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A/n: I love you guys all so much, thanks for sticking with me through this story... no matter if you liked some of the chapters or not. Please write when you're done reading and say if you want a sequel... I have something planned but haven't decided if I'm writing it or not... and please remember that I don't want you to cry!

And here it is, the final chapter... the end of "The 10 Signs of Love"


The order was slowly arriving at the place where Ginny had told them too. The full plans of what was happening had not reached the ears of everyone yet. Ginny was still thinking of a plan; she didn’t know whether to tell them everything.

“What’s going on Ginny?” asked Professor MacGonnagall standing before her. Ginny swallowed and slowly began to form her plan.

“Professor, I was breaking the rules last night, and I’m sorry. I was going for a walk. I’ve had some things weighing on my mind. In a dark corridor I heard voices, those of some people that I didn’t immediately recognize. I leant against the doorway, thinking that I might as well listen,”

“Get to the point Ms. Weasley,”

“Sorry. Well, it was Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They were talking about how Voldemort was meeting them here tonight so that they’d give back Malfoy’s sister. They’d taken her so that he would complete a task. I don’t know, he was talking about everyone meeting here tonight and he didn’t want anyone to know,”

“I think we’ll have to tell the order to turn back Ms. Weasley,”

“What? Please… Professor!” yelled Ginny to the teacher who was walking away quickly. She was about two meters from the order when Ginny jumped in front of her.

“Ms. Weasley, please step aside. I can’t put the life of these people at risk because of your theory,”

“Professor, I lied,” Ginny’s mind raced, pulling her towards telling the truth or just stalling. No one was in the clearing yet though, “It started quite a while ago. I got a letter from an anonymous person. They were reaching out, and needed someone to talk too. Having so many older siblings isn’t easy Professor. Malfoy and I started getting some feeling’s to one another. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were writing the letters too. We eventually met, and the fact that we had written these letters made our love stronger.”

Professor McGonagalls face stayed still in shock, “Ms. Weasley, I’m sorry to say this but I think Mr. Malfoy has lured you here to finish us off.”

“It’s nothing like that, they stole his sister from him and gave him a task. The task was to get close to me for information on the order. We were already together when they gave the task though, so he told me everything. I gave him fake information… this morning he sent me an owl Professor. It came with this letter,” Ginny thrust the letter into the stunned Professor’s hands. Her eyes skimmed over it, absorbing the words.

“I’m not sure what to do Ms. Weasley,” she said handing it back to her. Her eyes were filled with intense worry. “I don’t want to risk ruining how far Mr. Potter has come, if this isn’t the appropriate time then we could lose everything we’ve worked for. I think it would be better to retreat and wait for a more obvious time. Mr. Potter has yet to complete the mission he’s been working on. That mission has to be completed for he-who-must-not-be-named to be defeated.”

Ginny shook her head, tears swarming in her eyes. Professor looked at her apologetically and turned back to the order telling them that it was a false alarm. She turned and looked at Ginny again, her hair wasn’t up and it hung loosely around her shoulders, the grey and black sticking out oddly. “It’s time to apparate back to headquarters Ginny, I trust you’ll come immediately.”

Ginny nodded slowly, unsure of what to do. There was popping all around her and she looked towards where the order had been, they’d all left and she was standing alone. She stepped to where they had previously been and closed her eyes.

Someone was yelling in the field. Amidst her confusion the Deatheaters had apparated into it, they were standing in a large circle. Ginny’s eyes were swimming with tears as she saw Sylvie in the arms of one of them. She wasn’t even struggling anymore, her clothes were ripped and she lay limp in the man’s arms.

A small figure was walking through the dark fog towards them; the mist lay on the ground, covering the men’s feet. It made it eerie, as if they were floating there.

The figure grew as it walked by Ginny and she saw the familiar hair of Draco. He looked into the woods for a split second and turned to walk towards them. Ginny was to far away to hear what they were saying but she could see the actions.

The deatheater was keeping a firm grip on Sylvie as Draco pleaded with Voldemort. She could see the strain in his actions as he was probably exclaimed that he had killed Ginny. She couldn’t see Voldemort’s face but he was nodding. She could see that much. They argued about what was happening for a very long time, or at least it seemed to be hours. Maybe it had only been a little while but she wasn’t sure, she’d been losing track of the time for quite a while.

She knelt down onto the branches; one snapping underneath her and the Deatheaters looked up, she hadn’t thought it to be that loud.

Draco was asking for their attention again, she could tell. Voldemort nodded, and the deatheater released the girl from him. Sylvie ran towards Draco, stubbing her toes on sticks in the grass, she fell forward into his arms, sobbing. Draco was hugging her, stroking her hair and whispering in her ear. She nodded and Ginny felt tears in her eyes. Perhaps things would be all right, maybe it would all work out. Then she saw Sylvie yell her name and she started running towards the woods. Ginny’s eyes swam with tears as Draco stood up, his head bowed… knowing that death might be coming if they realised that Ginny was watching all of this.

