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Chapter 4

James sat on the edge of the deserted drive-way absentmindedly spinning his new wand in his finger-tips while he scowled at the gathering darkness showing profound hatred at the sight.

The last days of summer were dwindling and been forgotten, especially by the young boy sitting alone on his drive-way waiting impatiently for company.

James wished he could speed up time to three days ahead where he would be boarding The Hogwarts Express. Don't get the wrong idea James loved the summer holidays; unlimited days of lazing around home and the excessive sleep-ins.

But the truth was, James hated being cut off from the world around him, he hated watching the children in his street getting excited about pointless electronic devices and incredibly slow bikes.

For James never had any of that, and therefore envied the simplicity of the lives surrounding him. The children waited, the way he was, on the drive-way of their houses until the familiar vehicle became visible on the horizon at exactly the same time every day their parents would return home. Their days were predictable.

But James's parents were as unpredictable as their jobs. They weren't builders, plumbers, real estate representatives or even mechanics as was the children's parent's who surrounded him.

No, they weren't any of that. If James gave the children around him the chance to guess they would never think of their occupation in a million years.

They were Aurors.

What are Aurors you may ask? James laughed softly at his thoughts, the scene of explaining what an Auror was to a simple non-magical child, or muggle.

They were the rare strain of witches and wizards who decided at a young age to bring criminals to justice and put them in a place of horror and unhappiness. The wizard prison Azkaban.

James shuddered at the thought of the prison but bubbled with an inexpressible form of hatred and envy toward the child whom he would be describing this horrid place to. Their faces would be wrapped with fascination and excitement because they have no knowledge of such a place existing.

There was that jealousy again, James thought with exhaustion, as he felt his head fall into his open hands.

James didn't think his parents' job was special or heroic or anything along those lines. Infact, he loathed the love they had for their jobs, the love that made them forget about the little things James had kept dear to him during his early years of life.
Such as coming home at dark, or never leaving the house. Spending countless hours with James to make him laugh at every moment, shower him with love and affection, and even be present on the morning that James had received his letter from the school he had wanted to attend since he was a small child.

The wish of his life had been fulfilled, but he had no one to share it with. Only the echoing silence of a large house and the surrounding fields of grass. The lawn of grass blessed with a healthy green glow even when the dry summer air cracks the ground around it.

The neighbours believed it was blessed by an old wise man; who had called by the house years before. This was when James had first heard about the school of magic.

Then came James's eleventh birthday; in the month of July. He had believed, like previous years, his parents would take some time off from their jobs and spend the day with him. But that had not been the case this year. They were busy with a new criminal, a new problem to the world of magic. This wizard had killed countless muggles and had begun to kill any witch or wizard who stood in his way.

This man was Voldemort.

Now this small fact frightened James. Why did it have to be his parents' who had being given the task to capture him? James had read this information in the newspaper on the front page. He was not told by his parents as he had hoped so that his fears would be put to rest with soothing words. He hated the papers for publicising it! It told Voldemort exactly what was happening along with every other witch and wizard in the country.

And now as the darkness swallowed him, he wished he had parents that came home at dark every night. He wished his parents had the problems of bills and car troubles instead of becoming the new target of Voldemort’s attacks. Hell, he would give up his place at Hogwarts for his parents to be erased from Voldemort’s hit list

He wished he was as normal as the children around him, and not the boy who never talks; the boy of mystery. For that was James's life, a mystery about to unfold. He had no friends to share this with. But he was sure that was about to change with the upcoming journey to Hogwarts and be around children like him self and finally be understood.

He raised himself from the grass and brushed himself off quickly glancing up at the horizon lit by a pair of approaching head-lights of a car. He heard a distant excited squeal of "Mummy! I think that that is daddy coming!" James turned his back on the voice and began to climb the stone steps leading to the front door.

He opened the door and strained his eyes to see his surroundings in the darkness.

He hated the darkness; it made him feel unhappy and lonely.

He looked down at the wand in his hand with the mischievous thought, no one will ever know.

He then waved the wand, and looked on in wonderment as the room blazed into life; the oil-lamps were lit one by one. James smiled as the light warmed his skin pleasantly

"Mr. Potter, what do you think you are doing? You know the rules, no magic!"
James closed his eyes tightly as he recognized the voice.

