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A/N- 2 words- Sorry & Finals. I’ve been studying sooo much [Hermione!] so I just haven’t had time. I’m so sorry, but don’t worry, I hope chapter 8 makes up for all of that. I promise you it will! *smiles evilly*

It had been 4 weeks since Hermione and Draco’s little chasing fight. And every thing was great. Harry and Ginny were going out. Parvati and Harry were not speaking, Ron was trying to make Hermione jealous by going out with Parvati, and last night Draco confessed his love for Hermione, and she accepted! *Blink, blink* oh I’m sorry!
This is what I meant to say:
Things had been more or less the same. Harry, Parvati, Ron, and Ginny had sort of gotten the hang of things. But Hermione and Draco- were as edgy as ever. And it was getting on every body’s nerves. It didn’t matter where they were, what they were doing, they could fight about any thing. It was so annoying, that even though they hated doing it, it had led Parvati, Harry, Ginny, and Ron to talk about them behind their backs. After all, if this mission was going to work, they needed to act the way they were supposed to!

Flash Back- Last Night-
Ron walked in to Parvati’s room, where the meeting was being held this week. “There you are Ron! I thought you weren’t going to come!” Ginny said.

“Neither did I! I was just sitting there at the dinner table to make sure they didn’t kill each other. Okay, we have to do something about this! I can’t take it anymore!” Ron let out in a frustrated growl.

“I hear you! They had a fight this morning! You know about what? Why the pitcher of Juice was closer to Hermione then it was to Draco!” Parvati yelped.

“Yea, but that’s kind of understandable, I mean, what if it’s on one end of the table?” Ron asked. Every one in the room gave Ron weird looks.

“No Ron, they brought a ruler, to check! It was exactly 6 inches from Draco and 4 from Hermione! Then they both left, without eating! I might go nuts! I can’t, I will not take it anymore! Ideas people?” Parvati screamed. Ginny went over to her to hug her.

“It’ll be alright. I know, they scare me to.” At this, they all laughed, except Harry who was lost in deep thought.

Suddenly he spoke “I have an idea! The mission, isn’t really going any where, I mean we haven’t found any of the people. But there are a couple of suspects in Paris! What if four of us, go of there for like 14 days or something? We can act as though the ministry’s forcing us, and that Draco and Hermione have to stay back and keep watch? They’ll have to learn how to deal with each other, and by the time we come back, they’ll know how to be civil to each other!” Harry exclaimed.

“And we can also look out those suspects! It’s a perfect idea Harry!” Ron praised.

“True! So what do you say, Ginny? Up for it?” Parvati asked.

“Pack your bags every one! We’re going to Paris!” Ginny said a smile forming on her face. And that was how the plan began…

End of Flash Back

The four had not informed Hermione or Draco about their trip yet, they planned to at night, after yet another day of going and spying. Today was the day Hermione was regretting- They were going to the ‘Lover’s Lounge’ yet again.

“Harry why? Why? Why must we go to that coffee place, where all thos people concentrate a bit more on their lips then their coffee? And that to I have to go with Malfoy! Again!” Hermione yelled.

“’Mione, relax! Just because there are other couple’s kissing doesn’t mean you have to! Unless of course…” Harry’s voice trailed on.

The Lover’s Lounge was not any ordinary place. It was the fanciest, most expensive café for wizards and witches. But that wasn’t the strange part. There was an enchantment there that made people want to kiss each other, made them want to speak words of love. That’s why you could only walk in with a potential lover. See, for example, Ginny and Harry didn’t love each other, but once there, they would feel an invisible force almost forcing them to do kiss one another. It was what the Lover’s Lounge was famous for.

There was only one power that could defeat the spell, hatred. Like the relationship between Hermione and Draco. Once there, they would not feel any of those emotions, even with the charm. That proved to be a problem.

You see, the suspects had been spotted there before, and they were aware that two long time enemies were trying to look for them. So if, by any chance, they did come to the Lovers’ Lounge, for the sake of the mission and spying Draco and Hermione would have to-

“Kiss? No! Harry, I quite frankly don’t give a damn as to whether they-“ Hermione screamed, once she processed what would need to be done.

