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Delilah stiffly made her way over to Slade and Dimitri.
Dimitri smiled at her "hey babe"

Delilah had to grab onto Slades shirt so he wouldnt lunge atDimitri. Slade pulled back and glared at Delilah "How long has this been going on for?" Delilah looked speechless "I dont know what your talking about"

Dimitri waved his hand "no use in pretending. Slade saw us kissing last night. He just came over to confront me about it"

Delilah shook her head and sighed "I knew someone would find out soon enough" Slade glared at her "So youve been going out with this slytherin? You should be ashamed Delilah, Wait until your father hears about this" Delilahs eyes widened "Your going to tell him?" Slade folded his arms "he has a right to know that youve been going out with this slytherin" he said the word with distaste.

Delilah looked at Dimitri and back at Slade. She gave Slade an icy glaze "you have no right to know about my personal business. If Dimitri and I date then thats our business. Not yours and most certainly not my fathers." Slade looked speechless. Slade and Delilah always got along well and she never got angry at him. In fact he was her favorite cousin.

Delilah went over next to Dimitri and grabbed his arm "come on lets go" As Delilah went to leave Slade grabbed Dimitris shoulder and pulled him away from Delilah "I am not going to let you ruin your life Delilah" Dimitri grabbed Slades arm "let her decide what she does with her life. You have no right to tell her what to do"

Slade pulled out his wand but Dimitri sent him a blow to the face which sent him tumbling to the ground. That didnt stop Dimitri. He continued to beat the hell out of Slade. Delilah watched in horror as her cousin was being pummeled.

She grabbed at Dimitris arm "stop it! Your hurting him" Dimitri didnt seem to notice and he pushed Delilah off of him.

Delilah fell back and narrowed her eyes. No one treated her like that. She stood up and pulled out her wand and aimed at Dimitri who was busy beating Slade. Delilah closed her eyes as her fathers words ran through her head "Only use this in an emergency" If she didnt do something Slade would be dead. So Delilah let out a breath and yelled "Sectum Sempra!" Dimitri fell to the side as his chest was slashed. Delilah watched in horror as the spell took its full effect. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at Dimitri. Oh God. I killed him.

Delilah dropped her wand and ran away from the scene. To where she did not know. As Delilah ran she continued to peak behind her. A crowd started to form around the two boys and Delilah could see Madame Tookis trying to figure out what happened.

As she loked back Delilah could not see the wet floor she was about to run on. In a moment Deliah slipped on the wet floor and hit her head hard. Delilah lay there for a moment trying to focus.

She was brought back to reality as she could hear shouts nearby. Delilah got up again and ran into the forbidden forest where her friend Trent lived. Trent was a centaur about Deliahs age who lived in a small hut on the edge of the forest. They had met in the first year when Delilah snuck out to the forbidden forest to explore it. They became friends immediately and Delilah spent most of her nights at Trents. Trent was the type of person who liked to collect all kinds of magical things. He always had the rare items, he even had a ocket watch that belonged to Salazar Slytherin. How he got it no one knew

Delilah sighed in relief as she came to Trents hut. He would know what she should do. In her heart Deliah knew he would say go back and explain. But Delilah could never go back. She ashamed her family and she didnt even want to think about what her father would say.But she knew exactly what he would say "when I was your age..." that whole gambit. When I was your age I never got into trouble. I was always good (yeah right!)

She always knew Dimitri had a tmeper but she never thought he would turn on her. I guess she was wrong about alot of things.

When Delilah knocked on Trents door it creaked open. Strange. Trent was always home. She slowly opened the door "Hello?" As she entered she saw no sign of Trent anywhere. Deliah sat down at his table. He was probably grabbing more supplys or something. She could wait.

But Deliah was impatient, so she got up and looked around the room and inspected all the little gadgets. Delilahs hand grazed the top of the invisibility cloak which she had kept here just in case. Delilah stopped when she came across a shiny little neckalace. She smiled and put it around her neck. It looked quite ravishing on Delilah and she played with the handle.

Maybe Trent would be nice and give it to her as an early birthday gift? As Delilah moved the small hande around everything seemed to spin. Delilah closed her eyes to stop herself from getting dizzy. When she opened her eyes she was standing in the middle of the forest. What had she done?

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