He turned to see the smiling faces of his parents.


Lily stared at the letter in Dumbledore's hand with astonishment. She saw her name on the envelope.

She held out a small shaky hand and Dumbledore gave it to her, watching her steadily.

“Where did you find it?” Lily asked in a whisper.

“It was propped against a photo frame. Easily missed by you, of course that is understandable.” Dumbledore replied

She touched the ink which formed of her name sadly for a long while tracing her fingers over the ‘L’ then the ‘I’. Lily then pulled the back flap open and stared at her mother's favourite stationary. The paper, her mother’s favourite pen's ink visible on the page. Lily felt tears prickle threateningly at her eyes but she blinked them away irritably.

She pulled the letter out of the envelope and was immediately entranced by the softness of the paper and the perfume which lingered in the air around the letter.

The tears built up further making it harder to keep them at bay.

She unfolded the letter and looked to the top of the tear stained page.

She stared silently at her mother’s delicately formed words and sighed “What will a letter hold?” Lily whispered, conscious of the volume in her voice gradually rising “They are just words! Ink on paper! I don’t care what this letter says. They are dead and that’s all that matters. They have left me alone in this world and they think that a letter will make everything better!? I think not!” She clenched her small fist and crumpled the once flawless letter.

Lily breathed in deeply, unaware of her shaking limbs or her tearing eyes.

Lily blinked back the threatening tears stubbornly, unwilling to cry.

"Was the man who did this a wizard? Was he magic?" Lily asked Dumbledore with a hint of malice, not bothering looking at the parchment, she knew what was found on there.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied as he glanced at the ceiling "But don't let the bad over ride the good, Miss Evans, for if that were the case we would all be doomed to evil"

Lily pulled a chair out from the table and sat heavily upon it, while Dumbledore continued to stand.

"Miss Evans, I ask your permission to move your -"

"Yes" Lily cut him off abruptly "Yes please! I don't want to see them."

He turned away from her. Lily followed hysterically, wondering if it was the right thing to do. Was ready to see them disappear?

Dumbledore walked up to the couple on the floor and waved his wand. Lily turned her head to watch her parents slowly fade from view for the last time. Her head fell into her hands as soon as the bodies were out of sight “I can’t believe they knew and didn’t tell me!” Lily yelled suddenly, looking up at Dumbledore helplessly.

Dumbledore frowned “I’m sure they believed they were doing the right thing, Lily. They were protecting you.”

“Lying more like,” Lily sighed “Professor, may I please be left alone?”

Dumbledore inclined his head “Of course. I will organise an associate of mine to collect you in the morning to buy your school supplies.”

“Fine.” Lily snapped coldly, knowing all the while she shouldn’t be lashing out at the one person who had helped her and was the most truthful of all she had ever known.

“I beg you to get some rest, Miss Evans. You have a long day ahead of you.”

With that he turned from the room and left.

As soon as the door closed securely on its latch the promised tears fell, the tears that were not supposed to fall for a life time.

She crawled into a corner, sobbing and shaking until exhaustion forced her from consciousness though the tears continued to consistently fall. Her hand relaxed on the letter clutched in her small hand and it fluttered to the ground, flattening as though with magic. The moonlight shining through the windows illuminated her parent’s last farewell “We shall forever be with you, in blood and spirit.”

"What do you think your doing James?! Magic out side of school! That is not aloud!" Susanna Potter asked with a hint of mocked anger.

James smiled at his mother's tone, it was the same tone of voice, she had used when he accidentally set fire to the house. "I apologise for my actions, Mum." James said charmingly "I just couldn't help it, having the feeling of it in my hand just got too much for me, and you know how much I hate the dark," James gave his mother a reproachful look, as his father stifled a laugh.

Susanna Potter smiled faintly "Keep it in the box it came in if you can't control yourself. Darkness is only the absence of light you have no need to fear it," she said rattled off quickly as she embraced James in a tight hug.

"That's a bit rich coming from you, Mum, the one that puts away bad wizards day in, day out" James say appraisingly.

"How about some dinner eh?" Susanna said quickly, a deep red glow appearing on her cheeks.

