from all the laughter.

Lily had had a crappy day yesterday, and was expecting a nice, calm morning. Enjoying the free time on this fine Sunday morning was definitely on her list of things to do. The weather had changed into a cold, harsh rainstorm, and the castle felt warm and safe, sort of comforting in a way. But that was until HE came along. James was still feeling uncomfortable, and was heading for the owlery, which tended to soothe him. Lily was walking down the stairs, and BAM.

They both hit the floor, one more painfully than the other.
“What the… Potter!” Lily’s voice rang through the hall. He lifted his head to see who he’d hit, and saw Lily’s face turn from anger to amusement. He decided then and there for the umpteenth time that girls were impossible to understand, and that trying would be a waste of time. James took his own advice, and hurried into the nearest broom-closet. Lily, still with a smile on her face, went on into the Great Hall. This day could turn out all right after all!

James, on the other hand, did not share her point of view. He hid in the dark closet for a couple of minutes, before sneaking out and heading for the dormitories. There was Remus, who hadn’t yet built up the courage to go out with green hair. James slipped onto his bed and was going to get his broom out, when Remus said:
”Who’s Hilda?” The question shocked him. How could he know…?
“Um, sorry?” Remus’ face turned from interested to enlightened.
“Oh, you don’t know??” Remus laughed. James mouth fell open, and he headed for the mirror. He couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Remus came up behind him, his bright green hair glistening and reflecting the light from the lamp in the ceiling.

“You’ve got “I LOVE HILDA!” spelled out on your forehead, Prongs!” said Remus. “You can’t see?” James shook his head. Since he didn’t know the counter-curse, he did the only thing that came to his mind. Two minutes later his forehead was all black, and the writing no longer showed. He ran down to the Great Hall, and found Sirius just outside the big oak-doors.

“You’re crazy!!” James yelled. “I know it was you!!” Sirius tried to look innocent, and as he had had a lot of practise he would have fooled a lot of people. But not Prongs. Sirius soon realized, and did the counter-curse so the name was gone. But the other paint wasn’t. After a couple of spells without the wanted effect, Lily, who was watching the whole scene like everyone else, found it too dangerous not to help. She muttered ‘clenso’, and the paint was gone.

After days of serious thinking, James still had no idea how to make her change her name without telling her. He could not do it himself, believe me he tried. The nice lady at the name-changing-office became the not so nice lady at the name-changing-office quickly after he had told her his problem, although he had left certain things out. Like the list, the other wishes, Lily’s not liking James and such were left out. Really almost everything, except that his friend wanted to change her name. But no, she had to do it herself!

Lily had been enjoying her days since the fun incident. Playing Quiddich, homework and having fun with Remus were the main attractions. Some would find it boring, but she, however, had a great time. She was starting to warm up since she started Quiddich, even warming up to James. They would need to talk.

James had to get a book about dragons in the 17th century. The place was the library. James brought the Marauders Map to be sure to find the way. He also brought the list, not knowing why, but feeling he should. He made his way through the crowd of students in the common-room, out into the open hallways and along the corridor. As he was running past the trophy-room, he saw Filch on the Map, and he was on his way towards him. James did not stop to think, and opened the door to the nearest class-room.

As soon as he was inside he closed the door carefully. James had nothing to hide from Filch, and he could freely walk the hallways at this hour, but Filch would always find something on him, often enough to punish by detention or at least a loss of house points. Back to James in his hiding place, as soon as he saw that Filch had passed the door, he turned his back to the door and took a deep breath. The breath, however, soon became a cough when he saw who was in the classroom…

A.N. I feel like I'm going nowhere. Any suggestions on what to put on her list? They're all very appreciated!! ;)

Disclaimer: The same as always!!

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