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Chapter 4 - Stop Trying So Hard

Hermione lay on the bed with a certain Slytherin on top of her. He was kissing her, ravishing her. Could I paint an even more vibrant picture for you? Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Sex God, supposed death eater, person who has taunted Hermione and her friends for six years.

Hermione Granger, straight O student, wisest and most intelligent witch of her age, shy, and very sweet. Could there be any more of an opposite attraction here? Hermione realized this as she felt his large hands creep up her inner thigh.

This will never work! I’m probably just a one night stand for him anyway! Enraged by this very possible thought Hermione pushed her body against him trying to throw him off. He only moaned, thinking it was her body’s reaction to his ministrations. Noticing this Hermione edged her way to the top of the bed, and laid her head on the pillows.

She brought her hand by his zipper and teased him while her other sneakily made its way to the side table, where her wand lay. She moaned, both to distract him and out of pleasure when his hands rubbed soothing circles around her legs. Her hand wandered desperately for her wand, but felt nothing. Crap! Where the hell is it?!

Giving up she decided on plan B--which she had yet to think of.

“Malfoy.” She whispered. He smirked against her neck, where his lips were now kissing, thinking it was yet again her reaction.

“Draco.” She tried to say firmly, but it came out as a helpless whimper. He detached his lips and said huskily, “If you think this is heaven, just wait till I’m inside you.” Hermione wanted to melt right then and there. Using her same tactic as last time she managed to get on top of him.

She bent down and kissed him sweetly, and looked back into his eyes. She climbed off of him reluctantly, and saw her wand on the ground next to the bed. She made a reach for it, and sped toward the door.

“Hermione?” She heard Draco call to her, but she just reached for the door handle and left the room, without a glance behind her.

“Invisio.” She muttered and her whole body turned transparent. Just then the door flew open, and Draco stood in the doorway looking for her. She walked up to him, and placed her hands on his shoulders. Hermione placed her lips on his, and she stared into his eyes. She broke away quickly so she didn’t get too caught up.

“Hermione?” Draco whispered. “I know you’re here.”

She leaned toward his left ear. “Draco, we have to stop this now. I know all of those cliché romance novels, because I’ve read them. It won’t work, so stop trying so hard.” With that as her parting words, she kissed his cheek, and headed for her dormitory.

“Qudditch.” She said urgently. The Fat Lady snored away. She undid the invisibility charm and knocked lightly on the portrait also changing back into her other clothes with a flick of her wrist. The Fat Lady stirred finally and stared tiredly at her.

“Dear should you really be out at this hour?”

“No I shouldn’t. I’m very sorry for disturbing you, but could I please get in?” Hermione said politely.

“Of course sweet, password?”


“Have a nice sleep.” The fat lady told Hermione. She smiled and entered the common room. The fire was still going, and she saw the reason why sitting on the couch staring into it.

Good, I need to talk to him. She had made her decision.

Ron turned around, and stared at her from the couch. He stood up immediately, and gaped at Hermione. She couldn’t tell if it was from the fact that she had come back, or the fact she had come here instead of to her dorm.

“Ron, I want to talk to you.” She walked over to him. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, and I do care about you.”

“I-It’s okay Hermione.” He said softly. Hermione walked right up to him, and looked him in the eye.

“One more thing Ron.” She told him as she touched his cheek sensually.

“What is it?” He said a bit shakily, his voice cracking a little, nervous of their closeness.

“I love you too.” She whispered and kissed him. He was too shocked to kiss back so instead he gripped her shoulders and pried their lips apart.

“You said what now?!” He asked.

“I love you.” She repeated, and started to kiss him again. He gave in and kissed her back passionately, running his hands through her hair. He moaned and she pulled back. He shook his head trying to concentrate.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that Hermione.” He said dreamily. She felt his hands exploring her hips and stomach openly, as if this was a dream, and he wanted to make it last. She smiled bashfully.

“Hermione I love you so much, please, I need you.” Ron suddenly blurted. Hermione stared at him. She had never thought about sex very much. Always as a little girl she pictured her wedding night as a romantic scene, of course when she got older she knew she wanted sex, after she was married.

But now Hermione knew things didn’t always go with the plan. She quickly thought of how she had pictured a handsome husband, who was absolutely perfect in every way, including sexual. Yes she was a virgin, and she had also planned to stay that way for a couple more years, but now she wasn’t so sure.


“Ron, where-” She trailed off, and blushed. He smiled, and wanted to jump for joy at her saying yes, but instead pulled her toward the boys dormitories.

“Ron! Are you insane! We can’t.... in there!” She whispered persistently.

“Don’t worry Mione, they have an empty single.” He smiled.

“Oh.” and he pulled her inside.


Ron rolled off of Hermione breathing heavily. Hermione tried to control her breathing, but that only made her head hurt more. She had to admit, that wasn’t as mind blowing as she thought it would be. But it had been her first time, and it had hurt, a lot. But Ron, being a virgin himself, had gone gentle. Luckily Hermione had remembered to put a pregnancy charm on herself before Ron had entered her.

Ron looked at her and smiled while she returned it.

“I love you Hermione.” He said before pulling up the covers over them and wrapping his arms around her waist protectively. “Good night love.” He whispered before nodding off.

“Night.” Hermione whispered back, and lay on her back, looking up at the blank ceiling. She sighed, and tried to go to sleep, but whenever she closed her eyes, two blue ones popped into her head.

“What the hell Hermione?” She wondered out loud. Her treacherous mind suddenly wondered how it would have been if Draco had been the one making love to her, as a matter of fact Hermione remembered herself thinking the same thing when Ron was about to climax. She had been a syllable away from saying his name when she screamed, (yes, they had put a silencing charm on the room) but it came out as “Dron.” She had caught herself very closely, and Ron had been too “busy” to notice anyway.

She moaned and rubbed her temples. What kind of potion did he slip in my drink? What spell did he cast? He’s everywhere and anywhere! I can’t get him out of my damn head!

Hermione sighed in frustration, and again tried fruitlessly to fall asleep. She finally managed to fall into a light slumber, but had no luck in making her dreams of Draco flutter out the window.


A/N: I oh so hope everyone's jaw is on the floor because Hermione said she loved Ron & NOT Draco, because I like people to get shocked with my stories! I know you want to kill me, but I just HAD to do it! You'll see later!

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