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Gryffindor Common room

Hermione is sitting at a table, studying and owl fly’s in and land in front of her. Hermione pets the brown and white owl and lets him nibble at her finger affectionately and then he perches himself on the window seal after she gets the scroll off of his leg.
Hermione unrolls the scroll and reads
Dear Hermione
How have you been your father and I have been fine. But now down to the point. Your father has been asked by a young man named Peter for your hand in marriage and I think that you should marry him because he is a very nice man charming handsome and well a bit wealthy but that has nothing to do with it but I believe that if you meet him and talk to him that you will like him a lot.

Love you lots

Hermione looked at her scroll and reread it then she sent with the owl a message back to her mother reading:
Dear Mum
I’m fine and I do not wished to be married tell that boy to leave me alone and I do not wish to be married to him or any one currently. I hope you and dad don’t take it as a disappointment but I do not want to go and get married to someone I don’t even no.
Love you

Ron Enters and spots Hermione.
“Hey ‘Mione we are having a party here later do you wanna come?” He looks curiously at her waiting for a response.
“Yeah I think I will Ron might do me some good from… never mind yeah I will what kind of party is it?” She looked at him and changed the subject.
“Costume slash masquerade starts around 6 or so I don’t think that anyone will be leaving till tomorrow morning.” he said this with a giant smile
“ok.. Awe man I have to go find something to ware I only have a few hours” She gathers up her books and scuttles off to her dorm to find a exquisite costume in less than 3 hours.
Hermione digs thro her trunk and finds a pair black and red of angel wings, that she attached to her back with magic, and a beautiful black cloak made of silk and a mask made of black and red ,swirled together, pearls and red silk to cover her eyes. She starts to do her make up and hair in small spirals, over the summer she had straitened it and died it black. She pulled it back in a half pony tail.


Forty five and two hours later she was ready and went down to the Gryffindor common room. She looked around and saw that it was all decked out in scarlet and gold banners reading Gryffindor with the Gryffindor shield and scarlet and gold ribbons tied to the ceiling making it look like you where walking into a giant spider web. Hermione sat down in the corner looking around at the few people that where in the common room that grew grater by the second. Hermione sat in the corner silently until the portrait hole opened and a young man with longish blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes dressed as a jester entered. Hermione had the feeling that she knew him but she couldn’t place where she had seen him before but she knew he wasn’t a Gryffindor. She caught his gaze and blushed slightly then quickly turned her head to ignore the glorious young man.


Draco entered the Gryffindor common room and looked around quickly and spotted a beautiful girl with black spiraled hair and marvelously stunning blue green eyes dressed as a black and red angel. He noticed her gaze and turned away and blushed slightly. He made his way to a corner oppisite from the beautiful girl. He sat and waited.

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