“Hermione, please. He’s agreed to. This is for the good of our world. Please?” Harry asked her. She nodded slightly, and let herself be enveloped in a hug.
After, she went up to change, ready to face her doom----

Two hours later, Draco and Hermione sat at a table at the Lovers’ Lounge. Not one said a word. There clothes said otherwise. Draco wore a black shirt with blue jeans, and Hermione a nice pink halter dress. Not the most formal clothes, but they looked good in them!
“I hope that person doesn’t show up.” Draco said at last.

“Same here. No way would I want to- oh it’s to disgusting!” Hermione looked at him, letting her eyes wander down to look at his pinkish, soft lips- Uh! What was she thinking!?

Draco seemed pleased though. “Sure, Granger I know your just waiting for them to show up! Stop trying to look all bored and all.”

“I am bored Malfoy! Everyone around us is kissing, and ohhh…im going to get a drink!” and with that she got up, to get a drink.

But Draco stopped her. “Why you want to kiss me? Is that why you bring it up? Haha Granger, always knew you wanted me! But so badly, even I wouldn’t have guessed…”

“Look here Ferret Boy! Do not insult my intelligence, or point the utterly impossible dream of yours! I can’t take you any more! What the hell is your problem? How can every one think your good? You may have fooled them Malfoy, but you haven’t fooled me!” Hermione declared.

Draco pulled her closer to him roughly. “Never say that again! They are my friends! Just because you feel safer to live in the past doesn’t mean, I or anyone else has to play along!”

“No one will ever like you, Malfoy! Every one feels pity for you, or they’ve just forgotten! So stop trying to be my best friend’s friend!” Hermione threw back.

“The wonder trio’s gone honey! Wake up! They needed a break from you! Why would they hang around me if they hated me? No one does! For someone who’s said to be so smart, you’re pretty damn stupid! What the hell is wrong with you? Open your eyes! They’ve moved on! You should to!” Draco yelled, panting.

~The other customers were too involved in their private snogging sessions to notice~

“They’re my friends! You may be great friends with them, but you’ll never replace me! I was their friend, am, and always will be! Whether you like it or not Draco Malfoy!” Hermione yelled, knowing that she was right.

Draco knew she was right to. And he knew she was right to. He looked at the floor and then said softly “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things.” Hermione felt her heart jolt up, and feel some compassion. Too bad it was lost the very next second when…

The door opened, and in walked Mr. Johnson! A suspect! ‘Oh no!’ Hermione and Draco both thought that meant…

“Kiss me.” Draco whispered.
“Are you nuts?” Hermione whispered back “Do you really think I will?”

“Fine, I will! The point is, we need to, we don’t have a choice.” Draco said.

“Oh who’s the one who wants to kiss now?” Hermione mocked.

“Funny. Stop it Granger, come on, we could blow our cover.” Draco said sternly.

Hermione looked at him, and realized he was right she nodded, letting him know she understood. She quickly felt his warm arms around her waist, and she brought her hands up to rest on his neck. She could feel his breath on her.

Draco couldn’t help but feel like this was so perfect, she seemed just so fit, as if made in way, that she stayed perfectly in his arms. Both found themselves losing themselves in the others eyes. Hermione was drowning in his gray eyes, and Draco found himself thinking that her eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

Slowly, his face started to come down, never breaking eye contact with her, both of them losing breath already, while forgetting even the suspect, as Draco’s lips came slowly down…

A/N- well, that’s chapter 8! Hope u guys liked it! I personally don’t think it’s that good, but I luv the cliffe at the end! So two things:
1) I’ve decided to open up the boundary, and to the possibility that Draco may b Truth, but im not making ny promises!
2) Ps vote on the following possibilities:
Next Chapter:
A) They’ll chicken out and not kiss
B) They’ll kiss
C) Be interrupted
D) I hav no freakin’ idea!
Oh and thnx once again, for all ur support, pls r & r! Oh and Truth shall be revealed in the 2 or 3 coming chaps! Thnx again! Wow! This was sooo long!

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