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A/N: this is one of the last ones guys! hope you like!

Chapter Nine: He Knows

Remus woke up and rolled over, sitting up quickly when he felt that he was alone in the large bed he had conjured the night before. He leaned against the headboard, sighing. He had told Helena after their first, and last, night together that they shouldn't see each other anymore. She didn't say anything at first. She just sat there, trying to get her breath back, staring at him. She nodded after a minute or two, and kissed him. Their last one before they fell asleep in each others arms.

The teen sat up and put his head in his hands. Why would she leave him before he woke up? Why would she do that to him? But his thoughts were interrupted when a loud flushing noise sounded in his ears. He looked up and saw Helena walk out of a newly conjured bathroom wearing a shirt and boy shorts. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at Remus.

She smiled and bounced onto the bed, leaning forward and kissing Remus' cheek lightly. She laid beside him, her back against the headboard and her cold feet tangled with Remus'. She snuggled into him and he kissed her forehead. They laid there for quite some time, just holding each other and tangling their hands together.

"It's our last day together." he murmured into her hair, "I just wanted to say I love you."

Helena smiled to herself and kissed Remus fully, "I love you too." she felt tears fall from her eyes, "Do we have to stop this?"

Remus looked at her longingly and wiped the tears from her beautiful face, "Yes. We have to. You shouldn't break your own rules."

"Fuck the rules Remus! I love you, why do we have to stop?" she felt more tears cascade down her face and she let a sob come out of her mouth.

"Because... I can't see you get hurt. After school, I don't know if I'll ever be able to see you again. And, I want you to be happy..."

Helena sat up and faced Remus, "I am happy. I'm happy with you! What would keep you away from me after school? A fiancée?" the last part was barely a whisper, but Remus caught it, and the obvious hurt in her eyes.

"No," Remus pulled Helena down and kissed her forehead, "No I don't have a fiancée. But, I do have to leave. Once I get out I have to leave everyone I know."

He was lying. He knew he was, and he hated that he was getting even better at it. Helena on the other hand was thankful that he had an excuse to break up, because she still hadn't thought of one other than her rules, and she already told him she didn't care about them. Which wasn't exactly a smart thing on her part.

But she didn't want to leave him. He could get any girl he wanted and she knew that she would be chased after once it spread that the inter-house couple wasn't a couple anymore. But if she ever saw him with someone else that would break her. And she knew that if she was seen with another guy that it would be awful for him as well.

Life is just fucked up sometimes.

"We should go." Remus said, kissing her forehead again and wiping the tears from her face.

Helena nodded her head, and got up to get dressed. It was Saturday, the day before her transformation, and she didn't think that she would be able to keep her happy façade on this time. She pulled on some jeans and a T-shirt before brushing her hair and pulling it up into an attractive ponytail. Remus stared at her before dressing as well. The two ex's looked at each other before kissing for one last, passionate time.

Remus kissed Helena's forehead before he walked out the door, hearing a light sob as the heavy door closed.

Remus walked out onto the grounds with Pomfrey next to him. She raised her wand and pointed it at the thrashing tree in front of them. A bright red light hit the knot on the trees trunk and they walked into the large opening at its base. Pomfrey led Remus to the Shrieking Shack, opening its ratty door and locking him in after saying a kind good night.

Remus sat by the only window and looked out, wondering what Helena could be doing. But his thoughts were cut short when he felt his bones breaking. He took off his clothes and waited for the inevitable pain to come. He just hoped that when he woke up he would be able to see Helena again.

Helena walked through the hallways of the school slowly, her heart painfully breaking in her chest. She and Remus were only broken up one day and she felt as if she hadn't been with him in over fifteen years. She walked past a dark hallway, her black hair covering her face and her brown eyes swimming in tears.

"Chase! Chase!" the broken hearted girl turned to the familiar voice and saw Severus Snape running up to her.

The girl instantly smiled, having not seen her friend in over a week. He stopped short of reaching her and brushed her hair away from her face, looking down at her. He wiped away her tears, but didn't say anything. That was what she loved about Severus, he never asked questions. He was just there, to help. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She couldn't stop the tears from coming down.

