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    (A/N: If you don't understand... a lot of this chapter is made of flashbacks. It should be easy to follow, but please contact me if it is not and I need to italicize the flashbacks. the ***** separate the time periods of the date (flashback) and the after thoughts (present).

    I have 5 more days of school left so please give me so leeway in posting. If you are reading my other stories, I have more to post for WR, but afterlife I am very behind on so please just give me a bit of time to write! Thank you and sorry for the long wait!))

    Disclaimer: characters are not mine.

    chapter 9: You told her Shakespeare didn't you?

    With a plop, Draco lay down on the bed rather flustered looking. His hair was untamed and his tie loosed to where it was almost off. He had a cut on his lip and remnants on a bloody nose on his black dress shirt. Blaise was smart to have suggested the black shirt.

    Blaise was sitting on his on bed with his book once again and looking rather pleased with himself. Well of course he was pleased with himself; his night had gone rather smoothly.


    "Ladies, well don't you look ravishing!" Blaise grinned and walked up to Luna, wrapped his arms around her petite waist and spun her around smiling. She giggled and was flushed a bright red when he finally put her down and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

    During their display of affection, Draco shifted rather uncomfortably and Ginny pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. The action in itself- the little curl bouncing delicately- caused the snake to smile at her. Ginny turned a crimson color. His smiles made him look all the more handsome.

    "Well aren't you going to tell the girl she looks beautiful?" Blaise cut in the quiet between Ginny and Draco. Draco glared at Blaise who just rolled his eyes before attending to Luna by attaching his lips to her neck. She giggled and wiggled trying to get out of his embrace. They were the oddest couple, but there was something beautiful about them as well.

    Ginny shifted uncomfortably. Why had she agreed to this again? It made no sense and he was the enemy.

    "See how she leans her cheek upon her hand? O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek of beauty," Draco whispered into her ear when he took her hand and then kissed her hand. Ginny flushed a deeper color of red if it was possible.

    Oh yes, that's why.

    Luna noticed and giggled, grabbing Ginny from Draco and pulling her ahead of Blaise and Draco. She loved that Ginny blushed for Draco. It's how she did for Harry when they were in their first year. Except Ginny grew accustomed to Harry that by the time they were dating her blush was gone. Now the girl was upset with him so it made complete sense so she was now lusting for the enemy.

    "What did you tell her?" Blaise nudged Draco as they picked up walking behind the girls.

    "None of your damn business," Draco muttered protectively, very put off that he loved how Ginny looked when she blushed and the way her dress hugged her curves. Really now, couldn't she have worn sweats? It would make it easier to not want to ravish her by the end of the night if she had.

    "You told her Shakespeare didn't you?" Blaise was too good of a best friend. Damn his perceptiveness.

    "Go to Hell."

    "No, sorry my friend, but I just got a ticket to Heaven," Blaise smirked, his eyes on Luna. He took a few steps faster to catch up to the girls, wrapping an arm around Luna and saying something in her ear to make her giggle, look over at Draco, look back to Blaise and giggle again.

    Damn it.


    "You should probably go to Madam Pomfrey about your nose," Blaise suggested from behind his book. He himself had a scratch on his face, but did not look as thoroughly trashed as his best mate. He actually put the book down and walked over to Draco who had his eyes closed and looked like he was contemplating murder.

    "My nose is fine Blaise," Draco murmured not opening his eyes. His nose wasn't fine though. There were purple circles under Draco's eyes pointing to all signs his nose had been broken.

    "I wondered how Ginny is..." Blaise noted offhandedly.

    "Pissed. Very, very pissed."


    Dinner itself had gone fine. Maybe a little awkward, but fine at the same. The four talked and had fun at some little, expensive restaurant in the Hogsmeade Village. Ginny and Draco sat on one side of the booth, Luna and Blaise on the other. It was a bad arrangement. Not because Draco and Ginny were sitting so cautious and nervous about the other, but because Blaise just couldn't keep his hands off Luna.

    They talked of their summers, of Quidditch, funny memories between friends, and things that happened in their classes. Blaise and Draco constantly picked on each other causing the girls to laugh as they all ate Italian food and drank butterbeer.

    After the boys paid for dinner, they all went on a walk together and things were still perfect. The night was cool and refreshing as they walked down the streets of Hogsmeade. Blaise and Luna walked ahead of the sworn enemies, his arm around her waist hugging her close to his body and Luna resting her head on Blaise's shoulder.

    "They are perfect together," Ginny smiled lightly as she and Draco walked a few meters behind. They weren't touching each other. Ginny was swinging her purse by her side and Draco had his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground with the occasional sneaking look at the beauty on his right.

