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** Nothing to really say…Enjoy! **

Chapter 8

“I love you,” Hermione whispered into Ron’s ear. She pulled the sheets up to her neck and looked at Ron. ‘He’s so adorable,’ she said when she saw him sleeping like a baby. They hadn’t got home until very late last night, so Hermione had just spent the night at Ron’s, as she did rather frequently. Hermione kissed Ron’s cheek then pulled the sheet around her and ran to the bathroom.

She quickly and quietly turned on the shower and let it get hot. She waited for a few minutes before hopping in. Hermione relaxed when the scalding water hit her back. She closed her eyes and stood there, letting the hot water take over her body.

“May I join you?” a deep voice said. Hermione screamed, then saw Ron’s familiar head poking in through the curtain.

“Of course,” she said, backing up to make room for Ron. Hermione looked up at him not feeling one bit uncomfortable standing in the shower with him. “Good morning, love,” she said placing her hands his chest.

Ron looked at down and then kissed her. He broke away then grabbed a washcloth and a bar of soap. He lathered the soap up and gently washed Hermione’s body. She did the same with him. They washed their hair and then rinsed themselves clean. Hermione looked up at him through the hair that was covering her face. Ron moved her hair to the side, lifted her chin and kissed her again. This time it was much more passionate. Hermione wrapped her arm’s around his neck and ran her fingers through his wet hair. She tickled his neck as he rubbed his hands up and down her back. Ron broke away and then turned off the water. They dried themselves then went back into the bedroom.

Ron secured his towel around his waist and sat on the bed. He watched Hermione pick out underwear and put them on. He sat there and smiled. She looked in the mirror and saw him smiling. Hermione turned around and walked over to him in her pink push-up bra and matching pink panties. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He of course kissed back, wrapping his arms around her waist. Ron leaned back, pulling Hermione down with him. He unfastened her bra and as quickly as her clothes were put on, they were taken off. Hermione rolled over, making Ron be on top of her fragile body. She unfastened his towel and threw it to the side. Hermione’s nails softly pressed into Ron’s back.

She lifted her head up and Ron kissed her neck. He moved to the side and nibbled on her ear. He then made a line of kisses from her neck to her belly button, then moved back to her lips. Their hips moved in rhythm with each others, side side up down, side side up down. A soft moan escaped Hermione’s mouth. Her hands moved up his back and onto his arms. She had a strong hold on his shoulders. Finally, Ron broke away. He rolled off of Hermione and took a deep breath. Hermione giggled and turned to look at Ron.

“We’re not gonna have anything left for the honey-moon if we keep this up,” she said playfully.

“No,” Ron said, “I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve,” he added with his secretive grin.

Hermione laughed and got up. She fetched her bra and panties and put them on, again. She walked to Ron and looked at him. “This is the last time I’m putting these on today, young man.” Ron smiled and got up to put his own underwear on.

Hermione put low-riding jeans and a tank top on. Ron put jeans and a polo shirt on. He walked over to Hermione as she was brushing her hair. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. “Well. Maybe if you weren’t so damn beautiful, things like this wouldn’t happen.”

Hermione giggled as she gave him a quick kiss and went back to brushing her hair. “I’m going to make breakfast, anything sounds good?” Ron said.

“No, anything is fine.”

“Okay,” he said, walking towards his kitchen. He got some eggs and sausage cooking then went to fix coffee.

Hermione walked in about five minutes later. “Yum! Smells good,” she said, walking over and getting herself some coffee. She sat down and Ron put her plate down in front of her, then sat next to her with his own. “This looks good, Ron. Who knew you could cook?”

“Well. Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks,” he said, smiling.

They sat eating and enjoying some casual conversation. “Ron. I can’t believe I have to wait six whole months to get married to you,” Hermione said.

“Well. I have to wait just as long as you,” he said, grinning.

“Ron. You don’t think we could…move up our wedding date do you?” Hermione asked, not sure of what he’d say.

“Well. If you really want to, I don’t see why not,” Ron said, taking Hermione’s hand in his. Hermione’s face lit up.

“Oh really Ron!? You would do that for me?” she said happily.

“Yes. Hermione, I would do anything for you.”

Hermione got up and tackled Ron in a hug. Hermione went to find her day planner and brought it back to the table.

“So. What month?” she said, putting on her game face.

“Well. What about late June?” Ron suggested.

“That sounds perfect,” she said, leaning over and giving Ron a peck on the lips.

Hermione leaned over and started making some schedule changes. “Okay since we want a small wedding we could have in my parents back yard so we don’t have to find a place. We’ll have to pick out flowers and a cake soon. We should also get our wedding party arranged and get your dress robes picked out and my robes picked out and…” Hermione just kept going on. Ron sat there and smiled as Hermione talked all about the wedding.

“Okay, so. Sound good?” she said, finally finishing.

“What? Oh yeah. It sounds prefect,” Ron said, coming back to reality.

Hermione laughed. “You didn’t hear much of that, did you?” Ron shook his head.

“Didn’t think so. So. Do you wanna go to Diagon Alley and look at flowers and robes today?”


“Okay. Well we should probably get going soon. You know, beat the traffic. And we can eat a late lunch or dinner there.”

“Sounds good.”

Hermione and Ron finished getting ready then Flooed to Diagon Alley. They looked around the flower shop and decided they wanted white lilies at their wedding. Next they went to the robes shop. Hermione found some fantastic light blue ones that would look perfect on Ginny, who was going to be her maid of honor, so she bought them. Ron found some darker blue ones for Fred, his best man, and bought them. Ron found some black ones with a light blue accent and bought them for himself. Hermione found gorgeous white ones with light blue almost white beads in a pattern and bought them for herself.

After their shopping was done they went to eat dinner and then they went back home. Well, to Ron’s house, but Hermione practically lived there.

Hermione leaned on Ron as they watched a movie and enjoyed some popcorn. “I love you, Ron,” she said, kissing him.

“I love you, Hermione,” Ron said. “More than anything in the world.”

** Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Sorry if anyone got offended by the first part of the chapter but, its rate mature for a reason. Review please! **

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