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Chapter Eight: Good Punishment?

You sat at the kitchen table, a mug of coffee clutched in your hand. Your hair was wild, unkept. You had reverted from talking to anyone, or even leave the house. You where too scared.

“Hello Darling…” Tom said, sweeping down the stairs. He did a lot of that lately. You hadn’t even shown any signs of being pregnant, and he was sweeping. It would disgust you if you weren’t so fond of the idea of him acting normal.

“Well, I just thought of an idea… you have been cooped up way too long… we hadn’t been on a raid in a week…”

NO!” You yelled, cutting him off, “I mean…. no, that’s not necessary. I’m perfectly fine staying here.”

“No, this will teach you some self control…”

“I have enough, thank you.” You said, starting to stand.

“Sit.” He snapped, causing you to hit the back of your chair with a thud.

“What?” You hissed, slightly embarrassed as Severus came through the kitchen.

“You are going to go back to Hogwarts….”

“WHAT!?” You screamed, “NO! OH NO NO NO NO!”

“Oh, come now. I know you want to go back….”

“I do not!”

“Well, anyway, you are going. But first, I want you to join the new ambassador program…”

“That silly thing? The one that teaches Muggle-borns the ropes before stepping on the train? That has been out of circulation for years-”

“Your husband doesn’t know that now does he?”

You were silent, staring into his glinting eyes. “No. Something is bound to go wrong…”

“Nothing will go wrong. My plan is foolproof.”

“You know how much I can be a fool Tom…”

You flinched as his hand reached up to cup your cheek, “Ah, but you’re my fool…”

You stood with your cloak on, rolling on your heels. You really weren’t all that happy… Tom was making you start tonight, and you really could use some more preparation. What in the world were you going to say when he opened the door?

“Don’t worry Charlie…” Tom said, passing you and walking out the door. “Now, hurry up. Your going to be late. I sent the message yesterday.”

“Nothing good can come from this…” You said, shaking your head as you obediently followed.

You had trouble apparting because of how nervous you were, and you ended up side-apparating with Tom.

You both arrived in front of the house where you had gone to a week ago… and it was exactly the same. For some reason, you had thought that there would be something drastically different about it. Like it was set on fire, or something. You wouldn’t put it against Tom, at any rate…

“Well… have fun…” He kissed you passionately, but seeing as you weren’t really in the mood, he waved and apparated back to the mansion. You blew a strand of hair out of your face and marched up to the door. You raised your hand to knock, but stopped. Was this really the best idea? Tom left… you could run… no… he has someone watching. No use turning back now. You loved Tom… why would he try to hurt you?

You knocked, and heard a mumble from inside, stomping and then finally, finally the door opened.

And there was Jordan.

You choked up. You felt your tears swell, and you had to blink to keep the tears at bay. It took all you could to restrain yourself from reaching out to touch his face.

“May I ….help you?” He asked kindly, looking down at you with a funny face. You must look so familiar…

You pinched yourself, “Oh, um, yes actually. I’m here for the Hogwarts Ambassador Program to help-”

“Oh… yes… that… well, I’m sorry but-”

“I’m not going to Hogwarts.” A young voice called from within the house. A few stomps later, a girl about 11 stomped out from the Kitchen to stand next to her father. “I’m never going.”

“Sarah, be polite-”

“No Dad! I am tired of these stupid, crazy, weird people trying to get me to go to this stupid, crazy, weird school! I’m NOT going!”

Sarah turned to you, a softer expression coming over her face, “I am terribly sorry, but I am not going to the infernal, bloody school. Sorry to waste your time. But I would much prefer to be know as a muggleborn.” She stopped to stare into your eyes, tilting her head the way you always seemed to do. She was so... beautiful. Just the way you imagined. Your baby girl...

“Do I know you from somewhere? School, maybe?”

“Oh no…” You said quickly, “I have never been to Muggle School. My parents would have never heard of it…”

“Oh, well, never mind then. See you.” She took the handle, closing the door slowly in your face. You prepared to let out a sigh, but a hand stopped it.

“Will you come in for a cup of tea?”


“No Sarah, she’s fine. It’s okay. She’s safe.”

“What do you-”

“Come in, won’t you? You look terribly familiar to me as well, and I must know where I have meet you…”

You bit your lip and turned around quickly, fleetingly seeing a shadow dart away in the distance.

“Sounds like fun.” You said, holding back as much as you could as you gingerly stepped over the doorstep.

“So… your wife died?”

“Yes, I’m afraid. Many years ago… we have been able to cope.”

“I see…”

“She was a lovely woman…. Gave me three wonderful daughters…” He said, turning for a moment towards Sarah. She smiled back and stared intently into her cup. You could tell she would rather not have you there at the moment. You once again had to choke back tears.

“My parents died too, Sarah. Both of them… you should be lucky to have your Dad…”

“I am!” She snapped back.

“I know.” You said. You turned back to Jordan. “Hogwarts is a wonderful school Mr. Peters. Sarah would do really well there, she would meet new people… she may even be more protected from the outside world…”

Or Tom…

“Anyway, I think it’s a really good idea you write back to the Proffsor and tell him… I know Sarah doesn’t want to but-”

“It would be for the best.” He finished your sentence, his eyes glazing over.

You nodded your head and continued, “As you told me, your daughters went to the Witch Adult Program in London after they found out… from what you have told me, they love it. Isn’t your son-in-law a wizard?”

Jordan looked up sharply, as did Sarah, “Yes, yes he is…”

“Sarah would benefit greatly…. But, well. I will let you sleep on it. Mind if I come back next week? We can talk more… you do have a couple of weeks to make your final decision.”

“Thank you again… o goodness, how impolite! I never got your name…”

“Charlie.” You answered with a smile, “Just call me Charlie.”

A/N- O GOD I AM SO SORRY! I got writters block for a bit, then just got really busy! *slaps hand* I will try to write the next chapter, maybe even give it to you in a week or so!

Also, please check out my other stories! It would SO love you forever!

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