Deatheaters, no matter what you think, are not stupid. They started walking towards where Ginny was hiding. Before that though, a little blonde haired girl that she missed so much flew into her arms. She was sobbing and Ginny stroked the tangled hair… making soothing noises to comfort her. The Deatheaters were walking slowly towards them, or floating. She looked past them and stared at Voldemort who was standing with his hand on Draco’s head. He lowered his hood and that’s when she knew, that Voldemort knew what they had done.

She ran to a clear place to apparate but not without looking back once more, and in the clearing a green light shone. Outlining the incoming Deatheaters.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to cry out as she apparated. She felt herself land on a chair. Sylvie’s eyes were wide in the shock of what she’d just seen. Ginny closed her eyes, blinking back the threatening tears. Every time she closed her eyes though, she saw the body of Draco falling, falling to the earth, not moving.

Tears filled her eyes as the order entered the room, everyone looked worried but Ginny took no notice. She hugged the small girl closer to herself as she thought of the dancers still spinning on her bed in Hogwarts. This was the end of her love. Finally she let go, her face wet with tears as she let Sylvie drop to the ground. She brought her knees into her chest and rocked back and forth… his last words had been, “I love you”, at least she knew that much. Then it occurred to her, that Draco knew he would die all along.

The tenth sign of love proclaimed that. He had written, “The tenth sign of love is putting your own life in front of your loves.” Ginny had not taken it seriously though, and now he was gone. Her heart seemed to tear in two as she thought of all the times they’d spent together. The little things that really mattered most came rushing back.

She missed the fiery feeling’s she got from just holding his hand. The happiness she felt whenever she got a letter from him. Tears soaked the letter she now held in front of herself. She folded it up and put it in her pocket, knowing that she’d want it later on. A small hand was resting on her knee as she looked into Sylvie’s tear filled eyes.

“Is Draco gone to heaven Ginny?” she asked sadly.

Ginny nodded and picked the girl up in her arms, cradling her slowly. Ginny could feel the hot tears falling on her shoulder as the little girl started to weep for her older brother.

“I don’t want to go back to my Mommy and Daddy Ginny, I want Draco!” she yelled clinging to Ginny hopelessly.

Ginny sniffed back tears, her body rejecting everything she’d ever wanted. She nodded and hugged Sylvie closer to her body, “You’ll stay with me now Sylvie.”

It was hard to comprehend all these feelings, she was mad, sad, happy, but most of all she was depressed. Mad that Draco was dead, Sad that she’d never feel his arms wrap around her again, happy that Sylvie was alive but depressed that now she was never… ever… going to see him again. He was gone, and she couldn’t stop that any more.


Two months, eight days, and 13 hours. That was how long it was since Draco had died. Ginny had been in denial for a very long time. The order had not even recognized his death, no body was retrieved from the death area, and when they eventually did go investigate there was no body found.

Sylvie had been clinging to the hope that Draco had not actually died but Ginny knew that he was gone. She’d seen a green light. She’d seen Draco fall. He was dead, and they’d all have to realize that eventually.

Right now though, she was sitting on her bed. Sylvie was downstairs with Hermione. A package had just arrived from Hogwarts from her. She had let the things fall out of the brown paper bag. She pushed aside books and scribblers until she came to the binder with her letters in it. Tears dropped on the pages as she flipped through them and she put the last letter from Draco in the back. Carefully she closed the binder and set it under her pillow, a constant reminder of love that had gone.

Along with the binder came two small dancers. There forms perfect as they twirled across the bed. Ginny smiled as she watched the girl jump in the air. The boy caught her gracefully and set her down. For the first time she saw them kiss, just like her and Draco had at one point.

Ginny set them on the desk beside her bed and lay her head on the pillow. Her feet curled into her chest as she watched them twirl in front of her. Her eyes closed and she would finally go to a land where Draco was with her.


“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured into her hair. Ginny smiled as she kissed his lips lightly.

“If only we could be together Draco,” she said sadly. He nodded and lifted her chin up so that she’d look him in the eyes.

“God I love you,” and then they kissed.


Ginny’s head spun at what had happened to her. Once more tears filled her eyes as she watched the dancing figures and she remembered the love she’d felt for him. He’d given his life for Ginny and Sylvie. It was because of him that they were alive, and he wasn’t. She buried her head in her pillow and slowly the tears dried away. The healing process was beginning.

Ginny’s eyes closed and she slept, unaware of the little girl curling up beside her. Wishing that her big ‘bruver’ would come back home.

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