    "I would have never guessed them to have ever gotten together, but you’re right- there is something oddly perfect about them," Draco smiled, looking over at Ginny. He was more or less smitten. It was hard to describe. He liked her. She was beautiful and fun. The entire time they had talked and it was as if she no longer saw him as Malfoy, but as Draco. He liked that she could see through the stereotype of him and into what he usually hid from people.
    "She's the warmth to his fire," Ginny smiled looking at Blaise and Luna walking together in the moonlight. It was in that moment Ginny wanted to be Draco's warmth. She wanted to be walking down the street just like that with Draco Malfoy as crazy as it sounded.

    And in that moment, Draco had not been more scared in his life. The way Ginny looked at him, he could see something in her eyes and it scared him- it scared because he liked it.


    Ginny stalked up to her room and kicked off her shoes with an invigorated groan. This was bloody ridiculous. She hated how everyone had to treat her like a goddamn baby. She was sixteen, almost seventeen! She was going to be legal soon and no one could stop her then. If she wanted to kiss Draco Malfoy, then Great Merlin she could do it!


    As the four walked back to the castle in the same manner, Draco had taken to holding Ginny's hand. It just kind of happened. He drew his hands out of his pockets, their knuckles touched briefly and he had the over bearing desire to lace his fingers in her hand and hold it as they walked.

    The sight made Luna grin like Christmas had come early. Everything was going how it should be. She knew that Ginny and Draco could be just like she and Blaise, but they needed time to get accustomed to each other in this new fashion.

    Once they hit he entrance hall it was time to split ways. Or well, so Draco thought. Instead Blaise smirked with his arm around Luna and lead her to the other side of the hall. The moment between Ginny and Draco got awkward. This was the time he normally suggested that they go spend some alone time in his room, but he had a feeling Ginny Weasley may just very well slap him for suggesting such a raunchy adventure.

    "Come on, I want to show you something," Ginny smiled and grabbed Draco's hand and started pulling him through the halls. This was unexpected, even for her who had come up with the idea in a mere ten seconds before suggested it. She was crazy, but she was enjoying he night with Draco, which probably made her even crazier.

    She took him not far from the entrance hall. Actually it was just a corridor right off it. Draco could still hear mumbled whispers and hushed moans of the two lovers they left behind. He was tempted to tell Blaise and Luna to get a room already, but the way Ginny took him and pushed him against the wall he was semi scared for his life.

    "You have to promise to be nice," Ginny stood in front of him. Her flare was about her and there was a blush among her freckles; Draco thought it was adorable. She was trying to scare him and it was working. No girl had ever done this before to him. They fell at his feet usually. But no, Ginny Weasley was making him work for her.

    "I'm never nice," Draco stated looking down at her with his silver eyes. Slight pieces of blonde hair feel into his eyes. Ginny felt herself trembling. She didn't know what she was doing. No, not the conversation, but why Draco? She should hate him so much. He was cocky, arrogant, and everything else that she hated.

    "Then just don't hurt me, okay?" Draco noticed how upset she looked, worried even. He could see in her eyes she had been hurt terribly by love. Probably Potter. He didn't want to hurt her; he couldn't. As much as every bit of his male libido willed him to take her up to his room to have an endless night of shagging, he couldn't do it.

    "Okay," Draco whispered as they had drawn so close together that his lips brushed against hers when he talked. It was strange, it was deafening, it was a miracle. They kissed. A long passionate kiss that started out reassuring and then transferred into showing her how much he did like her by licking her bottom lip to get her to open her mouth.

    Ginny was just about ready to turn into a puddle. She was shaking so bad, but it was because it felt so right when she knew it to be so wrong. His hand moved behind her neck to support her head as his tongue darted into her mouth. She did the same with both hands around his neck to hold onto not only him for her knees had given out, but to deepen the kiss and make it last. If they didn't need to breath, the two would have stayed attached forever feeling safe and secure in the others arms.

    They were so sucked into their own passion, they didn't hear a corridor on their left open up. It was the passageway from Honeydukes to Hogwarts. They didn't hear anyone scramble out into the hall. They didn't even hear the yelling start, the shouts of vindictive murder, or anything until they were unwillingly broken apart and Draco was hit hard in the nose by someone's fist.


    "Ginny get down here!"

    The voice echoed again from the bottom of the hallway. No. No, she was not coming down. She had locked even one of her closet friends out of the room. Thankfully, the one who really wished to speak with her was male. He couldn't get up to her dorm no matter how hard he tried.

    It was horrid. She couldn't believe what happened. The date was fine, but Sweet Merlin! That kiss! And then what happened next! She was in such shock she didn't even react until Draco's nose was bleeding and Blaise ran around the corner to pounce on Draco's attackers.

    "Ginny! Please!" More begging, but it wasn't going to work. After months of no word did he really think she was going to speak with him that easily? After what he did to Draco? Ginny stormed to her door and poked her head out to make sure the newly returned students understood her loud and clear.


    "But-" another voice.


    Hermione was smart enough to not say anything, though she wouldn't have had a chance with the way Ginny slammed the door making it perfectly clear she wished the Golden Trio would just sod off.

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