Severus caught his friend as she fell and held her close. Her black curls were sticking to her tear stained cheeks, and her perfect face was contorted in pain. Severus pat her back softly, rocking her back and forth as they stood under a window. Helena placed her head on her friends shoulder and looked out the window, to see a beautiful sunset. Then it suddenly hit her what day it was.

Helena pulled herself away from Severus and sprinted toward the East tower. She ran through the labyrinth of halls and stopped short of an entrance to a spiral staircase. Helena heard someone shout her name and she looked back to find Severus running toward her, she yelled at him to leave, but he kept coming for her.

Helena felt her back crack, and she quickly dashed up the stairs. With every window she passed she could feel the wolf taking over. She ran faster, praying that she would get there on time. After a few more hundred steps, she was starting to get shin splints, but ignored the pain once she reached the hard wood door, and cold room she called home.

Helena slammed the door as she shed her shirt, but didn't hear the sound of the wood contact the stone. She turned and saw with horror that Severus had followed her there. She felt her spine crack and her rib bones collapse before expanding to make room for her wolfish lungs. Severus stared at Helena as she sank to the ground in pain, screaming as the moon rose. He tried to get to her and yelled that everything would be fine and that he would get her to the hospital wing.

"Damn it Sev! Get out!" she said, pushing him as her eyes turned a deep, sickening yellow.

"No! I have to get you..."

"ARGHHHHH!" Helena screamed as her legs broke and began to grow longer, "Get out you fool!" she yelled before she flung him out of the room with all the wandless magic she had. She smiled slightly as the door locked and writhed in pain as the wolf completely took over her body.

Severus heard Chase scream one last time and he couldn't take it anymore. He took out his wand and pointed it at the door. He shouted a spell of his own making and it blew the piece of wood away as it hit it. He looked into the shadows, still outside the large tower room. A snarl came from the blackness and out charged a large dog.

Its ten centimeter claws were aching to grasp his flesh and its fangs wanted to taste his blood. Severus screamed, but before the wolf could get him the door grew back from the ground and he heard the animal whimper in pain as it hit it before it began launching itself at the rickety door. He heard a light cough behind him and turned to find the Headmaster and Professor Flitwick behind him.

"You mustn't tell a soul what you have just witnessed Mister Snape. Otherwise it will not be particularly safe for her to be at school." Dumbledore said as he sipped some tea in his office.

"What do you mean sir?" Severus asked as he denied another lemon drop.

"Pity. They are quite good," The Headmaster said after popping one in his mouth, "Well, Miss Lobo will have a difficult time staying here if she is, how do you say? Outed. Parents won't want their children to be with a dangerous creature, and Helena, not wanting to endanger anyone, would leave the school voluntarily."

"But- but Chase's one of the most caring people I know! How could someone hate her for something she can't help?" Severus asked.

"That, Mister Snape, unfortuantely is the question that has plagued me my whole life. How can someone be hated, when they are something they can not help to be? Like Slytherins and Gryffindors for example. Each has their own qualities, but still they do not see the close similarities between them. How can that be?" he looked at Severus intently, waiting for an answer.

"Because. Without rivalry, where is adolecence?" he asked, surprised that he made the Professor laugh.

"A very good theory Mister Snape. Now, I have a lot of... Headmaster-ly things to do. I think it is time you get some rest."

Severus stood and turned toward the door, but soon looked back, "Professor?"

"Hm?" the old man looked up from a contraption he was fixing and smiled at the boy.

"Do they know? Lupin and Chase? About each other?" The professor put the contraption down and it began to whistle lowly and spin about the desk top.

"No Mister Snape. They do not know about each other. And I would be grateful if you do not tell them, nor hint at it."

"Why sir? Wouldn't that help them?" Dumbledore sighed and looked out of his window and into the bright moon, a faint howl rising into the desolate night.

"Sometimes Mister Snape, it is better not to know things that might help, until the right time is found." he said, and he waved the confused teen off.

Severus stayed up for most of the night worrying about Chase, and wondering what the hell that crazy man meant.

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