At that moment James's stomach rumbled loudly. Both his parents turned around in amazement causing James to smile lightly "Yeah, dinner would be great"

Susanna and Paul Potter smiled at their son, in just three days, he was to attend Hogwarts, and they knew it would be the experience of his life as it had been for them.

James smiled brightly as he followed his parents into the kitchen, these were the moments he'd miss the most when he goes away to school, spending these late evenings in the kitchen with his parents, he was sure they felt the same way.

On entry to the kitchen Susanna pointed her wand at a few well chosen object.

The items began to prepare themselves respectively. The potatoes were cleaned and skinned immediately, the red meat sliced with one of the sharp kitchen knives and the vegetables began to be sliced, peeled and diced.

James sighed deeply as the smell of sizzling meat reached his nose; he sat down on a stool by the counter.

"So what did you get up to today, James? Mischief I presume?" Paul asked as his eyebrows raised themselves a fraction. He waved his wand lazily making a bowl of fresh bread rolls appear floating in mid-air and set them on the table James took one immediately.

"You know the usual, watched the neighbours come and go and the children argue about their toys. Watched the grass grow for a bit," James replied with a hint of longing to get out and see something other than the surrounding grounds.

"And what a lovely lawn of grass it is!" Paul called as he took a bite of his roll. When James continued to look lost and confused he said "Don't sound so down-hearted boy! In a few days you will be off to Hogwarts! You will have the time of your life I guarantee it." Paul winked.

James forced a smile. He was worried about leaving, worried about the school and the people in it. The Potters were a well-known family throughout the magical world. James was not used to this attention. He didn't like to be stared at, all because of his parents’ professions. That was the reason he had kept himself hidden all summer, the last days of his sanctuary fading away in no more than a few days.

"Did you hear about the Blacks?" Susanna was asking Paul as James pulled him self back to the conversation at hand and away from his thoughts.

"Of course I have! I work at the desk next to you don't I?" Paul asked taking off his glasses tiredly and rubbing them on his midnight blue robes.

Susanna gave him a playful shove and ruffled his hair "Yeah, well that may be the case, but you didn't hear the conversation I was having with Rebecca this arvo. You had your head stuck in a filing cabinet as usual," Susanna said with a laugh.

"I did not have my head stuck in a filing cabinet. It was a spell book for your information. I was researching Voldemort's use of spells. Which is our job, I will remind you, not gossiping about the Black family." Paul retorted smartly, looking over at his wife with an adoring gaze. He took another bite of his roll as Susanna placed a plate of meat, mash potato and vegetables in front of both him and
James. In the process Susanna knocked the bread roll out of Paul's hand "What was that for?!" Paul asked as he quickly swung under the table to retrieve the bread roll.

"Your dinner is right there! Don't fill up on bread!" Susanna scolded as she also sat down at the dining table. Susanna frowned when James and Paul both ripped up their bread rolls and added the shredded pieces to their plates. Ignoring this, the best she could, Susanna continued "Anyway, as I was saying. Do you know about all the crimes of muggle cruelty the Black family were convicted for? Well guess what?" Susanna paused for a moment to look at her husband as he froze mid-bite to listen "Their son, is to be attending Hogwarts this year with you James and from what I've heard -"

"Which is quite a lot it seems" Paul cut in earning another punch in the arm from Susanna.

Susanna rolled her eyes and continued "- from what I've heard he is a nasty piece of work.” Paul opened his mouth as though he were about to interrupt but Susanna continued “Not only that, but he is a master mind! Smarter than any other Black the wizarding world has seen, which is saying quite a lot considering they are gifted in many ways. But this one is different. No one can pin point exactly what it is.”

James shuddered; this boy seemed like the type of person which will make his life at Hogwarts unbearable.

"Why did you tell James that, Susie?" Paul asked.

"I just think that James could show him a thing or two. You know, he made the lamps ignite without knowing a spell for it, maybe he can give him hell and change his ways?" Susanna said as she shrugged.

James stared at his parents with wonderment. Why must i have Aurors as parents? James asked himself as he took another bite of his dinner, not as hungry as he was before.

A/N: Thankyou for reading... next chapter in a week, though if I get lots of reviews it could be sooner *winks* thanks for the reviews!

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