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First Chapter
New year at Hogwarts school begins

It was a sunny morning on September first. Platform 9 ¾ was full of noises, laughs and screams from the students, who were going to Hogwarts for their next school term. You could see all the students meeting their friends after two months of vacation, telling them about their summer, sharing news and gossips.

At one side of the platform were four boys laughing madly at something and watching some Slytherins walking by. One of them, the tallest, was very good-looking. He had black hair that fell to his face making him look, if possible, more handsome, with dark-grey eyes that made the girls in Hogwarts melt. His name was Sirius Black. Behind him stood another boy, also with very untidy black hair but with glasses and big, bright hazel eyes full of mischief and amusement. He was grinning at something. He was James Potter. Known by the girls as the great and cute Quidditch player, and by the boys as the cool, best-in-transfiguration guy. If there was anyone who could play a prank, it was him. Next to Sirius was Remus Lupin: top-class student and prefect. He had light brown hair with warm piercing grey eyes. He had the admiration of each and every teacher at Hogwarts and if every girl had to wish for someone to pair up with to do some work, was with him, and not just because of his knowledge. And behind all three of them, almost unnoticeable, was a piggy-faced, mousy-haired boy with a baby face. He was shorter than the other three and looked as though he was hiding himself behind them. He was biting his nails.

The four boys, known as The Marauders, walked towards the Hogwarts Express, still laughing. They were very popular at Hogwarts and everybody knew them.

When they were near the door Sirius took something from his pocket and slipped it in the trunk of a boy who was standing there talking other two people.
They got into the train sending malicious looks. A couple of minutes later a big explosion echoed all over the train and the Marauders started to laugh even harder. Just then a thick book soared past them followed by some parchments, cloaks and some underwear. The people, who were chatting in the corridor or looking for a compartment had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by any of those things. Just a second after that a blond-haired boy came running. When Sirius saw him rushing after his stuff he yelled at him:

“Hurry up, Malfoy dear. Your knowledge is running away.”

“You’ll pay for this one, Black!” said Malfoy startling some first years as he passed by.

They started to look for an empty compartment, still laughing like crazy at Malfoy.

“That was a nice one, Padfoot,” said James grinning widely. “So, spending the summer thinking about new jokes, have we?”

“’Course,” said Sirius opening every door hoping to find an empty one soon.

“Careful, there. You don’t wanna waste your time like that. You know you can’t beat me on that one. I’m the king of the pranks and you know it,” said James, full of pride.

“Here’s and empty one,” said Peter quietly opening a door.

“Great,” said James.

“Well, I have to go,” announced Remus while adjusting the badge that was pinned on his chest.

“It’s happening again,” said Sirius dully. “You’ll leave us so you can go with those bookworms, won’t you?”

“C’mon, Sirius, you know I have to—“

“And you enjoy it,” accused James.

“Look I have to, OK? See you later,” said Remus and kept walking down the corridor.

They saw him walk away and then got into the compartment, closing the door behind them.

Peter sat next to the window and looked at the landscape that showed many houses passing by quickly. James sat down and started to read the Daily Prophet. Sirius lied down and closed his eyes. When he opened them, a picture in the front page of the newspaper caught his eye. It showed a pretty girl with curly, light brown hair and big, shiny, grey eyes, with a wide smile and with a bathing suit on a very beautiful beach. Above the picture on black letters was written “Minister of Magic and family spending their vacations in Hawaii: read the scoop.”

Suddenly James closed the magazine, put it over his trunk and stretched.
“Can I grab this, Prongs?” asked Sirius still glaring at the picture.

“Yeah, sure,” said James without looking.

Sirius grabbed the paper, opened it and read the article. After a minute or so, he scowled and closed it. He put a face that showed dislike.
“What is it? Got a bugger-flavored Bertie Bott?” said James smiling, looking at his watch.

“No,” said Sirius. “It’s this article. have you read it? It’s about the Minister and his family on vacation, featuring Lorreine Scarse. Honestly, I can’t believe she was sorted into Gryffindor,” he grimaced. ”She’s not even brave! Besides, how come she is in the front page?”

“Well, she comes from one of the most respectable and distinguished families of the magical world, not to mention she is the daughter of the Minister himself. I bet her family hates those who are muggleborn and she has to face her parents because she sticks with Lily. They are best friends,” James thought about this and then said, “You know, now that I think about it, it sounds just like you, Padfoot. You’d make a nice couple.” He grinned mischievously at Sirius, who had just grabbed a chocolate frog from his trunk and choked.

“Ha! Yeah, sure. Not even in your dreams!” He put a weird face and said in a girlish kind of way “Oh!! Oh, my God, I broke a nail. I’m getting dirty! I look fat,” then he laughed.

A sweet and amused voice said with a note of hate, “Not even in my nightmares nor in your sweetest dreams, Black. ”

By the compartment door stood a light-brown-haired girl looking at Sirius with a fake smile.

Sirius gaped at her unable to pronounce a word, while James laughed uncontrollably.

Lorreine looked from one to another, her eyes shining with fury even though she tried to hide it. She took one of the chocolate frogs from Sirius’ trunk and walked away, shutting the door with such force that the glass broke in pieces.

“She took the last one!” said Sirius in an outraged whisper.

Still laughing James stood up and fixed the glass, he then turned to Sirius. “I think she was angry.”

“You think?” said Sirius sarcastically coming out of his shock.

“Do you like her?” said a voice from the window.

James and Sirius stared at him. Sometimes Peter was really slow to get the jokes and to keep up with them.

“No, Peter, I don’t. It was a joke,” said Sirius.

A few minutes after Lorreine’s visit, the compartment door swung open and a head with dark red hair appeared.

“Have you seen Lorreine?” said Lily Evans looking from Sirius to James to a sleeping Peter.

James choked at the sound of the voice and automatically rumpled up his hair making it even messier than it had been. He gave her one of his killer grins but she only scowled and turned to Sirius.

“Have you?” she repeated.

“Lily would you come—“ but James was cut off.

“I thought so,” and with that she closed the door.

It was Sirius’ time to laugh. “You must’ve done something terrible for her to be this mad at you.”

“Nah!” said James making a motion with his hand as though it wasn’t important. “She loves me, I can tell”

The rest of the trip went without any other surprise, unless you count Peter setting James’ cloak fire.

Finally they arrived at Hogwarts. It was raining but it wasn’t very cold. The students descended and covered themselves with their cloaks, which didn’t protect them from the rain.

Lily met Lorreine near the carriages. “Hey, Lily, didn’t see you back there, where were you?” said Lorreine sarcastically “Oh!, of course, perfect prefects’ carriage.”

“Come off it, Lor. Come one, we have to find a carriage,” said Lily grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the horseless carriages that stood under the rain, waiting for the students to climb up.

Just then, the Marauders came talking about all the pranks they were going to make this year and betting on who was going to be the first one to get detention.

“It’s going to be me,” said Sirius sure of himself while smiling at a group of girls, who were walking past them, giggling.

“I told you, Padfoot, I’m the best at this stuff,” said James nudging Sirius on the ribs.

“Sirius, watch out!” said Remus.

Too late. Sirius, who wasn’t looking where he was going, but at the group of girls who were smiling at him, ran into someone almost knocking her to the ground full of mud.

“Hey!! Watch where you’re going, jerk!” said Lorreine trying not to fall. ”You almost made me fall into that puddle of mud.”

“Ooops, sorry Lor,” said Sirius with a sweet smile that would have made an iceberg melt.

“Yeah, whatever,” she said turning to Lily and climbing into the carriage.

They stepped into the Entrance Hall, all wet and shivering. It was incredibly warm in there and they could smell the delicious food that was waiting for them on the other side of the doors leading to the Great Hall.

‘This is home’ thought Lily. Without Petunia wandering around and making fun of her, without people starring strange at her. She was very happy to be back but sad at the same time because there were only two years left, then she would have to go and live with her parents and Petunia again until she found somewhere else to live, that is. Next to her, Lor muttered a few words and her clothes dried, as well as her hair and face. Lily did the same thing while walking into the Great Hall.

The four tables began to fill up. Then everyone went quiet and the doors opened. Professor McGonagall entered followed by a group of shivering first years. She was carrying an old black hat in one hand and a large parchment in the other one. She placed the Sorting Hat in front of the first years and started to call each name.

“So, who is this years’ first victim?” asked Sirius in a low vice, while Belfast, Nialls was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Remus leaned closer, and James whispered “I think it could be…” he looked over to the Slytherin table, where Snape was looking at Chema, Zoe being sorted into Gryffindor.

Remus and Sirius turned around too, following James’ eyes.

“Snape?” said Remus smirking.

“Snivellus,” said Sirius putting a dreamy face. “Yeah, it’s been a long time since the last day we played him a joke.”

“So, any ideas?” said Remus looking from James to Sirius.

“Leave it to me,” said Sirius, leaning back on his chair and yawning. “I’ll prove you both, that I can do a great prank.”

“Shhh,” came Peter’s voice. “Dumbledore is going to talk.”

The Sorting Ceremony was over and Dumbledore was standing with a big smile on his face and looking at them with a happy expression. “Welcome. Welcome back to Hogwarts. I expect you had a great summer and I’m sure you’re here, eager to learn more. I kindly welcome to our new students,” he stared at the first years with a warm smile before addressing the entire hall one more time. “Well, I can see you’re all hungry so I won’t make you wait any longer. Eat up!”

The plates filled themselves with food. Everyone started eating and chatting animatedly. The Marauders where thinking about a way to make fun of Snape, something they hadn’t used before. This was kind of hard; they had played every prank that existed and didn’t exist on him.

After a while, the plates and glasses emptied themselves and professor Dumbledore stood up again. “We don’t want to fall asleep on your first day of classes so off you go now. Good night.”

Everyone stood up and exited the Hall. James saw Lily addressing some first years so they would follow her just as Remus went to help her. As prefects they had to show newcomers around. She passed right next to James and he instinctively ran a hand through his hair.

“Hi, Evans—“

“Bye, Potter,” and strode off followed by a group of first years without even looking at him.

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